Log of what of Jade Lo has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Niche Webs Continuation

Today I went back to the material about niche informational websites to review over the content and structure of creating such a website. There are multiple steps to accomplish this such as:

1. Do your research on keywords to figure out first an idea, a topic to write about. From the keyword research, create a list of topics you would like to write about. You can do this search by simply going on Google, discovering popular forums, and/or go to Quora to research these topics.

2. Writing the actual content for your pages. To do this, you can choose to do it yourself (since it would be much cheaper especially if you are just starting out) or to be provided by Textbroker or iWriter for your content. Although the perk is that you can spend less time on creating content yet have a lot since those writing services are providing you them, but it may not be to your standard and you might end up writing it yourself in the end, which means both time and money is being wasted.

3. Structuring your content. A standard format to utilize for review is the “Perfect Amazon Review” template where each area of your content has a purpose to be there. Then there are two methods. The Frequently Asked Questions method (FAQ) where you first write questions you have about your topic. These questions are a way for you to outline your content. Next, go and find answers to your questions through your own in-depth research or ask another writer to write down the answers for you. The other method is the Research Paper Method (RPM) where you have a “research phase” of searching on Google, reading articles about your topic, and logging in your resources. After your research phase is the “outline phase” where you create an outline based on what you were able to gain from your research. Finally, it is the “writing phase” where you actually write, edit, and revise your content.

4. Publish your content. Have a minimum of one thousand words for each page or article. However, your long forms should be between two thousand five hundred and fifteen thousand words.

Continuously improve yourself by continuing to write and keep on writing no matter how imperfect you think your content may be. You may write as much as twenty articles then have a long period of no writing or several articles a day on a routinely basis. Make sure that you are spending your time wisely and make it enjoyable for yourself too by doing it for your own entertainment and fun not just a career!

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Grant Writing Cont. & Easy Income

Today I went back to learning about the writing for grant since I wanted to go through the material and look through again what it takes to be a grant writer as I got curious. In addition to all that was previously said in my blog yesterday, there is also other things to adhere to. When writing proposals for grants, it is not simply to remember to adhere to the guidelines and requirements that is provided but actually doing just that. Write what they want to hear based on what aligns with your mission statement and purpose of your project that you are asking to be funded for. Write it the way they would want to such as the word or character count is within the limit they provide or above the minimum the say to write up to. The most essential thing is to be within the time of the funding period and do not miss the deadline that they say. Turns out the average salary of a grant writer is about sixty nine thousand two hundred dollars. Although it is a bit unclear if this is for entry or senior/associate level of a grant writer position. The industries where they need these people to be writing these grant proposals are:

1. Education. More specifically would be public schools as they need someone to pay off the resources and food for the students.

2. Environmental. There are projects to maintain or build an environmental ecosystem that needs to be funded for.

3. Health. To provide physical or mental health for people in the community, such as a teen health center like the one that I get emails and referrals to from my doctor.

4. Housing. For low-income families.

5. Animal rights or Animal welfare.

6. Arts and culture.

7. Research and public policy.

To add on to all of this ways to earn income, I also learned about the scams about earning immediate income. There are scams that say by just a few mouse clicks , you can become rich. This is through a sales pitch over the phone, text message, or emails that tell of too unrealistically easy ways to earn and pretend they have a secret to building a fast, income raising business. Other scams also include having to pay a fee to become a club member to gain business guidance, mentoring, tools, and/or resources.

These scams pressure people by saying how scarce the resource is or telling of a deadline like how stores do saying "while supplies last" causing people to impulsively act.

Once customers raise their complaints, it can gain awareness to the company to shut it down. But the company may just start back up again under a new name and fake reputation. There are methods to make quick cash and immediate money but many fake and fraud ways to do that, which in reality could cause you to actually lose your money from these unsolicited calls and messages. So make sure to avoid giving personal and/or confidential information when it is not needed since scammers can sell your information to others so that can use your money or allow other scammers to learn about you just to target and scam you even more. All the information provided could be used against you so be careful and cautious with certain messages of earning money and jobs!

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Learned about Grantwriting!

I had first learned about grants through my friends when they had talked about how colleges give grants to students along with scholarships. Then, I learned about it through my previous SYEP job for funding their non-profit organization projects. I never really realized how grantwriting is actually a career that people are positioned into in order for a company to receive their funds. To define grantwriting, it is to write proposals that ask foundations, corporations, or organizations to to fund for their charity or non-profit. When seeking these grants, it is highly competitive, especially for first-timers who just started their business.

How to write for grants:

1. Remember to tailor your proposal. Make sure the format is following the guidelines and instructions while the message of the mission is aligned to the interests of the company.

2. Communicate your ideas clearly and concisely. You can do this through multiple reviews, revises, and edits. You can also write in an active voice and use signposts such as headings, lists, and bullet points.

3. Create a core compelling idea. This idea must be memorable, unique, and/or distinguishable from what other organizations may have. You have to design that overarching theme to stick with whoever is reading the proposal.

4. Be persuasive. You should include the ethos, logos, and pathos in your writing. The ethos is the competence and credibility of your organization, their credentials and qualifications. The logos is the facts and data along with maybe even testimonials. The pathos is trying to appeal to people with emotion, usually through story-telling.

There are a couple of Do's and Don'ts:

1. Do not send cold applications as in ensure that you create a relationship with someone you know from the organization you are writing to or just call up someone there to introduce yourself, the organization, and maybe take initiative and express your project to them to see if it fits their mission.

2. Do have a sound funding plan of a well-thought out and designed proposal budget.

Remember when you do get a rejection however, that you still try to stay connected with the foundation and ask them for advice to how to improve and actually listen to the criticism you receive.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Customer Service may or may not be for you

Today I learned about the various customer service jobs they are. There is not only the typical on the phone calls customer service jobs, but also text-based customer correspondence such as, interacting through emails, texts, or live chats. I will name several of the various remote customer service jobs that are present. In general, these jobs are to reach out and contact others about solutions, offers, and news of products.

1. Remote Call Center Agent. This agent job is designated to guiding customers through problems over the phone. It would be beneficial if you were to also own a call center headset to work this job more efficiently.

2. Remote Customer Service Representative. This representative job requires for you to reach out to customers about news of products and/or services, discounts, announcements of the company, and proactive solutions. At this time, PinkCallers are hiring representatives who would book meetings, answer service calls, and manage the schedules of employees.

3. Remote Customer Support Representative. These people do not call about news of products but actually respond to people. They respond to consumers about inquires, questions, or concerns that they have. In addition, they offer products or services as solutions in compensation for whatever the customer may be having a concerned complaint over.

