Log of what of Steven Delgado has learned at Techie Youth

Tue. Aug. 16, 2022

Techie Youth Daily Log in Assignment Monday August 8th 2022- Friday 12th 2022

Monday August 8th 2022

Today I learned some of the differences between magazines and journals. A magazine is used to entertain the viewer with a certain topic that the reader may have subscribed too. A journal is used for academic research that could be used to study or learn more than the common text. A journal if published correctly has more academic references than a magazine . It is more reliable than a magazine because the sources are cited and in some cases they come out of college textbooks. You have to know how to sort out types of writing if you want a career in this topic.

Tuesday August 9th 2022

I was interested in how to turn your website into a main search of interest in google and the steps you have to take before and after you achieve it to maintain a strong and efficient user to creator connection. Being in the top 10 means that your business is running extremely well and has become a sort of monopoly/conglomerate for whatever the consumer is looking for, you are specifically what people are typing for. People recognize your brand and have already established a trust with it. This allows Google to safely recommend it to others even if they are not even searching for it, improving views, sales ect. You can create partnerships with other sites and entities to try to turn what you're offering into a conglomerate/monopoly.

Wednesday August 10th 2022

I tried learning what laser cut products are and what they are used for. Laser production and its machinery vaporizes materials that are soft yet structerry difficult to destroy/harm this includes but it is not limited to plastics and rubbers and clothes. This makes them into a mold that the blueprint machinery accepts to make products used for school supplies and architecture projects and displays. You can make your laser cut products online and have people with the materials print it out and ship it to you if you don't want to spend money on a 3k+plus printer and their materials.

Thursday August 11th 2022

Today i learned that you have to be able to adapt and expand yourself into different learnings/ studies so that you can choose one to carefully expand yourself into, do not put yourself in a small cube and restrict yourself from learning only inside of school, with today's technology there is enough information on the internet to be able to expand what you know and apply it into the real world so that you use it for your benefit and into other interests.

Friday August 12th 2022

The research of how Copyright, trademark rights, and patents works is something that should be taught at a young yet understanding age and grade in school as it is important to learn when creating/producing merchandise that could become widely known. Learning about it enables you to know how to defend or take legal action against an organization, company, or individual who can claim your work was invented by them and used without your authorization. Anything, even small and insignificant with no popularity or use can be patented and claimed by someone, logos, phrases, photos, or designs. Copyright is something serious that if not understood can be used to harm anyone economically with legal backing/support.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Techie Youth Daily Log in Assignment Wednesday August 3rd 2022- Friday 5th 2022

Wednesday August 3rd 2022

You can start building a resume out of a couple of jobs you participated for, you do not need to sort out individual projects or full time jobs, as this will only prove that you are flexible and can adapt to those two common situations. If you freelance yourself as a web developer, this also allows you to work at improving yourself and specific skills without having to worry if it will affect most of your time at work. Getting Freelance work is more difficult than applying at a full job sometimes because they will look at previous work, references and accolades to ensure they are hiring what they need if not better. You can also set how much you want to be paid hourly or in full regarding how long it will take and if one option is better than the other. What you want to do is make yourself into a running business that can offer good quality reliable service at a competitive price. If this is something you're interested in and works out for you, you can expand it with more employees and other services once you have taken care of the principle one.

Thursday August 4th 2022

Once you have set yourself into a good position at a job or in general as a recognized web developer to well known employers you can put yourself for hire and only accept the highest bidder, you do have to put in more work with interviews , resumes and the like as this will be the first thing a employer sees of you. You have to make it easy for them to read your accomplishments and skills and make it difficult for them to note you off as a regular candidate. The market for web developers has been seeing growth every year and will keep being so as it is projected that the need for them is going to increase by 40% by 2025. It is not a job that is easily reachable as you need to go to college and invest time out of school to learn it well enough to be noticed by high paying employers.

Friday 5th 2022

I began to learn about how to sell art. It is not something I'm interested in because I do not see myself as a great admirer of art but I do like to say how beautiful art can get when it is done correctly and it is refreshing. The unit explains that you can be or not be an artist selling their own pieces. You can be an enthusiast of specific pieces of art and the artist and reach out to them to offer services such as becoming an auctioneer for them and much more. Depending on how recognized and active the artist is, they may not want to have someone on payroll if they know they won't use them to their full extent. They may also not have the funds to do so even if they wanted. You have to know the idea of business management by using some prior knowledge that is mostly learned from a college course, this has changed throughout the years as you could now learn and research with the internet without having to pay, just use time. It has been made easier to become a auctioneer as new apps and websites have been created for you to show off a piece you would like to auction, the bidders just place what price they would like to pay for the item and the computer inside the website or app does the rest, you as a auctioneer just have to spectate how the bidding is going and become a way of entertainment while the bidders are competing.

