Log of what of Michael Ramos has learned at Techie Youth

Wed. Aug. 17, 2022

August 16th- Wordpress and the CMS software

Today I learned about Wordpress and how it can be useful for your website. Wordpress is an open source software you can use to build your website/blog and publish it online. It is on a software called Content Management System (CMS), which is a tool that makes it easier to manage important aspects of your website (for example, colors, content, contact forms, without needing programming knowledge). The best part of Wordpress is that since it’s open source (so many websites use it, around 30% of the internet and supporters constantly update it for better optimization), it’s a free service making it accessible to starters making their first websites or novices working on their 10th or 40th websites. Before services like Wordpress you could use programming languages such as HTML, PHP, and CSS to do the formatting, page layouts, image displays, and similar things. These are great languages to learn but some people want to make a website without learning these difficult skills, so they use a CMS software like Wordpress to get around the learning process. There are different types of websites you can build using WordPress such as Blogs, Portfolios, Online Resumes, Forums, Business Websites, eCommerce stores, Membership sites, and Social networks. The extensibility of using the software makes it quick/easy to customize your website with tons of different themes , even some famous celebrities/organizations use WordPress for example The New York Times Blog, Sony Music, Walt Disney, Snoop Dogg, and Katy Perry. WordPress is easy to install, easy to learn, and is very flexible to customize your website.

Tue. Aug. 16, 2022

August 15th- Information around domains and hosting websites

I have learned about Domain’s, the different facets of Domain’s, and where you can host your website. Domain names are easily rememberable words that help you find websites, a domain name is similar to an address but for your website so others can find it with just the name. Domains work by using an IP Address which is a series of 4-12 numbers (they look like this: that find the location of your website without needing the numbers. When you enter a domain name into your browser to find a website, your computer sends a “lookup request” to a global network of servers called the Domain Name System (DNS). When the DNS gets the lookup request you input, it finds the server associated with the domain name, usually similar to your hosting company. (For example, if you use HostGator to host your websites your name server will look like nameserver7291.hostgator.com). Domain names are read from right to left, to find the “top level domain” it will be located on right and on the left you will find the “second level domain”. The most common TLD’s are .org, .net, .edu and other newer ones like .io, .co, etc. (.com is usually meant for commercial sites, .org is meant for non-profits, .edu is for educational purposes, .org and .mil is for the military/government). Second level domains is the left part of domain name which usually represents the specific business/organization who owns the website your going to. You can also get free domains from website builders like WordPress.com, Squarespace, Wix, etc. (these can be good starter choices but do not give a professional look when viewing). Then we have a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which is similar to a Domain name but with more detailing, it includes the protocol identifier, the domain name,and the path.

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

August 12th - How to get local media invested into your non-profit and how to pitch

Today I learned some ways to get local media invested in your non-profit story and how to pitch the story to the local media. First, you want to investigate/conduct research on the local media that you believe will have the highest chance of covering you, join organizations that will increase your chances of meeting reporters and editors in your local area. Second, attempt to create a personal relationship with the producers and reporters but avoid becoming an annoyance (be considerate of their busy schedules, make conversations brief and summarize the most you can). Thirdly, when sending the reporters your publications add a business card so they are able to contact you, or maybe they can sign up to your newsletter and worst case scenario at least they know your organization is liked to that story. Fourthly, keep updating your lists of media outlets as they are constantly changing, go to social media and follow them there but do not pitch through social media as it is best recommended to do it through email/mail/personally. Fifthly, make sure your story is good when presenting it to the media, meaning that when your talking about your story make sure it is able to be engraved into the reporters mind, or it is something new they have never heard, or it is noteworthy information that has good human interest and not personal wants. Sixthly, is to have high availability in order to be contacted frequently, after a press release (a short, compelling news story written by a public relations professional and sent to targeted members of media.) provide your email address, your website contact page, and even your phone number to reporters. One of the best ways to pitch a nonprofit story to the media is by making it exclusive (tell them that they are the first to hear it so it sounds interesting), make it different (so it stands out from the rest), add a celebrity or famous-figure in the story because it may stand out to some media outlets, media outlets enjoy some conflict/controversy because it draws peoples attention, or be a rare good story with a solution to an ongoing situation/conflict.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

