GIMP 2.10 Basics: Complete Overview Tutorial for Beginners

Davies Media Design

Sat. Aug. 04, 2018 7:25am

In this GIMP 2.10 tutorial, I provide an in-depth and up-to-date look at the latest version of GIMP as an introduction to the program for beginners. I cover how to download and open GIMP, how to edit your preferences for the best performance on your computer and the best settings for new compositions, and a comprehensive overview of the tools found in GIMP. This is the perfect starting point for new-comers who have just starting using this amazing, free photo-editing and graphic design software.

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Though this tutorial is for beginners, I think experienced users of GIMP will also find the tutorial helpful as this is our most comprehensive general GIMP overview. This is the perfect beginners starter kit!

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Intro 0:00
How to Download GIMP 1:00
Customizing the GIMP Theme/User Interface 3:02
GIMP Layout Overview 8:10
How to Open an Image 12:34
Customizing the Toolbox & Tools Intro 15:55
Image Window Overview 18:03
Create a New Image/Composition 20:07
Tools Overview 21:34
Rectangle Select Tool 21:53
Ellipse Select Tool 29:48
Free Select Tool (Lasso Tool) 31:34
Fuzzy Select Tool 34:10
Select by Color Tool 36:31
Intelligent Scissors Tool 38:23
Foreground Select Tool 40:46
Paths Tool 43:48
Eye Dropper (Color Picker) Tool 50:05
Zoom Tool 50:42
Measure Tool 51:07
Move Tool 52:22
Alignment Tool 53:47
Crop Tool 58:06
Rotate Tool 1:00:09
Scale Tool 1:03:47
Shear Tool 1:04:50
Handle Transform Tool 1:05:18
Perspective Tool 1:06:45
Flip Tool 1:07:53
Unified Transform Tool 1:08:22
Cage Transform Tool 1:10:16
Warp Tool 1:12:23
Text Tool 1:14:31
Bucket Fill Tool 1:16:27
Gradient Tool 1:18:08
Pencil Tool 1:21:07
Paintbrush Tool 1:24:32
Eraser Tool 1:28:02
Airbrush Tool 1:30:24
Inkbrush Tool 1:32:39
MyPaint Brush Tool 1:33:32
Clone Tool 1:34:20
Heal Tool 1:37:31
Perspective Clone Tool 1:39:26
Blur/Sharpen Tool 1:42:06
Smudge Tool 1:42:47
Dodge/Burn Tool 1:43:00
How to Save/Export an Image 1:43:56
Conclusion 1:45:42

I use the latest version of GIMP (at the time of this tutorial), which is GIMP 2.10.4.

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