Log of what of Sabina Yagudaeva has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Earn money and live life

You can have fun and keep a career while doing it. How do you live life while working? What does it take? You need to have enough money to leave work whenever you are. It does not take much if you do not pick an expensive hotel. Get a job that you can do remotely. If you do not have any responsibilities you can pick up and go as opposed to someone that has kids. You need to change your mindset that you can do it! Do not have a miserable job that is not your passion. Anything that you like in life there is a way to make money virtually. You can sell your art online, video games, absolutely anything! You need to be honest about what you are passionate about and not your hobbies. You have to really like it or you will burn out. You have to love what you do. Once you get that going for yourself you can do that job anywhere such as on the beach or on an island. You have to live life on your own terms. You will have no motivation if you are doing things that you do not like since you are impressing others.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Make smart choices

You first have to ask yourself why you want money after security. Are you doing it because you want it or because you want attention? Do not do things because you care what other people think of you. Usually, rich people like to look out for experiences and not objects. You have to recognize that you do not need the newest things. You cn buy a car that is 20 years old but in good condition which can be a great investment. As opposed to buying the newest car that would depreciate. Once you have objects you get to the point of not wanting things anymore because you will not have that drive anymore. You need to seek out life experiences. You need to buy smart because when you do it will not cost you that much. Buy things with a value that you can resell. Make sure when you buy something you are doing it for the right reason. You have to be driven and you have to know what you want. You need to make enough money in order to have enough money to not worry about if you will have money for the next day. Do not be afraid to make bold decisions. Also, think about branding. And remember buy things that do not depreciate.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Making money on social media

It definitely sounds crazy but it is possible. You can travel while making money. Anyone can do it!! It’s not an easy job.. it is for those that love to hustle and do not want to quit when things are looking south. Reduce cost when making videos. Try getting a free place and post them on their videos and give them exposure. You will have to make sacrifices and keep costs as low as possible. You should also diversify your revenue sources. For example, YouTube, Shopify, Instagram, and more. If you get few views on YouTube that month it’s good to have a diverse income source. You can get some photography gigs. As well as giving a workshop. What may work for others may not work for you. You need to see what interests you. What skills can you offer? You need to choose your social media platforms. Instagram is something that I find most interesting. After you figure out what works for you then you could prioritize and make it flourish. Chose a niche and build a brand. Find ways to differentiate yourself from others. Do things that make you happy. You need to know yourself and who you are as a person. You need to ask yourself hard questions. Focus on your personal strengths. Lastly, just have fun with and have good content.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

How to save your income:

You should live below your means and invest. Saving is definitely a personal challenge but very rewarding. Just because you save does not mean you are doing a smart job. You also have to use that money that is sitting in your bank and invest. When investing in what you earn will allow you to live your best life and go out with your friends and just enjoy doing things you find pleasure in. You can use your credit card point to travel for free because of your spending since it is a business expense. You also need to track what you spend. Just because you are buying something that seems like a little it definitely adds up. After you track it you can realize what you need and what needs to be cut. Now you should focus on increasing your income. Cutting back is sometimes not enough it may be that you are not making enough money. Whenever you purchase products you can always negotiate for lower prices. Sometimes you have to realize that you may be wasting a lot of time which can be used to make more money. You always need to stay productive and see what is important to you. You should not use the excuse of not having enough time.

**Lifestyle inflation- when you get a raise the next year and then they spend more and save the same amount next year. For some reason just because their income has raised they are not saving more. When you get a raise just save the difference and spend the same amount.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

How to be a leader

Today I learned how to present myself as a leader. Some people are born with it however, it can also be learned if you are not afraid. The most important skill you should have is speech. For example, do not say um or uh. Think before you speak. Also, you should have a strong and commanding voice. Do not talk too much. Your speech should be calculated and then people will want to listen to you because you do not speak nonsense. When you are talking to someone you should never fidget. If you have a bad habit, either remove it or hide it. For example, President Obama smoked but was very good at hiding it. If there is no one that is willing to volunteer and you do it and have no fear it shows everyone that you are a great leader. Even if you are scared to try to hide your fear. It is all about confidence when you want to be a great leader. Be aware of your body odor and breathe. You need to be self-conscious. No one will want to talk or interact with someone that does not take care of themselves. Strong leaders know when to keep with their mouths shut. Being physically in shape is important to being a leader.

