Log of what of Lizabel Calderon has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 18, 2022

Techie youth- reselling, data entry, and online work

Today I learned about reselling objects and making a profit. The best way one can start off with minimal resources is by going to garage sales or finding great deals in stores. Often during garage sales, you can even score something for free. You may be able to see that an object is worth more than what it is being given away from the top of your head but that is not always the case.

You can always search for an object or item on the internet and find out what it is going for. There are cases where the item. is rare or vintage and some people are willing to pay a lot of money for that. It could be a kid's toy or a vintage tea set. The good thing about getting your products from places like a garage sale or marketplace is that it is really easy to make a profit when reselling.

When someone has more resources they can invest them in buying popular and luxury items at retail prices bigger prices and reselling them for a much higher value. This works really well when it comes to shoes and bags. People are willing to pay a greater price if they weren't able to get their hands on a product. This product becomes much more exclusive and means there is a greater profit for providing them the assurance that they have secured that certain product.

When selling items for profit it is extremely important to be cautious. If you are buying an item at a great deal online it is important to take note of what additional charges and fees may be added at checkout. For instance the delivery or shipping costs. It is also important to be cautious about fraudulent sellers. Some people may have a listing posted, but that does not ensure that they are an actual seller. They may just be looking for someone to mug or kidnap. One way that can help you avoid this is by looking at the seller's reviews. If they have bad or no reviews you should reconsider the thought of doing business with them.

You could also check out their profile. If the person seems to be anonymous and has no pictures up, it is most likely not a real person. They are likely hiding their identity because they do not have the best intentions therefore they are already covering their tracks. One should also pay attention to whether or not the seller has provided a description for the product or photos to prove that they even have the product. You can even ask a seller for receipts through messages and take this as an extra step of precaution.

Something else I learned about is amazon Mechanical Turk. This is an online marketplace. You can be a worker to do a job or as a requester. If you want to be a worker there are jobs available on the page all the time and you don't have to worry about what time of day it is. It can ask you to verify restaurant details, verify images, and much more. The more jobs you do the more work you get. The rewards vary and you can make as little to a cent or much higher such as 20 dollars for a task.

I also learned about data entry from home with amazon. There are human intelligence tasks when you sign in. They are also called hits. One example is transferring data from receipts to computers. You would input the business name, transaction date and the total amount of the purchase. Tasks like these pay about 5 cents per hit.

Tue. Aug. 16, 2022

Techie Youth- Advertising, Budgeting, and Remote tutoring

I learned about the zoom platform. One of zooms' best features is the recording feature. You click it before you start your lecture or presentation and then after you finish you click end meeting. Zoom is a great free application for online tutors and you can teach all sorts of subjects such as math, music, language, and much more. You can also set up the meeting with a passcode so that it is a safe place for your meeting, and only authorized users will have access to it. The most important feature is the camera feature. Instead of feeling like you are talking to a computer, you can see the other person face to face virtually. This can really help you determine if your student is understanding the content and if they are having trouble.

I also learned about marketing and advertising techniques. One of the sayings is sex sells. Companies use the best-looking people such as victorias secret which sells. Advertisers use younger actors to make others believe they are so young and energetic especially when it comes to older audiences. In Jeep commercials, they show the forest or the beach and that makes you want to have a car that can take you to those places as well. The 12th appeal is used to invoke emotion and understand a cause. The audience will be more inspired to help. The potential appeal is placed to show people what could be. For example, Lego commercials show kids what they could build which encourages them and their parents to do what they can do. Lastly, the scarcity appeal makes people think things are happening for a limited time and makes them want to buy a product to keep such as the coke bottles with names on them.

In another video, I learned about the power of negotiating. When it comes to a seller and a customer, you want to avoid being the one to throw the first number. The person who does this starts off losing because the other will obviously respond with much less for you or higher value for them. You should always read the person you are doing business with to figure out how negotiable they are. Usually, these interactions are negotiable and you just have to play smart. You don't always need to ask for more money in your favor. Instead, you can add to the value by asking for more value for the money you will be giving. For instance, if a seller is already set on a price, you can ask them to throw in some additional features or accessories to make it your money's worth.