August 11th - how to become a video editor worker online and find workers

Today I learned how to become a worker online or where to hire people online and what to know before hiring freelancers. When becoming a worker online you have to learn how to market yourself so you can be hired (such as building a portfolio), what platforms to use, and how to build a good relationship with your co-workers. When hiring workers you first need to make a contract when starting your project up (this is because a verbal agreement can have issues when deadlines start coming up, it also avoids confusions on what details need to be included and most of the time a verbal agreement does not cover all the specifics). Then you look for the specific freelancer skills you are going to need for your project, if you hire the wrong editor for the position and they do not have the skills you require then you will be at a loss (it is a waste of time and effort so ensure you get the right person the first time). The first site is UpWork, one of the most popular websites to find a video editor, there are millions of tasks that companies post that freelancers can take up to earn money after successful completion (you can also check the ratings of freelance editors, their projects, and portfolio). The second website is PeoplePerHour where you can freelance editors under the categories of your choosing, you can check other video editor profiles to ensure you get what you what you need for your project. The third website is ProductionHUB one of the top leading media production sites, mainstream media and studios have found their crew through this website (great place to find a worker). The fourth website Fiverr, one of the top-rated hiring websites, it is well-known for finding freelancers at different price ranges and can help accommodate most of your necessities. The fifth website is Viedit to find video editors and the sixth website is Videopixie if your looking for a video producer. The seventh website is Behance if you want to upload your work online and network with others. The final website is Mandy which is an online database for job postings and other video services.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

August 9th - Video editing formatting and tips

Today I learned about video editing basics and how to set up video project sub folders to avoid issues you may incur. Step one, is to ensure you can grab the viewers attention by having a great script, have clear goals that you want to incorporate in your video (who your target audience is, what you want your video to do, etc). Step two, color combinations for the video is important (this is because colors alter how we feel, changing a viewers mood can be based on the colors we see), there are two main color systems to use when creating a video (One type is RGB coloring: primary colors being red, green, and blue. The second type is HEX coloring which relies on numbers that represent RGB colors, they look something like “#12f7b1” which is also the default code for the web, you can also use other tools to help make your own custom colors with hex codes). Step three, always use high-quality images (this will ensure your video looks great, stands out, and makes the experience more enjoyable) if you need to edit the resolution size you can install products like GIMP or Photoshop which can assist in editing images (there are different types of sizes, such as “1920x1089”). Fourth step, make sure the sound is effective (HD quality is important to make sure you video is able to get across to the audience), you can use music or your own imported audio but make sure that if you get music online that it is royalty-free (to avoid copyright issues) and high-quality. Fifth step, formatting which is simple but make sure the video format is one of the three: MP4, FLV, or WMV. Sixth step, run ads to bring attention to the video on sites that allow them, go on social media and share it there, and send them in emails. When organizing you create the project and need sub folders to keep all your files organized, some sub folders categories you can incorporate are: project files, video, media, sound, music, pictures, and final videos. Project files are the most recent last saves, in case your video editing is corrupted throughout the process you can go back to the most recent save. Video is your own original video files and Media is non original media such as GIFs. Sound is for sound effects you want to add and Music is for background music you might add. Pictures is images you want to add into your video and Final videos hold the final project so you do not lose it.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

August 8th - Video editing introductions

Today I learned the introductions to video editing, video editors communicate a story or relay a message by combining video clips and audio together (a creative expressive job). Video editing can be done remotely from any location, on your own schedule, and pays very well for a side job. When working as an editor you can be a freelancer working for multiple clients or a staff member that works full-time, they also both include differences but ultimately do similar things when it comes down to the editing aspect. A freelancer can negotiate their hours, have the freedom to pick their projects, don’t need as much experience to start, and don’t get paid like a salary. A staff member works with co-workers (staff editors have more opportunities to learn new skills from their co-workers), earn a steady income (have fixed pay and work hours), have specific assignments, and it is more difficult to get hired for this position since the skill gap is higher. There are multiple types of content as an editor that you would be editing, some include Film + Documentary, Commercials, and YouTube + Personal Projects. In the earning aspect of editing US film makers earn around $40/hr, freelancers charge around $14-80/hr, and a video editors yearly income is around $35k-80k. There are some popular free editing softwares (such as Hitfilm express, VSDC, Lightworks, Shortcut, and DaVinci Resolve)but there are also some paid softwares (mainly for the paid one’s, there is the big three: Adobe Premier Pro, DaVinci Resolve Studio, and Final Cut Pro), but more often the paid editing softwares are better than the free ones. When starting to edit you will use some money to buy the tools for your work, some include VES’s (video editing softwares), External Hard Drives (storage), a computer/laptop, paid templates, stock images, audio clips, and headphones.

