Log of what of Michael Collington has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

6 types of blogs

I learned about 6 different types of blogs and which type an individual should pick depending on their overall goals and intentions. they're generally 12 main types of blogs that all vary in differences. However, despite their differences, this does not mean an individual can't use multiple types at any given time. mixing different forms can prove effective if done properly. Starting at 1 there are personal blogs that don't Focus on any one topic or group. Instead, it gathers readers through a mutual interest in the same ideas or beliefs between the audience and the bloggers themselves. blogs like this are less about the content and more about the connection between the audience and the Blogger. Alternatively, the second one is a personal brand blog which is most similar to a personal blog but instead of focusing solely on the connection between the Blogger and its audience it is instead used to build credibility for the Blogger in the eyes of the audience so that credibility can then be used to promote a product or service. thirdly, A corporate blog is a much more direct approach with the same overall purpose as a personal brand blog. corporate blogs make posts that are specifically made with the sole intent of attracting viewers to their product or service which means the main focus is placed on the content itself rather than the Blogger. At number 4 Personal Service blogs are by design made to reach a local audience or specific community with the intention of promoting a service. the fifth type of blog Is repair service blogs These are generally the same as personal Service blogs except are primarily targeted towards repair services and maintenance. Lastly, the sixth type of blog is A niche blog that specifically Targets a topic or theme that's not overly saturated and has a decent but not large available audience. Niche blogs are highly effective at creating a dedicated community around a specific topic which is great for people who want to bring in loyal and consistent viewers.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

what are blogs

today I learned about what blogs are, the differences between a Blog and a website, and some of the advantages that can come from making a Blog. there Is a common misconception that blogs and websites are the same things however that's not completely accurate. A Blog can also be a website but a website with a few blog posts doesn't make it a Blog. this is primarily because blogs are websites that have updated content and mainly contain blog posts. now yes a website can have a few blog posts but unless it makes up the majority of its content it is not considered a Blog. Blogs can contain any sort of content allowing for full creative freedom which makes blogs a very versatile type of communication that can almost be applied to anything. for example if you wanted to take the route of becoming a blogger to create Revenue you can work part-time to your own discretion or full-time making money ranging from 30000 to 50,000 on average. some of the advantages that come with blogs are that you can invest and put effort into them whenever you want. blogs operate as basically a remote job this comes with all the perks of remote working such as custom schedules, the complete freedom to work wherever you want as long as there is internet service, and if working with a team your options for partners include anyone in the world. blogs are perfect for people who don't want to fully commit to something but would like to be productive in their spare time. Furthermore, if someone wants to be fully committed or sees there was some real economic potential the transition would be seamless as all you have to do is put more time into it.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

selling art online

Today I learned about selling art online and the Different strategies you can employ to maximize productivity and profits. One of the main ways To start increasing productivity is by re-evaluating whether or not art is your passion. art can't just be something you like to do because you love to draw. You have to be motivated to work on your art daily if you truly want to start your own art business and that's because building an art business is very hard. It's going to take a lot of time and effort. It's common for artists with their own businesses to initially start out spending years investing in their business and not making any money. This is just one of the things that come with the territory of starting an art business. However, if it is decided that starting an art business is your path then the main way to effectively maximize profits is through exposure. The more you can increase exposure means the more you can reach your potential audience thus increasing sales. Exposure can be improved by having a variety of social media platforms to promote your work. Posting consistent content on these platforms will help you reach a wider audience you can then further capitalize on by providing content exclusive to that specific platform.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

artificial intelligence

Today I learned about 3 of the 6 Major branches of ai engineering. One of the most important and most popular is machine learning. This is primarily because machine learning gives computers the ability to learn and adapt without the need of being reprogrammed. Some examples of this include self-driving cars, image and speech recognition, and highly advanced search engines as well as applications. The rudimentary principle is that the AI has a set of programming that allows them to make decisions and then learn from these decisions. This will promote Further development as the more decisions the AI can make means the more experienced it can gather which can further improve its future decision-making and predictive accuracy. this basically means the AI learns with experience just like humans. next is neural networks Which use a set of algorithms that then find Elemental relationships across groups of data by replicating the human brain operating process. This ultimately means that this AI is able to take a core functionality that the brain uses to comprehend information and imitates It to efficiently gather and interpret information. this branch of artificial intelligence is most commonly used for market research, fraud detection, risk analysis, stock exchange predictions, and sales predictions although It does have even more different uses. Some of these same core programs are instilled in robotics which has allowed robots to complete complex tasks. In fact, robots had become so intelligent thanks to this new AI programming that they're able to Efficiently replicate some labor-intensive tasks that humans perform. For example, they are used for tasks involving Assembly lines for automobile Manufacturing or alternatively removing large objects in space by NASA. research is taking it further by developing robots that are equipped with machine learning For the use of social interaction.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