4. Remote Live Chat Agent. The job may be tedious as this kind of agent career since they have to provide constant support through live chats. This is often done on the company's website through a live chat with the online shoppers. However, it might be appealing to some since you do not have to be face to face with someone or even on the phone with them.

There are multiple reasons you may choose this career pathway. There are also certain reasons that make this career just right for you. These reasons may be:

1. You have access to a home office or coworking space. You can feel more productive and concentrate better if you were to have a separate space to focus in a professional zone.

2. Your home or place(s) you choose to work at have strong internet connection. This is vital to doing your job with connecting to customers, and maybe even other employees.

3. You are a self-starter. You will be working mostly independently so if that is for you, you may prefer this job over others. You must also be able to easily find ways to track and monitor yourself on your work.

4. You have effective communication skills. You are able to be clear and concise in your writing and/or speaking so that it may leave no misinterpretation for the customers.

5. You are capable of networking outside your comfort zone. You can reach out to others, like your employees, and approach people in coworking spaces since a lot of times you will be working alone but you are able to reach out without being told to get work done or gain connections.

I feel after learning all this, the most significant component to have may be that you need the patience and empathy to deal with these people so you do not come off as rude and provoke the customer even more causing them to become furious and not want to come back to shop again. In summation, despite it being remote, there is still a lot of people skills you must have obtained to better work this job.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

What about SEO Backlink Content?

Through a lot of the sections on the Techie Youth Learn to Earn website, I learned a lot about SEOs, which is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. There is not only a thing called SEO, but also a thing called SEO backlink. Turns out an SEO backlink is a promotional tool that people use to get their website listed higher in the search rankings. They are able to do this through article or other text-content that is created just to send traffic to other websites using certain keywords that is linked with the article, in this way it is also called "link building". The keywords are essential components for designing successful backlinks. The backlinks are almost similar to "votes" for someone's page.

When creating these backlinks, it is important to remember the significance of them, such as the relevance, rather than the quantity of them. It is always okay to get links from super authority webs such as the New York Times, Washington post, or websites ending in .edu or .gov.

In addition, it would be good to have sites from webs that have organic traffic. If Google were to be sending organic search traffic to a site, it is most likely that it is trustworthy. You may use SEMRush to see if the website gets organic search traffic and the "value" of said traffic.

If the website does get organic traffic, it is likely they are also an authority figure. The stronger the website is, the harder it is to get the link. But getting the link would be all the more worth the effort as they are valuable.

Remember there are three types of backlinks you would want to avoid however. This may be due to either that the website is not relevant, it is no traffic, or has no editorial guidelines.

1. Public blog networks. These are link farms and are easily detectable. You will get penalized if you were to use it. It is also risky because of "artificial link building". This is different from PBNs, Private Blog Networks.

2. DoFollow blog comments. These have the authority quality but not anything else of the criteria requirements. It is the same field as some outbound links seen.

3. Web 2.0s. This is similar to DoFollow blog comments. They leverage existing site's authority. They also attempt to add artificial relevance, which are not editorial links and are of low-quality content.

After learning about search engine optimization backlinks, the most vital point to take out of this was when creating this content to examine your competitors and market when figuring what a good number of backlinks would be. A name for this type of process is called "backlink gap analysis." So start analyzing and figuring out more about backlinks today.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Copywriting NOT Content Writing

I have learned about content writing and I have heard of copywriters, but I never really knew what copy writing was all about. I just assumed it was like printers that would copy things and print more out so copywriting or writers of it would copy what content writers wrote and create more of it. But then again, that would just mean more content writers, not copywriters.

So what is copywriting all about? Copywriting is geared toward marketing products or services. The writers behind it are trying to be persuasive, clear, and concise with their writing. They are trying to get people to do something, rather than just inform people of something as a content writing would do. Copywriters help businesses to share their stories with engaging written content and marketing practices, such as through social media strategies.

In order to be a copywriter, there is no necessary or required formal training. However, there are preferences of a certain background that employers may be looking for. They would be looking for someone with a background in writing. These would include English, journalism, rhetoric, or communications (more specifically would be written communications since I feel like people usually think of verbal communicative ways and it is not just that although it may be helpful).

Now, what kinds of copywriters can you choose to be?

1. The in-house copywriter. This is a writer for only one organization. They website copy or even do the company's newsletters. These writers usually work in the company's marketing department. Their average salary is typically about forty-six thousand dollars if they were to be paid with no experience or minimal experience like one year.

2. Agency copywriter. They are different from an in-house copywriter in that they work for several companies in a year. They are there to promote the organizations' brands and their images. The pay is very similar to what is typical for an in-house copywriter.

3. The last kind is, of course, the freelance copywriter. This writer is like the agency copywriter where they also work for multiple companies at a time. However, they may earn more since the companies willing to hire them are probably in desperate need for a copywriter so they are going to pay more. Freelance copywriters earn about sixty-seven thousand dollars a year.

The skills that a copywriter must have to utilize are:

1. Being able to write eye-catching headlines.

2. Helping the readers to achieve their goal.

3. Putting calls-to-action, also known as CTAs.

4. Making sure your customers are the center of every message so they know how the product or service helps them.

Remember to include both the features and benefits of your product or service in your writing.

1. Features are going to be the descriptions of what the product or service is and does. It is what the expected results are.

2. Benefits are the descriptions with emotions or experiences that the consumer will receive with this product or service. It will also include the improvements that will be applied to their lives and how the results will help the buyer.

All in all, even if you do not have much experience in this area but you would want to go into this career, remember to practice, practice, PRACTICE as things will look up and get better!

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

There's more to Writing then well Writing

I never really thought much about writing until I learned today so many different pieces of and forms of writing. I mostly knew about blogs and books, but never thought of how much a career and effort there is in creating other works of writing. In order to make a career out of writing, you must know how to write well and quickly, but it is either not profitable or very minimally profitable. Forms of these writings are magazines, Ebooks, blogs, documents, articles, and technical writings, such as documented projects.

One form I will go more in depth of talking about are magazine articles. Typically a person would either focus on writing one magazine or a few small ones on a regular basis. Other times people may write contributing articles for many different magazines in the same niche without generally having a guaranteed continuity in writing for those magazine publications in the future. When writing, make sure to be concise, interesting, and factually correct.

There are six common types of magazine articles:

1. Longform investigative pieces. Typically are the kinds of magazines that win prizes, which makes sense since the person creating it spent long hours in extensively researching and writing well.

2. Character profiles. These articles paint a picture of different kinds of people, mostly famous ones, such as politicians, athletes, musicians, actors, social activists, authors, and others.

