Log of what of Huzaifa Anas has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 19, 2022

Day 30 WebSite building finished & Start of AI

This is being submitted early to keep track of work and not cause me to lose info. Also, this is to properly separate different topics.

The website was submitted through GitHub pages, which handles the Webhosting part of the website and lets users focus on other aspects of website building. A thing that surprised me though is the testimonials have a slider on my local machine. I don't know why the GitHub version does not have a slider, so I will need to look this up and see how GitHub pages handle it differently. If I can't figure it out in the 30 minutes, I will then go on to the next topic.

So I watched a couple of videos and can still not figure out what is going on as the code itself works.

So after I finished my web development work I decided to do the AI section. So I reviewed the basics of python, which was then followed by readings on machine learning projects, fundamental principles of how to build an AI system, fundamentals of AI algorithms, and how to import, analyze and predict using machine learning in Python, and a lot of info on kaggle challenges.

Thu. Aug. 18, 2022

Day 29 Website building Design finished.

Today what I did was fix my CSS issues and the overall design. Like what I had before I'd say good-looking individual pieces of my website, let's say the intro and contact me part, but the two parts would not mesh well together thematically. I made it now mesh well together. Now for some parts, what happened is, that I also had to fix the flexbox. The way a flexbox is organized for one part of the website might make sense, like for the about us, but for the overall website, it might look like it is sticking out a sore thumb, because of the difference in padding and margin. I played around with different values, to see which compromise would work out for the overall situation. Tomorrow I will figure out how to host the website and submit it for submission.

Wed. Aug. 17, 2022

Day 28 Website Building continued

What I ended up doing today was building the scripts behind contact me. I ended up using PHP for this and not going to lie I regret it. Writing in PHP is such a pain. Unlike other languages you need to use $ signs which is just weird to me. Some of the parts like

$contact->ajax = true;

$contact->to = $receiving_email_address;

$contact->from_name = $_POST['name'];

I had to read a decent amount about ajax to be sure that I am even doing this right. The code itself was not long like 40 lines, but the syntax of PHP is so weird which just gave me a headache to work around it. Then I did some tests to see if the emails worked and they ended up working. I think design wise I am doing a pretty good job, and tomorrow I should focus on fixing the CSS issues like slightly out-of-whack flexbox sizes if possible. I am going to have my fingers crossed about fixing the remaining small CSS issues as these small issues are the issues which are really hard to finally fix. Aside from that, I should be able to submit my website on Friday I guess. I will need to figure out how and where it will be uploaded, and how to share it. I need to look at the description of techieyouth's requirements to decide that.

Tue. Aug. 16, 2022

Day 27 Website Building continued

Today what I focused on was making the portfolio. I did save some time today by using techie youths images for the courses and reusing some of my old CSS. It still took me a decent amount of time to adapt the CSS to adapt correctly. For example, the hover is different from the one on testimonials. It is supposed to be able to link to future courses in the future, but I will not do that, as I am not able to because of access issues, and it will take too long even if I make a workaround. It would be kind of out of scope for the current website design I am going to also. Aside from that, it was the usual CSS and HTML nitty gritty on how to make flex boxes look better. I feel like I have improved compared to before on the usage, but still takes a lot of time for me to read MDN documentation to make sure I'm not making a mistake as I am neither confident nor experienced enough to precede.

Mon. Aug. 15, 2022

Day 26 Website Building continued

Today what I built was the courses offered, which took longer than expected as the CSS I used for other sections wasn't exactly portable, and chrome and firefox displayed different outputs for it, because of how they compile the website. In the end, I stuck to firefox, as I was using MDN documentation, and google doesn't really have something like that I know of, and I use firefox myself. It was only a minor issue with bullet point indentation but made it look weird in my opinion on chrome. Then the other thing I built was a review section of people who took courses at TechieYouth. I took some random stock images of professionals and students, and then made reviews for them. This part was easy, but then making it into a slider the CSS was a nightmare for me. I had taken go deep into MDN documentation and how to figure it out. I am like 80% done with this and just need to see if anything is broken or weird visually to me still.