web development & artificial intelligence

Today I learned more about web development and artificial intelligence. As for web development, I learned more about just how competitive and tough the market actually is. in fact, web development evolves so rapidly that to fully succeed you must actually commit wholeheartedly as different methods, techniques, and programs are always being updated and require you to learn new skills constantly. if you aren't able to meet these criteria then you risk being obsolete and several steps behind your competition. However, the people who can handle this workload, meet these requirements, and aren't intimidated have a unique position. this is primarily because finding someone with these qualities is valuable in that market for the same reasons that make it so hard to survive. this means those who can properly succeed in this career path are guaranteed work since the demand for these Services is so high Which means as long as you're able to put in the effort you will get a return on all the time, money, and energy that was invested into this career path. Additionally, I recently discovered that there are positions in the market for artificial intelligence. Not only that but these positions pay handsomely as base pay is generally around 94000 and the average salaries for these positions In remote can range anywhere from 89000 to 188000. AI engineers get paid this well because their positions involve Computer recognition, reasoning, and action. Their main purpose is to engineer the future as they give machines and pieces of technology the ability to create human behaviors all the way to the point where these machines have cognitive abilities much like humans.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

data analyst & video editing

today I learned more about data analyst and their versatility as well as some basic knowledge in web development. Furthermore, I tried learning the fundamentals of web development. The main thing I learned today about data analysts is that because they're so similar to business analysts they tend to have similar backgrounds and certifications as well. this makes becoming a data analyst or business analyst somewhat versatile as some business analysts or data analysts can always switch. so if you find you like the analytical side of being a business analyst making the switch to being a data analyst would be quite easy and allow you to focus more on the aspect of the job that you prefer. despite this, you're still going to have to use some of the same skills you had as a business analyst but now instead of looking at it from a business lens, you're looking at it from a statistical lens. The same logic can also be applied vice-versa for a data analyst who would like to change into becoming a business analyst as they enjoy the business aspect of the job. As for web Developers, there are various types however they all generally get paid pretty well. front-end web developers in particular get paid from a range of 75000 to 120000 depending on your state as an entry-level position. You also get to be a part of a large amount of the processes involved including design, performance, code, colors, typography, UX, serverless, various Frameworks, etc. And although being involved in all of these processes are nice for people who like to learn a lot and learn new things it also comes with a few negatives depending on who you are as a person. Learning these skills makes web developers highly versatile and different categories but it also means that to become a web developer the requirements are very high.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

data analyst and video editing practice

today I learned about data analysts and how similar they are to business analysts. however, although there is a number of similarities between business and data analysis there are some key differences. Just like business analysts, data analysts are primarily problem solvers, they conduct some of the same processes that business analysts do. these include doing large amounts of research, Gathering data, analyzing data, and forming conclusions based on that data. They then, much like business analysts Look for the most optimal and effective way to take steps leading toward solving the problem as well as solving the actual problem. They Are going to spend a large amount of time in meetings with stakeholders whether they are one-on-one meetings or group meetings and effectively communicate what the problem exactly is as well as the steps needed to reach the solution as well as explain the solution itself. Data analysts have to spend a decent amount of time cleaning up the gathered data by sifting through relevant data, eliminating any outside variables, and discarding any outliers to make sure that their results are as accurate as possible in relation to the problem or solution. Data analysts then take these results and use their skills in programming and mathematical statistics to Thoroughly analyze these results. these specific steps are what make up the main differences between a business analyst and a data analyst. although the processes are very similar data analysts take the same core fundamentals and tweak them so that they can be analyzed from a statistical perspective. this helps For companies that want extremely specific percentages or numbers that give concrete accurate information on the company itself as well as the problem and the solution. data analysts are highly skilled in finding and understanding the problems that aren't obvious, finding Solutions that aren't always clear, and communicating this in a way others can properly understand. additionally, I also spent time practicing and developing my skills in video editing.

