Log of what of Nahid Ahmed has learned at Techie Youth

Mon. Aug. 15, 2022

What is Forex?

Today I learned what is Forex?. Forex is a combination of the words foreign exchange, and is essentially trading money between foreign currencies with the aim of converting your funds to currencies with the strongest increases in value relative to other currencies as a means to increase monetary value. Forex trading may make you rich if you are a hedge fund with deep pockets or an unusually skilled currency trader. But for the average retail trader, rather than being an easy road to riches, forex trading can be a rocky highway to enormous losses and potential penury. Forex trading can have very low costs. There are no commissions in a real sense most forex brokers make profits from the spreads between forex currencies. It is good idea to use it if your are new and learn but there are always risk of using it. Foreign exchange risk, also known as exchange rate risk, is the risk of financial impact due to exchange rate fluctuations. You just have to be aware what you are getting into and what you are doing.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Traditional garments

A folk costume also regional costume, national costume, traditional garment, or traditional regalia expresses an identity through costume, which is usually associated with a geographic area or a period of time in history. Now days you can write anything in your clothes and make clothes look like old tradition clothes. Making things now days is nothing just long as you have the right tools and have the ideal to make things than you can make anything such ancient clothes. It does take a lot time and affects to make it but once you make than you can sell it for big prices and people will buy it. People wants new things and making tradition things will attract people towards it and they will want to buy them. You can make a shirt or a dress how ever you want longest you know how it will attract people to buy it. People making it you need to have the right materials and have the prefect idea how to make and how long it will take it to make than you can plan on selling it.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

What is Inkscape?

What is Inkscape? Inkscape is a type of software that Editors uses and It is used to make diagrams, logos, programmatic marketing materials, web graphics, and even for paper scrapbooking. If you are a beginner that I would suggest you use this to help improve yourself and make your self even better Editor. Inkscape is an amazing free software with great features that lets you create and edit vector and no-vector graphics, import and export designs in variety of format, and play with your own designs. It is a great free alternative to Illustrator. Specially it is free to use so this is a big win for any beginner. "Inkscape is an ideal application for generating SVG formats as well as editing them. It also enables users to watch and edit their document tree, live, through the XML editor. It can export various formats like OpenDocument Drawing, PNG, PDF, PostScript, EPS, and sk1 by utilizing the command line options provided."

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

What is Digital art?

What is a digital art?. A Digital Art is a type of art design you create in 3D or it could be anything you make online just like NFT. People are making millions of dollars by making arts in online. Making a Digital Art is easy even if you don't know how to draw or design arts. You can make in your computer, iPad, Phone and etcs than when you are done you can sell it online to buyers who want your arts. People make digital art for living and anyone can do it if you are serious about it and it's a lot of fun. I would see it is better than real life because if you make any mistake in your painting than you have to redo everything in real life but nothing like that will happen in digital art.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Robotic products

Making Robotic products will earn you a lot of money because let say you make some kind of robot that can make your work easier than people will buy that product since they don't need to work too hard if someone else will do it for them. People wants product that will make their life easier and that way they could enjoy there life. In Japan you will a lot of robotic products that is been used everyday to work like humans and that makes life easier. People wants things that are new design and something useful. Making a AI products will be hard but if you do it than you could make millions of dollars. Making will take years of work because if something happen to the product than it could be dangerous for the people who brought them. There are some AI that were created and they had to be destroyed because they were planning to take the world from themselves. AI sometimes could be dangerous if you make a mistake but if you can success than it will be befitted.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Laser cut products

Laser Cut makes your products look perfect and it lets you design however because when you make your 3D products, there will be some things you may want to cut but you can't cut with something normal than the product will be ruined and you may have to reprinted. Laser Cut is the best choice and everyone who has 3D printer, they also have Laser Cut because you will this to make some changes to your products. While buying one is not cheap but it worthy if you can make products and sell them. You can make anything like anything you want to make. But before you buy it you need to learn how to use it first because one wrong mistake and it may never work again and it's too expensive so you can't just buy a new one.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

3D printed products

Making a 3D printed products is really really hard because you need to have the right time about what you want to design and how you going to make it. One mistake could ruin the products that's why you need to stay fully focused while making the products because it takes a lot time to design something first than printed and you want your product to be perfect as you imaged so one wrong move could end everything. Most important is that you got that tools to make 3D printed products because without that you can't do anything. If you have the rights tools than making it is fun because you can make anything you and you can even sell your products for good money. Now days you can make anything 3D, long as you how to make it.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Stay Away from Scammers

People always gonna try to scam such as offering a job, money, try to increase prices for a item that is less than what they charge you. Scams happens all the time and it does not matter where you live. Someone will always try to scam you even for few bucks. Someone will call you or send a text saying that you won a lotters and come to this place to get your money. Some times they will send you link and once you link on the link, they will hack you all information. You can always ignore those type of call or text but the best is to stay alert so you know what your are doing and who you are trusting. If some company offer you a job straight away than search about the company so you see if this is a scam or not.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Taking remote work

After Covid hit, working from home became very common and now people wants to continue working from home. There are many reasons why people now days wants to work virtual rather than go work in person. First reason is working from home is easier because you don't have to get up and dress up to go to work. You can work easier since you can stay home and chill while doing work. There will be less pressure to work. Second is you can give your family more time because working in person would not gonna give you any time to give your family time. Third is you get to relax and do your work without anyone bothering you.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

