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Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Usability testing advantages vs disadvantage

software tester LinkedIn profile guide

1. Understand your Target group

2. A/B test your profile picture

3. relevant achievements

4. Relevant endorsements

5. Marketing through content

6. completing the skills section

Tips on references

What is usability testing?

Advantages for of usability testing


Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Advantage and disadvantages of unit testing

Unit Testing is a type of software testing where individual units or components of a software are tested.

1. unit tests help to fix bugs early in the development cycle and save costs.

2. it helps developers to understand the testing code base and enables them to make changes quickly.

3. Good unit tests serve as project documentation.

4. Unit tests help with code re-use. Migrate both your code ad your tests to your new project. Tweak the code unit the tests run again.

Unit testing advantage

Unit testing disadvantage

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Stress Testung and STLC phases

Stress Testing is a non functional testing technique that is performed as part of performance testing. During stress testing, the system is monitored after subjecting the system to overload to ensure that the system can sustain stress

Reasons for conducting Stress Testing

Phases of STLC

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Easier ways to travel and ways to become a visual assistant

Visual Assistant responsibilities are:

Requirements and skills

Traits that generally make for a great VA include:

Virtual Assistant skills to master

1. Personal time management

2. Bookkeeping

3. Scheduling and Correspondence

4. Lead Generation

5. Content Management

6. Social Madia Management

7. E- Commerce Support

8. Writing

9. Proofreading

10. Project Management

11. Data Entry

Tips for Booking Cheaper Flights

1. Book Early for Cheap Flights

2. Set price alerts

3. Be flexible

4. Book a connecting flight

5. Consider discount airlines

6. Use more than one travel portal

7. Browse airline specials

8. Use airline credit card to avoid baggage fees

9. Use award miles

10. Use your credit card travel credits

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Hiring Employees

Recommendations for a resume to make it past bots

1. Use standard file types. use Microsoft word or Google doc to give something the parser can parse.

2. Check your grammar and spelling

3. Clearly list your skills and make it easy for the parser to understand your years of experience.

Things employers look for when they google you

1.A professional headshot. Whenever possible, employers want to know what they applicants look like.

2. Your online portfolio. Employers want to find out how much of your work and accomplishments can be found online. An online portfolio is a great way to showcase what you've displayed on your resume and build credibility for yourself as a job seeker.

3. The size of your digital footprint. Employers also want to know how you present yourself and interact with others online.

4. Your character and behavior. Not only do employers want to know your qualification for the position, but they also want to know how you'd fit in with their culture

Guidelines to introduce new employers

1. Keep it short, straightforward and conclusive. You do not need any unnecessary details

2. introduce your new employee formally, with his name, the positions that they are filling in.

3. Shortly discuss the new employees educational background and past work experience.

4. Call the rets of your company employees to a welcome party for the new employee.

8 steps of the selection process for hiring employees

1. Application. This phase is the selection process is sometimes seen as passive form the hiring side but you just have to wait for candidates to respond to your job ad.

2. Resume screening.

3. Screening call

4. Assessment test

5. In-person interviewing

6. Background checks

7. Reference checks

8. Decision and job offer

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Benefits on ways to make money

5 types of freelance writing jobs

1. Article/feature writing

2. Copy/Content writing

3. Blogging

4. Social media content creation

5. Editing

How much does a tutoring center cost?

On average tutoring rates at centers run between 49 and 80 dollars per hour where some charge monthly not a hourly rate depending on what you are looking for.

Factors that can impact the cost of a tutoring center

Major benefits of digital marketing

1. you can focus your efforts on only the prospects most likely to purchase your products or service

2. its more cost-effective then outbound marketing methods

3. Digital marketing evens the playing field even the playing field within your industry and allows you to compete with bigger brands

4. Digital marketing is measurable

5. its easier to adapt and change a digital marketing strategy

6. It can improve your conversion rate and the quality of your leads

7. You can engage audiences at every stage with digital marketing

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

How to make money on social media

How to check your eligibility and onboard to in stream ads on Facebook?

1. Go to Creator Studio

2. Click monetization on the left-hand side of the menu to review your pages in stream ads for live eligibility status

3. if eligible, click Set Up

4. Select your page

5. Review the terms and conditions, then click agree to terms

6. Set up your payment account

7. Submit your Page for review

Easy ways to grow your twitter following are

How to make money off of twitter

1. Use sponsored tweets

2. Promote affiliate products on twitter

3. Promote your own products

4. Generate traffic for your Website

5. Build an email list

6. Provide Customer service

7. Run a giveaway

8. Create twitter ads

9. Monetize your twitter presence

10. MyLikes is an extensive ad platform that can be used on twitter, timber, YouTube and for a blog. You get to choose ads from thousands of advertisers and you get to schedule the time the ad will be tweeted from your account.


Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Digital Trading Cards

Digital Trading Cards

1. Background

2. Collecting Digital Cards

3. Card Value and the Ebay-Bunt Arbitrage

4. The Data

5. Look at what's next

How much does a domain name cost?

In order to buy a domain name, you'll have to purchase through a domain name registrar. Registrars are companies that manage the reservation of domain names. There are 2 most common domains which are top-level domains and country cod top-level domains. the most well known domain name extensions are .com, .net and .edu.

What Affects the cost of a Domain?

Aside form the general jump up from introductory renewal prices, there are a few other costs to look out for when choosing a domain name registrar. The most common additional costs are for auto renewal and privacy protection.

Ways to make money with Cryptocurrencies

1. Buy or trade a Cryptocurrency. You can either just buy coins or you can trade them when it feels necessary.

2. Accept Payment in Cryptocurrency

3. Mine your own Cryptocurrency coins. you need to invest in graphic cards and the right setup for the best chance. you need to know how to build a computer. Some coins might be faster to mine for others

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Business models and Sale funnels

Advertising Metrics all digital marketers need

1. total site traffic

2. bounce rate

3. page value

4. impressions

5. CPM

6. clicks

7. conversions

8. CPC (cost-per-conversion)

9. average cost per acquisition

What is a business model?

Types of business models

Different types of membership sites

1. the drip feed model

2.the all-in-one membership site

3. the fixed term

4. the freemium model

5. the online course

6. the online community site

7. the digital product model

8. the service model

9. the coaching membership site

10. the hybrid

Sales funnel- each step that someone has to take in order to become your customer. Sales funnels could exist as retail store, sales team, website, email and or personal consultation.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Podcasts and ebooks creations

Steps for Publishing an ebook

1. write a strong book

2. create an amazon KDP account

3. format your ebook for publishing

4. upload your ebook to KDP

5. choose your ebook publish date

6. build your book launch

7. create hype for your ebook

8. publish your ebook

9. create emphasis for it on your site

Benefits of an ebook

Tips for planning an effective online course

1. use lesson plan templates

2. identify component skills

3. involve your learner

4. explore misconception and debates

5. prototype for a great course

6. make emotionally satisfying content

Podcast Hosting Services

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Benefits of Niches

Developing active listening skills

This is important because when listening to your costumers you will know what they want and what they need in order for you to do what they want.

What is a niche website?

Benefits of Niche

Knowing where your searches are coming from lets you:

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Product Managers

The RICE method

and development?

Value vs. Effort

You have to look at how important is this company and how difficult it will be to build.

you have to look at the value which is the potential revenue, the benefit it will have on

current and potential customer and the impact it will have on your business and strategic goals. On the other side you have to look at the cost; the developmental,

operational and implementation effort; risk and complexity.

Kano Model

customer satisfaction will be.

they won't expect.

Things product managers have to know about analytics

seeing what the usage patterns of the product are as a group.

or user journey.

traffic source.

Planning analytics implementation

1. Define the product vision

2. Define the KPIs that meet the product vision

3. Define the metrics that allow you to hit your KPIs

4. Define the funnels that effect your metrics

Sketching your company elements

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

How to Fundraise and Product Management

Steps for the fundraising funnel

1. Prospecting involves identifying people who might be interested in your mission and being able to approach them.

2. Cultivation is the process of communicating with people on a regular basis to be able to have a strong relationship with them.

3. Asking your prospect to make a gift to your nonprofit. this is important because this is how everything will start.

4.Stewardship is the process of continuing to build a relationship with your donors after they gave you your first gift.

Duties of Fundraisers

The BANT approach

Skills in Product Management

1. Basic business competencies

2. Basic product management knowledge

3. Ruthless prioritization skills

4. Proficiency in research and analysis

5. Familiarity with economies

6. Knowledge of development principles

Technical Product Manager


and Negatives:

What is a PM responsible for

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Design Elements For Apps

Fitness Trackers design elements

Duolingo is an app where you learn new languages

Adding these things to your app are very important because this is what gets the user to continue to use and interact with the app. these apps allow you to not only get one to return to the apps but will help the person stay consistent in anything they need to do.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

How to create apps/guidelines for creating apps

what to think of when designing wearables:

1. Design for glanceability. watches are made to look at for a quick glance and look away which means when creating one it has to be easy to turn on and look at it.

2. Design for context. Knowing what needs to be on the watches is extremely important. it is important to have sensors that detect movements. also, carefully understand what the wearer will need the watch for.