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Day 25 Website building continued

While I was doing this daily assignment I noticed I made a mistake in the ordering so I fixed that. Anyways today I continued to work on my website. I worked on the about section today which told what techieYouth 5 Ws are. Then after putting in that HTML boilerplate I added CSS to it. I also took a white to find images, CSS elements, and everything to make it look right. I felt like I didn't have time to make another section today, so I reviewed my code for errors. I found mistakes in set up on the unordered ist <ul></ul> with the <li></li> elements. They weren't properly centered, and the nested list was whack cause of some typos. I fixed that and now my about section is completed I'd say. I also forgot to save this earlier, and thankfully I checked.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Day 24 Website building continued

So the first thing I did today was go onto the techie out website and inspect elements. I took the information I needed from the website down first like the email, address, phone number, etc. Then I also took down relevant names. I also looked into the code of the website to see if I could get any inspiration from it. After that, I skimmed a couple of popular website designs for charities like YMCA, Red Cross, etc to see if I could get another idea for the layout. After that, I decided on my general layout for sure now.

I have built the boilerplate version of the HTML work I need for the primary page of the website I'd say and now need to add in the appropriate text. It took me longer than expected as I was messing up the nested lists, and organization of the layout.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Day 23 Wordpress cont. and Assignment start

The first thing I did was watch the video for building your WordPress website which I was watching yesterday. Then I continued on to the quiz and seem to pass it, but not sure, as it is a new thing. Then after that, I watched the video on a minimal viable product. Following that I looked at the causes TechieYouth supports and then what type of thing interests me. I decided to do the foster care service. Before starting to build the website I was trying to understand what exactly is a foster service, and how to then build and design my website around that. After that I started to make the website, and not sure how to explain the progress, in summary, going forward from it.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Day 22 Python Review cont, quizzes, and wordpress.

I finished the remaining time of the python video today. Then I took the quiz for the Learning to code websites section. Afterward, I watched the videos in the How to get hired working as a web developer section, which included a video on how to get your first web development job, about creating a job-ready portfolio as a junior web developer, and how the technology hiring process works. Afterward, I did the test your knowledge portion which did the overall unit. I did well for some parts on my own, but the PHP parts like incremented, etc needed me to look it up, because of phps weird way of writing things with $ and ?s. Afterward, I did the WordPress quiz and still failed. It would be nice to know what part I got wrong as I am not sure. it said I needed to rewatch the videos so I did. I watched the video on what WordPress is, the basics of WordPress, WordPress themes, and how to make a WordPress website step-by-step. I am not finished with the last one yet. The main issue I am having is getting the x step -> y step of the quiz right as the way it is presented in videos and online is slightly different from the quiz.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Day 21 Python Review cont.

I started watching the python video from comparison operators today. Then I reviewed sections comparison operators, a weighted converter program, while loops, building a guessing game, building the car game, for loops, nested loops, lists, 2D lists, my complete python course, list methods, tuples, unpacking, dictionaries, emoji converter, functions, parameters, keyword arguments, return statements, creating a reusable function, exceptions, comments, classes, constructors, inheritance, modules, packages, generating random variables, working with directories, Pypi and Pip, Project 1: Automation with Python, and Project 2: Machine Learning with Python. Tomorrow I feel like I can do the quiz now and then will move on.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Day 20 Review Java & Python

I continued to watch the java video to get the checkmark and after that, I watched the python to also get the checkmark. The topics on the java video today were ternary operator, switch statements, the fizzbuzz exercise, for loops, while loops, do-while loops, break & continue, for each loop, control flow statement, and clean coding. The topics covered today in the python video were the installation of python 3, how to execute code, variables, how to receive input, type conversion, strings, formatting strings, numerous methods of strings, arithmetic operations, operator precedence, math functions, if-else statements, logical operators, math functions, comparison operators, do while loops, while loops, for loops, nested loops, lists, 2d lists, tuples, unpacking, functions, parameters, keyword arguments, return statements, and the start of Project 2: Machine Learning with Python. It was a good review and I feel like I have a better grasp of the material covered before.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

