Log of what of Nancy Chen has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 18, 2022

Executive Summary

As I was editing my executive summary for the Entrepreneurship section of the techie youth curriculum. I came to realize something I honestly I always know, opening a business is very difficult. It requires a lot of hard work and detail to make something work. You also need to think of every situation that could happen, like you would need a Plan B, Plan C and Plan D and so much more. While working on it, I thought I had the general gist of the summary down to submit but while the submissions wouldn't go through, I thought to myself thats must how business work. It seems very difficult to have a business go through even though I see so many successful ones. But there must be twice the many of business that actually failed in the process.

Wed. Aug. 17, 2022

How to Hack Insta

While I was finishing up the quality of life section, they directed me to page on Instagram under the Social Media section. On the page I learned how to boost your Instagram page besides the high level of competition. Some tips I learned were post on your Instagram consistently (more likes and followers). Posting engaging types of content such as polls, videos and stories, this will attract brand to collab with you ($$$). Collaborating with others can also increase your page by introducing yourself to a new audience.Cross-post your Instagram content to other social media platforms so you have multiple socials to get feedback on. Using the correct hashtags can also increase your page. Geotag can help yourself get more exposed to to others. Also using Instagram insights can allow you to know what works and what doesn't work.

Tue. Aug. 16, 2022

Miserly vs Frugal

In one of the video I watched today I learned the word miserly. I never knew there was a word that can be used for those kind of employers. I'm so sure everyone has these problems because I heard about these problems from friends and people sharing videos over social media. I saw this one person recounting her high school job at a Korean restaurant. In Korean restaurant it is an unspoken rule to give banchan (side dishes) to the main course for free. However, the owner told them to only give banchan to the customers who ask and press for them. Hearing these stories make me realize that there are many miser employers that will do anything to cut down costs at the expense of others boundaries and health. What kind of employer robs a 12 year old out of their tips, it is very intriguing to see how some of these companies keep their companies afloat without being caught.

Mon. Aug. 15, 2022

Artificial Intelligence Thinking Algorithmically

I learned today what Predictive analytics mean. Predictive analytics is the use of data, algorithms and machine learning (ML) techniques/methods to identify the likelihood of future results based on past data. The goal of predictive analytics is to deduce knowing what has happened to provide the best conjecture of whatever you want to predict with. I also learned about Algorithmic thinking. Algorithmic thinking are basically finding a set of logical and efficient steps to finish a problem. It is done in programming and coding a lot. Practice with algorithms can make your algorithmic thinking more concise and quicker. I also learned about Probabilistic Graphical models (PGMs) today as well. They seem like they are very complicated models. In the article it stated "In other words, PGMs capture conditional independence relationships between interacting random variables." This shows that PGMS are used to show relationships between variables.

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Writing the executive Summary

While I was writing for the executive summary for the Entrepreneurship unit, I realized just how important and useful good and clear writing can be for businesses. As someone who is studying engineering, there aren't many writing opportunities in my field and classes, honestly there are none. While I was writing the summary I realized how useful it is as a skill to be able to write well, even if you are in the technical field. Learning how to write a technical and persuasive can be extremely useful in business. I learned that writing the executive summary was about using words that are able to move people to show how great your business is through good writing, numbers to back up your claims. I learned that I need to improve my writing skills if I plan on doing anything business related, writing is able to get investors and endorsements from people.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Virtual Assistants with 0 Experience

I learned that small business owners, any professionals, entrepreneurs, and bloggers all use virtual assistants. They used them because there’s just not enough hours in the day to get everything they want done, that is why they outsource tasks to a virtual assistance. This frees up time for them to work with client and projects and tasks. Work history definitely help but some of the traits that generally make or break for all virtual assistants. They are listed below: Patience Honesty Discretion Personable Professional and Organized. You should start with small tasks leading up to larger ones. There are many sites used to help as well. There are also many types of virtual assistant you can be. You can pick the one that best resonates with you. You can do social media, blogging, ecommerce or real estate.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Fundraising with Social Media