Sat. Jul. 30, 2022

mobile app marketing & business analyst

Today I learned a few more General tips about mobile app marketing and Business analysts. One is that you can earn recommendations through building a social presence, creating beta testing groups( this also allows you to further improve upon your app as the beta testers can assist you in finding any bugs, glitches, or general flaws), Encouraging ratings and reviews through respectful in-app messaging, and above all by continuously trying to find ways to boost efficiency even if you do have a successful system. One way you can do this is by hiring a business analyst. Business analysts are problem solvers who understand a company by learning the business processes involved in the company and then they find a way to solve the company's dilemma. afterwards, business analysts explain and pitch their solution or potential solutions to the company. furthermore, they also act as a translator or Middleman between the business and the solution provider. There are generally two types of business analysts which are internal business analysts and external business analysts. External business analysts part ways with the company after their work is completed and usually work as contractors. Alternatively, internal business analysts stay in the organization which allows them to work with multiple stakeholders in different departments usually on a needed basis. But despite this, they are treated like regular employees. With this in mind to be a successful business analyst, one must have to be a good communicator as this is vital for building trust and rapport with clients as well as for having clear communication when presenting their ideas to the employer. More importantly business analyst must be fast Learners as when taking on a job it is required for that they understand the company and how it work which leads to a large sum of time spent learning about the ins and outs of the company. This is even more of a necessity for external business analysts because unlike internal analysts they don't spend much time with the company and don't have prior knowledge of how the company works before assessing a problem

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Mobile app marketing

Today I learned about mobile app marketing. now mobile app marketing is not too different from regular marketing. you want to employ some of the same major strategies (such as Learning from the competition, Advertising on social media apps, Following the 1 target audience per marketing channel rule, etc) However there are also some strategies that can be employed that are specific to mobile apps. for example, The most obvious is making a good listening. you Ultimately want an icon that grabs the consumer's attention as well as detailed Text descriptions, easy-to-remember yet unique title, professional quality screenshots, and promotional videos that are Concise as well as short since most consumers prefer videos that are straight to the point. Lastly, of course, you want to make all of these are very creative and artistic to really draw the consumer's Interest. furthermore, You ideally want to localize your app, Branch out to other platforms such as TVs, and run app install ads to Increase exposure. Implementing app indexing for Google Search is very useful because It allows for quick and convenient access to your website as when consumers search it up it would immediately Pop up. You can also add features to your specific website that can optimize and further lock in consumers. for example, adding things like Google sign-in on your website can be very convenient Which will definitely be appreciated by your customers. This is because in general having to go through a long and lengthy process of signing up can be a deterrent for a decent amount of potential consumers. the ability to sign in Fast and download the app in a one-click process can prove very beneficial when ensuring there are as minimal deterrents for your audience as possible.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

app development

Today I learned about mobile app development. Becoming a mobile app developer is not an easy Endeavor and requires commitment. This is because in order to become a mobile app developer it requires extensive knowledge of various coding languages. this is primarily because when creating mobile apps the main companies you're going to look into working under are most likely going to have the apps used on Apple or Android devices and these companies do have high requirements. for example, if you're making an iOS Mobile app you will need to have skills in coding languages such as Java, Objective C, and Swift. Additionally, if you are making an app for Android you would want to be fluent in not only Java but also koltin. Although if you wanted the best results having skills in all of these would be the most effective because having the skills means you can actively provide service for not only IOS but Android as well which means this diversity would help monumentally in finding suitable work. Furthermore, app developers would find it highly advantageous to also learn some marketing skills as when making an app the actual development of the app is only one part of the process, selling it is also another huge part that is a requirement to conduct business. Finally, another crucial skill required to become an inefficient app developer is having extensive knowledge and data security as this is not only a requirement for most companies But an essential since security is usually a top priority for all things digital.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

