Log of what of Khamani Phillip has learned at Techie Youth

Mon. Aug. 15, 2022

Video Editing

Today at Techie Youth I learned more about video editing. The purpose of video editing is to combine images and sounds in a way that helps the brain create meaning in order to tell a story. You should have a great script for your video as this will make people like the story to your video. Choosing a great color combination will allow people visuals to be stimulated and liked. Use high quality images that helps with the story telling. Make sure your video has great sound and sound effects to help people understand what is going on. Format and plan out how your video goes then market your video to the public eye. This is what I learned today about editing videos.

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Learning About Video Editing

Today at Techie Youth I learned about video editing and what video editors do. A video editor's job is to communicate a story or message by combining video clips and audio together. Video editors work from home and on their own schedule. They get money for their creativity and it's a great side hustle to have. A freelancer video editor negotiates their own hours and own pay, picks their own projects, needs less experience to start working, and it can be an inconsistent source of income. A staff editor has a steady income and assignments, the opportunity to learn from co workers, a fixed pay and schedule, and its harder to get a job with no established portfolio.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Learning about Databases

Today at Techie Youth I learned about databases. databases are used to store data on your website. There are 2 types of databases for websites which are called Non -Relational and Relational. Non-relational databases usually piece together relevant content into a single monolithic record which is referred to as denormalized data. Relational databases "normalize" the data by splitting the data into small pieces of practical information. It links these pieces of information by creating keys that define relations.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Domain Names and How it works

Today at Techie Youth I learned about domain names and how it works. A domain name is an address to your website. Every website has an IP address. An IP address An IP is a set of random numbers put together. But, when you purchase a domain name it gives the IP address to your website a simple name that people can type in to get to your website. When you type in a website the internet sends a request to the DNS. DNS stands for Domain Name System. The DNS will look up and find the IP Address that matches your website's name and find it for you which is how were able to surf our favorite websites. If you want to start a website for any thing you should purchase a domain name.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Featured Snippets

Today at Techie Youth I learned about Featured Snippets. A featured snippet is known as a quick answer box. It has impacted SEO alot over the years. There are 3 types of featured snippets. First, type is paragraphs which are usually for single word queries or definitions. Secondly list featured snippets are used for how to queries, which are usually numbered. Thirdly, table featured snippets are the most popular type of featured snippet which are used for data points. There are more video based and image based snippets on the Internet. Nearly 30% of queries now include featured snippets. Smaller queries usually get less traffic than question based queries which require more searching on the Internet. 70% of featured snippets are pulled in from sites of the internet ranging from 2-10. These are featured snippets.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Digital Marketing Information

Today at Techie Youth I learned about digital marketing. Digital marketing is marketing on the internet using tools from the internet/technology. You can use the internet, mobile phones, social media, search engines, and other things to do digital marketing. The goal of digital marketing is to reach consumers who will buy the product through digital forms of promoting. The internet is great for advertising as the content on the internet can be viewed by an abundance of people. It reaches people beyond their geographic location with the use of Internet Marketing.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Gamification of Mobile Apps

Today at Techie Youth I learned the value of gamifcation of mobile apps. Games in the app store always sell the most and are bought the most. Scientists that study adults purchasing games in the app store believe that it releases the dopamine in people's brains. It has the power to trigger different emotions in people also. It awakens curiosity in people which motivates users to get more rewards and trophies. It encourages competition which will make users compare scores and try to get the advantage. It creates a sense of control while using the app making the person be able to track their progress. This is what I learned at Techie Youth today.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

How To Update an App in the Google Play Developer Console

Today at Techie Youth I learned how to update an app in the google play developer console. I will now list the steps:

1: Go to developer console

2: After you log in select the All Application

3: Select your publish app which one you want to update just this picture in Below

4: After selecting the app look at the release management

5: After Product and select manage. Drag and drop the new .APK file into the 'APKs to add' section. You'll notice that the previous APK version will become deactivated. This is normal.