Sat. Aug. 6, 2022

August 5th - Appeal Structuring and how to recruit

Today I learned about how to structure your fundraiser appeal and how to recruit volunteers to support your cause. In a fundraising appeal you are going to need some background information (the backstory as to why you are doing this, the goal amount and what the money is going to), you will also need the who, what, where, when, why’s (who you are, what is the mission, when is the fundraiser, where the campaign is happening, and why where you inspired to do this). A great way to persuade is to capture the audience with descriptive text and emotion (but make sure you don’t trick your audience into feeling guilty to donate) and your call to action (one of the most important pieces of the appeal must motivate the audience), making sure your appeal is easy to read is important so the supporters know what to do (for example, if in an email you link a website where they should donate and in another email you link them a social media page to follow, you may want to be specific into what they prioritize so they aren’t confused). Adding questions to add emphasis on your cause also can help structure your appeal, the question helps transition the audience from the problem/issue into your plan for change. Volunteers are necessary for non-profits, one of way to find some is by asking people in your circle who may not even know about your project, you can also look for people outside of your circle by looking online, being specific is also important (the role volunteer just means they don’t get paid but being specific into what roles there are to fill is important because people want to know what they are signing up for). Highlight their benefits and not your own needs (such as telling them what impact they are having, how their skills/talents are helping for a better cause, how they are helping others and how they will meet others in the community with similar beliefs).

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

August 4th - Online fundraising and more useful strategies

Today I learned some reasons why online fundraising is beneficial, how to write/structure a fundraiser, and how to appeal to the audience when presenting the idea. A few reasons why online fundraising is more easier is because of the convenience and simplicity (usually you go around door-to-door collecting donations, planning events/organizing teams in person) these tasks can be a headache but when it’s online you let the technology do the collecting/organization parts of the fundraising. A second reason why online is better is because it’s cheaper, you do not need to book a venue, provide foods/commodities to the participants, or pay for all those fliers/handouts you give to people you think are interested (instead online all you pay for is the sites if needed and the staff that is helping administrate, making sure everything goes well). A third reason is that when you do an online fundraiser it improves the accessibility that someone can join (for example, people from different countries do not need to pay for a flight to show up to the event, or maybe they can’t show up because they are busy handling responsibilities but can tune in and listen on their phone) and the best part is you can host multiple events for different regions, not just 1 time slot. When organizing your fundraiser you must have the right idea and plan it out (think of your main objectives, what your audience might want, and what the budget looks like). Next, you need to make sure your website is tailored to your personal preference (making sure you are aware that it is easy to navigate, ready to be used by new users, and that people can easily make donations). A great way to provide traffic (people coming to your website to donate) is by implementing Google Ads (google ad grant), this is a free service that will allow others to find your site easier. Taking advantage of social media is also another great way to add traffic to your fundraising website, creating challenges to get your audience engaged is a great way to promote/spread awareness.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