video editing general knowledge

Today I learned about the general ins and outs of video editing. one of the main things I learned about video editing that I hadn't known before is that it's not Just editing videos. Video editing includes a lot of pre-work before you actually start editing as It's generally recommended to use templates, thoroughly organized content, and establish stock images and audio clips to add on to your project. There are generally two main types of editors Which are Freelancers and staff. a freelancer is an editor who usually works based on the job they apply for and are picked out for While editing staff are usually committed to a company or business or client And usually work similarly to other corporate jobs. Freelancers usually have more freedom than staff editors however Freelancers don't have the same assurances staff editors would have. Freelancers get to negotiate hours, pick their own projects, and require less experience to start out. however because of the nature of their work the sources of income they Develop are usually inconsistent. Staff editors have the benefit of steady and consistent projects, the opportunity to learn from co-workers with much more experience than them, and fixed pay. Although these benefits are nice they do come with drawbacks including a lack of flexibility since that fixed pay also comes with fixed hours and more Importantly the main drawback is that it requires an already decent portfolio to start out. Regardless of whatever is decided, there are also some general categories of work editors can go into. these categories include film documentation, commercial work, And YouTube work. film documentation requires the editor to make stories come together with content that's provided by smaller production projects. Commercial editing usually consists of editing music videos, company recruitment videos, Or even advertisements concerning various subjects such as technology or real estate. YouTube editors usually work as an assistant to YouTubers and help edit their content for them which creates a consistent source of income however the work is usually put under strict deadlines as YouTubers like to be consistent when uploading content.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

3d design and stocks

today I learned about Stocks & More on 3D design. I continued to develop more skills as well as learn the different Tools in tinkercad and experimented with blender. blender is another 3D design website but is particularly good for game development. as I was using it I could quickly tell this was true since the application allowed for more convenient and thorough ways to design more Blobby and complex models. tinkercad possesses this ability to an extent however it was much more geometrical with hard lines and shapes. I also took a look into Autodesk meshmixer which is more or less Just digital art sculpting. It did allow you to go pretty far with your creativity as I didn't see too many limits of what you could sculpt. After being done with this I learned basic stock market terms such as Market orders and limit orders. A market order is an order to buy or sell stocks immediately and at a price close to the latest posted price. this is a very common order as it Guarantees a transaction. It does have its cons one being the fact that there is no guarantee the transaction will be made at the price intended. this means Market orders should be usually done when a person wants to make an order they're confident in and wants it done in a timely matter. a limit order is an order that will only begin at the assigned limit price or lower. for clarification, this means if someone's intention was to buy a stock but only Spend a certain amount of money they can set their budget as a limit price and the stock will only be bought if the price dips at that limit price or lower. this type of order would be ideal for people Who have plenty of time to wait for a transaction and would like to buy and hold stocks over a long period Of time.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

3d designing

Today I learned about the world of 3D printing and how to make my own 3D designs using a 3d design website called tinkercad. I've been learning how to create objects, how rotate objects, change the size and shape of objects, as well as merge objects together and separate them. Using these basic skills I acquired I further learned to do more Advanced skills one of them being hollowing out objects. This action required a combination of creating, merging, Rotating, And altering the size and shape of objects. When used correctly this could provide a massive benefit towards creating more complex designs. so I use this new skill that I learned to apply it to one of my business ideas. I began creating a design for the product I would be selling for my executive summary assignment. having this tool to take what I had imagined in my mind and fully create a model I can clearly present to others allowed me to flesh out any design flaws and structure failures with my product through the use of my own and various others' critiques. An hour later I was able to create a first concept piece of my product and Made notes of All the ideas I had planned to put into action concerning the development of this model. As a result, when I next work on developing this model I'll be able to pick up right where I left off and make any alterations getting me closer to the final product.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

executive summary assignment

today i have been working on setting up the ins and outs of my potential ideas to see which would work best for my executive summary. In particular i have worked on testing to see if I can make one of the ideas cost effective and able to reach MVP. MVP stands for minimally viable product and basically means what is the minimum amount of resources and features needed to get this product to effectively sell early on. this is essential to a executive summary because it is important to a business. this is because when starting a business you don't know if the product will fail or not so in order to not waste too many resources you need to find out what is the minimum needed to get your product or service to sell. in doing so I realized its going to be harder then I initially thought because it seems some of the features I had planned to add to my product to make it stand out might cost too much to put into affect.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Business Expenses

