Log of what of Wilfredo Pena jr has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Today I fished and reviewed all About Trading options and strategies and passed test

Today I finished reviewing all about Options strategies and passed the test.

It’s a topic that I am very interested, I downloaded The Robinhood app and the Stocktwits I created a Account to get a better idea.

Now I have the Knowledge how to invest, and the different strategies that exist in markets.

Definitely I am so ready for the future. Thanks for letting me to participate in this program Iam very honored.

Thanks againðŸ™

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Today I watch the series of seven Videos about Options trading Strategies for beginners.

I leaned what it’s each Strategy and how to executed each one ,

A vertical spread is an options strategy that involves buying selling a call (put) and simultaneously selling (buying) another call put at a different strike price, but with the same expiration.

Call Ratio Back Spread Strategy.A call ratio Backspread is a bullish options strategy that involves buying calls and then selling calls of different strike price but same expiration, using a ratio of 1:2, 1:3, or 2:3. In the long call ratio back spread, more calls are purchased than are sold.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Today I learned about How to Pick a Right Options to Trade in Six Step, Implied Volatility vs. Historical Volatility, Learned from a videos, how to trade options with no experience on Robinhood. And in-depth instructions trading.

I Learned how to Trade in Six step picking the right option, can be used to implement a wide array of trading strategies from simple buy and sells to complex spreads once you have identified the underlying asset to trade. there are the six steps for finding the right option: 1, formulate the investment objective. 2,Determine your risk-reward payoff. 3 check the volatility. 4,Identify Events. 5, Devise a strategy. 6 Establish Option Parameters.

I learned aboutImplied Volatility vs. Historical Volatility but first let’s see what is Volatility is a metric that measures the magnitude of the change in prices in a security. the higher the volatility the risk, the greater the reward. If volatility is low, options premium is low as well. both sides of the transaction make a bet on the volatility of the underlying security.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

I leaned About what are Stocks and How do they work, what are stock options, investing in Call options, investing in put Options. And the difference between them.

I learned that Stock is a ownership share in a company, When you buy one or more stock shares, you purchase part of the company that issued the stock. When you invest in stocks, the goal is to buy shares at one price, then sell them at a higher price. When you do so you make profit or capital gain in your portfolio.

I learned that stock options also referred to as simply options are different. When you invest in stock option; you essentially purchase the right to buy or sell shares of an underlying stock for a set price at future date.

When you purchase a call option from the option writer or seller, the two of you agree on the strike price, or what you’d pay to buy the underlying stock. You ultimately want the underlying asset to increase above the strike price.

And investing in Put Option it’s gives you the right but not obligation to sell a specific stock at a specific price per share within a specific time frame. Put option it’s the reverse of a call.Also learned that option trading can be riskier than stocks , but if you do correctly has the potential to be more profitable.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Today I learn about Reits Trading, Pros And Cons of invest in REIT , How to invest in Reits, Are Reits a good Investment.

I Learned that Reits is Real state investment Trust that i can invest in by buying share companies portfolio. They are publicly traded and I can buy similar like stock in the stock market exchange.

Learned that REIT are treaded on major stock exchanges and there’s some Pros and are ; they guaranteed dividend, hassle free real state investing, you don’t need a lot of money to start investing, is a passive investment, historically have a low correlation compared to other assent, you can quickly sell a Reit if you make. Mistake. Some Cons I learned are Declining Value 0f properties, Trading In and Out of a Reit has a hight cost. Publicly traded Reits tend to be highly correlated, gain taxes at ordinary income Rate.

I learned also REIT is a good investment for those who wants exposure to real state but don’t a lot of capital for a direct property investment.

Also REIT can be purchased by any investor, because of their availability if you are just starting, you can consider Reits. There’s many to chose from.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

I learned about Forex, how Forex operate, How to be a successful Forex Trader ,course for beginners and the top 5 Forex risk to consider.

I learned Forex is the global electronic marketplace for trading international currencies and derivatives.there’s no physical location but forex market is the largest, and has the most liquid market in the world.