August 3rd - Introductions to fundraising

Today I learned about Fundraising and their strategies. When starting up non-profit organizations the first thing to understand is that most of the capital comes from individual donators rather than other companies or other non-profits. This is why you should focus on making individuals your target audience rather than the large corporations/non profit-organizations as 80% of the money comes from individuals. Secondly, cold fundraising should not be the first go-to business tactic and should be a last resort, money like that is raised by direct mail prospecting, over the Internet, or through street donations. Cold fundraising usually works best with bigger organizations that have large budgets already, so this is why you would need to focus on warm fundraising (reaching out to people your organization and staff already has a relationship with, calling people you already know). Thirdly, your goal should be to build a long-term relationship between yourself and the donor, this helps sustain your organization for multiple years rather than look for new donators every couple months. Some common fundraising tactics are Asking-in person, hosting fundraising events, crowdfunding, board fundraising events, Grant-writing, E-mail fundraising online, and asking over the phone. To become one you would typically need a bachelors degree and strong communication and organizational skills, commonly learned fields such as public relations, journalism, communications, English, or business are preferable to employers. The work environment commonly consists of educational institutions, religious organizations, health research foundations, social services organizations, and political campaigns.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

August 2nd- Essential HTML tags and CSS inputs for customization

Today I learned some more essential tags to use when creating a website using HTML, I also learned some CSS inputs that help organize, structure, and design the webpage. Some tags that were important to know are <header> which provides a space at the top of the webpage for headings but what most designers can do is insert a <nav> tag which can add a navigation bar inside the header. Some other tags such as <footer> help organize the bottom portion of the webpage, while <ul> (an unordered list) is used to organize the sections on a webpage. When inserting images you must utilize the <img> tag and include scr=“the link” and it will scan the files outside of any folders unless you include “folders/(the link here)” then it will scan inside the folders for the files you want to insert. Instead of using the tag <li> to include separate images you can use the tag <figure> to place individual items in sections (this is usually used for images) then if you want to add caption, instead of using something like <h3> (heading 3) or <p> (paragraph), you can use <figcaption> (figure caption) to add a subtitle to the image. When working around white-space/empty-space on a webpage you can use CSS to customize, when using CSS you do not need the “<>”symbols instead you use “{}” symbols to enclose the inputs for your CSS scripts. To mess around with empty-space you want to use “margin” or “padding”, when putting in the amount you can use pixels (20px, 100px, etc.) or percentage (1%-100%), and when inserting background images on CSS you use the input background-image: url (images/imagehere.jpg).

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

August 1st - Data Analyst and Coding tags/inputs

Today I learned about the Data Analyst prerequisites, activities they do, and some web design coding tags/inputs. Data analysts translate numbers and data into words to help organizations and other companies understand how to make better business endeavors. If you are detail-oriented, enjoy working in a structured environment, and effortlessly work with numbers and data, then you would fall perfectly in the data analyst work role. Data analysts record how data can be used to answer questions and resolve issues. They investigate to see how things function so they can connect points to solutions, it is a creative environment with loads of challenges and rewards. A day for a data analyst can include mining data from primary and secondary sources, working with technology teams, providing data reports for management, designing, creating, and maintaining databases/ data systems. A data analyst should also know some coding because they deal with fixing code problems and data-related issues, they may not be as advanced as a data scientist but their goals are similar. Data analysts have the benefit of working remotely, most data analysts work on teams, and most of the work is done on the computer. Some important html tags I learnt were <html>, <body>, <h1> through <h6>, <br> (line break), <p> (paragraph, (bold text), (emphasis/italics).

Sat. Jul. 30, 2022

July 29 - Introductions to becoming a business analyst

Today I learned about what the basic requirements are to being a business analyst are and what they do/need as prerequisites. Whenever a business needs a problem to be solved or an upcoming issue is on the way, a business analyst takes charge and must work with the company to find a solution. Business analysts must be adaptable to different tasks and activities, such as Modeling requirements, Analyzing business needs, Quality testing, Project development, Validating solutions, and must wear many more hats. Differences between external analysts and internal analysts, an external analyst is a contractor, brought in to the company to solve a problem but then leaves after it has been resolved. Internal analysts is a company employee who works with others in the company and after the problem is resolved they continue to work with the company. When working as a business analyst you will work on project teams, working with project managers, work on more than one project, gain understanding for the company’s goals and how to succeed in achieving them. To apply into an entry-level position you will usually require a bachelor’s degree in a field such as finance, accounting, business administration, economics, statistics, political science, or sociology. You also need a surface understanding of coding/programming such as how HTML and CSS works, it can be useful to understand other programmers who have coded systems. The first certificate a business analyst should aim for is a BAC or “Business analysis certification” to work in entry-level positions easily.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