3. Design lightweight interactions. Interactions should be as short as possible and knowing what's essential for a user to complete a task.

4. Keep it simple. Wearables are made for shortcuts that take less times than smartphones would take. Don't put more actions or information than the user needs otherwise it will disrupt the experience.

5. Design a clear minimalistic interface. Create enough space between elements since there is such a small space on the screen.

6. Minimize interruption

7. Opt for more privacy. Be aware of which way the device is facing and display content according. Inward allows for more personal content to be displayed, outward should default to a black screen.

8. Interaction with other devices

Steps required to successfully publish your IOS apps in the apple store

Your app should have detailed description of all metadata:

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

How are Algorithms Used in The World/Technology

Designing an AI system

1. identify the problem. The first thing you have to do is to make sure you have a problem that you are trying to solve. This is what will guide you through the rest of your journey.

2. Prepare the data. When finding data it should be divided into 2 groups. Saturated data is a rigid format to ensure consistency in processing and also ease of analytics. Unsaturated data is everything that saturated data isn't. This data is not in a uniform pattern which includes audio, pictures, imagery and words.

3. Choose the algorithm. It is important to have a plan as to where you are going with the system since everyone works differently. You have to choose the algorithm that is best for you.

4. Supervise learning

5. Train the algorithms

6. selected platforms. Choose a platform that provides all the services that you need instead of creating your own.

AI systems where algorithms exist

Algorithms are used in everything these days and provide a faster and more efficient way to get things done.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Difference Between Data analysts and Business analysts

What do analysts do in a day:

Different types of analyst:

External analyst: a contractor, an outside perspective brought in to help solve a problem, who leaves after the problem is solved

Internal analyst:a company employee who works within the company and continues to work with the company after the projects completed

it is important to know that business analysts make a lot of money.

Responsibilities of a Business Analyst

Business analyst certifications

1. business analysis certification- this is the first certification since there are no prerequisite or any exams.

2. entry certification in buisness analyst

3. agile analysis certification

Data Analysis Work

Difference between data analyst and business analyst

A data analyst analyses a massive amount of raw data by using data analysis tools. They focus on designing the database and trends to obtain useful information. However a business analyst organizes data review performances and identify shortcuts. They implement new solutions to make the business's performance better.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Budgeting, selling art


How to sell art online

1. decide what medium of art to sell

2. decide to sell originals or reproductions

3. choose a printer

4.build a brand as a business

5. set the prices for your art

6. set up your art

7. set up your online store

8.work with galleries

9. market your art

10. package your art

Consider different ways to sell art

These are all ways that you can sell art. Painting and drawings are not the only type of forms of arts and there are many other options that are looked as art that could be sold as well.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Slogans, Logos and Business names

Today I learned about creating slogans and business names.

When looking for a business name you have to make sure that the name you are thinking about does not already exist. When looking for a name you should:

When creating a slogan you should:

Key elements of a mission statement

Tips for writing a mission statement

Steps for designing a logo

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022


Today I learned about entrepreneurship and how to start my own business.


1. Communication is a very important skill to have in order for everything to be stable. You need to know what to say and not to say to your employees, investors, customers, peers and mentors. If you communicate wrong it can affect you business big time.

2. Knowing how to make sales is a huge part in becoming an entrepreneur. These people need to know how to sell business ideas to investors, products to customers and different types of products in general.

3. Having focus will lead you to becoming successful because if you don't let ups and downs get to you in any way and you stay focus and keep working you will because to run a smooth business. Every new projects comes with risks but knowing how to handle these risks are what sets you apart from others.

4. The ability to learn new things are key to success. Even when things get rough a person who can learn from the mistakes rather then gibing up will be truly successful. knowing how to get up from failing will really help you in your entrepreneurship

5. having a business strategy once you have already created a business is an important skill tp have because knowing the right people to hire and for you to work with will lead to more success. Also, it is important to have a plan once a business is already created.


Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Earning money through stocks

today I learned how to make money by using stocks, words that I need to know when using stocks and different apps that where you can purchase stocks. to start, I learned that public companies sell their stocks through a stock market exchange and use it to raise money for any debt they have to pay off. Investors which are everyday people use stocks to grow money overtime where you can make money through your phone.



Robinhood is one of the apps where you can trade, sell and buy stocks. while going through and reading this article I learned how to use the app properly as well as st up my profile

Main points of investing

1. when investing, invest by facts not emotions

2. Buy good business not "cigar butts"

3.buy stocks that you understand so it'll be easier for you to mange them

4. when you see an opportunity t buy a stock, take it.

5. don't sell the stock unless the business clearly changes

6. buy at a value below intrinsic value