Most of the trading is done through banks, brokers, and financial institutions.

I learned How to Trade in Forex and is open 24 hours a day, five days a week, This means that you can buy or sell currencies at virtually any hour. 

I leaned How to get started in Forex trading and The best way to get introduced to the market for new user is to create a demo account or a game and learn how to trade currency which will allow you to test the real experience with no risk of losing your money.

Also learned that In forex trading, there’s some ricks but to get stared requires a small initial investment, called a margin to gain access to substantial trades in foreign currencies. The top 5 Forex risk are ;Leverage Risks, Interest Rate Risks, Transaction Risks, Counterparty Risk, Country Risk,

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

I learned About What is Stock and how they work, different types of Stock, Best online Brokerage for Stock trading, Different types of Stocks and Cryptocurrency

I learned that stock is a type of investment that represents an ownership share in a company and they’re works when public companies sell their stock though Stock market exchange.

Investors can buy and sell through stockbrokers.

As the name said common you own and share in the company profits and the preferred is compared to bonds it’s typically pays investors a fixed dividend.

I learned about Cryptocurrency that is a virtual money that has its own exchange rate, but it’s not a physical model bill or coin. Cryptocurrency are mostly typical purchased as similar to stock exchange or in coin base. some of the most popular cryptocurrency are ; Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Today I learned about Getting Paid, What is a Checking account, How yo endorse a check, alternatives to standard checking accounts, 360 checking account, Discover checking account and Varo checking account.

I learned about what is a checking account allows you easy access to your money and you can make purchases by using your debit card, check or account information.

I learned that 360 checking account could be open online with no monthly fee and no minimum. Also there’s Discover cash back debit card account has no services fee and 1% cash back another one is Varo Online checking account has no monthly fee payment and has the same futures as typical checking account.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Today I learned Getting Sales and Clients, Mastering the power of the silence, Mastering the art of purchasing and how to negotiate, Hiring, Can you change a Person and how to terminate, Lay Off or fire an employee.

Learned how to win people and be likeable in your life business; being genuine fun, not boring.

Show interest in what the other person says, be aware of every person in the office is valuable in the business and every person in your business matters. Business relation are similar to social one.

Hire person that be compromised with the company position.

Also learned that you can change a person that is not ready to change, it’s a losing battle.

learned the difference between to terminated A person, Lay-off and Fire.

TERMINATE, is most common, you can terminate a person if you have a reason do so, as lack of work or job performance .

LAY-OFF; it’s the best case scenario in this case you don’t have the job the person.

FIRE. imply violation of the company policy.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

I learned about Company Logo, How to create a Professional website tutorial with Wix, FINANCING, How to obtain funding, Minimum Viable Products.

I Learned about Company logo is necessary to catch the customers eyes to advertise your brand. I can make my own or have someone else make it, taking the precautions the logo designer doesn’t rip off from another company and get accused from copyright infringement.

I watch the tutorial how to create a website and explored Wix website after I watched it.

About Financing I watched a video Why investors reject to invest in your business.

If you don’t have o team or you are a sole partnerships. In order to invest in your company you must have at least two partner.

If your investor fells that you or one of your partner are not a dedicated partner and not putting enough effort in any way; they will not invest in your business.

You need a financial projection to insure the money of the investor

Also learned about MVP the goal of MVP is minimize your cost until achieving profitability to begin earn the at least possible financial risk.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

TODAY I learned about Branding, Domain Name, Company Email, Creating a slogan, Mission statement and company Logo

Learned that the first step building your business is is created a brand name and making sure the brand name is Available to prevent violating the trademark infringement.

Next find a DOMAIN name to create your business website that not conflict with other business brand, avoiding your business to get customers confusion and putting you away from legal conflicts or trademark infringement.

After I get a domain name , is important to set up a company email; that is easy to create one in Google or in other platforms.

about THE SLOGAN,I learned that it could be a short and simple phase that represent your company to inspired to consume your products or services.