July 28 - Web development and Investment risks

Today I learned about risk in investment and an introduction to web development. A risk is a measurable possibility of losing the initial investment or that investment not gaining value, Risk is not the same as uncertainty which cannot be measured. I have discovered that the average return of securities is highest in stocks which have a 10% return rate, although they seem great you must also know that stocks have a greater chance of losing value when compared to corporate bonds (return rate of 6%) and corporate bonds are more risker than government bonds which have a 3.5% return rate. This means that the higher the risk the higher the reward but all of these three options are solid choices to invest in, cryptocurrencies are more volatile because they are unregulated. One type of systematic risk is Political Risk, caused by the changing of government laws, taxes, policies, wars, and sanctions. For example the Russo-Ukrainian war going on now and the UK’s decision to leave the European Union cause disruptions in the market which affect the economic framework. A second type of risk is Country or Default risk and this is when a country cannot pay back its debts, this negatively affects the values of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds because of the decrease of cash flow. A third and fourth type of risk is Environmental risk (deals with natural disasters such as forest fires, droughts, etc.) and Interest Rate risk which is fluctuations in interest rates which cause increases or decreases in security values. For intro to web development I was taught that there are 3 main components I will be learning and that is HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These 3 different strategies will help me customize my own webpage and help me find new opportunities in this field, it does have to deal a fair amount with coding so I will have to learn lots of commands.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

July 27 - Commodity trading and option strategies

Today I learned about commodity trading and a few options terms. Commodity trading is the buying and selling of a large range of instruments including gas and oil, gold, silver, and other commodities such as sugar, wheat and coffee. It is a good sold in its purest form, not altered or reformulated into a new product. Firstly, there is the crude oil (when trading for oil it is important to realize that the price can fluctuate from ongoing events such as a war), two popular types to trade are Brent Crude and US West Texas Intermediate (WTI). Secondly, there is gold trading (typically a safe haven for investors when the market is in a unstable and in volatile position), gold is traded like any other financial instrument and is an important commodity to many investors in the modern market. Thirdly, there is energy commodities (newer renewable energies have created interests for commodities such as natural gas, heating oil, and gasoline), although these energies can be invested in some cannot, such as uranium which is used at nuclear power stations (instead you can invest in them through uranium stocks or ETFs). Although promising it is important to be wary of scams in the investing circle, fraud occurs within the metal market, foreign currencies and crude oil market. Scammers may invite buyers to invest money into a pool for more opportunities, if it seems too good to be true it most likely is. A few option strategies I have added to my list are Covered Calls, Married Puts, Bull call spreads, Bear put spreads, and Protective collars.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

July 25 - Call Options and some related terms

I learned today about call options and the different intricacies of option variations. I was informed on what an Option describes, it is referring to a financial instrument that is based on the value of underlying securities such as stocks. Call options give whoever holds them the power to buy shares of stock at a set price, also known as the strike price. When buying a stock option you are assuming that the underlying stock will rise in price. A call option is a “financial contract” that gives the buyer the right to buy a stock, bond, or commodity, they are not forced to buy the stock but have the freedom to, if they wish to at a fixed price and time range. You do pay a fee when purchasing a call option which is also named a “premium”, you can short call and option by selling it or go long by buying it. In an example, call options contracts can allow a holder to buy 100 shares of a company stock for a fixed price (let’s say $50 dollars each aka as a “strike price”) and for a fixed time (until the “expiration” ends in 6 months). As the value of the company stock goes up the value of the option contract goes up and similarly do the stock goes down in the value the contract follows. The buyer can hold the contract till the end of its expiration which allows them to take control of the 100 shares or sell the options contract before the expiration date, one reason why someone would sell is if the strike price is is below the underlying asset price, or a buyer may hold because the price is a trend to climb so they choose to maximize profits instead.