It is very interesting to learn about fundraising through social media. I have never really used social media in a technical sense, it has always been used for social pleasures for me. Sharing photos with friends and family. It is interesting to learn the more technical aspects of social media and how you can strategize in making fundraisers. I learned that Facebook utilizes live streaming. Twitter is a conversation and news tool and that live streaming is also used in Twitter. Linkedin is a professional network, where you can sure more industry related ideas and causes. Instagram is a picture sharing platform for stand still images and now going into short videos. TikTok has rise to become a very popular platform where you can go viral with enough engagement. Reddit is also useful as a conversation tool. SnapChat has a story viewing feature that can be useful.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

How to Brand You and Your Company

I learned many ways on how to create a brand for yourself. The first step is to make sure that your business has an available name with the link under the "Branding." You need to make sure your name isn't copyrighted. Next is to create a company email for your new branded company. The next step would be creating a slogan, it should be a catchphrase that represents your company. The slogan should be catch, easy to remember and inspires your customers to purchase your product. You can use slogan generators to produce catchphrases with Within The Flow slogan generator, Shopify slogan maker or the Designhill slogan maker. Next would be to create a logo and you should maybe hire a designer if logo making isn't your expertise. Then make sure you have business cards and other utilities to make you business a success. Business can be started by anyone.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Social Media: Art of Influencing

Going through today's content I looked at how to become an influencer. Reading through the article I gathered to be an influencer you need to be yourself, know how to cater to your audience, don't be afraid to show emotions, surround yourself with people who are positive influences, consider the relationships you are in (whether it is romantic, family or friends), set realistic expectations (don't expect to go viral or 1 million followers/subscribers from the get-go, don't compare to other creators and invest your time in something you are passionate about. The next stage would be to prepare your equipment, create catchy titles so people would want to click on, good lighting, and a simple and usual background. In order to manage your account well is to learn how to use different platforms, consistent schedule, listen to your audience and block out any haters. Learn to create a community as well for your followers or subscribers.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Job loyalty and salaries

Job loyalty and salary are kinda taboo when talking about jobs in the interview process. Especially salary! I was wondering why talking and asking about salary was such a taboo especially since it is one of the main reason to get a job. I think it is great we are trying to destigmatize talking about salary now. I really enjoyed learning that people just walk away from a job who is being convoluted about the salary.

I think it is very true that job loyalty usually only benefits the employer. It is really terrible that employer expects employees to be loyal when given them crappy work situations and environment. I really enjoyed learning that certain things shouldnt be taboo to speak of.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Learning the basics of money earning.

I went back on past units today to look at stuff that I was originally missing. I have written resumes in the past and cover letters are even more tricky in my opinion (especially since you don't know if you should send it, it seems like it is basically optional).

Resume writing was very difficult for me when I just graduated from high school, I had zero work experience unless you count bussing tables for less than a week at my uncles sushi restaurant. By the time Covid hit, I was back at home with zero work experience and had a resume that I can at most fluff up to half a page. I was able to learn some great tips and ticks today on the resume front.

Cover letter was something I never heard of until recently. From school, I learned that cover letter can be great boost to your application but it may seem old school to certain companies as well now. I didn't know you could ask for an interview through a cover letter until today.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Being a Product Manager

I always assumed if I were to go into computer science, it would be a product managing role since I do not like coding. But, it pays well though. I believe every person I know who was on the fence about their major going into and going through college ended up choosing computer science hoping for a product manager role. I learned that there are different phases to becoming a product manager today. The Discovery Phase, The Planning Phase and the The Execution Phase. Each phase comprises tasks a product manager does in their day to day life. The Discovery Phase involves with working with data and the customers. The Planning Phase involves with planning and roadmapping what you're doing throughout the day. It also involves discovering what to do for your project. The Execution Phase is where you execute your plan with marketing and the design teams.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Snippet: Traffic on Niche Websites

One of the things I learned today is what a niche website is. I just assumed niche website was selling something very niche, like cats that are exercising figurines. However, niche websites can be very vast as long they are niche to you. For example, if you like playing video games and create a business model around it, it is still a niche website since that playing video games is one of your passion (regardless of how popular it is). However, the less competitive the better for your business. However, if you niche product is very very unique till the point that not many people would buy the item, that is not ideal for you either.

There are many ways to create traffic on your websites as well. One ways is to "Invite others to guest blog on your site," which allows you to collaborate with bigger creators and get your product out there to different and unsuspecting crowds. "Write irresistible headlines" is another method. The article "In fact, studies have shown effective blog headlines to drive 500% more traffic." This shows that an title (that might even be click bait) can be very useful.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

How to use trends and niche ideas to make money.

Niche websites and utilizing google trends were never ideas I would ever think of in terms of making money. I enjoyed learning how to use data to make money. On the google trend website I saw three main ways to use it. The first way is to use trial and error to find ways that best suit you. You need to find products you’re actually passionate about. The website also state you can maybe sell items you have overstocked. The best way they suggested was to just compile a large list of things you are passionate about and dwindle it down from there. The second way is "Slow, and Steady Growth" and "Steep, Sudden Growth." "Slow, and Steady Growth." These ways are to tell you to find things you can sell and grow. The third way is know your geography. For example, if the trends show is lobsters are very popular in Maine, you know to sell lobsters in Maine.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Music and Photos "Easier" Ways to make Money

To me, I was always thought money is very difficult to make. It most likely was a way my parents tried to teach me to not spend any. I grew up very learning that money is very hard to make. Only recently, I found ways that are "easier" ways to earn money. I learned taking many many quizzes online can make money as well, even though they are time costly and only making a couple cents per a quiz. Now I have been learning about passive income from my friends who are into stocks and cryptocurrency.

Learning about making money in "easier" ways, like taking stock photos has open my mind up on how to earn money. Even though they may not pay too well, it is still money. You can get a 5 year old kid to take photos or take online surveys. Money isn't easily earned but it due to the digital, there has been more ways to earn money than ever before.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Different Ways to Make Money

Growing up, I had various aspirations on what I would do for my career. For while I wanted to be an ice cream driver but my parents wouldn't support it. I wanted to be an FBI agent, but it is too scary for me. I wanted to be a lawyer, but I do not like public speaking and I stutter, which know an be improved by practice but I feel so behind already. I also wanted to become a music producer because I always prefer to be behind the scene, calling all the shot without ever being in the spotlight (never wanted to be famous famous). I haven't thought of music producing in so long because as a junior in college, you are told to find a realistic path to support yourself. Becoming a music producer is definitely risky but it is very interesting to learn about it here. I always loved listening and playing music but I have never thought of it for a career, After reading and watching some of the material today, it genuinely inspired me to think of music producing as a career now.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Unconventional Ways of Earning Money

I was looking through the website today and on one of the Extracurricular Unit Earning Immediate Income. I did not know what exactly was going to be taught from the unit but I assumed I heard of many of the jobs on there at least. Like taking surveys and quizzes online for some cheap cash. The most interesting job I saw on there was mock juror and it is such an interesting concept but it makes a lot of sense. It would be something I would totally enjoy to do on the side and the idea that it pays money is very tempting to do as well. Another job I saw on the site was greeting card writer. I know that job is real but I never expect that you can get paid by just sending in your writings. I always assumed it was only a full time job. There are also transcription and translation jobs. However, it still seems very time consuming for some of these side hustles. It definitely shows the benefit of passive income over some of these sude hustles.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Different ways to make money: Crypto and Quality Assuarance and Program Hub

I've only really seen stocks in the crime television shows I have watched. Knowing the term for what I seen on television on the time was nice. Pump and dump is a very very fitting name for the interaction I have seen on tv. Getting gullible buyers to buy worthless stock and taking the money from them.

