FACEBOOK ADS 2020 [Complete Tutorial for Beginners] - From Start to Finish

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Mon. Dec. 30, 2019 8:31am

STEP BY STEP FACEBOOK ADS TUTORIAL 2020 (FOR BEGINNERS) This video will take you from being a beginner to being an expert all in one video. This video is the newest tutorial with the latest website changes to Facebook. I created this facebook ads tutorial to help beginners interested in advertising on facebook get their first ads up and running. In this video, I show you step by step how to set up your facebook ads starting with the facebook business manager. Once you have a facebook account and a facebook business manager account, I then show you the next steps to create a successful ad campaign.

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Video notes:
First it is important to start off with a facebook account. Once you have your personal account created, go to and click "create a business." This should be a blue button in the top right corner. Input the required information and then on the facebook business manager, create a facebook page. For the purposes of this exercise, you will really only need to add a profile photo, a wallpaper, a few posts, and an actionable button. After this video, be sure to check out the link above, to my recent video about creating a facebook business page. Once you have everything all set up, go over to the Facebook Ads manager (in the menu on the top of the page) and create an ad. Depending on the type of facebook advertisement you are most interested in, you may want to show it to different audiences. There are several different tiers within the facebook business manager. First, you can have multiple businesses, then you can have multiple facebook business pages, then you can have multiple ad campaigns, multiple ad sets, and of course multiple facebook ads. This video is a tutorial to accomplish one of each of those. I hope this tutorial was helpful and enables you to become a successful social media marketer.

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