day 19 Java & Node JS Continued

I continued to watch the java video today. What I learned today was the order of operations., casting, math class, formatting, input, a mortgage calculator program, types summary, control flow, comparison operators, logical operators, if statements, simplified if statements, ternary operator, switch statements, fizzbuzz exercise, for loops, while loops, do-while loops, break & continue, for each loop, control flow statement, and clean coding. Then I rewatched the nodejs video to get the checkmark but still didn't get it. I then also re-watched the java video to get a checkmark but still have not gotten it. Aside from that I skimmed the website exercise at the end and will think of the topic I am interested in and decide later.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Day 18 Pythn cont. & Java Intro

The first thing I did today was to continue to watch the python video. So what I watched today was Project 2: Machine Learning with Python and Project 3: Building a Website with Django. Like I said before I am not comfortable with the pacing so a decent amount went over my head. Then afterward I played the python game in the python section. It took me like 10 minutes to figure out how to start the game because it was glitching out for me. I don't like these types of games as they are tedious and I feel like they are better replaced with coding exercises, but I completed them on time. Afterward started watching a video on java and reviewed the topics of types, variables, primitive types, reference types, the difference between these two types, strings, escape sequences, arrays, multi-dimensional arrays, constants, and arithmetic operations. Some stuff I will review as I build the website as I feel that is the best way to learn.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Day 17 Python

Today I watched the python tutorial video. It is extremely info dense and I really feel overwhelmed, to be honest. The topics covered were the installation of python 3, how to execute code, variables, how to receive input, type conversion, strings, formatting strings, numerous methods of strings, arithmetic operations, operator precedence, math functions, if-else statements, logical operators, math functions, comparison operators, do while loops, while loops, for loops, nested loops, lists, 2d lists, tuples, unpacking, functions, parameters, keyword arguments, return statements, exception handling, classes, constructors, inheritance, modules, packages, and getting random values. To be honest this covers the basics all the way from OOP to machine learning. If this was a college class this would be roughly 3 different classes in my opinion. I get the general ideas but the specifics are over my head as this is way too info dense and I can't pause in between because that is the rule.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Day 16 PHP and Python intro

SO I continued to watch the PHP video today. I went over associative arrays, checkboxes, functions, return statements, if statements, else statements, switch statements, while loops, do while, for loops, classes, objects, constructors, getters and setters, and inheritance. That is what I did for PHP today. To be honest I get the general ideas but need the practice to be really able to do this. I feel this course is to rushed and needs to be broken up and have more practice exercises in between. Afterward, I re-watched the node js video for the check mark but I still didn't get it. I did learn some things that I missed before that node js are better for data-intensive things and bad for CPU-intensive tasks. Afterward I played the first python game, and made the text-based game. I had to keep looking up things to understand what it actually does as it is not really explained well in that section in my opinion.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Day 15 JavaScript cont. then Node JS & PHP

Today what I did was first finish the last JavaScript game called code combat. To be honest the game was harder than expected, because I don't usually play these type of games. I didn't understand what some of the markets on the screen meant, so it took me a while to figure out if a orange cross on gold is safe or not for example. Afterwards I watched the fundamentals of NodeJS. It was surprising for me to see how efficient it is compared to regular JavaScript. As of now I don't know what to say if I learned it well or not as it's only a hour long into of the basics of the language. Then I followed it by watching the PHP video. I have watched half of it roughly, and learned about the declarations and how to wave it along with html. Like I said practice makes perfect so it will take time for me to judge my ability.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Day 14 Web Development Learn how to code websites

I continued to watch some tips about website design as the first thing of the day. One of the tips also I learned from the videos was to go in person and sit down with people and try to get a sense of what the business feels like. This will make a design that will reflect that establishment's ethos. Then afterward I roughly watched 3 videos about javascript which were an hour long. They just have the basics of javascript inside of them. It talked about how browsers process javascript, the IDE for javascript, variables, constants, primitive, dynamic data types, objects, arrays, and functions. Then I played star wars code for roughly an hour. To be honest I don't get the point of the game. It is better to do real exercises. Afterward, I did another game called code combat I am roughly 1/2 done with it, and would probably finish it tomorrow.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Day 13 Web Development SQL & Web Design

