Log of what of Zaigham Syed has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 18, 2022

Last Day? Kind of

Today is my last day participating in techie youth through SYEP. I can honestly say that I made a great decision choosing techie youth as my worksite for this summer. In this short time, I learned quite a lot about business and entrepreneurship. The intro units were a great way to ease me into the program and I felt they did a great job in regards to showing me the ropes. Since I am pursuing a degree in business, the knowledge I gained at techie youth will be very useful for me in the near future and the knowledge I learned in school helped me in the program.

For today, I continued with the entrepreneurship pathway, and I was able to learn about funding. Furthermore, I explored the steps involved in product creation and also was able to gain a deep understanding of how to acquire sales and clients. The videos did a great job in explaining great ways to negotiate and helpful tips to ensure you can become a good negotiator. The final video that I was able to watch was how to maximize profit earned from selling product. I appreciate the tips and advice that was offered as they are definitely effective ways to ensure you get the maximum profit from product sales.

Although it is my last day participating in this program through syep, I believe that I will still continue. I want to push through and complete the program and graduate. I genuinely feel that techie youth is an amazing resource and I have been given an excellent opportunity, so I want to take full advantage of the amazing chance I have been given. And I would like to thank the entire techie youth team for this amazing program, it really is a great opportunity.

Wed. Aug. 17, 2022

Navigating Entrepreneurship

Today I progressed further in the entrepreneurship and leadership module. I feel that I have learnt a lot so far from this program as a whole but more specifically from the entrepreneurship section. I knew a little bit about all that goes into the process of becoming an entrepreneur, but this section is really helping me to learn that its not a walk in the park. The process of becoming an entrepreneur is hard work, but if someone can manage to make it through all the steps, then they may find great success on the other side. I watched the videos which taught me about revenue streams, and all the different methods of income that a business has. I also learned about customers and the market, and how a business owner or someone who wants to start a business can look to acquire a foot hold in the market. There is a lot of work that goes into acquiring and then keeping customers. The most useful part of the lessons overall was how to set up a legal business entity. A lot of this information is easily accessible but not many people know where to look, and so I appreciate that techie youth organized everything in one place.

Tue. Aug. 16, 2022

Learning the ropes- Entrepreneurship

Today was a shorter day for me, because I was having issues with my computer and had to end the day early. I still was able to complete three hours and the time I did spend, felt great. Today I progressed within the entrepreneurship and business leadership unit. I completed the videos that taught me what it takes to be an entrepreneur and all that goes into it. Next I viewed the video which explained the first steps to take when launching a startup. A lot of the information was very new to me, but some of it was also information I and learned in my business classes. It was nice to be able to connect what I learned in my classes with what I learned here, because it helps to cement what I learn. In the next few videos I learned how to use logic to find an effective business model as well as learning how to analyze and determine whether a startup will fail or succeed. All things considered, today was a good day in the program and I was able to further my knowledge.

Mon. Aug. 15, 2022

Great Day with Techie Youth

Today was an amazing day for me in the techie youth program. I was able to get alot of stuff done and overall it was a very productive day for me. I was finally able to complete the last of the improving your quality of life section. Through the end of this section, I was able to gain deep knowledge and insight of various ways to make my life and productivity better. Through the health and productivity section, I learned the importance of physical exercise along with mental health. While many people may only think you need to feel good on the outside, internal mental health is just as if not more important.

Through the mentor and role models section, I was able to determine the attributes one should look for in a role model and more importantly in a mentor. I also learned the importance of a mentor. Because a role model can be looked up to, but the role model might not even know you exist. On the other hand, a mentor is someone who knows you on a personal level, and they help you in gaining knowledge and experience.

After completing this final part, I was able to move on to the entrepreneurship section, and I made significant progress in the prerequisite section. I was really able to gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The videos really helped me in understanding the steps involved in the process of making a company and bringing an idea to fruition. The topics were relatable because they reminded me of the show shark tank. Much of the steps mentioned in the videos are discussed in the show, because entrepreneurs often discuss the steps they took in order to reach the point they are at in the show. So far, entrepreneurship seems like an exciting yet challenging task and I look forward to learning more about it and engaging with it in the next few days.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022


Today I worked on the Improving your quality of life module. I focused on the time management section. In this section I learned mainly the importance of spending your time wisely, meaning that you don't waste a single second and you maintain efficient time management. One such way to manage your time wisely that I learned is to learn lucrative skills that are in high demand. If you invest the time in learning skills and gaining abilities that are wanted by employers and customers, then it will pay off because the time you spent learning the skill is beneficial. If you teach yourself a lucrative skill, you can make money from using that skill to provide service and benefit to a customer or employer. Some of these skills include video production and photoshop editing. I also found very useful the section titled planning your day. This section was very interesting because it showed me methods that I can employ in order to organize the time that I have off. I also believe that the online tools that were shown are very useful to me, such as Trello and Toggl plan. This is because they will allow me to schedule and plan out my day, so that I am using my time wisely and effectively. Overall, I believe that the time management section is a very useful one that will allow me to learn effective time management strategies