Sat. Jul. 23, 2022

July 22 - ICOs and REITs

Today I learned about ICOs and REITs. I learned what the term ICOs stands for, it is initial coin offerings which is when a company/individual tries to raise capital by selling a new cryptocurrency. Investors may purchase the new coins and this is why companies and individuals are heavily considering ICOs as a method to participate in investment opportunities. Although these new assets create new and efficient ways to do transactions, it creates risks of fraud because these new markets are less regulated than orthodox markets. I also learned about REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), they are an alternative to buying real estate directly. REITs are good for people who want to be investors but do not have the capital to directly invest in real estate but want to participate in it. The best part about them is that nearly anyone can buy REITs, no matter their portfolio size (there are many REITs index funds one can purchase). The Pros to investing in REITs are that they must pay 90% of their income as dividends, making it the minimum requirement (meaning they cannot go lower than 90%) . REITs shareholders do not encounter hassles when investing because unlike owning the properties they do not waste time managing the mortgages, collecting rents, providing landlord services, repairs, maintenance fees, etc. Another pro is that you do not need a lot of capital to start investing in a REIT, anyone can be part of the real estate markets with little money. One last pro is that they a REIT is the liquidity difference between owning the property and the share, the shares can be sold quickly if you make an error but selling the property may take a while. One con is that real estate does not always rise which means you can lose money like the ‘08 housing bubble burst, when investing in a REIT you need to be aware of ongoing situations and doing research is important.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

July 21 - Blockchain, ETH, NFT’s, and Stock Terms

Today I learned about Ethereum, Blockchains, Stock terms, and what an NFT is. I was educated that Ethereum is a type of cryptocurrency known as ether, or ETH. It is a decentralized global software platform powered by blockchain technology. It is designed to be scalable, programmable, secure, and decentralized (ensuring that your crypto is secure is important because lots of payments can be done with ETH). I also learned what blockchain is, it is blocks that contain information. The technique was implemented to avoid tampering with dating on digital documents, the blockchain is used for secure transfers of items such as money, contracts, and properties. The blockchain allows these transfers to happen without the interference of a third-party like a bank/government (it is nearly like being anonymous). A digital wallet allows you to access the ether stored on the blockchain, your personal wallet is similar to an email address (other users can send you ether through your personal “crypto address”). NFT’s stand for Non-Fungible tokens, these are tokenized digital items which are created using Etheruem, NFTS can be traded or sold (such examples of similarities can be seen in sports tokens like trading cards in sports). Stocks are shares of a company which you are buying meaning that you own a portion of the business (companies sell stocks to raise their capital). ETF’s are Exchange traded funds, you can buy and sell these Funds through a broker (similar to stock trading). Forex is Foreign Exchange this usually means that someone is buying or selling a currency for another currency. CFD’s stand for “contract for difference” CFD’s can be traded for other types of shares but it depends on your CFD’s and broker.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

July 20 - Networking, intro to Crypto and Stocks

Today I learned the do’s and don’ts of networking with other people. A few wrong ways to network is connecting with someone to only ask for favors, only looking for people when you need something done, avoiding/refusing to help when asked for favors, not following up after a strong conversation making you seem as though you just wanted another name for when you need someone, rejecting connections because of work status. Avoiding some of these common judgments and selfish tendencies can help you stray away looking like someone who isn’t serious about creating solid connections that mutually aid both parties. I also learned a bit about stocks and crypto, such as the most common type of stock trade is the market order. Another type of trade is the limit order which is when you decide the maximum price you will pay for the stock or minimum price your willing to accept when buying/selling a stock. Dividends are payments paid to common shareholders or preferred shareholders after a term which comes from the company’s profits. It is like getting paid every 4 months, every year, etc. The stock market can be risky especially when you don’t know where to invest your money, it is encouraged to play safe and free of losing all of your investments. This can happen by investing in companies with low volatility, when investing in companies like Tesla it can have high volatility which means the value of your investment fluctuates sporadically making it risky and more likely to fail.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

