Log of what of Mikison Pwanahaki has learned at Techie Youth

Mon. Jun. 27, 2022

Techie youth:web development

Wed. Jun. 22, 2022

Techie Youth: discussing the three stages on Staring a business

Tue. Jun. 21, 2022

Techie Youth: who is a co-founder

Mon. Jun. 20, 2022

Techie youth: fundraising

Fri. Jun. 17, 2022

Techie Youth: stress management

Mon. Jun. 13, 2022

Techie Youth: Financial awareness & financial management

Fri. Jun. 10, 2022

Techie Youth: difference between role models and mentor

Thu. Jun. 9, 2022

Techie Youth: earring income by a jet living setter lifestyle

Wed. Jun. 8, 2022

Techie youth:definition of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship