Log of what of Stanley Wong has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Analyzing Datasets to Prove your Point - Researched by Techie Youth and Stanley W.

Have a point you want to get across? Want to encourage someone by throwing statistical facts at them? We got you covered.

Lets say, for example, you want to prove that education greatly affects wage and unemployment. You first must find all variables. In this case, it includes but is not limited to: level of education, location of education, location of workplace, percentage of unemployed in an area, and much more.

Once you have found all the variables, search them up. Some phrases may include "relationship between level of education and wage", or "place with most unemployed people". After that, go to images and you will see a bunch of charts that tell you what you want. If you want to look at a website instead, the bureau of labor statistics is excellent for labor related information. Government and large websites are also another place to look. Lastly, organize the information and simplify it to what you need.

And there you have it. Statistical proof and solid facts to prove your point.

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Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Graphic Models and AI.

Graphic Models are usually graphs that tells something what to do. There are many types, and I will go through them all.

Directed graphical models are models that simply connect variables. It basically shows the relationship between one variable and another and is useful when connecting codes together.

Bayesian Networks are conditional diagrams. In simpler terms, it is a cause and effect. For example, if I flip the light switch the light will turn on. This is very useful in coding as it gives lines of code a purpose and an action to execute.

Lastly, there are Markov Random Fields. This is the same as Bayesian Networks, but instead of having one cause and one effect, you can have one cause leading to another cause and another until you eventually reach an effect. This means that you can cycle the conditional statements from the Bayesian Networks and give a more complicated function. For example, if I flip the switch and the power lines are working, then the light will turn on. if i didn't flip the switch, the light would not turn on, which goes straight to an effect. However, if I flip the switch, it leads to another cause, which is the power lines. You can include chains of conditions in Markov Random Fields.

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Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Using Davinci Resolve: Explored by Techie Youth and Stanley W.

I've told you about how amazing Davinci Resolve is as a editing software. Now I'll tell you how to use it.

First, you'll start off on your workspace. You can create a new file, which is found on the bottom, or edit an existing file.

Afterwards, you'll see a page where you can insert files/recordings, rearrange them into the order you want, cut, and edit your video. This is where you do most of your basic editing. In addition, you can include audio or manage it however you like, similarly to the files/recordings. Just import them from your device.

With all of your audio and recording, you can then go to selection mode. Here you place the media into the order you want and on the track you want. In this mode, you can drag all the media around to where you believe is best for the video. There are track options on the left where you can further arrange content and lock it if you don't want to further arrange it.

If you want to move deeper into editing, such as changing images or appearance, you can go to the inspector panel. Here you can do precise edits such as changing the background view, the temperature of the color, or the objects in general.

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Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Video Editing Software - Discovered by Techie Youth and Stanley W.

Want to edit a video but don't know what software to use? I got you covered.

There are many, so I will list them and include what's good about it. Enjoy!

Adobe Premier Pro is one of the more popular editing softwares. It does cost quite the amount of money, but it has a ridiculous number of components and can be accessed by PCs and Mac.

Shotcut is also a great choice if you have a device that isn't meant to run very fast. It runs quite well like other good editing softwares, works on PC and Mac, and best of all, it is free!

Last but not least is Davinci Resolve. It is probably the best of the three as it has many advanced tools and one can edit with ease. There are a lot more options when editing, and includes high quality edits for you to use. There is also a premium version that includes other additional tools, but honestly, the free version offers enough for almost all video editors.

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Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Things to consider before editing videos - Created by Techie Youth and Stanley W.

About to edit a video? Think it's perfect after adjusting everything? Read these tips to improve the quality of your video.

Use color grading

Color grading is a great way to enhance individual clips of a video, which gives off a better impression. Change things like saturation to perfect the image. Also, it is best if images next to each other do not change much. For example, if one image has warm colors and the next image has cold colors, the change between the images are too great, which makes the video seem unnatural. Lastly, play around with the settings. Just because you think what you did looks best doesn't mean there isn't something better. See if other appearances appear better than the original.