3. Commentary. These are more common and involve the current events stuff, such as sports commentary.

4. Criticism. This kind of article is similar to being a commentary, however, it is more subjective while commentary is more objective writing. It is reviews and critical commentary of feedbacks on things. This could be feedback on music albums, films, and books.

5. Humor. Humorous articles are short stories that you may even find in weekly magazines accompanying newspapers.

6. Fiction. This is also short stories, but it does not have to be funny but just not factual entirely, it may also be excerpts from long fictional works.

Although you may be thinking of doing magazine works as a job, there is not only the 'what' you would create but the 'how' and 'who' you would create for. You can either be a staff or a freelance writer. A staff writer is someone who exclusively writes for a particular publication while a freelance writer is someone not exclusively employed by a single publication. It may also be more difficult as a freelance writer as sometimes you have to persuade editors or associate editors with your idea submissions or even write full of articles to get them to edit your work and have it published.

Whatever path you choose, good luck and have fun doing so!

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Tracking your Expenses & Income

When you start to earn money and also spending it, it would probably be smart to actually create a savings goal. But before you can even design these goals that you would like to have, you must know what you are spending on, how your money is spent, and how much money you are making so that your goals would be based on wise conclusions instead of just throwing it out there and deciding to create goals that may not work at all or very unlikely to occur. To track your expenses and income, this is a way of managing your money. There are apps to do this, but it is sure to be free and more customizable if you were to use Google Sheets.

Let's say you start designed your google sheets for tracking, the following things are what you would need or would be helpful to use to track your money:

1. How much you want to maintain in each of your bank accounts or anywhere your money is put into.

2. The current balance in each account.

3. The initial balance.

4. Transaction details of the days that money was transacted in each month.

To set up these parts on the Google Sheets, you should have two sections of each sheet separated from the top half and bottom half. It would be more beneficial if you were to have four sheets, each sheet records and tracks for three months of the year for a total of twelve months.

The top half, or first section, would include the following.

First Column: "Maintain." How much would you like to maintain in that specific account or location your money is placed in.

Second Column: Current balance. How much is inside the account or location.

Third Column: Name of accounts.

Fourth Column: Initial balance.

Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Columns: Names of the months the amounts are being records for.

The second section, so the bottom half of the google spreadsheet, would include the following:

1. Date. Be specific and say the month, day, and year of when the transaction is happening.

2. Transaction. What kind of transaction is it? You can customize it as a drop-down menu to choose which kind by right clicking. Then, select 'Data Validation', Criteria: List of Items, and finally type your categories/kinds of transactions out, such as 'income', 'expenses', 'transfer', 'savings', and/or 'investments'.

3. Details. What was that transaction for? Who was the transaction being transacted between? How much was that transaction?

After you inputted these sections and details into the spreadsheet, you can also adjust the lines and headers by boldening them to better organize the sheet for a more desirable appearance and ease of differentiating between sections, rows, and columns. By clicking format to make things financial, it could ensure for a much easier read of the sheet as you are dealing with finances and money here.

As a result, I hope you learn to create your own Google spreadsheets and continue with making better decisions about your finances. I had done this in the past, especially when Black Friday was coming around and during it too so I could buy the best gifts at the lowest of prices while making sure that I actually had the savings for them all.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Content Creation--What about it?

Creating content is something that many people do nowadays, whether it is as a hobby or as a career. First, let us define what content means. The definition of content means a piece of information that is readily available on the internet, it is put up by means of electronic methods.

To learn how to create content that is quality-wise to appeal to the audience and help generate leads would be to:

1. Know who your audience is.

2. Brainstorm ideas and topics. You should define what your objective of creating the content is for. Then, set a time limit of how much time you have to brainstorm so your brain gets to working and does not think you can just laze around since you have "all the time in the world." Next, refine your ideas to make them more detailed and specific to your objective. Afterwards, you should analyze the after-effects of what is or would happen after your content is created. Prioritize your list of ideas to know what you should work on first and what to do next or last. Provide actions that relate to your after-effects of what you want your audience to do. Follow-up with your audience through surveys and assessments and see how big of your audience grew. Finally, remember to communicate and relate with your customers so they feel connected and that you truly do listen to them to want to help them.

When you create content, most of the time you may be preparing it to be put on a website, a niche website. Ways and steps necessary for this preparation are:

1. Figuring out a minimum amount of articles that you should be writing about on your website. In reality, there is no precise minimum or maximum but more like a "do not write less than 30 articles" to start with driving traffic to your site. Make sure your articles are providing your target audience with the necessary information they want and need.

2. Optimizing your blog post with keywords. These keywords may be placed in your title of the text, headings and/or subheadings, body of content, title tags, name of the image files, and meta descriptions.

3. Build the internal links. When you have a certain number of articles on your website that include topics related to each other, you can actually link them together in order to boost your SEO.

4. Write content that works. Ensure that your content is informative, it includes the additional value and viable solutions the audience desires. Your content must be relatable, so speak your readers' language. In addition, have engaging content that is both original and creative to hook readers and grab their attention.

5. Create gripping content. Have top quality content by simply just checking your grammar or spelling mistakes. Reduce clutter by being concise, clear, and straight to the point with your writing. Write attention grabbing titles, headlines, catchy lines and titles to attract the audience. A strong call-to-action is necessary to convince the people what you want them to do with the content information. Sharing a story may also be nice if it were interesting because it could get someone's attention and immerse them into what you are trying to inform about.

All in all, this is what content creation is all about and I hope you may be able to learn to design your own too!

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

What about Google Featured Snippets?

I’ve always seen snippets on Google before but never really thought much about them. Until I finally learned about them from Techie Youth. Apparently there are actually three primary types of Google Featured Snippets. The following three are:

1. Paragraph. These are snippets seen in a paragraph formatting with several sentences. It usually comes with definitions or single word queries.

2. List. The response to How-To based queries and most of the time in a numbered list of about four to five steps.

3. Table. This is the most popularly seen type of snippet where it typically shows different data points.

Outside of these three main ones, Google also publishes a lot of videos, even direct booking forms that are for hotels and travel spaces. There are also image-based ones that are being encouragingly used nowadays.

In general, there is more and more significance being held to optimize content by making the best or most effective use of methods to present something. There was a study done and published that thirty percent of queries now include featured snippets. In addition, one-word definitions are all the rage as it steals most of the traffic coming on. The detailed definitions from featured snippets are what drives the audience of most companies to them. Hence, you must optimize for featured snippets and feature proof SEO. By doing this, you can search for a query you are going to try to rank for and see what Google is already showing you.

There are also free and paid quality traffic that you can drive to your website. Overall, these methods can be online directory listings, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, emails, social media, online advertisements, or blogs.

