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How to Earn Money Online From Anywhere

FREE Online Education & Certificate Program for Youth

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Techie Youth, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit registered charity of New York City, is empowering youth worldwide to earn immediate income from wherever they are, even during social distancing and/or a stay-home act.

Who is this program for?

This is open to any youth who is interested in becoming financially independent and empowered with skills to earn income from anywhere.

No prior knowledge or experience is needed. If you can read this and understand the spoken-English in these videos then you have all the requirements. :)

Why is it free?

Techie Youth is a donation-funded charity that has been providing totally-free tech-education to hundreds of NYC foster kids and at-risk youth since 2015; our classroom-based program was disrupted by the pandemic preventing large-gatherings, so we are making lemonade from the lemon-situation by transitioning our program into a free online platform available to all youth worldwide.

What is the online-course like?

Expect lots of fun and inspiration! Much of the curriculum is video-based with interactive facets throughout; human-help is always available if needed. Some of the content is gamified, so if you like playing video games then you will love those topics.

The program uses an accelerated-learning format covering content equivalent to 10 college credits, and is open to youth of all grades, from age 13 and up!

Each student learns at their own pace and schedule, taking as much or as little time as needed, but most will complete the program in about 6-weeks, spending 3-5 hours per day.

The curriculum is focused on teaching you how to earn income online, from wherever you are; it is divided into three sections:

  • Making immediate money from your computer, right now
  • Working remotely as a consultant, employee or part of a team
  • Internet entrepreneurship and online businesses

We will also teach you ways to live well and improve the quality of your life within the financial means that you already have:

  • Earning income from luxurious lifestyles and enjoying fun experiences
  • Maximizing productivity to increase your happiness and life satisfaction
  • Managing money you earn, so your money makes you more money

100% FREE for youth

Do not miss this opportunity to learn how to be financially independent, earning income with your computer from your home, the beach, or anywhere that you want to go.

What happens after I finish this program?

Upon graduation you will earn a Techie Youth certificate of completion!

Our graduates are provided with ongoing access to our Techie Youth career assistance resources, ensuring that you will have support in your money-making endeavors.