Log of what of Ryan Farley has learned at Techie Youth

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Ryan Farley Work Log 8-1-22

Today I spent time reviewing old videos to fix my quiz scores while working on an art piece centered around Techie Youth. It is an acrylic glass painting, which requires intense focus because the paint dries quickly, so I didn't want to distract myself by trying to multitask and learn new material. I was able to reinforce several editing techniques such as J and L cuts.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Ryan Farley Work Log 7-21-22

Today I learned about how to make money as a freelance video editor, how to build my portfolio, how to land a job as film editor, and how to get clients. As a freelance editor, you can use freelances sites like Fiverr, you can reach out to local businesses who may need an editor, edit wedding footage, become an editor for a youtuber, and many more. You can build your portfolio by doing the jobs I listed before and compiling them into your portfolio for potential employers. You can get clients by using the freelance website I listed and putting your portfolio up. You can land a job as a film editor by getting a degree in film editing and using connections to land a job or internship.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Ryan Farley Work Log 7-19-22

Today I learned all about video editing and the different types of programs you can use for it. Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Lightworks, VSDC, Shotcut, and Hitfilm Express are all different programs you can use to edit. These programs all have varying levels of difficulty and operate differently from one another. Some of these software are free while others cost hundreds of dollars. If you are looking to create a project for professional use, such as a YouTube video or a film, Final Cut Pro X would be a worthy investment.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Ryan Farley Work Log 7-15-22

Today I learned about how to create a startup exit strategy, how to make money off of social media, how to manage stress, and I learned about the different types of stocks as well. In order to create a startup exit strategy, you should prepare your finances, consider your options, speak to your investors and employees, tell your customers, and choose new leadership. You can make money off of social media by making yourself a brand, sites like Tiktok and Youtube allow many opportunities for you to reach wide audiences for yourself and your brand. Examples of different types of stocks are common stocks and preferred stocks. Common stocks are when you own a share in the company’s profits as well as the right to vote. Preferred stocks are when an investor gets paid fixed dividends, also took today to finish all of the quizzes for the two prerequisite units.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Ryan Farley Work Log 7-14-22

Today I learned about the skills that entrepreneurs need, got advice from current successful entrepreneurs, and the myths about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs need the skills of communication, sales, focus, the ability to learn, and business strategy. Advice from successful entrepreneurs included being pragmatically pessimistic and understanding that you will likely fail and make mistakes at some point, being open to change and having an open mind, do something exceptional for your users, and come up with core values. Some myths about entrepreneurship are that entrepreneurs are born leaders, starting a company guarantees wealth, and that businesses are extremely successful or that they fail completely. I also revised my profit model quiz and passed.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Ryan Farley Work Log 7-12-22

Today I learned about profit models and the variants of them. There are different types of profit models such as a production model, rental/leasing model, advertising model, and commission model. A production model involves creating a product or service for sale to consumers and includes the company purchasing raw materials which will add value to the product. A rental/leasing model involves things like renting or leasing vehicles, land. etc... After the lease expires o the rental period ends, the property ownership reverts back to the landlord. The commission model makes money by charging a fee when it offers a service to another party. I also did a deeper dive into the entrepreneurship work I was reading about yesterday. A task I completed today was taking the quiz on profit models.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Ryan Farley Work Log 7-11-22

Today I focused on learning about entrepreneurship and how to be successful as one. In order to become successful as an entrepreneur, you must invest a lot of time into your business. You cannot give up easily. You must be a strong public speaker and you cannot be shy or afraid to speak up. You must make your presence known in a room, and command attention. It is imperative that you prioritize your business, things like excessive social media use and TV watching will not be beneficial or productive for you or your business. I revised my list of improvements from Friday today.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Ryan Farley Work Log 7-8-22

Today I focused on learning about the importance of stocks and investing extra money you may come across. By investing your money, you are allowing an opportunity for yourself to build wealth. Instead of spending your money on useless items, you are creating the potential for yourself to make even more money .If you buy individual stocks, you can buy and sell them whenever you choose. Stocks can be a valuable part of your investment portfolio, so it is definitely something to consider. Diversifying your investments can be extremely beneficial to you financially. Something else I did today was create a list of areas in my life that I feel need to be improved.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Work Log 7-7-22 Ryan Farley

Today I learned about entrepreneurship, leadership, and how to recognize and avoid scams online. Being an entrepreneur requires ambition, determination, and the understanding that you may fail. It is important to set your personal goals in order to measure your success. Being a leader means that you cannot be timid. You must take charge if you want to be in charge. In order to avoid scams, it is important that you do research on the alleged company and watch out for offers that are 'too good to be true'. I created a Linkedin profile, as well as wrote my resume and cover letter for today's assignment.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Work Log 7-6-22 Ryan Farley

Today I learned about a variety of topics. I learned about the importance of your social media presence, why remote work is the best choice, how to sell digital goods, what merchant account processing is, and how to ace a job interview. Your social media presence can be very harmful to your getting a job if you or others have posted negative posts relating to you. Remote work is the optimal choice because it enables you to keep the same job no matter where you are. Digital goods can be very profitable and if they are not, there is no money investment lost, only time is lost. There are several merchant account processing options that you can utilize in order to keep your finances such as Paypal and Square. In a job interview, it is important for you to not only talk but listen, in order to effectively communicate with your potential employer.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Tuesday July 5th Log by Ryan Farley SYEP

Today I learned about the importance of time management, financial management, productivity, and putting your mental health first. Multitasking is detrimental to your productivity because you're splitting your attention between two things and not dedicating yourself to one single task, so managing your time to adequately complete every task is best. Organizing your finances and making intelligent financial decisions is key to financial stability. It's better to invest in stocks with extra money than to put it in banks. The best way to maintain productivity is to set routines and schedules for yourself each day in order to hold yourself accountable to get your tasks completed. It's important to take mental health days because, without mental stability, it is difficult to be productive.