Quality Assurance seems like a good job for people who want to go into tech without wanting to code a lot. Learning about the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Black Box Testing vs White Box Testing was interesting to say the least, and Smoke Testing Vs Sanity Testing. They are all very interesting names as well. It just shows more ways to break into the tech world without purely just coding. Some of the quality assurance jobs seems to require no programming skills as well.

My favorite part of todays lesson was finding out about the Project Hub. The site was immediately eye-catching to me. I got to see many innovative and functional projects from people all around the world. The site had health care related projects to light up clothing. I was browsing the site for a long time and will probably continue to do so after this.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Cryptocurrency and stocks/ invisible money

I have friends that are very into cryptocurrency and stocks but I never really saw it as a source of money unless you are super skilled or talented. In a way, I

always saw it as invisible money.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

How business works and logos!

It is interesting to see how very successful companies develop their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and how their product changes as their product gain a larger audience. I learned that the apps like Instagram and YouTube had different beginnings. YouTube starts as a video-based dating platform and Instagram was an app that allowed you to check in, post plans, and also share photos. Instagram develop their MVP really well since they found out that the people using their app were using the photo-sharing option way more than the other features that "Burbn" (Instagram's old name) was trying to make their key feature. By successfully developing its MVP, Burbn was able to drop many of its features and focus solely on their photo-sharing feature. Now, they amassed over 1 billion users from an app that wasn't originally doing well. This shows that the creators needed to know how to adapt with the data in order to make their product successful. They had to let go of the features they were most proud of and start developing another, which is a key part of a MVP. Unlike Instagram and YouTube, the Crash Course showed an example where the business failed due to a bad MVP. Gretchen took her constructive criticism of her hats personally and ended up failing her business even though she had a worked out profit/cost model. It just goes to show how much effort needs to be made into a business in order for it to be successful.

As someone who wants to explore graphic design, it is very interesting to learn about how to create a great logo and for it not be copyrighted before. I believe any designers worst nightmare would be to accidentally design something that is similar to an already made logo. Also, logos should be gradient free in order to make the merchandise print in black and white. Another thing I learned is that if your business has the same name to someone in a different state, it is actually fine.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

What gets the business off the grounds

The biggest takeaway I learned today was that opening a business is extremely difficult, even more so if you want to do well. My friends and I always joked about opening a bakery together since we both like to bake but today's videos made me rethink that decision. It seems to be if you truly value a friendship, it is extremely hard to maintain that friendship when you enter into business. The way one of the people in the videos I watched today described business partners basically as "marriage without all the fun parts". While reading up on it today, it seems very true. While I only thought he would make a comparison of business partners to marriage, it is interesting to see that the Instagram co-founders also seem to think like this. One went even further and said their cofounder shares a very similar personality to their wife. Another part of the interview that seems to intrigue me was when something was wrong in the early days of Instagram and the tech cofounder was able to fix it. While the tech cofounder was happy a solution was found, the other cofounder was not because they still don't know where the problem originated from. It is interesting to see that dynamic and how they both pushed each other to be better, for the sake of the friendship and their company. One video mentioned that co-founders should be in groups of three, in order to break ties. While this may seem very self-explanatory, it still have an "makes sense" moment when I heard this.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Anyone can be an Entrepreneur

From the crash course video, I learned anyone can be an entrepreneur as long they are flushing out an idea and are financing their idea. There seems to be a lot of flexibility that comes with being an entrepreneur.

I also enjoyed learning about the beachhead market and how a product can be successful when you are creating a business. When you are conducting a business, there seem to be many aspects of it you need to think about, which is very nerve-wracking since it seems like you need to predict every single possible outcome.