**Challenging thing to do when you want to be a leader. You have to keep eye contact. Usually, women are so good at this as opposed to men. People with autism also struggle with this a lot.

Being a leader is a skill that any human can be.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Website creation

I started making my website.

Can’t wait to finish it and post it for the world to see!

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

making a website

Today I have learned how to make a website by watching an extensive video on youtube. I am really excited to build it the following week.

Also, I have learned about the positives of working from home. Some of which is that you are saving a lot of time due to not traveling and not figuring out what outfit you should wear, and flexible hours.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

5 ways to take care of your well being

I learned 5 steps to taking care of your well-being.

1. Connect with those around you. Example: call with a friend

2. Be active with a sport that you enjoy. Example: go for a walk with the family or join a family swim club

3. Notice your surrounding and take time to reflect. For example, you can ask if you are okay today.

4. Learn new skills a develop yourself. Doen thave to be so big. New hobby try to new cookie recipe

5. Keep giving, random type of kindness. Hold the door, say thank you. This does not take that much at all

This will keep your mental health. This could either be big or small.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Power of Speech

You should be aware of who you surround yourself with. You should be around positive people. The circle of your friends reflects on you. A negative person can not be happy about other people's success. However, positive and smart people will try to get closer to them and learn from them. Jealousy can be used as a motivator. Those who can not do usually criticize those who do. There will always be people that are critical of you. The only thing you can do is distance yourself from these people because they will try to bring you down and take what you have. Sometimes you may think that burning bridges are bad however with these people it is important that you should because you will never get anything from them. The only thing they will do is take it from you. It can either be something physical from you or use your emotions against you.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

maximize time

When you start to find out the value of your time you might get disappointed. You may realize your value is not that much. You need to realize what a waste of time is for you. Such as television or video games. You also need to find out how to be more productive. For example, if you wash dishes you have to ask yourself how much time you can save and if it is worth washing your dishes. If not, you can get a dishwasher to increase your time. Another good way to save time is to get a virtual job to save time because not you do not need to waste time traveling and save time getting dressed which will lead you to do laundry more often. Also, you only need to sleep for 7 hours a day. If you go beyond that you are wasting your time. Time is the most valuable resource humans have. You cannot do anything to get your time back. Once it is wasted you cannot go back.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

key to being a leader

As a leader, you need to stay calm and stay focused in any situation. In order to stay calm, it is best to have a contingency plan. When life throws you lemons you should make lemonade. You need to have faith that everything in life happens for the best Stay cool because you can't control anything. You look weak when you do not have anything in check. Keep your emotions inside because you will look like a strong leader. Whoever you are leading will see that you are freaking out they will lose faith in you and they will freak out. If you want to be a good leader control your appearance in the public.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Create your Happiness

I learned that sometimes your brain is not on your side for happiness. It is not just about positive thinking. I honestly totally agree with this because when you tell your brain to just feel happy and block out the negativity it just does not work because of how strong our emotions are. In one of the videos, it was stated that our minds wander 46.9% of the time. Instead of positive thinking, we should have positive actions. It is difficult to control your thoughts as opposed to controlling your actions.

Another aspect that I learned about happiness was how our brain has a tendency to highlight the negative. We feel way worse about losing money than feeling happy about our success. Also when you get a complaint or compliment about your performance the negative would impact you more. The reason why this is happening is that this is the way we evolved and built over time.

Happiness is a skill that we can all work on. The problem is that some people don't put their knowledge into action.

A way we can achieve happiness is to have functioning relationships. A way you can make your relationship function better is to send them a nice text that in a way makes you feel better. Research shows that happiness comes from relationships. And it is not about the number of your relationships but the quality.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Advice for 20 year olds

What I have learned today at Techie Youth was to be patient when you want to be successful or have any idea you want to go with and make it big. You should not be chasing fast cash. What you should be doing is enjoying the process of success and it definitely is a long one. It is better to work on one big project that will make it far as opposed to small quick projects. Slow and steady wins the race. Put in the work and do not care about what other people say. It is you who defines yourself. Do not waste time thinking about someone else's life because while you do that you can use that time to succeed and get the life that you aspire to have. At the end of the day everyone is on different paths, do what works best for you.