Log of what of Wafiyya Abubakar has learned at Techie Youth

Wed. Sep. 21, 2022

Techie youth reasons and motivation to work remotely


What I learned today at TECHIE YOUTH: reasons and motivation to work remotely.

First of foremost, REMOTE JOB are work that can be done any where in the world, it could be at home, private office or any other place.

A REMOTE EMPLOYEE: is a person who works remotely from home.

There many reasons to work remotely some of them include:

(1) No commute, no competition between you and your co-workers.

(2) Availability of time, you will be able to schedule your own time of work.

(3) the availability to work independently.

(4) while working remotely you don't need to bother about mobility as long as there is a decent wifi connection.

(5) By working remotely you have the benefit of checking on your health status at any time.