How To Answer The Phone At Work; Telephone Skills In The Office

Trisha Palmieri

Sun. May. 19, 2019 8:05pm

HOW TO ANSWER THE PHONE AT WORK TIPS, Telephone Skills In The Office, The Best Way To Answer The Phone At Work
Business Phone Etiquette: The Do's And Don'ts, are all things I talk about in this video.

I share 5 tips to level up your professional phone greeting skills to support a great customer experience!

✔︎ Good Energy and Happy Tone
✔︎ Speaking Clearly and Not Too Casual
✔︎ Know Answers to FAQ's
✔︎ Placing Someone On Hold
✔︎ Ending The Call

Never underestimate the power of a professional phone greeting and the positive impact it has on you and your company!

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