July 19th - Remotely organizing the team and structuring

Today I learned how to make sure you aren’t stuck in an unfair employee-boss relationship. Making sure you avoid the toxic characteristics of a boss is important to ensure a healthy and beneficial workplace for yourself. Creating a connection between co-workers online is also essential to not feel alienated from the workplace. Buddy systems are common methods that workplaces implement to encourage social connections. Different forms can be taken such as pairing groups of people together to have fun video chats or discuss over non-worth related things. When working remotely you do not get the same sensations as coming into the workplace and interacting personally with some co-workers but it is important that even online you are placed with others and interact to socialize with your colleagues. Creating non-work channels, setting up face-to-face meetings and other methods can also help you connect socially. A schedule is necessary to meet your deadlines as teams goals or personal goals. Not only will it help you ensure that the tasks are complete before the deadlines but it will organize and structure the team remotely which is important to the bosses running the workplace.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

July 18th - Linkedln, Interesting facts about Remote jobs, and how to be prepared for interviews

Today I learned what I need in order to apply to jobs that will support my career. I must make a LinkedIn Profile, Resume and cover letter on the same website in order to network faster with other employers/employees. When searching for a job it is important to know what type of work setting you are looking for, such as remote online, in-person or a hybrid mix between both. Most of the times I learnt that only 5% of jobs are strictly online (helping you achieve that digital nomadic lifestyle) and that most remote jobs have variances that do not allow them to work from “anywhere”. Certain laws/regulations make it so that the employee working online must stay in the area to work, certain countries, or timezones. This has helped clear my questions whether or not online was always from anywhere, I now am educated and will use this knowledge when applying for a remote work position. Certain jobs are easier than others to be done online but things such as lawyers and nurses are available online so this does not mean I can’t find a career option online that I am passionate about. When doing interviews it is becoming more and more common to be set up online, for easier accessibility for both parties. With that being said it is important to be prepared for any interview, you must ask questions, do research on the worksite, and have answers ready pertaining to your previous experiences. You should also follow the dress culture of the workplace if you want to not look as if you do not fit in and you should send out thank you e-mails after the interviews.

Sat. Jul. 16, 2022

July 15th - Liquidity and Cryptocurrencies

Today I learned about key differences between gross income and net income. Gross is the money received before taxes and cost expenses. Net income is the money received after taxes and after cost expenses have been paid for. I learned what the word liquidity means, it means how fast/good a product/property is able to sell, in order to receive your money. Different properties have different spectrums of liquidity. I also learned a little about crypto and what types of wallets are useful for. I learned what crypto keys work and how transfers/transactions are made in the crypto sphere. I am more interested in investing into cryptocurrencies and might use some of the money I am earning from this program to help me execute my endeavors.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

July 14th entry - Digital nomads and more

Today I learned about digital nomads, these are people who are able to travel from place to place using technology to make a living. They tend to work remotely in different areas of the world able to gain experiences while working. Working smarter is key to being successful, saving money if able to on things such as rent can help you be able to have money on new opportunities that go your way. Tactics such as couch surfing can be productive because you are able to find places that require no cost for you to stay at, you may need to acquire new skills so you are available to help those who are hosting your stay. Working jobs abroad that do not require you to be in a single location can help you save time on commute and travel and sometimes you are accommodated for locations you go to. While traveling, another source of revenue can be Vlogging for videos you put online, this can help mitigate costs of other things you are paying for (such as food, activities, etc). One thing that is very important is to not save money on travel insurance, it is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Skipping on travel insurance to save money can risk your health and well-being.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

July 13th Entry - Health and Well-being

Today I learned how to properly manage my time in many ways. It is important to maximize your time because it is the only thing you cannot buy back. Money can minimize time lost but cannot return lost time so it is important to make sure you are doing something productive. For example, going to the gym . The most effective way to use your time effectively is to manage and plan time. Other ways you can conserve time are by not spending time doing things such as watching tv shows for 2 hours straight, gaming for long periods, practicing bad habits, etc. There are multiple ways that you can spend your free time without wasting it and still having pleasure. Such as learning a new language, learning a new skill, practicing something that will benefit you, working on side projects, etc. Health and well-being is also very important, making sure you eat the right foods that give you energy will improve your health, doing things such as meditation will help improve your focus and attention to tasks. Working out can help you gain more stamina to stay awake for longer periods, allowing you to maximize your time. One common mistake to time management is multi-tasking, humans are not built for multi-tasking, it can actually damage you’re wellbeing instead of benefiting it because your giving uneven attention to tasks, allowing you to make mistakes more commonly.