I learned how to write a MISSION STATEMENT and why my business needs one.

It’s target your customers and also, tell’s to your employees what you do and why you exists.

Also could’ve focused in value,inspiration, plausibility and specificity.

Also learned about Company Logos and the aspects to this process is defining your brand, and design a style.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Today I learned about Executive Summary, Components of executive summary,Customer and Market, Team and Co-founders, and How to set up my business entity Formalities.

I leaned from a video what is a Executive Summary from a business Plan, I understood that is a Flexible Guide that contains an over view of a business strategy , milestones and financial project. It’s not just a document that you write and never look at again and you forgot.

I took notes to do my assessment for this topic and I understand that a standard Business Plan has this out lines;

Executive summary, products and services, market analysis summary, strategy and implementation summary, company and management summary , financial Plan and the appendix .

Also Learned The process to set up a Business entity formalities based the state, if is inside of US. Every business operate as company entity and there are several types of business entities as sole proprietorship, partnerships or corporations.

Also I learned that I can file the application with county-clerk could be online and pay a filling fee and you could have your own legal company in US. and them it’s time to register EIN number this is equivalent of social security number but is associated to a company instead a person and can filing in the IRS website for free.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Today I learned about what can you learn about from your competition, Competition can tells us who the potential customers are. 5 key factor you have to have balance to be a competitive Business. Exit e strategy and how to Choose one.

Today I learned the first thing from our competitors is Market standard working smart not hard.,paying attention what they are doing price point, marketing campaigns… The competitors can also tip you off to the winds of economic change.

Our competition can tell us also who the potential customers and who might buy the products or where to find them. Always are telling us who they are and what they like

Also leaned that they are two form of Competition; 1- Direct; is when different business offers similar products or services

2- Indirect ; when a variety of product and services are offered on the same customers base.

Also learned the five key factors you have to have to be a competitive business.

Supply power, Buyer Power, thread of substitution, thread of new Entrants and Competitive Rivalry.

Also learned about Exist strategy that is Build a business, Growing customers and market shared and them selling the business to a larger Company.

Also, I read a article about How to choose an Exist strategy it’s about the different option that exist to choose an exist strategy option could be an IPO,- , a Strategic acquisition or management buyout.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Today I learned about identifying your customers and the target market, value proposition and customer segments, Understanding Customers.

I learned to identifying the customer and the market, it’s important to know when you try to influence people, must understand what’s drives them and what they wants ,. They wants something and wants to Feel they are important . Also learned about ; Value proposition and customer segments ; meaning worth you value to the customers. value can be something tangible or customer service , Abstract when we write a value proposition we have to think about two main things: The experience of our customers and the Capabilities of our product or service.

I learned about a blogger Video how to Identifying the Target market 1 -you have to pick what fires up. 2- pick a audience 3- one audience per marketing channel, means post about one topic en influence these audience no different topic in one channel this confusing the people.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Today I learned about Profit Model, types of profit model and the components

I learned that a Profit model refers to a company’s plan to make the business profitable and viable. Without a profit model the business will be operating blindly and less profitable. The types of profit model is depending on the activity the company performs some of profit models are; production Model that involves the creation of a product. Rental or Leasing Model are the machinery,equipment computers or rented office space. Advertising Model involves the advertising space the business can use to promote the products. And the Commission Model that is the fee when it offers a service to another party.

Also learned about the components of profits Model that are the key to making a business Profitable. Production and operation, sales and marketing component and Delivery a Good Service .

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Today I learned about Business Model; what to do first to launch a new Business, How to analyze if your start up will fail or success, How to predict your fail or success, Business model Innovation.

I learned today what should I do launching my new business ; first figure out who I will do business with, who my partners will be, no more that three, because one is not enough.

Create a executive summary plan. That is a short business plan.

And the Making approach.

Also learned; How to analyze if the start up of my new business will fail or success, making the research and getting feedback of different people, but not reveling my idea.