A few free ways to gain traffic are:

1. Optimizing your free google business profile.

2. Posting on social media.

3. Starting an email marketing trend.

A few paid ways are:

1. Google, Google Maps, or social media advertisements.

2. Retargeting advertisements. This is when an ad may appear in front of someone on a website or social media page as long as that person had visited your site at least once.

Therefore, there are many ways to optimize and grow your traffic, but also take account of the fact that you are also increasing your engagement too.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Learn about Niche Informational Websites

I should have realized this before a long time ago but I only recently thought about how much content there is with just one click of a Google search. There are numerous things you can learn about from the variety of information on Google. You could learn about how to bake a carrot cake to what the prices are of dogs in Sweden. But I also never really thought about how creating all these informational sites is actually a person behind it. Matter of fact, the person behind these sites creating them are making a career out of what they learn and see. There are people who even create the information on their websites from personal experiences, like say they had just obtained a degree in physics and they design a blog out of there. They can either choose to go to the route of their journey of how they studied and got to where they are at now with their degree or they could create a scientific site of what there is to learn about physics. There are so many decisions in what topic to create your website based off of and this is called create an informational website for niche groups, also simply known as Niche Informational Websites.

However, even if there are a multitude of topics to choose from. Not every topic is what people think about even if it is necessary for them to know or useful enough that people actually study it in a degree program. You have to consider the audience when designing. A keyword search in your search history may be useful when putting words through WordPress to generate readers as it is things you actually searched for when finding answers in an actual scenario for many others. A lot of times you should not concern too much of how often someone would search for that keyword since tools typically don't estimate the correct volume per each search. But instead put yourself in the situation, be realistic, and if the question or keywords is a reasonable one, then use it!

Remember that even if you can make a career out of it, it generates profits very slowly. Niche sites usually slowly build income from $5 a month to $60 and then to $100 a month. You may also receive money of about $100 of an article created a decade ago. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into and have fun doing it!

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

How to Author Books

I remember not too long ago I had actually been inspired from reading so many great stories that I too would want to create my own great story. However, I realized it was much more tedious and difficult then I thought. Especially with long stories like novels where I am sure I would have plenty of moments of being hit by writer's block. Hence, I decided it would be much more enjoyable for me to read rather than write. So this did surprise me a bit when I learned about authoring books on this Techie Youth website. It was nice that the section said that you can write about basically anything that you can think of. Because it entertains the idea of a dreamer to want to write what they think of and the fact that many others consider it matters too. But in reality it goes much more complicated than that. You could write and publish independently or through traditional publishing processes involving a whole bunch of agents, editors, and publishers. For now, I will go in to what publishing with a traditional publishing house is all about.

Let's try to focus on the positive things here.

For one, it is more prestigious to work traditionally rather than independently because it is almost like you have your whole own gang of people supporting you in your journey of launching a book. Specifically if you are writing a literary fiction or non-fiction work, then it is definitely prestige associate more.

The second advantage is that you will spend less money out of your pocket. I was surprised by this at first but I guess it does make sense since the publisher you are paying for will in the end be the one paying for most, if not all, of the expenses to publishing while you spend it on writing, emails, and promoting on the web. However, I would have thought that the publisher would make you pay for it? Or that they would request for a very high cost price for the work that they do, which would end up compensating for the expenses they spend in actually publishing it. Then again, I am not actually a publisher myself so it is very likely true that this is the case.

You will have access to the New York Times bestseller list. If you going to independently publish, it is most likely you will never end up on this list and gain more recognition through it because the New York Times seem to have a strong bias against indie authors. You have to realize that this is a business so they will take into account of books sales and very rarely would so many people get their hands on to an indie author's books.

Not only do you have access to this prestigious list but also prestigious awards.

There will be a better distribution of your books into the typical brick-and-mortar retail stores. Most indie authors make money off of e-books so the sales from physical books usually end up going towards traditional publishing authors. If you walk into your usual Barnes and Nobles store, you will most likely find traditional publisher books present too!

Before I conclude, let us talk about one step that I thought was essential when writing a book. If the story were to be fiction, then make sure that it is one that you cannot put down! It must be exciting, thrilling, and a fun book to read for the audience. Then, for non-fiction books, remember to build a platform. This platform is developed from gathering and connecting with people who resonate with the same idea or ideas as in your book. In this way, you may even cultivate more book sales and also credibility at the same time with experts to back you up.

All in all, authoring books may be interesting, but also stressful at times too.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

You can Cross-Platform Develop?!

As we depend a lot on our digital devices. Sometimes we may grow an interest to delve more into what we can do with our devices. One of these examples is to create a mobile app. There are multiple ways that you can create an app. This app could either be a native or a hybrid, and sometimes these apps can also be a web (website) app. Today I learned a lot about how to create mobile apps for both IOS and Android users. This way of design will allow for the developer to not have the need to code the same app for every single operating system they would like for their app to be on to gain more users, and as a result, more money. Such companies that support this way of cross platform development are Microsoft, Adobe, Google, and Facebook.

There are benefits and drawbacks of different methods to creating these cross-platform apps instead of just coding them to each platform. First, let me discuss what a native app and hybrid app is. Although both these kinds of app can be found from your typical App store or Google play, s native app is one that is built with a specific programming language. This programming language may either be written in Swift or Objective C to target Apple IOS users or Java to target the Android audience.

So now let us get into what the benefits of each of these apps are:

For a native app, it can offer a more fast, reliable, and responsive experience for its specific platform. It can make things like the camera, microphone, compass, or swipe gestures to seem more easy or look more smooth. You may also be able to utilize push notifications that a hybrid app may not be able to. Remember that having push notifications is essential for an app because it reminds the user that "hey, this app is still here!" so it can bring the users back to the application.

For a hybrid app, it can be installed like a native app but also a web app internally. You would not need to spend so much time in finding multiple developers specialized in a specific platform to put this app on and this also means less money being used up.

However, there are also drawbacks that come from each of these methods.

I did not really talk much about web apps because it is not really used often since mobile apps are more convenient and also these lack the functionality of native apps. The push notifications, working offline, and load icons on the homescreen are all very unlikely to be present with a web app that many users are turned away by.

For a native app, it can not be for multiple platforms, obviously. This means if you make the app, it can only be tailored to either IOS or Android users, not both at the same time. It will also cost a lot more and take much longer to build if you want it to get across a broader audience through numerous platforms.

Finally, even if hybrid apps sound amazing, they have their own drawbacks. The main drawback is that it would be tough to make it appropriate for multiple platforms since a lot of times a certain feature would appear better and fit more nicely with one platform than other.

Despite the drawback, I would still encourage creating hybrid apps more, especially if this is a new idea and you are just starting out. Microsoft has designed Xamarin, an application allowing the creation of an app for multiple platforms. Similarly, Facebook has designed React Native to use javascript and React to put together the hybrid app.