today I learned about business expenses and what you should mainly look out for as well as prioritize when starting up a business. The more commonly known one is paying your employees and most would think of paying for their salary but it's not just a salary you're paying for. you're also paying for any benefits that an employee would have. for example, Social Security benefits are something you would have to pay and take into consideration when estimating how much it would cost to get an employee. If you need a facility there is plenty of different costs, expenses, and fees to take into consideration. there is the first month's rent, the deposit, and utilities such as electricity and heating. Consumables are another variable that can vary in cost depending on how many employees are present. Consumables include items such as hand sanitizer, toilet paper, soap, Certain kitchen appliances, Snacks, Etc. As a result, they also require someone to actually refill and restock these items which means more money spent on an employee that would handle these tasks, or if you wish to take the burden on yourself more time is taken out of your day which can very well cost you even more money in the long run. Now, this may not seem too daunting to a company that only houses three to four employees however a company holding 15 to 20 can rack up a lot of expenses in just consumables. Legal fees are something people take for granted and instead of having a lawyer help in the process of making a contract they instead sometimes take already done contracts which is unreliable because you don't know if those contracts cover the things you need so investing in Legal Assistance, to handle any legal matters concerning contracts or any other agreements, is very important. Furthermore, something else to keep in mind is the fact that you have to stay faithful to your lease agreement. you have to prepare for those worst-case scenarios if your business fails and you have to continue to pay or go to extra work to get out of it. regardless of how you decide to approach it is something that must be taken very seriously when starting a business.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

entrepreneur tips & setting business entity formalities

Today I learned about some General entrepreneur tips and the basic ins and outs of setting business entity formalities. for entrepreneurial work picking an area of personal trouble can be a good way to start as you are experienced in it and understand the problem well. additionally picking 1 target audience per Market Channel is an Effective marketing strategy for efficiently reaching a specific audience. to clarify, this means if you were using YouTube to promote a Fitness business, that YouTube should make videos primarily targeting either Keeping up well general fitness at home or improving overall General Fitness at the gym but not both at the same time. All Businesses in the US generally operate as a company, although there are different ways you can approach this depending on your preference. For One if you wanted to go straight into doing business you would basically operate as a sole proprietor. furthermore, if you wanted to formally operate as a sole proprietor you would have to file an application with your county clerk's office in your Municipality and pay a filing fee. the difference between filing or not is when filing you have the added option to open a bank account under the company name an option not available if you didn't file. Partnerships are more or less the same except they are generally done when a company has more than one person Listed as a co-founder and when filing would have to pay more in filing fees. Corporations Come in various different types and as such should take more thought when looking into but in General, a Corporation is an independent entity That would include your company as a whole and you. This would also mean that you are the employee of the company you own as they are separate from you and are their own entity. Corporations have their own specific taxes that must be filed and any money earned by that company belongs to that specific business. any funds taken from that company to a specific person would be considered income earned from the business which in turn, has its own tax implications.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

identifying your Market & competition

Today I learned about identifying your Market and what you do with the competition. the first thing to keep in mind is sometimes a good idea will work in Theory but the competition might prove too Fierce for you to actually succeed. when this happens you might have to re-evaluate your business and assess whether or not it's still worth endeavoring that's why it's important to have an entrepreneur mindset. With an entrepreneur mindset, you have to have the ability to try 5 businesses in a year and have 4 of them fail and be content with that As in the business world that's actually a decent ratio. it requires a large amount of discipline in comparison to the average person. one way you can build this discipline is by identifying the worst-case scenarios and understanding how you can learn from them as well as taking the time to see if you can logically and emotionally accept them before you actually start. this is so that even in the worst-case scenario you will be mentally as well as emotionally prepared so you always benefit. this is primarily because even if you do fail you still learned valuable information and you have this understanding that the Information is worth it in the end even if it does fail. When dealing with competition Big or small the best thing to do is learn from them, study what they do, study their strategies, and methods of marketing to see what elements of their business you can apply to yours as well as see any flaws in their system. for example If you analyze a few competitors and see they aren't using any apps to directly sell their products this is a flaw you can use to your advantage. if you can take what their missing and add that app that would give your consumers a convenient/direct link to all of your products that's well-organized and not obscured by other brands products, which happens when selling through third parties like Amazon. It can prove quite appealing to your customers, it might even be the difference between them going back to use your products versus just deciding they will use anyone else's. ideas like this can also prove to have the longevity that would consistently provide benefits. for example, going back to the initial scenario if your customers frequently use that app get more comfortable with it, and eventually reach a point where the majority are using it, you can then part ways with third-party companies that would take percentages of your sales. therefore you would save a huge amount on expenses as well as increase your overall profits.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