Sat. Aug. 6, 2022

Techie Youth Daily Log in Assignment Thursday July 28th 2022-Tuesday August 2nd 2022

Thursday July 28th 2022

Today I went to the Immediate income unit for the 3rd time and clicked on the mock juror topic. The mock juror topic shows how people are being hired and paid for attending virtual online trials or examining cases and giving their unbiased opinion . One of the linked websites also shows that they pay for completing surveys. You basically become a juror and work by the rules of a law firm that sponsors/hires you to be there. There are some qualifications that you may need to qualify for depending on the cases, but it is usually basic understanding of the case. Anybody can be part of an interesting case and show their opinion not regarding their employment status, ect. From a student to a retiree. Pay has some range regarding qualifications and previous history being an online juror.

Friday July 29th 2022

Proofreading is a job recommended by techie youth and has its own topic. Proofreading is usually a job where the employers are writers, publishers who may have had written the text, have someone else write the text or had a robot do it. They pay you to double check their writing and to provide advice to make it more readable to the common/average viewer. It becomes a great help to them as it gives insight to the writers to improve their writing and for it to become readable from the start. U get hired depending on your previous experiences and for who you worked for/hired you. The pay usually starts by a rate regarding the paragraph you work on, but can expand to an hourly rate or by text contract.

Monday August 1st 2022

I began to work on the Web Development course/topic and started to learn about how different sections correlate and come before others. In summary it is to make sure the website you're creating has no errors. Client and server are both requests needed to make sure the information is properly sent to either or. What a client sees and what the website developer see are different. A client is also shown your website depending on the browser they are using. Web browsers are Chrome, Safari , Firefox. A HTML is how the website directs you when you click on a specific item. The Cloud is basically used to store both user and owners information for future development of the website or information that can be used for activities the website provides.

Tuesday August 2nd 2022

I kept going through the web development course and learned that if you are a entry level but stable web developer regardless of being self taught or learning by school, you can work a remote job for many jobs and companies who pay people well and want them to expand their learning into the future to either stay with them or go work with other companies that are in a more challenging field. In order for this to work properly you need to have had some type of accolades in your background/resume, this allows for future employers to see your progress and see how far you have improved since you started working in web development. A Project you have participated in and how much of its success is credited to you or your team is important. Companies like to see that even if you have not done as much as you would like in your previous job, you want to expand and work more efficiently when they are your employer, And hopefully you can create, invent something great with them supporting you.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Techie Youth Daily Log in Assignment Monday July 25th 2022-Wednesday July 27th 2022

Monday July 25th 2022

I Began the week learning about a skill that would help me find a job at almost any location that involved marketing and capturing footage that would be later used. Learning how to edit videos is really important if you want to make your videos more for professional use or to impress the viewer. It allows you to add almost anything you want, music and other sound effects are just the tip of the iceberg to describe what you can do to a video. Learning how to clean unwanted audio using mixers that are implemented in video editing softwares was one of the first things the unit tried teaching. There are a lot of editing Softwares to use and they all have their pros and cons, some are more new user friendly and you can see their complexity/Range. Apple and Microsoft have their own Video editing Softwares that are exclusive to their devices even though you still have to pay for them. Others like Adobe Pro can be used on any device. Some pay a one time fee while others are monthly subscriptions. This skill can help you become a youtube/content creator or work for others in that business.

Tuesday July 26th 2022

I learned today that just like Video Editing, Music Producing is a very profitable business/skill, it has become easier for the average person to promote their own music/art and become a world famous artist or work for someone who is. Rap is a very prosperous genre in music where many people make their own beats/rhythm and sell it to artists and they both grow as independents who control their music credits until they sign a record label that is higher in profit since the artist has separately invested in their own recognition instead of waiting for a record label to make it happen. Already knowing the basic and deeper learning of music theory also helps the artist be accurate and fast when creating beats who might have samples.