All in all, even though I would highly prefer creating a hybrid app more than the other two apps, it is still your choice to choose whichever one that fits your goals and vision for what you would want your app to do and where.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Let's Learn about Monetizing Apps

Usually an app takes months and sometimes even years to develop, so what does this mean in terms of promotion? It would also take months if not years of promotion, too, to match up for the times of development to make sure your app is widely recognized and the process in creating it was worth it. By promoting your app, in a way you are also like earning money in the end as more people recognize the app and use it. Below are tips of ways that you can promote your app to increase your chances of more installations.

1. Optimize play store listing. By doing this you can localize text and images while making them pop.

2. Take it global. Make sure that you can create the app so it comes in different languages to connect with more people. You can do this by using an app translation service.

3. Reach new audiences.

4. Run app install advertisements. Use YouTube or Google to put up your advertisements with. You can also use "conversion optimizer" to target users most likely to install the app.

5. Refine your marketing with Google Analytics. This shows campaigns that drive most users to visit, install the app, or take some sort of action. You can also use it as a combination of analytics with advertisements to see which ads works the best.

6. Try to get the app in to Google Search.

7. Do some customer researching.

8. Influencer Marketing. Start by building relationships with influencers through social media platforms. An example of a type of influencer is one who blogs because you could have them blog about their experience of using your app. This can also be a form of influencer campaign to create.

9. Leverage your website. If your website is completely functional and mobile-friendly, you should let people know about your app on the website.

10. Create teasers using videos of your app.

11. Alternative app stores. Besides Google Play and the App Store, you can also use other apps that people use, such as Slideme, Opera Mobile Store, or Amazon Appstore.

As a result, there are many ways you can promote your app so find a way that best fits you and your app!

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

How to Take on the Role of a Product Manager

After learning about how to deal with product management, of course, I would have to learn about what the role of a product manager is and does. To be a product manager you are basically managing and guiding the production of a product from the idea to its launch. This job is a competitive one because it is quite high-paying ranging from forty thousand dollars as an entry level to a whopping two hundred thousand dollars or more even at a seniority level.

There is not just one position as a product manager but many. You can be promoted to a higher position in this field. It can start out as the least paying role of an associate product manager, to a regular product manager, then a senior product manager. There are also more senior and advanced roles, such as the director of product management, vice president of product management, and finally the chief product officer.

There are two ways that this job can be conducted. There are remote ways and jobs for the position, however, most of the time if not all would be a brick-and-mortar typical office setting job.

The education of a product manager is not widely known as this is a relatively new job role in the career force. As a result of this, there are very few schools that offer degrees in this field. Most people coming into this position have worked and obtained related degrees and experiences with careers like engineering or marketing.

The skills and experiences usually sought for is the capabilities of arranging customer interviews and user testings, run design sprints, allocate resources, and also pricing of products. In order to get this job or have employers find interest in you even though you do not have experience is to either start searching for them or look for other ways. These "other ways" can be to do research in products, know your competitors in business, schedule professional conferences and events to participate in, and build relationships with sales managers.

During the job of a product manager, the main objective is a product development process that involves the product strategy, roadmap, and backlogs. The product strategy is the vision of the product. The roadmap is the timeline for the strategy of how it will be executed. The backlogs would be to manage the smaller more detailed tasks. This process forms from the initial idea to the validation, from there it goes into the product strategy, the product roadmap, and finally the product backlogs. The product backlog, which I have only just learned about, is based on the roadmap and requirements to make this product successful. Its purpose is to prepare and curate user stories for sprint planning. This "spring planning" is to allow for there to be feedback to quickly and more efficiently develop and implement new features to the product to make it the best it can possibly be in a process of five days.

All in all, this is what a product manager does and what their job when taking on this role entails.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

How to Product Manage

You may have heard of project management, but have you ever heard of product management? These two roles are different in the tasks they do, meaning in a company there are two career paths or people in general doing these tasks. The project manager is the one who lessens the burdens on a product manager by doing the scheduling and dividing up the workloads to manage who is doing what. This allows the product manager to focus on strategy tasks at a higher-level, to refine the development of a product to make it the best it can be. Now let us look more in-depth of what a product manager is and does.

A product manager is someone who may either drive the development, market the launch and/or improve the company's products. They spend a huge chunk of their time conducting research to produce the best product from learning what's out there and what consumers want. They also develop the strategy and communicate plans. The plans are then presented to key stakeholders about how they coordinated the development of the product and what they acted on based on analyzing the feedback and data given to them. Product managers may also design a product roadmap and communicate the vision that was set for the product, as in what they were hoping would come out of the product's development and launch.

A product manager must have several capabilities in order to effectively do their job. They have to conduct customer interviews and user-testings to see how the customer reacts and likes or dislikes of the product. They have to perform assessments for marketing, pricing and revenue modeling, and have analytical skills. They must also have a high EQ, Emotional Intelligence, that is necessary to build strong relationships within the organization as they collaborate with many of their co-workers and even the executives at times.

It may seem like this employee would be perfect for every company, but each company usually finds a product manager fit for THEIR company to work better with. As in this person must understand the technical skills, company philosophy, and stage of the company. The stage of the company is important to take note of since if it is a start-up, the person would most likely be very involved with the founders of the company to develop the product. However, if it is a long time standing mature business, they may have mentors and mentees without working that much directly with the founders.

All in all, if you are interested in these aspects, maybe being a product manager may be the right fit for you. If you realize you are interested but do not have the experience, you can definitely start looking for experiences now! It is never too late!

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Earn Money the Non Traditional Way

In this world, there are usually two ways that you could think of to earn money. The traditional ways of having a set career or as a freelance worker. However, there are other ways to earn money that you could even do as a side hustle aside from your actual job position. The following are ways you can earn money!

1. Reviewing music. Websites such as RadioEarn.com and Slice the Pie are both places you can login to to earn money by reviewing the soundtracks of music artists and also the clothes, such as merch, that they create. These reviews help labels and brands to better create more original and desirable content music.

2. Writing greeting cards. I had no idea that this was such a thing, but it is similar to how I heard about this college scholarship where the best greeting cards designed by applicants receive a certain amount to contribute to their tuition. RSVP, Blue Mountain Arts, and Oatmeal Studios are all websites to use where companies request for greeting cards to be made and if your design gets accepted, you could get between twenty to fifty dollars per card. However, do understand that you will probably get many rejections, so unless you do not mind all the declines or you really enjoy creative writing and drawing, then go for it!

