🤙 HANDS-ON LEADERSHIP 🤏 How To Be An Aware, Active & Healthy Leader (Lincoln Aviator in Westchester)

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Wed. Jul. 21, 2021 8:30am

Many of the most-successful leaders get hands-on with their businesses. Elon Musk regularly analyzes and designs business automation processes at Tesla. Former NYC-Mayor Rudy Giuliani commonly travelled the City by subway. Dwight Merriman, Founder of MongoDB ($24 Billion valuation) and DoubleClick (sold for $3.1 Billion), still spends several hours programming every day. There are many benefits for leaders to be hands-on with their business, but there are also pitfalls too; watch and learn how to find the right balance of delegation and hands-on work, and how being hands-on can improve both your wealth and your health.
Filmed in a Lincoln Aviator driving from Upstate NY through Westchester and into the Bronx.
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