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

My 4th Day in The Techie Youth Program

Today i completed my fourth day in the techie youth program. When i logged in, i realized that one of my assignments was incomplete. It was the social media assignment, and I had not provided links to all the social media that was asked because I had not made those accounts. So i spent a bit of time making those accounts and resubmitted the assignment with all links provided. After that, i completed the financial awareness and financial management section. In this module i learned about different ways that i could start investing with as little as 5 dollars. I also watched a video that taught me what i should be doing with the money I earn in order to save it and spend it effectively. This video taught me that I should look to diversify my streams of income my investing my existing income in other sources such as a business or stocks and bonds. This information is very useful in my opinion because it teaches how to manage your money in a useful and effective manner. After the video I completed the personal finance quiz and then I was finished with the section. I then started but did not finish the time management module. I completed some of the module, which taught me the importance of managing your time in an efficient manner. I learned that your income is something that can come and go but once you lose time, you can never get it back. So its best to use your effort and energy to maximize your efficiency so that you are never wasting time

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Day 3- Making Progress

Today I had my third day doing techie youth. I finally finished up the intro course and also started the improving your quality of life unit. I found that the last part of the intro unit was extremely helpful and useful for me. I believe that the networking tips and knowledge that i learned in this last part will be instrumental in shaping my networking approach for years to come. I used to think networking just meant discussing potential job opportunities with friends, but through this unit I was able to learn that networking is a vast undertaking that involves resources such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Quora. I was able to learn how you can use in person communication as well as online platforms to network with like minded professionals or even discover new opportunities in different fields. After obtaining what I believe was a substantial understanding of networking, i moved on to the next unit where I learned about financial awareness and financial management. The videos in this unit were very important because they offered me advice on how to manage my budget and cut back on certain expenses that I don't need as much as I thought I did. Overall, I believe that I made significant progress today and gained knowledge of important topics such as marketing and financial management that will help me in the near future

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Techie Youth Day 2

After my first day last week, I was very excited to log in again and progress in the techie youth program. Due to schedule issues I was not able to start my day 2 until a week after day 1, but I can definitely say the wait was worth it. Although day 2 was shorter because of limited time on my end, I was still able to get some good stuff done. First off, I fixed an issue that I had with my cover letter. Most of the content was good but there were a few formatting and syntax issues that needed to be resolved. After getting that done, most of my day today involved getting through the Successfully working a remote job module. I appreciated that it was an interactive linked in module, and it allowed me to test my knowledge after every section which gave me a chance to retain and apply what I learned. The great thing about the module was that it gave me certificate that I could add to my LinkedIn profile, which allows me to showcase my knowledge to potential employers. I believe that this module is very important in regards to teaching youth how to manage and navigate through remote work. It was very helpful in providing me with the knowledge I need to effectively work remotely. Some of the great things I learned are the importance of setting boundaries and taking breaks in order to ensure that you do not get burned out. Overall I believe that today was a very productive day for me because of my progression in the Techie Youth program, since it allowed me to gain important knowledge about remote work.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Intro- Getting started with Techie Youth

Today was my first day participating in the Techie Youth program. I was very pleasantly surprised by what i have seen so far and it was a good experience. At first i was not sure what to expect from the program because i have never participated in such a program before. But i can say that I am more than satisfied with how the program has turned out so far. I started out with something of an orientation that showed me how to use the program. I felt that it was very straight forward and explained it well. The next few sections were very interesting, because they explained the idea of working from home along with all the fundamentals. The most interesting part to me was " Reasons and motivations to work remotely", this is because this part of the unit explained why certain businesses would be better suited to working from home and what reasons they could have. Since I am pursuing a degree in business, I was able to connect what i learn in school to what i learned in the program. In this way I was able to cement what I learned and gain a deeper understanding. The second most interesting and important part to me was prerequisites for employment. Although I already had a linkedin profile and a resume, the videos and articles helped me to improve upon my existing documents and make them better and more likely to be seen by a recruiter. Before today I did not have a cover letter however. But thanks to this program and the unit, i was able to gain an understanding of what goes into a cover letter and was able to construct one that i believe is a good and effective template. Overall, this first day was very exciting and i did in fact learn a lot. I look forward to my future in this program