Log of what of Michelle Muratov has learned at Techie Youth

Sat. Jul. 16, 2022

Techie Youth Day 4 & 5 Blog

The past two days I was feeling unwell enough to report but on Day 4 I really focused on the module Creating Mobile Apps within the module Entrepreneurship. This module had very useful information, such as on where to find jobs for an app developer such as stack developer. This module also provided a great amount of information on monetizing apps, however I wish I would have had more information on how to actually develop your own app for your business. In addition, I contemplated whether I would need to develop an app for my business, as I feel a website and social media would be a better source.

Then, on Day 5 I was able to learn Web Development within the module Entrepreneurship. I found this module to be extremely useful in providing information on how to code websites, google analytics, and website administration. I found this information to be extremely useful as I have already laid a foundation for my platform but I didn't know some useful information as to how to get it higher on the google search list etc. I will have a link to the website within the next few days!

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Techie Youth- Day 3- Blog

Today, I continued in the module Entrepreneurship: Earning Income Independently through learning about Selling Art Online and Social Network Community Organizing. To begin, I learned about the importance of selling art online through websites as well as a gallery, which is actually a great idea that I am creating for my product. This module also taught the importance of avoiding scams, especially online scams. I have continued to build my website and plan to be finished with it within the next week or so.

To continue, under the module Social Network Community Organizing I learned the importance as well as how to organize a page or community for my product. The specific platforms I learned about include Instagram, TikTok, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. I found some of these platforms listed as important forms of social media for advertising interesting, as I had not thought prior to create a page of Twitter, Pinterest, or Snapchat. I am currently working on creating a handle for Instagram and Facebook, as well as creating my first post. Afterwards and in the next few days I will work on creating all the other social media platforms listed above.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Day 2 - Techie Youth

Today at Techie Youth, I continued to work on creating a product by watching Selling Digital Goods. In this module I learned several methods to create and sell an asset digitally, as well as how to create a business model and advertising a digital product. Given this information, I began to brainstorm how I would sell my product customized or embroidered jewelry digitally. Nowadays, social media is a huge way that companies advertise, and especially through sponsored ads on social media which show better results than other advertisements such as TV. So, my plan would be to create an Instagram and Facebook account for my business. Furthermore, I would contact all forms of social media to create a sponsored ad for my company.

Then, I continued to learn on module Niche Informational Websites in which contents such as content creation and getting website visitors were covered. In addition to the social media advertisement I plan to do, I would like to create a beautiful website design for customers to visit and select or buy from. I have just started working on a website today, and a few important aspects here would be to have a display of several photos of what my company offers right on the home page, as well as all other services offered with appropriate listings and contact information. Then, I thought about how I would get website visitors and I think it ties into the previous module, as social media does play a large role in getting website visitors. In addition, I would like to work with Google so that when a person searches for custom or personalized jewelry, my company or website would be one of the top searches. I believe this would be a very strategic idea to attract more people to the website.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022


Today I watched the introduction video for both Prerequisite Units: Intro to Earning Money Online and Improving Your Quality of Life. Both videos introduced important concepts such as working in a professional career or managing an income earning business, as well as critical skills to put aside current assets and make the best use of income earned.

Then, I began the topic Entrepreneurship and Leadership starting by watching the corresponding video, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship. This video demonstrated a risk benefit analysis of becoming an entrepreneur by presenting both positives and negatives. I then continued onto Selling Computer-Designed Objects and Technological Crafts and began working on the assignment by brainstorming. The three steps to this category include identifying a need, risk analysis, and inspiration. By going through these three steps I was able to find a category in which I can create a designed object and complete this assignment. To provide more details, I identified a need for some people who want custom or embroidered jewelry. Then, I began questioning my idea in the risk analysis where I identified plenty of risks and negatives to creating this product, but many positives as well. However, I felt that this product would have the lowest risk analysis of all other ideas prior. To explain where I got the inspiration for this idea from, I went to a younger cousins party and felt that there was something missing. The photo booths are played out at this point and I feel that customizing or embroidering jewelry would actually be fun and a memorable gift for guests to take home.