It is also intriguing to learn about how to speak from an MIT professor. It just goes to show how a simple task of speaking can make you successful or not. Communication is very important in business, your career, and making friends. Being able to communicate well just shows whether you can be a leader or not.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Time and Health Management

I feel like time management is something everyone struggles with especially nowadays in hustle culture. Going through through "Time management" course made me remember certain things. In one of the videos, which was a TedTalk on prioritizing your life was very intriguing to me. Of course, when you are ask if you have 7 hours of your of your week to spare, you answer is going to be no. It really shows about what you prioritize and what you don't prioritize. Also, if someone does offer me $10,000 to dust my blinds right now, I probably would drop everything and do that. Dusting the blinds can take max a couple minutes, but it still is something that we won't do unless it is absolutely necessary or there is an incentive involved.

I was also looking though the links of the the planners listed and the one called "Remember the Milk" caught my eye. The title is eye catching and the cute cow design is also very cute. The title is also something you remember as well. The website also closely resembles another site I use, Notion.

Now about physical health, I don't think I have actively worked out since I quit my sport, which is about 5 years ago. I tend to forget that working out has other benefits as well. I think the health unit motivates me to go back to working out as well. Especially since everyone I know is.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

"Whole models" and stress

"Whole models" are such an interesting concept to me. Like Toku McCree from the TedTalk on why picking role models that matter, I also picked a role model who is an actor that was playing a character on screen. On screen, the character was perfect and had zero flaws. I slowly realize what I see on television and on the internet isn't realistic at all. And it took me an awhile to grasp for some reason, especially since you hear tv shows aren't even realistic in the first place. I remember my mom saying even though you see the characters having a happily ever after on screen, you hear stories after stories of their scandals. I shifted my belief in role models since then and the idea of whole models is very intriguing. I now look for mentors who have better positive ethics than me, so they could teach me and guide me.

Stress is something I feel everyone experience, whether they are big or small. The line "you are making me mad," but indeed this is never true - nobody can make you mad - only you can choose to get mad, and it is a choice..," really resonates with me. Especially since when something goes awry for me, I do get really mad and heated. I eventually realize sometimes not reacting is the best reaction for me because it shows that I am making a choice not to react.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

The Most Daunting Task: Job Negotiation

Job negotiating it probably the most daunting aspect of the job seeking process in my opinion. The first time I had been ask for my pay rate (by hour), I freaked out and said I would work for free. It is great to learn about ways to better prepare for my next job negotiation.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Finding remote jobs

I have experience looking for jobs on some of the forums mentioned in this job. I thought i was able to find the majority of those job boards but there seems to be many more that I have never even heard of or know those websites also had job boards.

Also finding jobs means I get spammed with jobs that are scams and some of them sound really great. The pay, the experience that will be gain is a great stepping stone into my career. It is great to learn how to look for scammer jobs more efficiently.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Communicating Remotely

Since Covid hit, I have seen so many content on remote learning and working. I was working last summer remotely and it was quite a challenge for me. Being remote means sometimes you have to rely on your writing skills to communicate effectively. And as someone who is going into the STEM field, writing hasn't been a part of my curriculum for awhile now. I know I prefer remote work over traveling to the office everyday but I never knew my lack of writing skills would hinder me from communicating effectively for my job. I liked reading up on ways you can improve your writing and communication overall in remote job settings, it is very useful for me.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

The Employer's Side

I'm sure this is far into the future but it is interesting to learn what an employer should do to create better working environment for their employees. From the gist of what I learned, paying for a better monitor, chair and even free water can immensely benefit productivity in a work space. I have definitely had employers who are more than willing and happy to pay their employees less money if the minimum wage wasn't a law. Certain things to bring up productivity and just overall happiness to the company you are working for. I had a job where they let me keep the mouse, which is a small thing if you think about it but it is a really nice mouse. And, I constantly am reminded of the company when my friends and family ask where the mouse comes from.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Different ways to work remotely with writing 6/11/2022

Today at Techie Youth I learned a myriad of ways to work remotely. Up till this point I thought I had a pretty good grasp on the types of remote works out there, especially as someone who is studying computer science. It was interesting to read upon grant writing, ghost writing and even just fixing grammar. Up to now, I only seen ghostwriting on television, it was very nice to see that I could also potentially make money from it.