Log of what of Sumaiya Hoque has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Digital Art- I learned this at Techie Youth today and Aug 7

Today and sunday i main ly focused on digital art which is in the Selling Computer-Designed Objects and Technological Crafts unit. I mainly focused on this section throughout the whole weeks ive been on techie youth because to me its the most important for my future plans. Ive always had a passion for art and ive been intresed in digital art (since its been very popular the past year). I watch alot of the tutorials on the platforms given for eample kirta, adobe illustrator and etc. There was a Link to see a tutorial video, the video was very helpful. It shows you how to change a physical sketch into a digital painting which is very helpful for begginers. I also clicked the link to the adobe illustrator tutorial video, which at first was very confusing because the guy talks about alot of terms which made me re watch the clips again. On adobe illustrator theres alot of more effecient tools than there is to kirta. I would prefer adobe illustrator more because of the tools that allow you to copy, reset and perfect your lines. On adobe illustrator theres alot of shourtcuts which is very useful for artists who want to sell their drawings. I love the many brush options avalible, for many other digital art websites they dont have this feature. Brushes in Illustrator let you stylize and change the appearance of paths that you create. You can apply a brush to an existing path, or use the Paintbrush Tool to draw a path and apply the brush stroke at the same time. One thing i loved on kirta and illustrator is there is a gradient tool, which on the digital website i use doesnt have this feature. I learned the many ways to make the tools effecient which will come to use when i start my digital art journey.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Selling Art - I learned this at Techie Youth today! (and also Aug 7)

Today i explored the Selling Art unit. In the unit i was introduced to alot of the platforms that you can sell your art on, one of the platfroms was shopify. Theres two diffrent art pieces you can sell one of the being paintings and physical art pieces and the other being digital art. Digital art is usally more popular sold on another platfrom like opensea. I was watching a video on a man named Jose who explains how and where he sells his art on. From most of the videos ive watched today the main thing ive learned today was how important it is trying to promote your work on social media like instagram, twitter and etc. Its importnat beecause it helps promote your work and possibly earn future customers. Selling art and having a big platform is a big deal because you work can also be spot buy big companies you might be intrested in working with you, buying from you or promoting your work. Selling Art ties into what ive learned on Sunday, Aug 7. On sunday i was working on the digital art section part of the Selling Computer-Designed Objects and Technological Crafts unit. In that section i learned many websites that help you make digital art and i learned some tips and tools . That section of the unit helps me with what ive learned today because i have more of an intrest in digital art and today i found out ways i could possibly make money from my intrest.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

cryptocurrencies- I learned this at Techie Youth today!

Today i learned a bit more about cryptocurrencies and the way it works. One main thing you need to start crypto is to have a crypto wallet, i like the app coinbase wallet and prefer to use that. Today i learned more about the stock market in the cryptocurrencies unit. I learned many new terms for example common stock is the most basic form of ownership, including voting rights on major issues, in a company; Securities that represent equity ownership in a company. They let an investor vote on such matters as the election of directors. Also its given the holder a share in a company's profits via dividend payments or the capital appreciation of the security. Units of ownership of a public corporation with junior status to the claims of secured/unsecured creditors, bondholders and preferred shareholders in the event of liquidation (quizlet flashcard link). The stock markey is the main market you trade your cryptocurrency and invest in shares, its the main source of equity. Main tips ive learened today as a beginner is try buying the right investment (maybe a company your very familiar with). Try avoiding individual stocks if you're a beginner. You're also going to need to create a portfolio and try staying committed to it. Theres also websites where you can have a trial on a fake portfolio. Most importantly be prepared for potential money loss, since you're never gaurenteed to make money.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Web Development- I learned this at techie youth

Today i learned more about coding and how alot of coding is used when it comes to making a website. I leanred the many types of coding languages, For example Java, JavaScript , Python, PHP and etc. Programming langauage is very important because it helps directs a computer to complete commands over and over again, so people do not have to do the task repeatedly. Its very effecient when trying to make a website. Also during the unit i learned alot of how to protect data and secure a website. Did you know HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) ensures that communication and data transfered between users web browser and a website is secure? I've heard many of these terms like HTTPS, JavaScript, PHP and etc but i never really knew the meaning behind them and their purposes, Techie Youth helped me learn the uses and defenition of these acronyms. At Techie Youth your knowledge expands more and more everyday.