Log of what of Jeffrey Wong has learned at Techie Youth

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

What I learned today

Monday 8/25/22

I decided to learn about product managers. I learned that they are on high demand and have a high paying salary. A product manager is responsible for guiding a product from the idea to launching it for people to buy. They do this by gathering customer information about the product, seeing what's wrong with the product and choosing how to fix the issues and how to develop the product. I also learned about how everyday is different and no day will be the same.

Tuesday 8/26/22

I was still on the topic of product manager and I read an article about how his day went. A summary of his day is that he gets up at 8:00 AM, gets into office at 9:00 AM and checks his personal tasks that he needs to complete, he then responds to some feedback about his product, then at 10:00 AM he has a meeting, they have this meeting so everyone can be aligned on what's going on. At 10:30 AM, one product family presents a product review, which different product families do one every week which I thought was pretty interesting. At 12:00 PM, he takes his lunch breaks and every so often responds to some emails. At 1:00 PM, he tests any tickets that is relevant to his product family then at 2:00 PM, he has another meeting for his product family which is a cross-functional team meeting so other members in engineering, design, operations, and support teams are here. From 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM, he was in the process of re-designing their web app for their product, answer some questions with an engineer and finish up some ongoing tasks, then he reviewed some changed by his lead PM and headed home for the day. I then watched a video on what 20 years of product management was and the tips he gave which were to listen to customers, for their issues they have with the product, watch the competition if people are trying to replicate your item, create a different version of it and trying to sell it for cheaper to get more people to buy. I also learned that for your product, have a small survey that isn't too long and the questions are direct and fulfill what you want to hear about your product.

Wednesday 8/27/22

I decided to read an article about why product managers should do all their own QA testing which after reading this, if I become a product manager I would also. Some businesses are too small and don't employ QA Analysts or Engineers because they don't have the budget. But it is important to always QA test your products because it is a way of product development. So people in the company should all be worried about the quality of the product and should always check if the quality is good. Every member of the team has to be involved in making quality happen and try to make the quality is as good as possible to possibly do less testing. I also learn about what a wireframe is which is a clear summary of the page layout, format, information, architecture, user flow, and intended behaviors. Basically the blueprints. Wireframes are important because they effectively organize the many details in a product and can possibly show people what parts they can do and separate into groups to get this project done faster. Wireframes, they aren't just for designers also. They can be used as a tool for product managers, as a communication tool, and as a thinking tool. Wireframing is a technique that facilitates communication and knowledge transfer so they can help each other create good solutions for the user in a fast and efficient way.