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Mission of Techie Youth

Techie Youth's mission is to utilize technology with education to redirect the life path of foster kids and at-risk youth who are on a track towards homelessness or incarceration.

Our methods provide each participant with opportunity & attention; this is our core ideology that is implemented by every Techie Youth staff member.

Specifically, we provide youth with a highly-tailored accelerated education in computer-technologies, hands-on training and individualized coaching to guide them towards a lucrative technology-driven career, and empower them to become financially self-sustaining career professionals.


Techie Youth

Are you ready to "give" thanks by paying it forward?

You can save children's lives with technology while
dramatically reducing new cases of homelessness

  • Over 80% of homeless people
    were formerly youths in foster care
  • Foster-care youth aged 18-21
    "age out" of the system and are essentially abandoned to be on their own in the world without any preparation or guidance
  • 25,000 youths "age-out" each year
    most end up living on the streets or in jail, drug addicted, involved in crime...
  • It is never the kids' fault
    nearly all of them enter foster care due to severe parental abuse or extreme neglect
You are capable of fixing this, learn how...

Nearly 100% of aged-out youth drop out of school, have absolutely no parental or adult guidance, no life skills, no qualifications and no sustainable living arrangements.

Techie Youth is a NY-based 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity

Techie Youth logoTechie Youth is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit registered charity of New York City
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