Log of what of Melanie Blaine has learned at Techie Youth

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Previously on Techie Youth...

Previously, I completely forgot to complete the end of the day assignments. So over the course of these days I've learned quite a bit. From selling art online, to quality assurance, learning a bit more about providing services and recruiting and talent acquisition.

To start off, I remember a lot about talent acquisition! Who knew there was a difference between HR versus acquisition. I always thought HR did the acquisition. Now I realize, for the most part they are simply looking to see who are the best candidates AFTER the recruiting has been done.

Ive also gotten to learn my fair share of "R-code" and virtual assistant. R code is used for statistical language. Which was interesting to learn as I was always interested In knowing. I know there's so many relations with computing and technology in these fields and I am always curious to see which languages certain fields use. As every STEM field can't certainly use the same program. So this has been an interesting learn.

Virtual assistance was almost common sense to me. Though I did learn a heap of new things. A lot about communication and eye-contact and things of the sort! I apologize for the vagueness. Dealing with extreme stress at the moment and having difficulty storing certain things.

Hope you enjoyed this brief summary.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022


I hoped today would pick up a bit. However, I found myself getting a bit bored with it all. I was mostly focused on a lot of the details. Which I truly love but I think the execution wasn't as interactive or really attractive. I did find myself perking up at certain videos. Typically videos where the creator is perky and bubbly.

Despite these things I learned what I could. Such as; Cold calling. This involves emailing potential clients or submitting letters to ads or basically much of what you can do remotely.

I then learned about "The Backdoor." This is offering to do something for free to build a relationship. Typically this is done for exposure and earning clients.

Then there's "The Referral." You get introduced to clients or job offers through friends or/and previous clients.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Learning the basics and more of Video editing


This session today was amazing. It felt like I was watching lots of movies and entertainment. I really got to see behind the scenes. What created a movie and what a huge part editing serves.

I learned some key terms. Which I will get to in a second.

I learned about jump-cuts. Which typically are used to add a sense of urgency to scenes. I got to learn about match-cuts. Which are matched by the action of a scene or by the environment of a scene. At least that is how I differentiate jump-cuts vs match-cuts. These are also transition styles.

The significant topic I learned has been about more transition types but this includes "J-cuts and L-cuts." These were very interesting to learn. I found out they were named this because of the shape the make in the progression bar. If I'm not mistaken, the audio will come before the scene. In the "L-cut" The audio from the previous scene advances before the next scene.

In "J-cut" the audio from the next scene proceeds before the next scene. Or to easily remember it, the audio from the next scene enters right during/after the previous scene.

I enjoy movies and am quite observant. Especially about the way scenes are shot and the lighting, the sound, the way the actors move/speak/feel. I really dislike far away shots unless it is shot in a certain environment. Or if the lighting is so bright. As this makes me feel as though I am watching something far too casual. As if I am at a Sundance Festival.

Other than this I finally have a name for the mics that the actors wear! It's referred to as Law mic. Who knew?!

"Boom mic" is a mic that is on a pole. I get the visual that it is the one I've seen on tv. With the "fuzzy" microphone. I'm sure it's not actually fuzzy.

I learned that while adding you should watch the film TWICE. I think this would be when a job starts to feel like a job. Watch 1hr+ movie over and over again. First time watching, see it as the audience would. The second time, start taking notes.

I did learn a bit about color grading. Saturation and exposure. I don't think there was much on that topic but I'll be sure to look into in tomorrow.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Creating a website with Techie Youth

Today I got to learn more about writing! Really love this area. I learned more about transcription and even shown some websites to make money for transcriptions. I also didn’t realize how difficult it actually is. For audio transcriptions, that is. Your grammar has to be correct. Error must be at a minimum. That relatively difficult!

On another note; the assignment calls for me to creat a website. I believe called a “portfolio.” I’ve been a bit tedious about it and perhaps doing more than necessary. I really want to make it my own. However, I want to keep in mind of time and may have to settle for just wrapping it up. I’d like to graduate Techie Youth as well.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

My day @ Techie Youth

Today, I've learned quite a bit. I admit im still a bit flustered at the "technical writing" portion. I watched videos and even the suggested videos under those videos yet I keep failing the quiz!

