How to find a mentor - the RIGHT way

Graham Stephan

Sat. Apr. 01, 2017 9:39pm

This is my recommendation about how to find a mentor - the right way. This is the way that will give you the highest chance of actually finding a mentor. Snap/Insta: GPStephan

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Because click bait sucks, here’s what NOT to do:

1. Don’t just ask “Will you be my mentor” or “Will you mentor me?”
2. Don’t approach it having done no research about what you want to do
3. Don’t ask vague questions

What you SHOULD do:

1. Already be doing and learning what you want to do and achieve - ON YOUR OWN
2. Do NOT let NOT having a mentor stop you from doing this
3. Be specific and have a basic background about what you want to do
4. Be open to ask for help, but if this is something you can learn from a 10 second google search…that’s bad
5. OPINIONS and EXPERIENCE are a mentor’s strong point, not necessarily factual knowledge
6. Offer something in return - doesn’t need to be monetary. Your time, your enthusiasm, your help..whatever you can give.

I’ve never asked anybody I consider a mentor, “Will you mentor me?” It’s something that happened naturally over time. Asking “Will you mentor me? is a yes or no question and IF it’s a yes, it’s a HUGE obligation for that person. Very doubtful they’ll just say “yes” right off the bat.

I’ve never approached anyone specifically - even with my mentors in real estate, it all happened organically. I hope the same comes to all of you watching.

There are also a multitude of forums, websites, and videos for you to learn from on your own. Chances are if you’re interested in something, so are a million other people - use the internet to reach out and learn from as many people as you can and do what you want to do - mentor or no mentor.

A mentor can be a great source of encouragement, knowledge, and wisdom. However, do what you want, regardless if you have someone coaching you or not, and eventually the right people tend to come along once they see how dedicated you are to whatever you do. Thank you for watching!

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