Incorporate sound

Sound is very important when it comes to video editing. Without additional sound, the video will seem very plain and boring. Include some background music, sound effects, and others that enhance the actions being played in the video. To find the sound that fits the video best, play around; oftentimes, the sound you believe fits may not be the best, so play around with it. Search up sounds, make sounds yourself, or even gather some tool like pots and pans to create a cool effect. Lastly, there is background noise. You must cancel out unwanted noises, as they are, well, unwanted.

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Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Video Editing: An introduction presented by Techie Youth and Stanley W.

Want to create cool effects and sounds? Earn some extra money? Have a side job?

Consider video editing!

Video editing is an excellent way to earn a little extra cash and have fun doing projects! There are only a couple things you need: knowledge of video editing, the tools to edit videos (often a device), and an employer.

You can get knowledge of video editing by searching it up or watching videos of how to do it. However, the best way is to have a mentor, as they tend to tell you the things that you need instead of mindlessly searching the internet. As for the tools, most people already have devices to work on the video editing. The last thing you need is an employer. And this is where things get tricky.

Finding and employer is hard with all the convenient technology that can help one edit any video within seconds. So how do you find one?

You must search online to find people who are willing to pay for your service. You often have to display some kind of professionalism or proof that you are right for the service. Next, you need a set salary. On average, you can get paid $20 to $60 an hour, which is a lot for a side job.

And that's it! You have some work, you have the knowledge to do it, you have the tools to do it, and you get paid for doing it. If you want to learn more about video editing, find more in the detailed description of my next part and visit www.techieyouth.org !

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Buildire: in Detail - Discovered by Techie Youth and Stanley W.

I have previously talked about using buildfire and not other software that require hours of downloading and hours of coding and hours of wondering what your code means. So here is a detailed explanation of how to start using buildfire.

1) Go to app.buildire.com

2) Create an account using an email

3) And that's it!

Registering is easy. However, how would you use it?

First, start on your home page. This is the mother of all other components of your app as it links everything to that one place. If you click on home page on the left sidebar, you will see a rectangle on the right (that is what it would look like on a screen), and the middle section is what you can add to the home page. You can type text, insert images, or buttons. Just click on the text bar or click on insert to insert things.

Next is the design tab. Here you can brand, create your app icon, and change the display of your app. You can add a background or change colors to enhance your apps appearance. Just click on the corresponding [+] to add images or change things up.

And that is all for this part! If you want to learn more about buildfire and its features, view my next blog, and please visit www.techieyouth.org !

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Building an App - The Techie Youth way

Building an app isn't an easy task. In the past, you have to code hundreds, if not thousands of lines of code to start a proper app. If you want to code, you can use Microsoft Xamarin or React Native. Sadly, Adobe Phonegap and Appcelerator Titanium have gone down. In addition to coding, you have to spend a lot of time, often hours, to download the necessary tools to start.

However, you don't have to code. In fact, you can get an app running within a couple of hours. Enter buildfire, a website to create apps without any coding or downloading. To start, go to app.buildfire.com, create an account, and you can get started. It's that easy! The only downside is that it is only free for fourteen days. To expand on your app or start adding things to it, simply visit the sidebar on the left. It has everything you need in an app to start designing, such as a home page, loading page, and many others. Again, there is no coding. Everything you do is already "coded" for you. Just add what you want, and you will have a nice app in no time.

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Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Increasing your chances of earning money from stocks - thought of by Stanley W. and Techie Youth

It is very hard to predict stocks; I can tell you firsthand. Half of my predictions were wrong and I did a lot of research. Long story short: You cannot predict the movement of a stock. Even all those famous stocks that everyone thinks will always move up will move down. So how do you make sure you make money from stocks?

1) Buy low, sell high. Wait until the stock goes down, buy it, then when the stock goes high or may go down, sell it.

2) Research the stocks you buy. Make sure you are updated on anything that might impact the company. Things like a new product, getting sued, and establishing a new location impact can impact the value.