6:Release name will automatically update to the next appropriate version. For "What's new in the release?" you can put "Bug Fixes and Feature Enhancements".

7:Click the Save then Review to process.

8: Finally, review the release information on the next screen. Then scroll down to the bottom and click 'Start Rollout to Production'.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

How To Publish Your app on Apple Store

Today at Techie Youth I learned how to publish an app on the apple store:

1: Make sure you understand and read the guidelines to having an app on the apple store. Your app must honor these rules and guidelines

2: Test your app thoroughly to make sure there are no glitches or problems. It may get denied from the app store for a bug found by apple's testers of apps.

3: Become a member of Apple's developer program. This program allows you to release apps on the appstore, use additional apple tools, see analytics of your app, and beta testing.

4: Create an Itunes Connect Account: This allows for you to better manage your app on the apple store. You can use Itunes Connect to also submit and develop apps

5: Configure your app for distribution. You will need an app icon for your app, a screenshot showing how your app works, and metadata.

6: Uploading the app to the app store. Use programs like Xcode or Application loader to aid you in this process.

7: Submit the app

8: Wait for your review submission from Apple.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Guide To Creating Music From Home

At Techie Youth today I learned how best to create music from a computer. The main components you will need to create music from home is a DAW, MIDI Controller, Audio Interface, and Studio Equipment. DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation and these are programs that allow you to record, edit, and produce audio files. You can use programs like Logic Pro X, FL Studios, Ableton Live, Reason, and Cubase as DAWs to get started. MIDI stands for musical instrument digital interface and its used for controlling digital instruments. It doesn't produce sound but shows how the music produced. An audio interface is important for recording tracks and sound. It provides the link from your computer to any of your external hardware(your equipment). The last thing you mainly need is good mixing equipment. Mixing equipment can change your whole track with sound, accuracy, and production. In conclusion to create music from home you will need these things listed in this blog.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Best Free Software Options

I learned at Techie Youth about great free software options to use when making music at home. Garage band is number one and this software comes with a variety of instruments and samples to help with the artist/producer creativity. Tracktion uses the MIDI functionality making it more complex than Garage band. It helps you with creativity and gives you more tools to make music. Klevgrand Syndtsphere are perfect for people who like synthesizers in their music. There are over 70 samples of synths to choose from which can give you fewer limitations and more tools to music making. Audacity is the 4th best free software option. Audacity's main use is for editing and manipulating audio. It is generally easy to use and could offer a great help for music making at home for free. Glada is the last free software option that is used as a loop machine. It is usually used by Djs and other artists while they perform to make and manipulate beats on the fly. It also has a built in wave editor that is really good. It's free and usually takes up no space in your storage. These are the 5 best free software options that are great for music making at home.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Requirements to be a Music Producer

I learned about the requirements to be a music producer. The requirements are necessities that you need to have or want to have to be a good producer. The main responsibilities of a music producer is to manage budgets, coaching artists, rearranging compositions, employing session musicians, and liaising with recording engineers. You should be able to work on old or new music. You should be creative and responsible. You will most likely need a Bachelor Degree in science of music, or bachelor degree in music.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Learning about Commodities

I learned about Commodities at Techie Youth today. Commodities are basic goods used in trade that are interchangeable with other goods of the same type. It is more used in the production process of goods and services. Commodities are basically the raw materials used to manufacture goods while the finished goods are called the product. Investors or traders can buy, sell, or trade commodities in markets using cash or using derivatives such as futures or options. Owning certain commodities will be looked at in your financial portfolio as hedge against inflation.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Stock Options

I learned about stock options today at Techie Youth today. I learned that an option is a contract that offers the opportunity to buyers to buy or sell. It is like an underlying asset because you can profit depending on what type of contract you hold. Each contract has an expiration date. The expiration date is a date by where the holder must exercise an option by that time. The stated price on an option is called the strike price. Stock options are usually bought and sold through online brokers.