Log of what of Kaliq Holmes has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

what I learned today at techie

Today at techie youth I learned how to grow instagram pages out of niches. You should create a business email and put in your bio. The best pages to make are a money course, post a lot of photos and link to a course or an affiliation. Another thing you can make your theme page about is fashion and luxury things like watches and clothing. Last time you get some experience is to make a travel page and it can make you around a thousand a month. Also I learned how to edit photos and sell instagram accounts on famesell.com. I also watched a couple videos about people and how they live their lives while famous on tik tok. In those videos they also taught me how to edit tiktok videos

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

what I learned today at techie

Today I learned about selling online art. Don't overfill your audience with stuff and to post stuff that matches up with a lot of people being up, talk to your audience and see what they want. Social media plays a good part in selling art. Also online write an art statement to let people know about your craft. Figure out what type of canvas you are going to put your art on like cases, muggs and stuff like that. Besides the media where else would you sell your art also don't feel the need to be everywhere. You dont own anything if you sell on a market place so try to make your own website.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

what learned today at techie

Today i learned how to draw bleach on clothes that are colered you need bleach markers for white clothing so it can show better as well as a pen and tape to. Then for the liquid clorox bleach you need a pen or just use a regular paint brush and paint on it then you must get party bags make sure they dont have patterns the video recommends that you practice using lotion and black paper to get started after you done wash the clothes in cold water. I also learned how to start a company for clothing for only 0 dollars and how to rename your blank pieces to get it to become your brand and where to sell your stuff so you can buy your products as you go. I also learned that wearables are clothes that have electronics in them and how led lights go inside the clothes

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

what I learned at techie

Today at techie youth i learned about building ardino uno projects and what all the pins and the components are. Also i learned that old electronics have parts that could be worth something in like old tvs and stuff as well as dvds components that go for some money like the power supply buttons and switches also you can make a responsive chair out off old controller vibration components also I learned that you can make a lamp out almost anything i also learned how to photo shop and upload photos to adobe stock. And last i learned how to word press things

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

what I learned today at techie

Today i learned that dealing with stress can be difficult but it is important to go pass it and to strive to your end goal of what you want to become in life as far as if you want to help people or you want to just live alone. During a panic it is always key to keep in your emotions just so you dont make anyone else panic. Dont express your emotions outside of your self because is will be used as a sign of weakness. Always keep cool and focus on the task / goal. Stay away from negative people the are envious of you they want to take your thoughts and learn from what they do to make sure you wont run into it again. Picking your role model shouldnt be based off of a persons persona that is only a thin shade of what they really are. And it is important to be grounded with in your self so you canknow what you want to do.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

what I learned today at techie

Today I learned that cover letters was from when we didn't have computers and to give a background to yourself. People that hire people get upward of 150 emails so that would help you get in by just giving a back ground. Tell them what you offer to the place and why you want to work there and say that you are open for any other positon that is available aswell as say the amount of experience you have in what you know keep it brief. Dont use alot of the word “i” people that are looking to hire may see that as self centered and thats not what you want them to see you as. Hwen offered a interview take the soonest date and time you can be ahead of everyone else be as fast as possible. Lots of jobs can be worked at home and there is alot of variety of jobs that you can wor. If you worked from home put that you worked from home make sure its not a scam you can search the name og the job and put scam and something should pop up. Remote jobs should interview you online and make sure all the technology is working well as your background being quiet

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

what I learned today at techie

Today I learned that at the end of every month the top ten percent get a bonus and the bottom percent of employees get warnings that they aren't doing enough. In order to keep moral don't be cheap in the office and try to do minimal work and milk the job if running a company reward your employees give your work space good stuff wifi computers chairs desk etc bonuses that are not money make your employees happy don't degrade them and make them feel bad over something they did. Always see how much money you're going to make before getting a job, never go into it blindly. Never work for someone who you feel is unethical and doesn't make good decisions( ex.giving someone dirty forks cause the company doesn't clean them