Log of what of Hasson Harris has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Dec. 15, 2023

What iLearned from TechieYouth Today (12/15/23)

Thus far, I've gained a better understanding of the idea of an entrepreneur and what it takes to be one. I watched a video about what an entrepreneur is, about how you can go about becoming one, what risks and tribulations come with the territory, and the benefits and/or freedom that could come with building a self-sufficient business. Following that insight, I've watched a video that encourages the idea of learning and accumulating skills and trades that can/will help. The idea that you could start from the ground up or "from the bottom" so to speak, it is possible to build up a slowly to becoming a millionaire. Basically, being more self-sufficient allows you to accumulate and retain the income that you're working hard to make and that in itself is a way to show the benefit in entrepreneurial behavior.

Then I breifly watched the introduction video for stocks and cryptocurrency and was imediately intimidated by the way they fluctuate and the idea that you would have to invest more than enough and be content with the possibility of losing all or your investments.