Log of what of Ivan Jimenez has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 19, 2022

What I did today

Today I realized I'm reaching the finals days of assignments. Its exciting to see what stuff I have learned and heard about through techie youth this past month. There are many topics that i did not know about before that I now have a clear understanding of thanks to the resources provided to me. For the rest of the finals days I would like to work on the writing unite assignment about creating a poster for a cause or just about my own personal experiences.

Thu. Aug. 18, 2022

Updates on project

Today I continues with the first couples steps in the project im working on now. Since it requires the use of adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator I continued my review with the extensive three hour tutorial techie youth has provided. Additionally, I went on to learn more about writing topics such as blog posting and how to pitch ideas to work within other blogs outside of my main online ecosystem. Will be doing the same for tomorrow as well.

Wed. Aug. 17, 2022

what i did today

Today i combined what i learned in multiple days into one. I decided to start a project that would use my literary skills with my digital skills as well. I'm working on a project that will require me to take what i learned in the writing section with what had been taught in the 3d objects section. Photoshop and illustrator will be needed while I also write on my report at the same time.

Mon. Aug. 15, 2022

New topics to start

Today i began a new topic to start: writing. There were many topics being offered to learn about that I will spend this week on going over. Today read over topics like copywriting and blogging. I have a personal blog of my own for filming so it was nice to learn more information and resources on how to improve my own content. Many of the videos talked about how to not only take your hobbies and reach a bigger audience with it, but also how to monetize and get financial compensation for the work you put into online spaces.

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

what i learned

Today I went over using the software of GIMP and adobe photoshop illustrator. I saw in the videos that both software are really good for photo and image editing. You can even work on pieces that are digital art and aren't actual pictures from a camera in real life. Both software have many tools to use to get the task done as well. I saw that illustrator has many specific functions that not only improve with its tools but also help the user get their specific ideas done the exact way they would like with a lot of customization. I would like to use these programs to create my own digital goods too in the future when I get better at it

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

What i did today

Today I got close to finishing most of the information provided in the making your own products sections. I dont understand how I'm suppose to do an assignment per day when this section had videos that totaled over 7 hours in content to watch but im only expected to do about 5 hours per day. If I hadn't skipped all that content to fit the quota i was not told about till this week to fill, I wouldn't have submitted the assignment on monday. Yet, here I am going back on the unit so i can actually learn the content at my pace which is the whole point in the program. This isn't counting the 10+ links to other websites that have other articles and guides i'm expected to read over to answer information in quizzes. Almost like it takes more than the hours allotted to get work done. Regardless I went back on a previous unit to finish that assignment as well today to fit a quota. So thats both an assignment and a quiz completed today

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

What I did today

Since I completed and submitted the main assignment for 3d goods on monday, I decided to continue learning more about the subject. There were still a ton of different things to learn like robotics and being taught how to use scraps to make new items. But since I was pressed to submit assignments before I was even done with the unit I couldn't use the skills I was being introduced today to use for the assignment. Either way it was still cool to find out how people use different materials from broken or unused items to create brand new functioning things in their lives.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

what i did today

today i submitted an assignment all by myself. I made my own brand new content using software on my hardware. I even included the techie youth logo to show that i learned those skills through here. It shows that even if i wasn't submitting assignments all the time, that i was learning at my own pace these brand new skills to create new things.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

what i learned

Today i began learning about the final software that was in the section about creating and making 3D products. Learning about this new software was complicated but there were many videos offered to review and learn from. Its different from other software like blender but it was cool to see how objects can still be made with different tools. There was a lot of information about creating complex shapes and structures that give these digital items a lot of detail and realism

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

what i learned

Today i continued working on the base that I started yesterday while learning about 3D spaces and objects. I watched multiple part videos about new software I didn't even know existed. It's nice to learn about these these new tools because it means other people had already been using it to make whatever projects they're working already. There are a lot of resources to go over but I will keep on trying to watch more about them.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

what i learned

Today I wanted to review what I was introduced to last friday. Since the weekend had past i did not want to go over brand new material if I didn't remember what was being discussed in my videos on friday. So i decided to go over the videos that talked about software that is useful in making 3d objects. It's nice to see how you can turn digital items into something real and tangible through tools like blender and a 3d printer. there are many tools that were reviewed as well such as how to morph models and objects together to create shapes of things in the real world.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

What I learned

Today I decided to learn more about making things online. There are alot of ways to do this but I was interested in how 3D objects are made. I got to see that there are multiple ways to do this and theres not just one path to learn those kinds of skills. There are different programs and software people and businesses use to create such as blender. I watched some videos that went over how to start using specific sofware and learning how to utilize tools to help me create 3D objects. It was cool to see new shapes form into different things. I could also see how I can 3d print the objects I make and turn something entirely digital into a real life thing that takes up space.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

What I learned Day 1

Today I started in the introductory course with techie youth. I was introduced to all the information that I would need to use this program effectively. I was shown how to see each topic that I could learn about and where to find videos and articles bout the information provided. I also began the first required section as well. It had a lot of information about how online communities work and how people work in an online setting. Then I watched multiple videos about making money online and how to build my professional portfolio for future jobs and careers. Lastly, I finished the last activity learning about financial resources too.