business leadership & business models

I learned about business leadership as well as business models. one of the main things you need to do when building a business is to come up with a good idea. when you make your idea you want to make sure it's a problem that can be useful to people as some fall into the category of coming up with a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. when you're coming up with your idea it has to be something that can benefit a decent number of people if not the masses. once you do this you want to also evaluate the risks and find out if it is manageable so you can come up with contingency plans for it. eventually, you would want to discuss your idea with potential investors this is where it would be useful to learn how to Pivot. pivoting is when you can take your idea And tweak it to be something completely different without changing your accumulated resources. for example, if you were building a bakery and realized it wasn't the best for you, transitioning into making a pizzeria is a viable option as you can still maintain and keep the same resources you accumulated to make the bakery. all it would take is to simply make minor adjustments to fit a pizzeria. If you're going to investors when presenting an idea it's very important to listen to how they receive your idea. it's not just about whether or not they want to invest but it's more important to listen to what they have to say since they know more than you and can give you insight on what your idea can bring in. for example if an investor is strongly against your idea and does not want to invest in it whatsoever Heed their words because they have experience and if they don't think it will work it most likely won't. Creating an executive summary can be a good way to tell whether your idea has potential. an executive summary contains what your business does, who are your consumers, your mechanism of marketing, and who you are. It should be no longer than one paragraph and will give you a very good idea of how Fruitful your business can be this is primarily because an executive summary is a shorter version of a business plan.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Today I learned about the fundamentals of Entrepreneurship. there are a few core mental mindsets you need to have when going into the field of Entrepreneurship. what I came to find is that most of these Preach the creation of a good healthy positive workspace and environment For not only you but more importantly your employees. To clarify as a boss you should Supply employees with what they need to perform Effectively to the best of your ability. This is primarily because you cannot do it alone as you need people to help you so you want to make it one of your priority to make sure that they are equipped to provide that support for you. Not only do you need strongly motivated workers but finding a partner That shares your interests and goals is important. someone to share the burdens of your more critical problems with is essential. However, you don't want to just pick anyone because if they're working with you they're going to have to solve problems there are of the highest priority. Therefore you should find a partner that is highly intelligent highly energetic and has strong integrity. High Intelligence is obviously required and high energy is also important because you need someone that's going to be motivated and willing to put in the hard work. Lastly just as important as being really smart and a hard worker is Having high integrity. without someone who has high integrity you'll be working with someone you cannot trust not only that But any action they take that may be negative would directly affect you since you work with them and reflect poorly on the company since they are strongly associated with the company so above all Someone with high integrity is crucial and should not the excluded in any circumstance. This not only applies to your partner but should apply to you. one of the main things you should do when building a business is stick to strong core values that you abide by no matter what benefits straying from those values may offer you. Managing to keep these mindsets cemented in your decision-making can help build a strong Workforce and Foundation that will solidify your company long term.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

earn income living a jet setter lifestyle

Today I learned about living life successfully as a jet-setter. What was unknown to me with all of the potential benefits living this lifestyle could have. for example living as a digital nomad can come with better quality of life for a free reduced cost compared to living at home. this is because, for areas like Bali or Chiang Mai, some certain quality of life items that will be considered very expensive and hard to gain in most Western countries Is actually much more affordable in other areas. This also gives you location and independency as you can work from anywhere. This not only allows you to travel and explore the world as you still work but also gives you the chance to see New Perspectives, learn new skills, and opens up opportunities for networking on a global scale. Furthermore, I also learned that many of the strategies taken by successful digital nomads are strategies and tips that can be applied to multiple areas of work. to elucidate they would tell you to diversify your income sources which basically means don't put all your eggs in one basket. this is something that can easily be a apply to all forms of work as relying solely on one source of income Odell can work for most is in general a risk you always want to have multiple options available to you in the event of any potential problem that may arise with your main source of income. additionally many will tell you to learn new skills and not just any skills but skills you can acquire online by simply looking on social media sites like YouTube. you can learn it in a wide array of different skills that when taken to an expert level can provide a very decent income. Lastly, arguably the most important lesson I learned was to maintain a balance even if you aren't planning on living a nomadic lifestyle it is always fruitful to invest some time in exploring the world as this can help with recognizing preconceived prejudices and eliminating them as well as teaching you how to become more flexible and find out any potential interests or paths in life you can take That you might not have previously been exposed to which can often be the case whenever you just stay home and not Explore.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