The first thing I did was finish the SQL video I was watching before. I feel kind of confident about select, from, where, and conditional statements for SQL now. For the table operations and such though still feel like it is beyond me for now. Then I started to watch web design videos. It first showed what a good-looking website is from aesthetics and functional points of view. Then the video explained how to get clients as a newcomer and especially how to compete with people who are in India and Pakistan who do work for roughly $200. The video after was also how to market yourself, followed by a video on how to get your very first client. Then following that I just reviewed the websites shown in the videos myself.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Day 12 Web Development SQL cont.

Forgot to save previous work so I will re-write it.

Today I continued doing SQL. I was watching the video and it covered topics like relational databases, joining, different datatypes, joining tables and such. Before I started the day I watched the video a bit and then took 30-40 minute interval to review select from etc statements for SQL. Then I continued watching the video and looked at the different SQL topics. To be honest I still feel this is very info dense, and I need to eventually review everything before I start to make a website as there is no exercise in between to make it sink in.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Day 11 Web Development cont. SQL

Today in the video we went further into SQL. To be honest, watching a video without exercises in between makes it very info dense and hard to remember but the general ideas of relational databases. Inside of it had a lot of things from the introduction of SQL, design, data integrity, database terms like tuples, type of relationships, and the different types of keys in SQL. I get the concept, but till I actually do a problem I am not sure if I can do this right as this is essentially an entire college class. It will take me a decent time to digest all of this.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Day 10 Web Development Continued

Today I just did SQL only. To be honest this web development course is like a fire hose and you need to drink it all. I feel like I need to take time and watch everything one time, and then do the problem. Like I watched a video today on joining tables. I get the idea, but I also need time to sit down and do it. Then there were other things like conditional statements for SQL, sorting, how to pick tables, and different combinations. The basic logic I get, but actually doing it is quite hard. Furthermore, I feel like I need also to go back and look at the HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Webhosting parts. I am still confused about how SQL will be used in web development, but I will find out later I guess. I would be nice to know earlier because I can guide my learning based on that then.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Day 9 Web Development and my Stock assignment follow up

I am first positing my stock assignment prediction here with follow up to show what I did for first 30 minutes of the day.

Basically there was a long depression in the market and now good news is incoming which made the bulls for most of the stocks go far harder than expected for me.

My ten stock predictions. I checked online on WSJ and it says one of the reasons for this is because earning season stocks ended up doing better than expected in the inflationary environment. Nonetheless, the general trend was correct just the specifics were off and I kind of expected it as I was based purely on charts and not accounting for external news or earnings and all.

This is not for anybody's use. Just using this to submit my assignment. DO NOT upvote and use this as any form of advise. For assignment on https://www.TechieYouth.org


My estimate is MSFT will go to 261 as the max over the next 3 days roughly. The past two cycles are roughly 21 days and 10 days from peak to trough to peak again. The peak seems to be the moving average so based on that and recent price fluctuations it should go roughly to 258 dollars.

It ended up being 259, which shows my estimate was pretty much right.


For apple the price I expect is not sure to be honest. It is in a breakout movement right now, but it seems to be slowing down so the price I expect is roughly to be 152.

It ended up being 155, which shows bulls were stronger than expected.


Amazon is on the uptrend and I estimate its price will go 116 3 trading later. The reason I say that is because it broke the recent trend of not hitting the middle of MA ENV but it will face resistance up so it will roughly end up at 116.

It ended up being 123, which shows bulls were stronger than expected.


For goog, the stock price I anticipate in the next three days is 2290 as you can see tech stocks are moving in a quite symmetrical cycle, so it should go roughly to the value of 2 days ago, but a bit less as the trend is bearish overall.

Google has ended up with a stock split, which made my prediction moot.


This chart also surprised me kind of like AMAZON. It has huge sell pressure recent trend, but now it is going up in the short term. The stock is really volatile and all over the place, but it seems to be slowing down recently. I think in 3 trading days it will hit 160, and then stop because it only recently seems to be on uptrend and its not like a big movement. Before whenever it touched the border of MA EVN it went down so unless external factors as new news it will it 160 and fall.