Other than that, I have learned quite a bit about customer service. Most of it felt a bit like common sense. Greeting customers by their name. Checking for grammar and punch errors.

What I hadn't realized was to address one issue at a time. To be rather straight-forward but precise and clear. Also, something from one of my previous learning, I believe it was the intro to techie. It was abut remote work. they mentioned to smile when answering the phone and speaking. As it can be heard in your voice. I think that same logic can be applied to any customer service. Specifically involving CSR via voice.

I also remembered that technical is just a summary of technology. Also something I'd learned previously.

Sun. Jul. 17, 2022

Learning more about devops roles and building my writing skills with techie youth

What a day! I got to learn ALOT about the role of release manager. I got to learn the different strategies. That continuous release availability is much preferred. It allows for continuous delivery whenever required. “ release solutions into productions whenever required.” Delivery being the environment in which is being released.

Several devop practices should be implemented.

Such as;

Fully automated deployment

Fully automated regression testing

Feature toggles

Self-recovering components.

I got to learn about some values of a devop. Some of the most important to remember: Use infrastructure as code!

Destroy all your servers, all the time!!

Zero in or deep downtime deployment .

nfrastructure as code is the process of managing and provisioning server infrastructure through machine readable definition files. Using IAC means more reliable releases. When you automate the process of installation and reconfiguring software, it reduces the room for error.

Destroying all servers, all the time! This is a way to prevent configuration drift. “configuration drift" is where the actual configuration of a server evolves overtime. Due to the effect of making changes on top of changes. So by destroying our servers intentionally, we prevent this. This should be used as a regular part of maintenance.

The destruction and restoration of each environment is called a Phoenix server.

What happens to users during this destruction? This is where zero downtime enters the room. It deploys software without affecting user base.

To do this, Simply use load balancer to redirect network traffic to new environment. This way the users experience no disruption in service. Some load balancers include; hat proxy or enginx. All of the traffic is then routed to the active server environment.

I did learn a bit more about other roles as well. I also learned the difference between front-end and back-end. Back end is any application connected to the internet “cloud” who’s primary focus is to service client requests. Front-end is anything running on client. That could be code running on browser or on ur phone.

For writing I got to learn more about backlight. backlinks are links from a page from one site to another. Backlinks help google and other search engines determine which pages should rank higher based on their given query.

A lot of information in one day but am happy to keep moving forward!

Sat. Jul. 16, 2022

day.. @ Techie youth

Today I got to learn more about writing and a bit more into web development. I was able to complete some quizzes, yay!

I definitely learned more on copywriter. I had no idea copywriter was more about writing advertisement and sales. To persuade the reader to take action. I always thought a copywriter wrote the "legal disclaimers" in books.

I learned more about roles in tech. Such as Administrative and I learned about domains. DNS servers and web host. I will revisited these topics at another point to make sure I can recall what everything means. I have taken notes and will study such.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

More to go at Techie Youth

Techie youth! What a day!! I finally went back to learning more about web design. After I needed a short break. I finally figured out where I went wrong in my code! I completely forgot to end my code with “/header” it really reminded me how important tagging is! I finally finished this part up though I feel as though I will go back and revisit the parts I didn’t quite catch. I was able to pass the quiz after going over all the material. I learned that margin and padding is about controlling the space around it. It’s easy to remember margin.. like the margins on a paper. So I always imagine the two vertical lines and the space around those lines.

I then went into learning more about web development roles. The great analogy I loved is that similar to a car. That the design is about how the car looks and feel and really about the entire experience. Development is about the engine and the ignition and the controls and just the internals. That one cannot exist without the other.

I then learned that backend development is more "server side" language. Which includes "php" and "ruby."

Front-end is more Client side development.Which includes "CSS" "HTML" and "javascript."

I'm sure there are more to come and I can't wait to learn more!

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Writing?! App development?!

Today at techie youth I learned a variety of things.

For starters, I was no longer interested in learning about web development. At least not at the second! Just hit a little roadblock.

Decided to look into creating mobile apps.I learned that creating mobile apps could make an entry worker about 78k per year. I also learned that to really get the most out of this career you should be open to learning more skills. More specifically in Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin. I’m aware that these are all programming languages.

