Log of what of Roshelle Mohan has learned at Techie Youth

Sat. Aug. 13, 2022

Immediate Income/Magazine writing

I learned that Immediate Income will almost never start off with earning a lot of money but will pay off as a good extra sum of money if given the right amount of dedication.

Some things I learned about magazines is that your success really starts with the magazines you're going to be working with. For instance, If bylines don't math then this publication probably hires freelance writers. You have to study these companies and the type of people they hire and display for their work.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Cover Letters

Today I learned about how to make cover Letters when applying for a job. At first I was confused about my assignment because the video I watched told me to keep it short and that even 5 sentences would be acceptable but the articles I read told me to talk about myself and tell the job about your skills. I was very confused but tried to incorporate both lessons as best as I could.

I also learned that amazon turk is annoying and wont let me make an account to even try working because no matter how many times I sign up and get approved it still won't register

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Creating a Linkedin Profile, Resume and Cover Letter

I learned about Linkedin and how this a platform used to find the right job or internship, connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to succeed in your career. I set up my profile and made a resume.

I learned some tips on how to make an efficient resume such as keeping your resume short and direct, creating an original resume template, Highlighting relevant skills and experiences and Demonstrating results with numbers.

Lastly, I learned of cover letters. I didn't actually know what this was before I looked at the assessment but now I know that it's a less indirect version of a resume. It's specifically aimed at the job or jobs you want to apply for

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Video Editing Software

I learned different ways to use Premiere Pro in video editing.

I learned how to drag and drop my video clips. I just access whatever videos I want to use and 'open' them in the program or just drag them into the software. I also learned about the razor tool. It allows users to cut, split and shorten clips to their desire. I also learned about different effect and transitions I could use.

Although I would need to pay to use this software there are free available options such as ShotCut, VSDC, Lightworks, Hitfilm Express, and DaVinci Resolve. For some of these you might need a good running pc but there are ways to lower the quality of your work while editing without lowering the quality of the final project itself.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Human powered mechanical micro gig work

I Learned about “HIT” which stands for human intelligence tasks.

And the jobs in that field, I leaned about how you can make money from home by extracting summaries from certain websites, typing out information from receipts, etc.

Although the money is not a lot at first it’s a good way to make fast income on the side and an added bonus at the end of the month.

Some important notes would be to use a HIT catcher to really filter out the jobs and get them to you and to use filtered words. Such as Quick, Brief, 1 minute, 2 minute. It is also important to set a goal and try to do as many hits as possible. Such as setting a milestone of 500-1000 because the more experienced you are the more jobs you are going to get offered. Usually those of higher pay.

Sat. Jul. 23, 2022

L cuts and J cute

I learned that in video editing there are L cuts and J cuts. Both of these editing cuts revolve around the use of audio in a scene.

an L cut is a cut that follows the audio into the next scene while a J cut is when we hear the audio first before we get to see the next scene.

I also learned different types of transitions such as the fade in/ fade out and they eyeball.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Earning Money from Surveys

I didn't know you could actually make money from doing things online such as playing a game, testing things for companies and doing surveys.

I thought they were always a scam.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Photo Editing

I learned that Vector images are rendered by computers and are better for digital photos. Art and raster images are made up of pixels and are better for photo editing.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

How to gain followers and attention on social media platforms

I learned that being active and keeping up with current trends are important.

You have to engage with your audience as much as possible and get yourself out there. Even reaching out to other content creators and collaborating is something you should work towards. As that will bring in sponsors and make it available for your account to give shoutouts, another way to earn money on your platforms.

Sat. Jul. 16, 2022

Stress management- This is what I learned at Techie Youth today

I learned that I give other people control over my emotions. I never realized how important I made other people over myself, how much control I gave them.

I learned that it's also human nature to feel wanted and that's okay. However, don't let other people control those emotions for me when I actually have all the control I could want.

Additionally, I also learned of an exercise to help me with this. The next time I feel like someone else is making me mad, I need to look into the mirror and smile. Then I will realize that I control my emotions. I haven't tried this yet but I'm looking forward to it.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

How to market your art online- What I learned today at Techie Youth

I learned that I social media is a must. I have so much potential to reach greater audiences through different platforms.

I learned what specifically what most of the popular platforms target audience is and that it's okay if I'm not able to post on all platforms at once.

Personality is also very important, humanize your presence online and and engage with ur audiences most active time.

Art gallery's are also very expensive and there's usually no results right away.

I am submitting a blog twice in a day because I missed a few days of the week due to being out of state and not being able to access wifi

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

How to sell products online

I learned how to market and sell products online. Sometimes selling things online would go a lot easier with a manager as they cab help promote yourself and the products that you would want to sell.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

How to sell art online- I learned this at Techie Youth today

I learned about different websites and methods to sell my art online. Most of the sites I took interest in were the sites where I could sell my art but the website/company would decide what happens to it next such as how It could end up on stickers, t-shirts, cups, etc.

The videos also taught me that it is very common for artists to not see a lot of success when it comes to selling their art and that art is very expressive. There could be an audience for almost every type of style out there and we should respect that.