It ended up being 179, which again showed bulls were stronger than expected.


For TSM I have special feelings as it made up roughly 60% of my portfolio before but because of China and Taiwan relationship issues it went bad. This stock is quite cyclical in my opinion, but has a overall downward trend. It seems to hit the middle of MA ENV and then go down again so I guess roughly the price in three days will be 87.50.

My prediction ended up being pretty much on point of 87 dollars.


For TMO it seems to be stabilizing recently in my opinion so the price shall be around 545. The reason I says it stabilizing is because RSI is 50.

Ended up at 538 which is pretty good I'd say.


For SMH it is a semi etf. Semiconductors in general move together as is it a complex interconnected industry. I say the price in three days should go roughly to 218 and then fall from there.

Ended up at 228 which shows I understimated the bulls.


FOR QQQ I think it will roughly to 293 in three days. RSI is 51 and tech stocks seem to have a slow upward trend recently.

Ended up at 303 again shows my predictions were conservative.


For micron it should follow the trend with other semiconductors, and as a memory manufacturer it is even worse shape then others. It’s space is extremely competitive. I believe the price in three days should be 64, as the trend as of now is upward, but slow.

Ended up roughly as predicted showing I do have some skill.

Then I did web development today. One of the things was WordPress. WordPress was kind of boring to me, but it was unique. It saves you a lot of time in making blogs it seems like vs typing all the stuff out manually and you don't even need to code. For SVn-related things, I still need to understand more, but I guess I will understand it during the assignment I guess as I build along. Then I did start some SQL parts, but time was low so I watched an only a couple of things explaining that SQL depends on the type you use as different things use different SQL parts. Aside from that SQL is good for everyone to learn which I agree with because SQL to just start and use basics is kind of easy. So you can use the basics operations whenever needed.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Day 8 Web Development continued

Today I reviewed a couple of things. I first rewatched some of the videos on HTML tags, CSS, and a couple of other things. Then what followed were some new things. The first thing was about domains. You have to pay attention to the top-level domain and not just the name as someone can do something like meowmeow.au if you take over meowmeow.com. Then it was how to set up and use domains. To be honest the last part I'm still confused and need time to set up. I will watch the videos today to figure the general idea and then tomorrow try to implement it. Or maybe I will watch all videos first and then try to implement it. Not sure which way is better to learn. Another thing is doing the stocks prediction assignment. Three days will have passed today so I can do that tomorrow.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Day 7 Web development

I wanted to do some mobile development, but I still could not figure out alternative for XCODE on google for IOS development. So I started to read about web development. Too be honest I don't like the video format. It is way too fast like he just skims over flexbox, html, css, etc. Then the long two hour video was a waste of time. It was common sense of got to work hard, keep learning etc and all. It didn't really have any substance which stood out to me or which I can remember. Aside from that, I don't know what to say. I feel like I need to read some things on my own, but not sure how to do it without having issues with my session time counting.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Day 6 Niche Websites and mobile development

Today I continued to read about niche websites. This part continued to speak about how to make the google search algorithm like you. in this the algorithm likes well-formatted text, and then text which has good links set up along with it. Those are the things that stood out to me. Of course, it also has obvious things like good content, good meta words, etc, and all, but that was kind of surprising to me. Then there were a whole lot of managing teams, freelance writers, and where to hire them and all.

That part kind of bored me so I decided to look at mobile development. The salary of mobile developers being 78,000 surprised me so I started to look more into it. While looking into it a video told me to download XCODE, but Xcode does not work on PC. I need to look for an alternative for it on windows tomorrow. Aside from that, it was just intro stuff for now.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Day 5 Stocks , crypto etc assignment & Niche website continued

Today I had to re-read some of the things about technical analysis. I checked out simple moving averages (SMAs), exponential moving averages (EMAs), Bollinger bands, stochastics, and on-balance volume (OBV). Through them and looking at trends, news, and other things I did the assignment. I am not really 100% sure about my analysis, to be honest as nowadays a lot of the price movements are based on external news which is related to geopolitics, which could totally throw off my guesses. What I ended up using mostly was the moving average, RSI, EMA, and volume to decide my estimates.