How to get paid

When you start working, the company well ask you how to get paid because your are working for money. Some companies offer you to pay you by check or paid card or sometimes pay you by other ways. But if I was the person get paying than I would say to pay me by check or pay card because that's the safest way to get my money. If I take money with Cryptocurrency and the Cryptocurrency goes down than you will lose all of your money. So if you don't have a bank account than make one so you don't lose your money. And if you take cash than there is risk of a thief stealing it or when you receive cash all you think about is spending the money. Best way to save your money from spending is getting paid from check or pay card.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Having good Leadership

A good leader is very important in a business because the leader is the one who makes everyone grows along with the business. If you want to start a business but don't have the leadership to lead your people than your business will never grow and your employees may take advantage of you not being a good leader and would not work hard. A leader is the one who lead his team to be successful in life and in business. No matter where you go, there always will be a leader who is leading you in life. Look at Elon Musk who is the richest person in the world right now and without a good leadership he would never become this. He makes his workers hard and his workers hates him but this is why he so successful because he knows how to get his job done. You need to be hard on your workers to get the jobs done because if you act nice to them all the time than no one will give there all in any work nd your business will fail. In a strong business, you need a strong leader so without that your business will never grow.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Recruiter and Talent Acquisition

How can you make yourself the perfect candidate for any kind of jobs?. Proper manner, good resume and only tell what you know or you can answer so if you don't know than just say you don't know. Those 3 things are very important when you are applying for a job or even in a interview. First impression is always important for any kind of job because if you make a bad impression on your job than no one will want to hire someone who does not has a proper manners. Next is a good resume because if you don't have a proper resume than no one will be interested even hiring you or even look at your resume. Resume explains what kind of person your are and why anyone would want to hire you. Lastly is if a interviewers ask you a question and you lied than it will just show to them that you don't have what it take for that job.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Entrepreneurship & Business Leadership

People start business to become successful and become rich so they can fulfil all their dreams and desires. Starting a business is easy but people think it is easy to be successful in business without knowing everything. No one can be successful without first failing in it. People learn from their mistakes and to be a successful Entrepreneur and a good business leader, first you have to fail than learn from that failure. Learning from your mistake is the great way to become successful. In order to start a business, first you have to decide what kind of business you want to start and who will support you. Business can't be successful without people supporting you and specially you need money to start a business. You need to hire workers and pay them wages so they work for you. For everything you would need money and if your business fails than you would be losing a lot of money and the workers will have to leave their job. You would need a strong start up in the beginning to be successful.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

What is Fundraising?

What is fundraising? You fundraise for other who needs help because there are other in life who needs help with money for things. But it is not easy to fundraise because you need to attach people toward you and explain why you need the fundraise and for who you are doing it for. People think it is easy to fundraise but it is not without support and help. You need to make people believe why you need money. People will not donate to you just because you asked for it and people will just give away their money to you. You need to give all information to people so they understand you and give you donation. Use social media and help from other web sites to tell everyone about your fundraising plans so more and more people come to donate and you reach your goal.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Music Production

For people music is life and no one can live without music. Music gives people purpose in life and music helps you whenever you are feeling down. I always be listening to music whenever I feel I am bored or feeling down on something. Listening to Music always helps me feel better. Music bring back people's soul back to them. I always was scared to make music because I never had the tools to make it and I was shy to do since I didn't had the voice to make a good song. I was scared about having bad voice but You don't need a good or perfect voice to sing. Long as you have the desire than anyone can sing and make own music. From watching video's and reading the articles I learned that you make any kind of music, long as you know how to do it and why you are doing. You can create any kind of noise or sound with one song. Music is life for people and from what I learned now I can make my own music and other can listen to music. Thing I never knew now I am learning from Tech youth.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Improving Your Quality of Life

I learned how you can improve your life and save time to do other things. People have Financial problems and they tend to spend there money rather than save it. In my family my father all he does is gives away money to other such as his friends or someone he knows, as for money without thinking anything. He says that he does not care about saving for future and me and my siblings will grow up and makes things from our money. He never understand how important it's to save money. People need to understand saving money will help you when you need it for future. Everyday I play videos, be on my phone and sleep and I never do things like work to make money or something. I just be wasting time for no reason. It is nice to do something relaxing but everyday is bad and my body will get use to it and I will be sick or something. I could use those time to do something good and better for myself. There is no perfect life but it does not mean you have to give up or stop making it perfect as you can make. I saw many people kill themselves because they gave up life for something life failing a big exam or something like made a mistake.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Virtual Assistant

Today I learned what really is Virtual Assistant and how this impacts in our life. A virtual assistant is an independent worker who assists with administrative, business development, social media, marketing or other tasks. By taking on recurring tasks and administrative work, they free up time for small business owners, entrepreneurs and managers. You don't need any experience to become a virtual assistant. Anyone could become a VA without anything just long as you are serious about doing it. A virtual Assistant can save more than 10 hours of your day and it will help you not to get too much stress from work. Small business owners, solopreneurs, busy professionals, and bloggers all use virtual assistants. When there’s just not enough hours in the day to get everything done, it makes sense to outsource tasks to a VA. This frees up valuable time for the client to work on projects and tasks only they can complete. People don't know this but in VA you can make a lot of money since people be hiring you to reduce their stress and helping them in work. It is a perfect job for anyone because you can work from home without any problem and that way you can give your family more time. When people work in person, they can't give their family too much time because of work and the stress so when you get a off, all you want to do is rest rather than spend time with your family. I personally would suggest people who want to give their family time but can't do it because of work to do online work.