3) Predict how stocks move beforehand. Oftentimes, just the direction is fine. If you happen to be right more often than wrong, then you are in the right place to risk your money.

4) Invest only the amount you are fine with losing. For many, this would be around $5 or $10. Start small. If you happen to be successful, start investing more. However, always remember to invest only what you want to lose, as if the stock company goes bankrupt, you lose all that money.

5) Invest in different stocks. This decreases the chances of losing a lot of money. This will take a bit more work and researching, but the difference is huge.

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Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Starting an app and Google Analytics - Derived by Stanley W. and Techie Youth

Everyone gets stuck on what to do in the beginning. I'll help you start thinking.

When you first create an app, you must think of the five w's (yes, those from third grade). Think of who, what, where, when, and why. Is your app only for adults, or is it a game for kids? What will your app do? Where would your app be focused on (by a business, educators, gamers)? When should you publish your app (oftentimes asap)? And why should you publish this app (a useful question for the description)?

Once you have found your five w's, the purpose of the app becomes very clear. All you really need now is an icon, loading page, and home page, and the rest becomes easy.

But then how do you improve your app? First, you need to find what users want and what they do. Using Google Analytics helps analyze what the user is doing, what they tap often, and information of what they tend to download or purchase. This helps organize your app and find ways to improve your app. Utilize this as it can determine the success of your app.

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Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Sponsoring Your App - All credits go to Techie Youth and Stanley W.

Sponsoring Your App - All credits go to Techie Youth and Stanley W.

Created something amazing but don't know how to gather and maintain users? Here's a list of what you should do.

To gather users,

• Translate texts so that anyone can use it regardless of their knowledge of language.

• Make it available to other platforms, such as tv, watches, and computers.

• Publish it into different app stores like google play and android

• Include download links

• Make the app free

• Create public relationships to spread the word of the app.

• Publish an advertisement (make sure it pops up where others would be interested in)

These steps increase availability and spreads the words to others, therefore making your app more popular. However, how would you make the users keep using the app? Here are some ways to maintain user activity.

• Gamification! Make your app game-like (if it isn't a game). Include things like experience points, levels, and rewards to keep your customers engaged.

• Include a global ranking with your gamification to make users more competitive

• Allow users to connect with others to use the app together.

You have users, and you have engaged users. But whats the point if you won't make any money? Here are ways to encourage users to pay you.

• Offer a premium version

• Create in-app purchases

• Use "Gambler's Fallacy" (when you lose, you either lose everything or pay a price to continue). This often occurs when someone is really close to their goal and would like to pay to reach it.

• Offer multiple payment methods.

And thats all you need for app success. You got users to download your app, continue using your app, and buy things on your app.

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Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

All about creating apps: Part 1 - produced by Techie Youth and Stanley W.

All about creating apps: Part 1 - produced by Techie Youth and Stanley W.

Almost everyone has a phone, and every phone has apps. But how does one start to make an app?

First, you must identify where you want to publish your app. A couple of options include the iOS, Android, and the Google Play Store. You then must find out what device you want to publish it to. Some devices include watches, phones, and computers. There are many different processes when you choose from these, and I will go throught the most common ones.

To create an app on iOS,

1) Go to the app store and search for the app xcode and download it

2) Create an account and download the latest version of xcode

3) Open that and click on "create a new xcode project" to start.

To create an app on Android,

1) Search and download "Android studio"

2) Once downloaded, open the file.

3) For the installment type, choose custom.

4) Make sure "Android SDK - (360 MB) is checked.

5) Continue to click next and eventually finish

6) Then the rest is self-explanatory! Follow instructions like creating an app name all the way to the end, and publish your app!

To create an app in Google Play,

1) Create or sign into an account on "Google Play Console"

2) Agree conditions and pay fees

3) Tap "Create an application", and the process will be very straightforward. You will do things like naming and setting up information.

4) Make sure you follow the developer policy as your app may be rejected.