On another note; I then switched to writing. Writing is something I very much adore! Future English teacher here! I learned about self-publishing and going through a more traditional publisher. This instantly made me remember my Wattpad book that I had been writing that was actually doing good but I abandoned. Got to get back with that!

I did peep that traditional ways would take years! You have to find an agent. An editor. Things of this nature. Also when you choose traditional ways you lose much creativity. Once you sign on the dotted line the publisher has rights to change the title or the cover or make edits to the book. Doesn’t sound too good!

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Day 4. @ Techie Youth

It’s been a long day! I had many difficulties with using the application. I still have not found the solution as to why [tab] for auto completion does not work. I have no choice but to use “control” followed by space to see suggestions. Then click on the suggestion. Which to me is time consuming. I prefer to be able to use key commands as they feel faster.

On another note; I remember still learning even as I made a mistake. The new tutorial had a different concept from previously. I didn’t want to lose the “website” I worked on previously. I had difficulty figuring out how to open a new file. It took me a while to figure this out.

I learned or well was refreshed on the meaning of “pixel.” It is similar to being a small dot on the screen.

Once I found out how to open a new file I had another problem. When using live server it was not showing correctly. Instead it was showing a search bar and letter under it. Fortunately it didn’t take me too long to notice that the word was the exact same word that I named the file. I then had to remember the “index.html” I renamed the file to this and voila! Problem solved!

I also learned about semantics tags! Semantics were introduced as they are especially easier to understand. These tags include but are not limited to; </header>, <nav>, <section> and <footer>

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022


I learned more on the basics of code. Things got a little complicated as I learned it complexities. Mostly due to the fact that I had some unanswered questions. I’ll like to assume that it’ll be answered in the next videos or I can continue googling them.

I learned that Text comes with h1 tag being largest. All the way down to h6. These are header tags. “ <h1></h1>

“/“ is a closure. I’ve included some of my own notes below:


A like break is <br/> it is a self-closing tag.

So “</h1” is the closing tag. Anything in-between the opening tag and the closing tag is consider inside of a tag.

You can have tags inside of tags. You can have an infinite amount. If there’s nothing inside of the tag it is considered self-closing. See example; “<img/>”

Tags can have attributes. The attributes describes things about the tag. The tag in this case being “img”

<p> is paragraph.

is the correct tag for using BOLD.

I practiced a bit with these for a majority of my time. Just to get comfortable with using these fundamentals. I have made significant improvements.

Excited to see more progression tomorrow.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Coding with TECHIE YOUTH- beginner

Melanie Blaine



What a day! It took some time to grasp some concepts. Sometimes I was too ahead and had to slow down. Other moments, I was a bit behind and had to spend time replaying multiple videos. I have to admit, yesterday was a bit slow as I wasn’t doing much of what interested me. Today I actually got up to being able to choose which I wanted to learn more of. I chose some coding.

How interesting has it been! I’ve been able to grasp Tags, tags names and attributes. I now know there are 3 tags: html tag, head tag, body tag. Head and body are both inside HTML. Indent is about organization. To see what’s inside of what. This is what stuck the most.

I also learned what client and server are. The client is the Web Browser, computer or device and the “presentation.” The client involves receiving user inputs and sending that input to the server.

I did my best to keep notes but chances are I will go over the videos again and invest more time and effort into its organization and precision.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

What I've learned at Techie Youth today.


Melanie Blaine.



Today, on 07/06/2022, I learned a multitude of information. More specifically related to advertising. Such as how to use certain services. Like “chime” and “Square.”

I also learned how to create a resume and how to create a cover letter. I learned how language is very important and to be vocal about using “you” instead of “I.” In the sense, be sure to sell your capabilities and how those abilities would be a great asset to the company you are interviewing with.

I also learned that 90% of businesses would become remote in decades from now. Though it has been also said that company’s will replace the ones that have gone remote.

Today, I also created an LinkedIn account. Which I was putting off for a very long time but this has made me do it. I always thought it had to be for the already established.

It has all been a lot of information and this just sums up everything that has “stuck” with me.