I also learned about budgeting. It is extremely important to keep track of your daily spending. Especially the small purchases that you make on a regular basis. For example paying for meter parking, buying coffee, buying lunch, and other small purchases. Usually, once you add of up all these quantities they will sum to a major fraction of your daily spending. It is wise to find a way to limit this spending when they are unnecessary. For example, instead of buying overpriced coffee at a Starbucks, you can save money by making it yourself.

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Techie Youth 3D printing

In this techie youth course, I learned about 3d printing. When designing these models, one should profit by selling the object for more than what it costs to make. It is less expensive to print in one color so something in multicolor should be priced accordingly.

You can create 3D shapes numbers and symbols on software packages such as tinker cards. These basic shapes are building blocks for the models one makes. You can use the menu on tinker block to delete, duplicate, rotate and modify those building blocks. An important principle for creating a complex model you should break it up into smaller and simpler parts. This principle is called divide and conquer.

There are many more software programs other than tinker card. Another popular and free alternative is called Blender. Blender is mostly used for more oddly shaped objects and is also a popular option in game development.

Three-dimensional printers are very expensive and it isn’t easy to get your hands on one. To overcome this obstacle you can opt to send your three-dimensional creations to a low-cost printing company. Arrangements can be made so that the printing company can send the model to a selected client.

It is wise to consider investing in a 3D printer of your own. One can do so by using their profits and savings set apart for work-related investments. Once you have your own printer you can become a printing company to make additional income. This can help pay off the three-dimensional printer.

As time passes the world is becoming even more technologically advanced. If found interesting it is really wise to find a career in 3-D printing. Because the future is surrounded by technology, 3D printing has a great outlook and is expected to grow over the next years. You can look into designing the prints, being a salesperson, working in production, management, support and marketing.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Techie Youth Web Development

I learned about careers involving technology. Many times people are assigned a project by a client and they are given a time frame to complete it. When it comes to project management they help a lot with documentation and need to have the right personality. When starting off you can have a small low-risk project to practice your skills. You can interact with many people in this job so it is great to network, especially with other team members. A lot of times things don't go to plan so you have to reroute and become confident with a new plan. One video recommends not to shy away from challenges and see them as something exciting.

Another video talked about some skills that may be needed for certain jobs. Many times in web development it is important to know multiple coding languages such as C++ and javascript. Javascript is the universal coding language so many people choose to learn that one. Learning how to code can allow you to create your own website and even video games. Although some people go to college and get majors in computer science to work in this specific field, it is not necessary. Some choose to go to coding boot camps and even to self-teach themeselves.

There are a lot of youtube courses that can teach you about these languages and you can put them on your resume. When applying for jobs you also shouldn't feel discouraged if you don't meet all the requirements asked. You can quickly learn what they are looking for in the job and tell them how you have been recently spending a lot of time on that certain skill which is a positive aspect. It also shows your determination and dedication to getting that job.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Techie Youth Writing Course

Today I learned about what a Blog is. A blog, or weblog, is a website where different authors write their own pieces and articles. These articles could be about many things such as cooking, lifestyle, etc. Most of the time these blogs aren't formal and have a more casual feel to them.

One of the videos explained that the best way to write a blog is to write it as if you were speaking. To start fresh and forget about all the strict rules one may have learned from an English class. One should feel the need to force out a word count, or the number of sentences to complete a paragraph. It should just flow as the author wants it to.

Another essential point that one of the videos talked about was concerning the clarity of blogs. Blogs shouldn't be made in the most complex form. It's best to make it as simple as possible so that a child could be able to read without any issues.

I also learned about copywriting careers. A copywriter is basically a salesmen in writing. They write phrases and words on websites that encourage people to engage with your website. Copywriters are not to get confused with content writers who are completely different. Unlike the copywriter whose purpose is to persuade an audience, the content writer's purpose is to inform.

I had already known about writing as a career when it came to being an author but I wasn't as well informed about the cons of being a writer. In one of the videos, I learned that being a writer can become tough because you can lose control of your own work. If you sign a contract with a publisher they get to make changes even if you do not agree with them. Working with a publisher and under a contract can also take a lot of months and even years. I thought it would be faster since they are professionals so that surprised me.

Overall a writer has many pathways they can follow if that is their passion. There is a big world available for writers and I believe there is something for everyone and their preferred style of work.