And that is the end of part 1. Buckle up for more amazing information about creating apps in part 2, and please visit www.techieyouth.org !!

Sat. Jul. 23, 2022

Did you know... The trading option and online trading version


Writing Options are another trading option within the vast opportunities in online trading. The process of writing options is selling a contract, paying a fee or premium, then buying or selling stocks at a later time and price. However, there are some small risks, like losing the premium when the contract goes down, or simply losing everything you've invested in.

You can suffer psychological damage when trading online. This can include deciding when to buy or sell a stock, losing all the money you have invested, or simply when the stock drops. Make sure to keep a cool mind, especially when trading large amounts of money. Online trading is a risk. Only risk what you don't mind losing.

Online trading is a gamble, and with gambles comes risks. However, what if you were to figure out all the risks and make the best decisions regarding those risks? That is all you need to become a successful trader. Removing those risks and making good decisions allows you to control your money.

And that is it!! I hope you have learned something. Be sure to visit techieyouth.org if you want to learn even more. Good luck trading online!

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

REITs and Trading Options- Created by the brilliant minds of Stanley and Techie Youth


Don't just trade in stocks and crypto; REITs (real estate investment trusts) and Trading Options are different ways of online trading.

REITs, which stands for real estate investment trusts, is investing in places that share their space with other people. Some examples includes hotels (give space to people), malls (give space to shop owners), and many others. Like how the values of stocks and forex change due to different circumstances, REITs change with the success of the real estate business. Some pros to this include high liquidity (you can sell fast) and is good for retirement. However, there are risks, such as declining property value, rent dividends, and capital appreciation.

Next are trading options, which are quite different from other online trading. There are different kinds of trading options, like call and put options, which serve different purposes. It is like scheduling: when something reaches this, then do this. Call options can let the buyer sell their stock when it reaches a desired price. The put option is simply the opposite of the call option. In order to decide a good price, find the stocks intrinsic value. An intrinsic value measures the value of investment based on cash flow.

And that is it!! I hope you have learned something. Be sure to visit techieyouth.org if you want to learn even more. Good luck trading online!

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Online Trading: Forex


Online Trading: Forex

by Stanley W. and Techie Youth

We all know that online trading includes stocks and crypto and one can easily lose money. However, did you know that you can do online trading through foreign exchange, also known as Forex?

Online trading through forex is basically stocks, but the stock owners are the countries. The values of forex change with the value of their currency of the country. For example, if you invested in the dollar and there is severe inflation, the value of the value of the dollar decreased.

So how do you earn money through forex?

It is simple: buy low, sell high. Buy in a forex market when the value is low, then sell it when it is high. However, you must know that you are gambling with a country, not a company. While you may buy as a company gets more successful and sell when they may go bankrupt, it is different with a country. Things like war, economic state, and inflation can greatly affect the value of the currency you have invested in. If you consider these things and have good judgement, then forex is right for you. You will be looking at a lot of money.

However, with all the ups, there are downs. Many risks can occur when engaging in the forex market, such as interest, credit, and transaction problems. These things may reduce the total value of what you have invested in. Make sure you will end up earning money and not losing it because of these little things. In addition, there are scams. Ensure that you are buying on a legitimate website and purchasing the right currency.

And that is it!! I hope you have learned something. Be sure to visit techieyouth.org if you want to learn even more. Good luck trading online!

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Online Trading: Part 2

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Part 1: Online Trading

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Before you sell everything and lose all of your money...


Here I talk about MVPs and managing your business' space.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Business After: What to do After Creating your Business


Here I will talk about what to do after creating your business, including target markets, contingency plans, and business plans.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Seven: Business Planning


Here I will talk about how to plan a business, which includes business/profit models, competition, attracting customers, hiring, and firing.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

My Sixth: Growing YOUR Seed of Business


Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Time and its importance


Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Techie Youth: My Fifth Enlightenment

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Techie youth: My fourth enlightenment

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Techie youth: My Third Enlightenment

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Techie Youth: My Second Enlightenment