3. Submitting surveys. Swagbucks and SurveySavvy are both websites and apps to use where it is almost like research surveys to understand what people think about a topic, whether it is of a product or an issue in society. Very little is earned each survey so it takes a very long time to earn a lot and redeem the points.

4. Proofreading. If you ever get this satisfying feeling when you fix a grammar mistake or have a yearning need to change the punctuation of a sentence, you can actually get paid to proofread writings. You could use Scribbr or Jobs for Editors to earn money in this way.

5. Mock Juror. Do you watch a lot of Judge Judy and just want to try being a part of the jury yourself, now you can by assisting lawyers to review legal cases. After reviewing the cases, you give your opinion on how you would rule this case as. Although there are not many frequent cases that come in, you could get paid fifty to sixty dollars per trial. You can find this position on eJury and OnlineVerdict.

6. Translating. Are you bilingual or even multilingual? You can get paid to translate by writing subtitles for people's videos on Proz.com. This is very similar to freelance work.

7. Transcribing. Do not think this is the same as the translating job. You do not have to know of another language to work for transcribing. All you really do is listen to audio clips and type out text spoken out.

8. Ghostwriting. It sounds weird, but hear me out. You could get paid to write content for someone else! You enjoy writing and literature, this is for you!

Now there are also ways you can earn back money, such as selling your textbooks on Bookscouter and eCampus. You can also provide service on Take Lessons, such as teaching others another language, some computer skills, or how to play a certain instrument. In the end, there are many ways you can earn money, you just need to find them and put your efforts into them while also putting your time in them.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Connecting with Donors and Online Events

I never really heard about such things as cold calls or "leads" before until I got into college and learned about the art of writing up emails to professors in order to get them to add me on their laboratory research team. I now find it even stranger that there is such a thing in the world of fundraising business and even something called "warm leads." As fascinated as I shall be. Turns out cold calls are when you contact someone, such as a donor, and try to get them to understand why you are fundraising, why should they contribute, and how they can contribute. This is similar to how emails sent to my professors would look like where I let them know about why I want to do research at their laboratory, why they should choose me as a part of their team through the skills or prior experiences I list out, and how can I contribute to their present research.

To connect with these donors in order to get them to send in their donations to your company, there can be multiple choices to choose from to build this connection.

One of these ways is to update an email strategy to "reflect the times" as in design an email to send to these people that reflects on the current events and times. Since times change, so you want to make sure your cause sounds relevant to today's times and problems that the donors would want to help in addressing. Another way to engage with them is through social media, whether it is direct messaging (DMing) them on Instagram or sending them tweets on Twitter. Many companies nowadays have their own social media accounts to grow their outreach so your company should too in order to fundraise during these modern times. Videos can also be helpful, especially short ones that show a clear and concise message of your organization's mission. These could be posted on your website, sent through emails, or on social media. Besides having in-person events, virtual events can also be held as a social gathering online for a fundraiser. An event that has been made in the past by a business was known as a "Virtual Happy Hour" of socializing to gather funds. In the end, make sure to highlight the ways that they can give back, I know of some companies who have set up a way on AmazonSmile for people to send in donations just by buying their products on Amazon.

In conclusion, make sure to plan well using strategies, goals, and put your all into your efforts to fundraise because it is a cause for an issue in society. Remember you are helping the world in some way so put yourself out there and contribute!

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

How to Online Fundraise and Jobs

We are now past the point of always having in-person events and occasions. It is 2022 and due to both technological advancements and the pandemic, there are so many virtual options for almost anything. One of these things is online fundraising. People basically raise money through the internet for a cause. Yes, it may lose the appeal for some without the in-person interactions, but there are also plenty of benefits and positive ways this way is better.

1. It is cost effective.

2. It can be easier to set up than an in-person event.

3. Convenience since you need less materials and just the internet to get by.

4. You can reach out to more people. The people you connect with can be from your local community or even internationally.

There are even more ways to online fundraise than there are benefits and in-person events.

1. Google or Social Media Advertisements

2. Text-To-Give. Sending text messages to people asking for donations. This can be done through Snowball or Qgiv which will help you set up the system.

3. Email or Social Media Campaign.

4. Social Media Takeover or Challenge. This could be a fun way for people to participate in.

5. Crowdfunding

6. Amazon Smile

7. Virtual Silent Auction. You could use Auctria for this option.

8. "Un-Gala". This is just like a real in-person gala event...but not. Basically the time and day is set up for it and the people register to buy a ticket. They do not actually show up somewhere and rather instead do whatever they choose to that day and time.

People also pitch over the phone. Before pitching over the phone, be sure to warm up your voice so you can talk clearly and confidently to your audience. Make sure to show you are listening by giving remarks of "yes" or "ohh" and also asking clarifying questions can help too. The main thing is to answer the "so what" question that many people want to hear because they want to understand how can this benefit them and why should they contribute to the cause.

Did you know you could also get a job to fundraise. Tips for getting an entry-level job is to have:

1. Communication skills. Specifically known as "meet and greet" skills.

2. Attend some fundraisers and venues to gain experience.

I hope this is helpful along the way of fundraising. Get those funds!

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

A Job in Artificial Intelligence

Now at the modern age, there is so much technology around us. Not just our mobile phones but other advanced technology and robots. A field of study dealing with such technology is the area of artificial intelligence. It deals with automation, robotics, computer software and programming. Of course, a person may not have a job position that works with all four of these kinds of work, but it still deals with a great deal of at least one of them.

A job in artificial intelligence entails for you to know how to solve problems, be analytical, and understand technology and math. You may also design, maintain, and/or repair technology and software programs. A person may also have studied engineering, physics, or computer science in college to get to the career they are in in this field.

Artificial intelligence is still a board name for the various careers that can fall under it. These careers include mechanical engineers, computer engineers, computer analyst, computer developer, software engineer, and computer scientists. I also did not realize this before but graphic art designers fall under this category since a lot of artificial intelligence and technology is used for this role. This also brings another perspective to how art majors are like, that it is not just your traditional pencil and paper or paint and brush kind of job. Then, there is even a medical side of this career category, which is to be a surgical technician. A lot of technology is used in medical clinics and hospitals so there has to be someone who manages these machines to properly assist the doctors in healing the patients, especially during surgery when a lot of components of the patient's body needs to be monitored.

An average salary of a career in the field can be about $127,000.

Although it is important to get a degree, it is not necessarily true that you cannot get a career in artificial intelligence without prior work experience. If a person does not have experience, they may either:

1. Create their own Personal Projects

2. Participate in Hackathons (Events that people meet for several days and work on a problem set using coding to find a solution by building up from nothing)

3. Coding Challenges/Competitions

4. Join Open Source Projects (You can learn valuable skills, work as a team to do huge projects, and it is very similar to real world work in the field)

All in all, this kind of work may be suitable for some people and not for others. Ultimately, this is a career choice that people have to work in artificial intelligence.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Businesses and Stocks

Today I learned two different things; the types of businesses and stocks. To start off, let's talk about businesses.