For niche websites I reviewed the articles and videos again just to get the hang of the topic as it is kind of new for me.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Day 4 Commodities, niche websites, and crafts

The first half of the day I spent reading about commodities. The reason I spent half of the day on it and didn't do the assignment is that I am not sure how long it will take to do it, and doing it on Friday would give me more leeway on trends. Nonetheless, for commodities, I learned some interesting things. They are able to hedge against inflation which is what the current situation of the world is. That means that they are in the groove right now, and I have seen on numerous data sets they are the leading performers as of now. Then for them, specialization is key. There are entire teams dedicated to saying coffee or gold. The volatility can also make you big bucks or bankrupt you overnight and oil is amongst the most volatile. I was thinking of focusing on this for my assignment and tech stocks.

For crafts, I just skimmed the start. I looked at the possible tools which can be used and all. Then where they can be sold. Nothing special as it was a quick overview.

Then for niche websites, I am really interested in it. It is a good way to make passive income it seems. I also know how to use some of the tools well like google trends and such. I myself use niche websites all the time when I read translated novels or reading manga, which shows me potential. Well, I am not sure as of now what type of niche website I can make myself another avenue is buying one which is shown. Even if it makes only 100 dollars a year it is fine to me because it generates passive income. It takes roughly 40 hours to make a website it was told in an example and in a year that website ended up making 3,000 dollars a year. Of course, this all depends on the niche being marketable, by having amazon affiliates links and such. But even if it is a third of that in my opinion is pretty good. I am kind of surprised how this is formatted though. I thought this type of thing will be under web development, but I can only figure it out once I go further into this module next week probably.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Day 3 Reits and options

The two things i really learned about today was REITs and options. For REITS I learned about how they pay out pretty much all income, and that they don't have to pay income tax, which stood out to me. Then another thing which was interesting is they only own positive cash flow assets. The way that values are calculated wasn't very interesting to me, but nice to know about.

For options the basics are simple. It is essentially a bet or hedge against a certain direction of the stock, and the price depends on the greeks. What interested me was the complex options like the box spread, butterfly spread and so on. It is quite interesting to see how a simple hedge can be combined into such complex derivatives.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Day 2 of Techie Youth

Today I started work at 1 PM and continued the stock market module. This day is where we really talked about trading. It was interesting to talk about the difference between technical trading and fundamental analysis. I just found it interesting that technical trading is considered live statistics essentially of graphs, while fundamentals aren't. It feels like its just a word game for me in that sense, but I still understand the difference. One is making order out of chaos aka technical trading, while the other is using tangible things to make deductions. Furthermore, the crypto part was very funny to me. It talked about shit coins and pump and dumps. It reminded me about the time I read wallstreetbets a famous subreddit. Though the crypto part was funny I also learned a lot about the non-currency-related functions of blockchain. It talked about how it is used in logistics, which interested me. Overall I learned a couple of new things and learned new applications of things I already knew before.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Introduction to techie Youth

On the first day, the first and most important thing I learned was about the TechieYouth organization and its program. In my opinion, the most important thing to do on the first day on the job is to figure out your position. I figured out that in this job I am supposed to learn.

Following the introductory videos which explained how to navigate and use the website, I figured out what was offered. I watched every single program and figured out what interests me the most, and the least. For the time being the thing that interested me the most was stocks and crypto, and it was pretty useful. It refreshed a lot of basic knowledge me like limit orders, stop-loss orders, and things like pump and dumps. Another interesting part for me was when Warren Buffet said he lost 5 billion dollars in potential profit from not buying Fannie Mae. It was interesting to hear a veritable stock god/guru talks bout his failures more than his success. Well, aside from that there wasn't a particularly interesting anecdote for me personally today to note, because it was mainly definitions. I was surprised though that Robinhood was recommended over something like Weibull, because of Robinhoods reputation crisis and I feel like Weibull has a far superior GUI and resources far available..