Wednesday July 27th 2022

Today was my second day learning about Music Production and I watched most of the videos shared by techie youth. They were all giving tips on how to run a profitable business just by being one person with a music software and a laptop. Usually Music Producers know the basics of an instrument so that they understand keys/notes and chords, many know how to play the piano, which will help them with the built in keyboards in the music software. Music productions software share the same similarities as the software used by video editors, they allow for instruments to be played at the same time and have one being more dominant. Chord progression and note recognition should also be worth learning for a new music producer as it will let them know and organize the type of music they are currently working, the already set progression and it's continuance. Some Music Softwares work only or better with having the person connect, play and record with an actual instrument and allow them to change it to another instrument/tuning . Others which are more complex will allow you to play with their built-in instrument they have using the keys of a laptop or preferably a MIDI which is a pluggable usb mini piano with the 2 or more full sets of octaves.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Techie Youth Daily Log in Assignment Friday July 22 2022

Friday July 22nd 2022

The Course in providing services talks about learning an important and useful trade that many may not know because it is an investment of time. Going to college is an investment, someone can go to college to be a dentist. They may spend all their time and it is okay because everyone has a choice. This person is now specialized in dentistry and knows everything there is to dental. The Dentist has a car and it breaks down, the motor and hardware of the vehicle cannot be compared to teeth so what does the dentist do, call a mechanic. Many mechanics go to trade school to learn about something that does not involve too much reading or researching but it is more about being hands on and learning about it when you're working with something active. Everyone has a specialization, it is the ideal in how to have a stable self dependent populated society. In Roman times men only had few options compared to today , they probloby had at most 50, we now have thousands.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Techie Youth Daily Log in Assignment Monday July 18th 2022-Thursday July 21 2022

Monday July 18th 2022

I started this week learning about Niche Websites, these are websites that are created to attract and entertain/Inform people who are fans of a specific topic. The Range these websites have depends on how much information you can put out depending on the size of writers. It would be best if you are a fan of the theme , so that you do not bore yourself. An example would be to have the choice of making a website about sports or strictly just soccer, as long as you have a chance of competing with other creators/sites in the field and can guarantee a number of monthly visitors as this is going to help you turn your hobby Profitable. Once you have a website with a reliable fanbase you can begin with sponsors who will place advertisements in your account. Depending how large and successful the company is they will pay you in different forms. There is much more to learn than what i just wrote.

Tuesday July 19th 2022

I Kept learning about working in the writing industry and I found out that it has become a lot easier to involve yourself into it because of technology and how you can set your own server/ website up . The days where you have to get a degree and enter yourself into a competitive hiring process with an already set media company just to write about what you want are fading. Now if you have your ideas organized you can write just about anything. If you do wanna work with an already setup company. etc . There are a-lot of jobs in the writing category you might want to look into.

Wednesday July 20th 2022

Creating with technology has always interested me and a lot of other people. Youtube as a website was created to allow others besides the inventors to set their ideas/Videos into what is essentially a worldwide footage time machine. When it was made into an app, the popularity expanded as you were no longer a browser. Apps are usually just made for phones and tablets. New trends are created daily, and mostly all are profitable. Apps that cater to trends and Permanent daily uses are extremely profitable. Learning how to make an app and having an idea is enough to change your life and of others albeit negative or positively depending on what you just created.

Thursday July 21st 2022

You can make apps that help people with different needs, Apple has made a lot of apps that service an array of communities. They invest into creating and thinking of these apps because if they become successful it will increase their product sales. Today Apple has a built-in magnifier in their phones, a ruler, and a document scanner, they all use the camera. All of them are apps. The perfect idea is to become a mental tinkerer even if you believe you don't know enough to make the app by your own hands, you can work along with people with the same idea. The main point is to turn the idea profitable but if you could make others' lives easier at the same time even though you might have to split the funds, do it and have it as a gem in your personal accomplishments.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Techie Youth Daily log in assignment Tuesday July 5th 2022-Friday July 15th 2022

Tuesday July 5th 2022

This is my first day of year 2. Today I logged in and saw that techie youth now requires a picture of yourself for your profile and the requirement to make a blog or a youtube video daily describing what you learned at techie youth that day. I have decided that I will make a google docs blog and will share the link shortly. Today, I also saw that the graduation requirements have changed. I would like to graduate from techie youth this year. I began with the first prerequisite that day which was (Intro to earning money Online). I started with Completing subjects I did not do last year. One was health and productivity. Mental health is equally if not more important than physical health and will help the other one to achieve higher performance.

Wednesday July 6th 2022

What i learned today at Techieyouth was how to keep track of time and how to manage it so that you can do what you need to daily without much interference, this allows you to be less stressed out as you know what is going to happen and will allow you to spend time with your loved ones at a more frequent rate. Ultimately what you wanna do is be able to organize time and prioritize your tasks and complete them with little to no stress, once you do that you begin to grow mentally as a leader.

