Log of what of Sana Kibria has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

What does a business analyst do?


work in cooperation with their project managers

work on more than one project at a time ,constantly reevaluate their priorities and deadlines

gain understanding of the organization's business processes elevant to the project's goals

figure out how the the actual work differs from established policy.


operations research analyst-83,390

management analyst-83,610

computer systems analyst-88,740

information security analyst-98,350


computer knowledge

problem solving skills

analytical skills

communication skills

detail oriented

math skills

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

How to design clothes

Method one -assembling a mental toolkit

1)learn about drawing

2)learn about sewing

3)learn about design

4)learn about fashion

5)learn about technology and resources

Method 2-dreaming up designs

1)find ur inspiration

2)consider the fabric

3)consider color and pattern

Method 3-drawing your design on a croquis

1)outline a person

2)retrace the figure in a dark pen

3)trace the figure onto another sheet of paper

4)start sketching your design

5)color your design

6)repeat as wanted

Method 4-sewing

1)make a dummy

2)draw your pattern on butcher paper

3)recreate the pattern on muslin

4)sew your mock-up

5)evaluate the garment

6)decide what your next step is

7)move on to the real thing

Method 5 -selling your work

1)Build a portfolio

2)do some research

3)use online resources

4)build a website

5)brand yourself

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

How to paint in KRITA/How to create simple line art designs with inkscapes

Today i watched two major videos in the craft unit, teaching how to draw using the two different skills . The videos went very in depth, showing how to start from the beginning all the way to the tiny little details to add. I really liked the KRITA design because i see a lot of it in webtoons . This gave me a intel on how authors draw their characters for there projects. With the help of the KRITA video i will know be able to draw webtoon characters and it has opened me up to options of illustrating too.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Pocket laser engraver

Acquire the parts

Rip apart the DvD-Roms

Putting a laser together

Construct the mechanics


getting the software ready

final assembly and extras

Final results

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Microcontroller tutorial

What is a microcontroller?

What can you do with a microcontroller?

A closer look at a microcontroller

Programming a microcontroller

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

17 cool arduino project ideas for DIY enthusiasts

Arduino is an open electronics platform that combines both open source software and hardware to let people make interactive projects with ease.

1) LED controller

2)Hot glue LED matrix lamp

3)Arduino mega chess

4)Enough already:mute my tv

5)Robot arm with controller

6)Make musical instruments using arduino

7)Pet trainer:the mutt-mentor

8)Basic earthquake detector

9)Security access using RFID reader

10)Smoke detection using MQ-2 gas sensor

11) Arduino based amazon echo using 1sheeld

12)Audio spectrum visualizer

13)Motion following motorized camera

14)Water quality monitoring system

15)Punch activated arm flamethrower

16)Polar drawing machine

17)Home automation

BONUS: Robot cat(open cat)~ This enhances services and STEM education.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

How to quickly make money with a 3D printer

The invention of 3D printing has created many new avenues of opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs.

1) Commercial 3D printing and selling items- You can sell items with it, or offer the printer as a commercial service .

2) Rapid prototyping services- High in demand among professionals and businesses that work in architecture, design, engineering, and construction.

3) Homemade products and crafts- Using this product in the industries led to many success stories.

4) 3D printing courses - schools are using 3D printing to bring down the cost of training and to improve the educational process.

To earn money , invest in a multitool 3D printer, the newer models are multifunctional. This versatility equates to more income possibilities.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Best websites to find quality job candidates

1)LINKEDLN,to find the best job candidates

2)PINTEREST, a hidden gem

3) HANDSHAKE, to target students.

4)INDEED,to find quality candidates

5)GLASSDOOR, multi-functional

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

6 Recruitment Marketing Tips to Boost your Talent Acquisition

1) Enhance your Employer Brand

2) Create Candidate Personas

3) Create great recruitment content

4)Update your career page

5) Leverage a referral program

6) Use social Recruiting

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Blender 2.8 for 3D printing ,start here-pat 1 setup

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

18 ways to increase facebook followers and likes in 2022

1) Run facebook Ads

2) Invite people to like your page

3) Create viral content

4) Host a giveaway

5) Post attention grabbing content

6) Add a facebook likes pop-up

7) Try out facebook live

8)Partner with an influencer

9)Get tagged by other facebook pages

10) Use automation tools to boost your activity

11) Add a facebook like widget

12) Add your social media links to your website

13) Email your list

14) Create more video content

15) Engage with your community

16)Hashtag it up

17) Offer a coupon for liking your facebook page

18) Get tagged by customers

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

17 ways to get more instagram followers

1) Incorporate Reels into your content mix.

2) cross promote content

3)curate your profile grid

4) work with brand ambassadors

5) get follows from your loyalty program

6) market through your personal instagram account.

7) get on feature accounts.

8) use the right hashtags

9)post at the right times

10)steal your competitors followers

11) pay for sponsored posts and product reviews

12) use geotags to boost local discovery.

13) organize your stories in highlights

14) ask for more followers

15) run a giveaway

16) share users-generated content

17) use instagram live.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

10 options strategies to know

There are many options strategies that both limit risk and maximize return. With a

little effort, traders can learn how to take advantage of the flexibility and power that

stock options can provide.