Once a person gets into a business, there are various kinds that they can choose from to decide what kind of business they want to run. There are three main kinds:

1. Corporations

2. Sole Proprietors

3. Partnerships

To understand the definitions simple of each of these businesses, a short explanation is provided below.

1. A corporation is basically an entity of a business on their own. The business is basically almost independent of its founder and instead the founder is an employee of their business themselves.

2. A sole proprietor business is a business company entity where the founder is together with the business to independently manage and build it up.

3. A partnership is almost the same as a sole proprietor except that it is not run by one founder, hence the absence of the word "sole", but rather two or more founders. These multiple founders are also known as "co-founders" who partner up together in order to run a business.

When trying to figure out what kind of business you want to go into and make it into, there are a lot of factors to consider, such as taxes, amount of profits, and fees. So be sure to do your research well to execute a well-renowned business!

The other lesson I learned today was about stocks. I had heard about apps that could be used for investing and stocks management, but I did not realize how innovative these apps have become. There is an app that millennials made and a lot more millennials are interested in called "Robinhood". This app has no costs for fees on stocks and cryptocurrency trading. Many younger generations are started to gain an interest in investing and this app is a great way to start when looking into this field. The app makes stock trading inexpensive and mobile in an intelligent manner. Some might even say this democratizes stock trading as in it is allowing many people involved in something they might not been able before due to limitations.

All in all, the business world is revolving and changes are being made to make it maybe even simpler for the next generation.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

How to Analyze Business? AKA What is Necessary to be a Business Analyst

I never knew how much it took to be a business analyst because I only thought it was a person who just looked at records of the business and talked to people. Yes, it does include both those tasks but it expands more than that. In order to be a business analyst, you must have a degree and possibly some certifications geared towards this career.

To be a business analyst the person should not only understand how finances and business administration work but also some basic computer and math skills. They may specialize in information technology solutions, explore computer systems, or deal with product management. You may be able to break into this career as a programming in their career path too without needed prior business analyst experience. Even though having a degree related to business analyst is necessary, there also has to be some other skills and experience not necessary work experience in the career. A person may create their own case studies and problems in order to figure out solutions for these problems to form a portfolio. The portfolio will have work samples that their interviewer may look at to review to see that yes they do not have prior experience, but they are so passionate in the career and still well-established in it through their own research. The work samples can be given to others in the field for feedback and criticism to design a better and strong portfolio.

In the end, the person should search for jobs that they can add on their resume that will get them to use skills known as "transferable skills" to be "transferred" into their career once they become a business analyst. These skills include some math skills, programming language, communication, computer information, and/or administration skills.

The best way to succeed in this career is to try your best and keep an eye out for jobs and experiences to increase your chances to get the job.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Mission Statement and Value Proposition of a Business

After a person creates an idea for their business and start to implement it, they may also have a mission statement. The mission statement can either be a few sentences or a page long. The ultimate goal of the mission statement is to STATE what the actions of the company are as in their purpose, how they will execute that purpose, and how they will serve their customers and clients. This is very significant for customers or maybe even investors to know how passionate the organization is in their role of business.

In order for there to be a successful business, one could use the "Business Model Canvas." This canvas is a framework of a business, it is how a company is structured like. There are nine parts that make up this framework.

1. Value Propositions

2. Customer Segments

3. Customer Relationships

4. Channels

5. Key Activities

6. Key Resources

7. Key Partners

8. Revenue Streams

9. Costs

Value Propositions is the number one thing on that canvas because it tells about what the business does and who brings the value of it. In addition, it includes the "why" in the value as in why would there be any value in the business and them serving whoever their target audience is. A value proposition is also like a written statement just like the mission statement. However, this proposition will be based on two main things when writing it; the experience of the customers/clients and the capabilities of the organization. The question "What does it do for customers?" is something the business should be answering through their service or product they are providing. They must properly communicate what they do and why the customer should care that they are providing whatever they are giving. This service or product should accomplish the customers' needs.

To conclude, having a mission statement for a business is important after knowing what they are working for. Furthermore, the value proposition is also essential to go along with the mission statement and the business model canvas includes this step in order for a company to grow in a well-structured manner successfully.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

What To Think About When Creating A Business

I feel like as more businesses are being created worldwide, there are also more people who also want to take part in these businesses or continue to create more too. When creating a business, a lot of things need to be taken into account of. It starts out with a business idea that someone may be writing in their idea journal. This idea may stem from their ego, passion, or complaints where they want to design something because other products or services do not fulfill all their needs and desires for a task. Hence, the entrepreneurial innovation drives them to grow this seed of an idea into a business.

Other things once the idea gets going is to actually share your idea to your targeting audience to see if they would truly need or want the item or not. If they do want the product, then there could be a continuation of building that idea. Unfortunately, sometimes companies can fail from a bad idea because they think that others might want it but, in reality, they are the only one that would want it. So when this happens, the idea needs to be fleshed out more and changed so it can accommodate more for the target audience,

Although the crises seem like they might be over once you are able to redesign for a better idea, further issues can and will occur. For example, during Starbucks journey to being so popular today, they had went through a few financial crises, such as the 2007 recession. However, they were able to overcome it until another problem was thrown at them when they kept implementing so many Starbucks stores until one area was saturated by them that the sales were spread out between the cafes and they had to raise prices.

All in all, when wanting to create and build a business you have to look at the short and long term plans for potential crises. A few ways to plan is by using a business model and competitive strategy. The business model would be how the business runs. The competitive strategy is how to compete with competitors in order to provide something customers cannot get from others, this can also be known as the customer strategy.

By implementing these strategies and points into consideration for a business, it can lead to a more successful and effective company.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

How to Entrepreneur

Over decades of time, the term entrepreneur has been increasingly used as more people are becoming entrepreneurs and more entrepreneurships are being created. In addition to this increase is also the term “gigging” where people can be temporarily hired as employees of a business for just a short period of time. However, it is not just that there are more entrepreneurial businesses leading to more gigs but that they both influence each other. It started out with more gigs increasing as people need only short-term employees and then more entrepreneurs coming out who also need temporary workers leading to more gigs too. The gig work can also add on to the person's portfolio to make them look even better. Sometimes people do entrepreneuring and gigs as a side hustle along with their main job as a salaried employee in a brick and mortar company.