time management / heath and productivity

today I learned about health and productivity as well as time management. With time management there are some general tips to keep in mind such as limiting potential distractions like notifications or Documenting your steps when working on large projects. however, in general, the main thing to keep in mind is that multitasking does not work as humans are not Adept at that ability so although you may think it works it most likely doesn't and would decrease your efficiency with whatever work you're actually required to get done. Out of all the things I learned about time management most of them had to do with planning ahead. Scheduling everything is the main essential as it helps with many of the other strategies you can employ. for example, prioritizing your most difficult tasks will be advantageous as opposed to handling the smaller ones first because by the time you reach your main task you would have been Tired and out of time if you spent the whole day doing a bunch of small tasks. Setting up small rewards as incentives to complete your tasks as well as scheduling breaks in between can both provide The mind and body a break giving you time to refresh thus increasing productivity. These tips more directly correlate with what I learned in health and productivity. Taking your time and investing it in exercise is one way you can work on your health to increase productivity. to clarify exercise can help with sleep as well as mood and confidence these can be great boosters when working hard throughout the days. sufficient sleep, as well as hydration, can both prove very helpful in avoiding things like heart disease or diabetes while also improving things like healthy bowel function, nourishment of cells, and increasing your heart's ability to pump blood to the muscles. And if you can invest a lot of time investing some money into getting a fitness or nutrition coach can give you the information and guidance you need towards reaching that healthy lifestyle.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Beware of scams & Networking with other people

Today I learned some of the dangers in Business and the workforce. Scams are an ongoing problem that is prevalent in almost every aspect of life. Because they are so common though there are some strategies you can utilize to avoid them. One of them is to avoid offers that are too good to be true and be extra cautious of scammers in times of desperation as scammers like to pick out targets in unfortunate situations. additionally, be cautious of unverifiable references if you can't hear from a human being's mouth that whatever you heard is true assume it is false. finally, 1 easy way a find out if you're being scammed is to Simply Google the website or company name and add the word scan to see if you get any results. Also learned about networking and some general rules to follow. for example, don't Network only when you need to this is a sign of desperation which would be made Obvious to whoever you're talking to. furthermore consistently Networking can help with experience Improving your skills at forming connections with people as well as finding rare opportunities that you would have not come across if you just only looked to network whenever you need it. Most importantly build relationships don't just flat-out seek business you can also improve on this by keeping in touch with any people you make connections with even well after your initial meeting. And lastly, make sure to do proper research into any potential clients or Business partners As finding common interests or understanding the goals associated with that person's company or personal work can make perfect ice breakers as well as help with forming a connection but when approaching always make sure to respect the person's time and space.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Mastering the job interview & getting hired

Today I've learned that when involved in a job interview there are many different protocols/procedures to follow. Many of which I knew and some I learned but the main thing that grabbed my attention was the amount of work you should put into preparing for the interview. For one there is no set in stone rules that apply to every situation as there are different types of interviews some are done over the phone some during video calls and some in person. however, before even going to an interview a person must do the proper research into the business or company they are trying to work at. Some key things to look into are the company values the main individuals and higher management any news or event about the business ends the company's culture / overall goals. this is crucial because it can provide you with so much information that would be useful for not only discovering whether or not this business is right for you but also making a good impression on the employer as well. After all, it shows that you took the time and effort to truly understand what it is you're getting into this shows that you're serious And willing to go the extra mile which can set you apart from other candidates. another crucial tip I hadn't previously known was to ask questions as you're also trying to understand whether or not this is a good place for you. Additionally all information is good information those details if used properly can open up many doors for you or provide a good impression if you can open up those questions into conversations that can also further enhance your look towards the employer.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

fundamentals of remote working/ how to get paid

Today I've learned the various amount of different key Life lessons, details, and information In regards to remote learning as well as payment options and working as a whole. One of the main lessons I learned that stuck with me is that working hard doesn't always mean you can't indulge and enjoy the things you are passionate about. if you can budget properly and understand your wants and needs You can always find ways to devote spare money to your personal Passions without putting a Holt on your overall goals. Additionally, learning all that remote work had to offer taught me that with remote work you have freedom of hours, You're able to create your own workspace, and save large amounts of time that otherwise would have been spent on commute. furthermore, as an employer, remote work can open a larger pool available to you that would be filled with various different potential employees from all around the world Allowing you to pick more carefully and find the very best candidates for your business. these are only a few advantages of remote work however there also are varying challenges sometimes not every business can do it properly as remote work also takes a decent understanding of how to operate and take into consideration handling employees that are in various different time zones, cultures, and living situation. on the other hand as an employee you do face your own set of challenges such as Lack of social interactions, discipline, And finding the motivation to work very productive leave when your TV and bed only feet away. Lastly, I learned all the varying different options I can receive money as well as send money. these options include PayPal, Zelle, Crypto-currency, Square, and many more.