Thursday July 7th 2022

Today i learned that you can create for yourself multiple passages of income using the internet , except of having to work one or two workplace jobs, with today's technology you could start creating content at home that people would enjoy looking at a constant rate,creating a fanbase on either of the main social media platforms, you can now reach out to companies or they will contact you for sponsorships and depending on the size of your community you can begin earning income that way. You could also work remotely for a company which gives you the flexibility to look for other ways of income.

Friday July 8th 2022

Today I learned about how to identify role models and mentors. Depending on what you want to dedicate your time to and eventually have a job in the subject, you could research or learn about people who took the same route and who are considered masters or successful. Role models are people who you look up to not regarding the field of work they have chosen. They inspire you due to how they went forward during hardships, their hard work and positive attitude even when nobody was thinking of the same. Your parents could be your role models as you could follow the beliefs and values they have taught you and pass it down through generations.Mentors are people who have done or been through enough in a field of work your interested in and which you see as somebody who can teach you from their mistakes so that you don't have to go through them once your in the same position. They are another mind who is willing to help you understand and make the right move even if they have not gone through it themselves.

Monday July 11th 2022

Today I learned about public image and how there is a great chance it can affect you when you're applying for jobs and other facilities. Just like how the police department keeps a record of anyone who might have broken the law at some point, not regarding how small or large the offense might have been. Social media now allows for anyone to research your name and find out what you are associated with either good or bad. Anything you post on social media stays on it forever and even if you believe you're using a reliable website or app, there is always a chance your privacy could be shared. I completed the task of going on a web browser/ i chose google, and wrote my name on the search bar, due to me being a private person and not really having no pictures of myself or not having as much social media accounts as the average user, i expected to see nothing and that is what i saw, there are no photos of me online and of anything i do, and i intend to keep it that way.

Tuesday July 12th 2022

Unlike the past, where you had to look for employment at job placement facilities or brick and mortar locations, you can now create a profile online at many of the reliable work search websites that allow for employers to post any positions they have available. The same websites also allow for employees to apply to many jobs at different positions without having to contact them individually. Both parties save a lot of time and the service provided by the websites is overall great. A Lot of people choose Linkedin.com as their main option when looking for a job online. Although the process for job searching becomes easier, you still need to have the required documents to apply, such as resume, identity proof and if you're applying for a competitive position, a cover letter and much more.

Wednesday July 13th 2022

Today I learned about how to go in at an in-person job interview. It could be difficult and easy depending on what stage of the process you're in. A good resume with strong accolades gives a great first look at an employee as it is the first thing the employer looks at. When you go to an interview, you want to be positive and attentive. You want to answer any questions accurately and with speed. Looking good(hygiene wize) and organized is also something the employer will look for when hiring. If you're about to go for an interview either online or in person, you want to look at the job post before and carefully examine it for red flags. Before giving them your personal information and even a resume, ask yourself if the job is too good to be true. Scammers and identity thieves are constantly looking for victims who are desperate for a job.

Thursday July 14th 2022

After acquiring the job, you need to organize and understand how you will get paid, what you make and what you take home is very different. Net-earnings is what you make after your employer takes off money for taxes and any other sources you may not or have agreed too. Social security and state taxes are one of them. A job usually gives you two options, pay by mail in or person check or direct pay. If you want to cash a check you need to go to the bank and they'll give you the money. If you want direct pay, you need to open a checking account either online or in person, you will begin to get paid there and the funds become easily accessible for you to use at any location that accepts debit cards. With a checking account your funds are protected from any possible interception and usually banks are liable for their customers' money if fraud happens up to 250,000 USD. There are many banks you can use and they have their own benefits and bonuses when signing up.

Friday July 15th 2022

When working a remote job you need to have a comfortable workplace that will allow you to think and complete your daily task without having to worry about distractions. People like to create their own offices, where they could work and study. Regarding who you work for and how their take on remote work is, some companies will give you funds to create a work from home station, they expect the employee to use the funds correctly and to not have problems with equipment. Working remotely can be the best option for many people as they have no distractions and they could work at their own pace yet be efficient. Introverts enjoy this option as well as some extroverts. It all comes down to how you manage your time and tasks and if it is helping you become the best you can be at what you're doing. If you have a lot of distractions at home then working there will not suit you, if you need an extra push and that push is being at an office, then working at home will not work for you.