I learned how to predict my start up will be a fail, calculating the break even point; calculating your realistic Business income, potential clients you will need and how many potential customers exists, if this innovation resolved a problem.

I learned about the history of Starburcks become a business idea in 1970 with three college friends Zev Siegl, Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker desired to find a Mentor Alfred Peed, founder of Peets Coffee. The man responsible to bringing custom coffee roasting to the US.

Startburcks ;open the first coffee shop in Seattle in 1971.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Today I learned about Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship; The way to start a company, What Makes a business, how to select a Beachhead Market, How to become a great leader and be presented as one.

Today I learned about the way to start a company with; Technology, Idea and passion and the six myths of entrepreneurship Smartest, individual, born not made,risk, charisma and discipline. Also What really makes a business is Paying customers. also today I learned about advices from video about Success people. They never give up from a new idea. I learned the steps to select a beachhead Market. Also now what is Innovation and the varieties of innovation are technology, process, business models , position and other and they categories disruptive, incremental and lateral. also How to become a Great Leader and how to present your self as Leader. The speech is the Most important skill, a calculated speaker everybody Listen, a joker no get respect there is a difference between a joker and comics , body language, etc. another topic I learned was How to speak in public like a boss don’t let your fear wins getting over it, if you get lose make a pause talking and don’t freeze up and speak with a command Voice.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Today I learned about How to beware of scams, False promises from a work at home scams , Job seekers Avoid executive placement scams ,Also Networking with other People.

Today I learned How to beware of scams when it’s sound too good to be tru it’s the first flag for a potentially Scam another one is advertising job salary far greater than typical going rates for that role another popular scam Jobs that require upfront expenses from you. I learned how I can determine a potential scammer is Google for the name of the company and adding word scam, something pop up regarding scam don’t do it. Also verifying in BBB.org and can report this company report fraud.ftc.gov. We can help to stop some scammers.

In the Networking with other people I learned from videos How to master Networking at events and make strategic contacts also another interesting video was How to build a influential Networking.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Today I Learned how to archive Goals at work, Some tip to help build a Strong connection with Remote team and Social connection. Working from home Increases Productivity and about the Pomodoro technique and the benefits to work Remotely

I leaned 10 steps to setting and Archiving Goals at work , getting clarity on your team structure ; understanding the function and interactions with your team. Talking to the Boss ; No matter what your job description says , my job is really making the managers easier. Focusing on what you can control and have plan for the rest. And so on… I read a article How to build Strong and maintain Relationships with a Remote Team , about that build a strong connection with my team members is beneficial and how.

Sending Intentional communications., writing well, knowing when write the word.

Another article I read Working From Home increase Productivity and learned that with all modern conform at home help to be focused and being efficient. Work from home while combating the stress and maintaining work life balance.

I learned that people find success using the “Pomodoro Tecnique “ that I can mention some steps here : chose a task work on for 25 minutes, Put a check mark, take a five minutes break, after every 4 hours take a longer break and continue this throughout the day until your work day it’s over. Also I learned from videos How to be Paperless, How to be a Nasty Boss , Just Say No, and How not be taken advantage of in a Business.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Today I reviewed the tile how to successfully work a remote job also stared to watch a video series

I learned about video series by Linkedln what is a remote work, tips for success, How to define goals and milestones, boss communication, etc Communication tools as email, Chats, video conferences.

Another communications tools Google hangouts, blue jeans, Skype, zoom…

Also I leaned about collaboration tools that could be for small projects as drop Box, box,Google drive Microsoft team. Also there are communication tools for a Large Project ; trello, Asona, Privotal tracker.

In the collaboration you can do it Synchronous that means in Real time ; used for urgent matters brainstorming solution, face to face team member or Asynchronous collaboration Or not urgent ; used for item that not time urgent projects.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

I learned about things no to said in the interview, Tips for Video and Phone interviews, The Best answers and what to Spence in jobs interviews, etc

I learned about what I can’t ask in a job interview and some tips about common questions and what to spect in phone interview this article show the step by step in the initial hiring process. Another article as indeed 25 phone interview tips as confirming the the schedule time, be professional, research the company, have your resume and portfolio ready, so on… I also watched a video showing how to be confident in a Job interview, another one was how to look good in a video call zoom, Skype, FaceTime.