The characteristics of an entrepreneur does include some independence as they can choose the kind of work they do and do not really have a set boss ordering them around. But it is a myth if it is only individual work when it really needs to take a whole team to come together to expand the company and make things big. It is also not a requirement that these people are born to be entrepreneurs as many people are made to become them as leaders do also. Skills are acquired overtime shaping these entrepreneurs. Continuing with talk about leadership, it is essential for the person to be able to have control as a leader to maintain the company's status to grow well.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Two Broad Types of Analysts

I have heard of Data Scientist, Business Consultant, and Computer Analyst careers before but I have never heard of a Data Analyst career, neither have I heard about a Business Analyst before. It is interesting to find that there are so many roles in a business to ensure that the company even runs not even just running smoothly. Although a business analyst and data analyst career might sound similar, they are still different in their own way.

A data analyst is someone who basically analyzes and visualizes data. For some, they have a data scientist or analyst degree while more commonly they would have a math degree since this career involves a lot of math and programming. They may just have a math or programming background if not a degree. This role includes more technical skills, such as analyzing statistics.

While being a data analyst is more technical, they can also be a business analyst if they have some leadership abilities and persuasion skills. Being a business analyst requires a lot of communication, which is why being able to speak well in a professional manner would greatly grow the organization. This type of analyst will try to be an interpreter in order to solve practical problems between the business stakeholders and IT people. They are trying to improve the business by creating solutions for the company from gathering requirements. Multiple software methodologies are beneficial to the process of gathering the requirements to contribute to better solutions. All in all, a business analyst is, of course, business-oriented and a people-person while a data analyst is more of a numbers-person.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Use Time Wisely for a Better Healthy Living

A lot of people in this world always talk about how they do not have time for certain tasks or that they need to make time for things. But, in actuality, there is time to do the things they want or need. It truly comes down to two questions:

1. Is it because you do not want to do the thing?

2. How are you using your time?

Sometimes people say they do not have the time for something when they just do not want to admit to themselves that they just do not want to do it, or worse, that they are too lazy to commit to it. Other times people are just not using their time wisely and choose to procrastinate rather than completing their tasks.

There are multiple ways that a person can fill up all the things they want to do and need to do in their 168 hours of a week. One of these ways is to prioritize. When someone prioritizes what needs to be done, they can filter out the unnecessary things or time-consuming moments of procrastination by reminding themselves what needs to be done first. This is also a reason why people choose to not do things because they find it unworthy or a waste of time. A person can make a list of priorities by grouping them under different aspects of their life, such as academics, career, and personal. Through grouping them together, it can help out to sort and organize your priorities rather than just a long list of things all jumbled up.

After prioritizing comes scheduling. Scheduling how much time is needed for a task can help with planning out how your week would look like. Physical wall calendars and planners can help with this or now that many things are digitized, there is also apps and websites for planning too. By scheduling out your tasks and having a record on them, it can help to look back and see your accomplishments. Awareness of time is also essential because setting deadlines can be helpful in the long run as if it were a competition with time and you tell yourself you only have this amount of time to achieve it for your brain to be wired to get it done as soon as possible. This can be more helpful then telling yourself when to start something instead of having a end time in mind or else you might fall into the trap of it's alright I can do it later since I haven't made a deadline for myself.

The most important skill in all this is to be disciplined. To be focused on your tasks and just do it when it comes around. However, making sure to take breaks in between so you do not burn yourself out is also key for a healthier lifestyle and still considered as a good use of time.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Two Components of a Good Job Applicant

When trying to get a job, a person has to consider a variety of components that could lead to them getting hired or not. These components can be broken down into:

1. Cover letter/Resume

2. Public image/Social media

If an employer were to hire someone, they have to at least get to know what kind of person that is and what they can offer in order to advance their company. As a result, the applicant will give in a cover letter and resume. These two are similar and different in their own way. They are similar because they are both needed for the employer to get to know the applicant more. However, they are different in the way the employer knows them. The resume is like a record of experiences and what the applicant has done so far leading up to the interview in a one page report. The cover letter would also typically be one page, but it includes more details on what the applicant has put on the resume that could mean they are a better fit for the job position than others. In addition, the cover letter can let the employer know why they want the job and how much of the company the applicant know about (which helps them tie in what they could offer from their past experiences). At the end, usually a Thank You letter follows after an interview so that the employer knows how compassionate the employer is and how passionate they want this job that they would follow up on it.

Although the cover letter and resume are the most important parts for the applicant to get the job, their public image and social media accounts can also hold a significant amount of influence in the decision. If the employer were to look up on Google or Twitter about the applicant and find inappropriate photos or nasty comments that they uploaded about their previous jobs, the employer would most likely not want to hire them. Furthermore, if this is what the employer can find about them online, them it is most likely that other people such as their clients and customers may also find this. Those clients may decide to break their connections with the company as they do not want to associate with a company that has such unprofessional employees. So making sure there is an appropriate photo used as the profile picture and nothing inappropriate readily found on the internet will allow the applicant to have a better chance at getting the job.

Thus, having a cover letter and resume is important, but also having a good public image is just as vital.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Perspectives of Remote Work

Due to the pandemic, there has been increased talk of remote work. Now some companies call this kind of work known as “distributed” rather than “remote” because it emphasizes on how employees are distributed around the world or in certain locations in the company. It’s not just a worker in one spot but multiple workers coming together to grow an organization all over the world.

There are many perspectives to how remote work is like. Some people enjoy it while others do not. The ones that do enjoy it may be because of 5 different factors:

1. No commuting

2. Healthier physical body

3. Stronger employee engagement

4. More productiveness

5. Less stress of moving

However, there are also people who don’t enjoy distributed work because of these 5 factors. Workers might not want to waste time commuting so they would rather stay home while others would want to commute so they could get themselves outside the house rather than be holed up indoors or in one location sitting down all day for work. A person may feel that they are getting physically healthier without the free snacks at their workplace or food from the vending machine. Maybe they can even stray away from temptations of co-workers bringing in treats for the day. There are also others who feel their health deteriorating because they’re at home almost all day without much movement so they end up sitting at their computer snacking away. The employee engagement of workers can lead to loyalty in the company for distributed work but that really depends on the employees if they will choose to engage much with each other. The increase of productivity can also depend on the employee since some people work better when the location they are in is designated for work while back at home is known as relaxation so their minds may be wired to relax and procrastinate their work with distributed. Also, workers might feel less productive because they’re chatting away with employees instead of working but others might find this helpful and feel more lively at work with others to communicate with in-person. Lastly, with remote work some people find it nice that they don’t need to physically change locations when they change leadership positions but others yearn for this to be the case of their career. Some people want to actually move locations to experience traveling and different places in the world for their work.

All in all, these 5 factors really depend on what kind of person the employee is that may result in whether distributed work is for them or not.