1) Covered call

2) Married Put

3) Bull Call Spread

4) Bear Put Spread

5) Protective Collar

6) Long straddle

7) Long Strangle

8) Long call Butterfly Spread

9) Iron Condor

10) Iron Butterfly

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Pick the right options to Trade in six steps

1) option objective- Find your objective. What objective do you want to achieve with your option trade?

2) risk/reward- Every option has a welled defined risk and reward profile, so make sure you understand it thoroughly.

3) check the volatility- get a good read on the level of implied volatility for the options you are considering. Compare the level of implied volatility with the stock's historical volatility and the level of volatility in the broad market ,since this will be a key factor in identifying your option trade/strategy.

4) Identify events- identifying events that may impact the underlying asset can help you decide on the appropriate time frame and expiration date for your option trade.

5) Devise a strategy- going through the four steps make it much easier to identify a specific option strategy.

6) establish parameters- All that remains is to establish option parameters like expiration dates, strike prices, and option deltas

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Top 5 forex risks traders should consider

The foreign exchange market is also known as Forex market , facilitates the buying and selling of currencies around the world.

1) Leverage Risks- This requires a small investment,called margin to gain access to substantial trades in foreign currencies. Small price fluctuations can result in margin calls , where the investor is required to pay an additional margin.

2) Interest rate risks - if a countries interest rate drops ,its currency will weaken as investors begin to withdraw their investments.

3) Transaction Risks- Forex trading occurs on a 24 hour basis which can result in exchange rates changing before trades have settled.

4) Counterparty Risk - The risk of default from the dealer or broker in a particular transaction.

5) Country Risks- Many developing countries ,exchange rates are fixed to a world leader such as the US dollar. A currency crisis can occur due to frequent balance of payment deficits and results in the devaluation of the currency.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

5 Steps to open an online checking account

1) Research your options

2) Create profile-choose , username, password,

3) Enter your personal information

4) Pick an account type.

5) Fund your account, if there is a minimum deposit requirement.

~After setting up your checking account , in a few days you will receive your card in the mail, if you applied for a card.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Minimum viable product (mvp)

Examples of MVP are Airbnb, Foursquare. These companies successfully launched their MVPs.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

11 elements of sample Business plan you must need to know.

1-Executive summary

2- Company background

3-Products or service overview

4-unique selling proposition and competitive advantages

5-the marketplace


7-leadership and management profiles including professional competencies

8-professional support

9-risks and threats assessments

10-financial forecasts including key assumptions

11-relevant appendices.

" It's the quality of the information you put into it that determines what comes out "

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

"Hard skills VS Soft Skills"

Hard skills are concrete skills that are specific to your job and are required for you to do your actual work . They are learned through schooling and training.More objective ,easy to measure through certificates . Soft skills or people skills can be used in every job. ( communication, teamwork). They are more difficult to develop,need to practice over time in the real world. Harder to evaluate ,can't be communicated well through paper work like resume. However, you need both to be successful.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Video -"What makes a business "

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Article" How to find writers for your blog"

Step 1:Determine what kind of writers you need. Two types could be - guest contributors and ghost writers.

Guest contributors publish content under their own name on your blog.Ghost writer will write your blog for you ,so you can publish it under your own name.

Step 2: Find and approach your writers - get in contact and work with them (writers).Best way to contact them is to find the ones that are already writing for mult-writer blogs. Going on sites like 'upwork' is helpful. In addition , through contacts you will be able to find more writers . payments ,you should be able to find a solid writer with some experience for $200-300 per cost . However, if the writer is more experience than the payment cost will be higher.

Step 3 : Get started -build your blog, getting a writer will help take some of the work off your plate. It will take a lot of time , but it will be better for the long run .

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Article: How to use VSDC free video Editor starting guide

1) import files to vsdc-use the "import content"icon on the start screen when you launch the program ,afterwards you chose a file on your PC, then chose to make ,hen done click"finish" when done.

2) CUT,SPLIT,CROP,ROTATE a video in VSDC- Icon pictures to help you choose what you want to do. To cut click scissors, to split click razor, use cropping icon from the 'cutting and splitting menu to crop. To delete fragments ,first click anywhere on the timeline to remove selection from the entire file.

3) Effects and transitions: located on the video effects"at the top ribbons " ,select one you want to modify, go to the video effects choose the necessary effects .

4) How to add a text to a video or an image in vsdc-Go to the left side of program screen ,click 'T' icon. Select "text' and place the cursor on the screen to specify title location.Then type your text and adjust using the upper menu as you would a regular text editor.

5)Export video- first Use the red preview button and lower the preview quality if the video looks choppy.Once ready to go , go to the export project tab and choose the output formal.Hit the red "export project" at the top menu and then wait for the process to be done.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Grant writing :The Basics

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

What is copywriting ? The ABC's of copywriting for beginners

~Don't be afraid to be redundant or repetitive. Feature and benefit , benefit use it to show what your product can offer and use features to describe your product on how it was made factory wise( actual purpose).

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Mastering the art of purchasing,how to negotiate for business

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Time management: Avoiding Time Drains