By Linda Rayvnier . Checking the angle of camera, sound, background, lighting and dressing properly even for a video interview. Another video was How to use Zoom like a pro, a video Best answer to What’s your expect salary? I read some paragraphs about Power Interviewing. You’re a box of cereal, always ask for the order…

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Today I learned about How to earn Money Online, Your public Image and mastering the Job interview.

Today I learned about the 5 reasons to being a remote recruiter and learned about 10 remote jobs positions. How to find Remote Jobs .

Thomas Frank video talking about 10 crucial tips for for Job interview that was very interesting for me.

Another topic was ;Your public Image and 4 things Employers looks for when they Google you.

I read a Article about Harvard Rescinds Acceptance for Students for Obscene Memes with explicit group of Chat, Harvard administrators removed admission offers at least 10 students.

Also learned about business have rejected a Job candidate based on Social media content, we should post online carefully.

Speaking in another topic I learned about of employment and gig website remote roles that on this article suggest; As AngelList jobs, Flex Jobs, Aetna etc.

I learned about the title Mastering The Job Interview and getting Hired.

Here I learned, some tips about being prepared for jobs opportunities, interview skills, phone Interviews and also Zoom interviews etc.

Another interesting article was 21 job interview Tips and how to Make a great impression.

Doing a company research and interviews, practicing answers.

Also I read about Glassdoor article listed 50 most common interview question And help to get the best answers for that interview.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

I learned How to identifying role Models and Mentors and how to find One.

I learned the difference between Role Model and a Mentor.

In the career Journey and education, it’s positive decide who is your Role Model; that person that inspirational and has positive ethics and considering their values and you could imitated, Probably this person never meet you, could be a famous Person.

A Mentor it’s a person that you admire, you ask him to set a side and time. To share with you their goals and giving you feedback and advices.

I learned how to find a mentor knowing my goals at short and long term. Could be inside or out side of workplace. Making the research and thinking if this person is ready to be a mentor for me. asking and being clear of my goals and why this it’s right person to be my mentor.

Also learned about some sites to apply for a mentor depending your field as IET or a mentorship Program.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Today I learned About Health and Productivity

I learned that I can manage the events in my life.

Learned strategies for better time management and this is depend of your skills

Knowing how you spend your time, setting priorities and using planing tools like electronic agendas that helps to improve productivity or simply a notebooks or pocket diaries.

Getting organized because disorganization results in poor time management.

Scheduling the time appropriately knowing your self using your time log.

Also learned that things has to be delegate and using that time for my priorities.

Learned how manage external time wasters like unexpected visitors, emails, and more.

I learned that being a multitasker does not help me to save time, all the opposite, you lose time when you switch from one task to another.

An the most important stay healthy to get some time in your agenda for yourself scheduling time to relax and reducing the stress.

I learned also about the 19 ways to invest in your health and well being by sleeping,moving, meditation and so on.

Also learned some tricks to Relieve anxiety.

The health and productivity and what happen when You exercise; helps brain function. And helps to produce serotonin,endorphins and other hormones.

And last I learned some positive habits to add to my routine to be happy and productive even happiness is different for everyone.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Today I learn how to build my Cover Letter and Time management skill that helps to manage my live.

I learned today how Buil my cover Letter for my job seeking ; I learn that I most personalized for every interested job application. Here is the biggest error people made using the same cover letter for every job application.

I learned this characteristic for a successful cover letter:

Customizing for each individual job application.

Investigate the direct contact of the person of Human Resources of job that you are applying.

You can call the company or search in Google, twister or Linkedln.

Share the most impress you about this organization.

Explain what you’ll deliver if they hire you.

Don’t be boring writing the cover letter in some jokes.

Avoid couches and babble.

The most important don’t use “I’ instead “you”. Because they don’t care about you they cares about their issues.

Also I learn about in some cases companies ask you to send a Resu-Letter that is a proxy for your formal structure resume.

I learned ;The important time management and skills that help me to maximize my life. With Organization, prioritization, planing setting a goal, communicating and managing the stress.

I learned that the time is irreplaceable and you can’t buy back time waste, and is important always be growing and every day are new opportunities to grow and advance yourself.

Every day I can learn a new or skills for money or for fun.

It’s important to plan your day prioritize by determining which task is more important and should be done first and which can wait. Planing and setting time for each task, and I can use some free online tools that can help me to plan my day. , trello, canvas personal planner toggl… or a paper planer. Alway every day something new I can be learn and by now on I will manage my time.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

I learned How to build my own Resume and make a successful profile in Linkedln. Also learned about Financial awareness and financial Management.

leaned the most important step how to build a success Linkedln profile beginning with the desired picture, must be a close up , looking to the camera with a neutral background and dress up Properly. You must look professional. I personally took this advice for my Linkedln profile and posted my picture as it today.

I learned today to create my own PDF version of Resume.

And also posted in Linkedln profile.

First I decided which type of resume i wanted to create because there are 3 model.

Chronological, Functional and Combinated.

I personally create a Chronological which is the traditional resume format. I choose this one because I have my first experience with summer Youth and this type of format list experience in order they took place. And it’s more simple.

The functional format it’s more extended and list your experience according your skills

And Combinated as the name said is a combination of both format with the best aspect of both.

I also learned about financial awareness and final financial management. The difference between Net income and Gross income. Simply, it is how much you make and how much you spend.

I learned how I can improve my financial management by creating a budget for each necessity, and planning my expenses Based on if it's necessary or a waste.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

How to create a Blog page and a website using Word Press

Today I learn from scratch how to create my own website and blog using word press software Live, on WordPress.org and the difference between WordPress.com.

WordPress.org I can have my own domain name and them hosting the server you customize your website.

I learn how content management system , editing adm , customize my new website.

Edit with Gutenberg editor that is default in WordPress.

I leaned how to upload and organized media, managing comments in my new website, working with site bars that are comments that people or users post on my web.

I leaned how manage sidebars and widgets and managing the menu.

Also learned if my website can have users and managing to set permissions to each one, me being the first user as Administrator. How to import and export site tools

How to set and managing the presentation on the web theme.

At the difference in WordPress.com you don’t own the domain, can’t monetize the ads, your website can be deleted if violate any rules, and you can’t upload plugs.

Today was very interesting…

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

What is a virtual assistant and how to become a virtual assistant with no experience

A virtual assistant varies in many different skills such as managing a bloggers needs and shopping online . The many of the skills required to be a VA(virtual assistant) includes Respond to meetings,Respond to emails and phone calls, manage a contact list preforming market research and provide customer service as first point of contract,and schedule meetings.You don’t need experience to be a VA all you need is to settle a niche. It is more easier to potentially find clients in search of a VA and some places you can find where to find a VA job some places are “Boldy” “Time Etc” “Fancy Hands” and Lastly “upwork” and also plenty of companies Hire Virtual VA’s and you don’t need an office or be there in person you can work at home but also some jobs you do are not required to have experience and some do for higher pay!

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

How to be App developer And how much do they get payed

I learned that the average entry level mobile developer salary in the US is 78,914$ and that salary spikes up by the years of app developing experience and is related to the years of experiences, the highest average app developer salary in the US is 105,220$ And that The program Arkenea has helped creat award winning apps such as Facebook,instagram,Airbnb, DropBox,Uber,Buffer Hybrid Developers are better payed than single developers You can be your own boss of your own app or You can be a employee or lead an organization. And to create an app takes more than just coding skills it consists of knowledge,ideas, and skills and originality and finally I learned that apple devices are preferred in the Us than Android But Android Wins on the global scale because app developers have less restrictions in an android than an IOS.