Log of what of Genesis Rodriguez has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

What I learned at techie youth

These past few weeks I have learned a lot in techie youth. I learned about software engineering, Business journaling artificial intelligence I just learned so much these past few weeks. I first I didn’t think I would learn anything I techie youth but I actually did I learned about business and how the world and life works and how easy and fun it can be to earn money it doesn’t have to be hard or difficult. Throughout all this time I’ve been taught so many lessons by the articles and videos we were given to watch and read. I honestly had a great experience with tech you’ve even though at first it was extremely confusing but at the end it turned out to be really easy

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

What I learned today

Today I techie youth I continue learning about software technology and how it is very important today’s world. In today’s world nothing would be possible without software technology. Software technology is a key to our society today. Either way there are many important factors to software technology. Porten factors are efficiency maintainability usability and reliability. These factors are very important in software technology and without them software technology wouldn’t work as well.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

What I learned today

Today I tacky you if I learned many things about software technology and how software technology works. I learned how important software technology is to our society today, especially since every app we use is made because of software technology. Something important I actually learned today was a software technology comes from computers more specifically they come from computer programs made by programmers. They are three major parts of software technology which are system software, Utility software and application software. That is what I learned today at techie youth

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

What I learned today

today at techie youth I learned many things. I learned about home jobs and how one easy at home job. One job that would be easy to work at form is customer service. Customer service is something very simple that can be done At any point in time. Either way customer Service is something really simple that anyone can do . Something else I learned about today is journalism . Journalism is something really important in this world because your can learn many things.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

What I learned today

today at techie youth I learned many things. I learned about home jobs and how one easy at home job. One job that would be easy to work at form is customer service. Customer service is something very simple that can be done At any point in time. Either way customer Service is something really simple that anyone can do . Something else I learned about today is journalism . Journalism is something really important in this world because your can learn many things.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

What I learned today

Today I continued learning about surfaces especially Health services I learned how helpful they were to the human race and actually animal race to because we all need healthcare. We all need good healthcare and since we all need good healthcare we have good healthcare services . Such as police officer, firefighters and ambulances. All these services are very important and today society because without them we wouldn’t be a good society there would be so much crime there be so many accidents out there and it’s crazy how bad this world could be without them. Either way today I learned many new things I took you that are very important to me

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

What I learned today

Today I learned about free lance prescription. I’m pretty sure something really important in health care. They are basically the people who write up prescriptions for people that need them. Freelance prescription is something that is very reliable for many people because they can help people with their health. Either way today I took you’ve I kept learning about many types of services and how they are all affected for today’s world. It’s actually very interesting learning about all the services because you would never think they were really important until you are more informed about them.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

What I learned today

Today I learned many things I especially I learned about Facebook campaigns than how they work and help people create them. The way people create face on campaign does very important because the campaigns can be very important for example there are many campaigns about global warming and about other dangerous that people face today. Something else I learned about today is about writing articles. I learned that writing article is very important today society because I can inform people about many things going on in today’s world and today’s life. In general today I learned many things and how everything is important in today’s world.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Today at techie youth

Today and yesterday I techie youth I learned about online torturing and how it works. Today I learned that tutoring is actually very important. Even though it seems like a waste of money to pay for tutors it can actually be very good for young kids and adults too. If tutoring in person doesn’t fit into your busy schedule. You can do many things like online tutoring which is also very helpful. It’s basically the same thing as in person throwing but online tutoring gives you more options. Something else is that online tutoring is actually more cheaper then in person tutoring. Since it save the teacher a lot more money. Either way online tutoring is very good in helping.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Wednesday Thursday and Friday what I learned today

On Wednesday at techie youth I learned about creating apps. I was finishing up reading the articles for the topic. Since I wanted to wrap with that topic. Either I actually learned a lot about phone in and apps because of the topic Creating mobile apps. I learned a lot specifically when it came to monetizing apps. Something about monetizing apps is the most common way of doing it is in app ads.That is the most common way I learned and it is actually very cool since you also make money because of the ads that you show. So depending on what the ad is you earn money in two different ways.

What I learned on Thursday and Friday

On Thursday and Friday I learned a lot about selling digital goods. I especially learned about how it works. One of the main things you learn is that to sell something you have to be a very good writer. If you are a good writer you can promote all the goods you are trying to sell. You can write about many things such as what it can do and what it’s meant for. These articles and journals could show up in magazines and on many other social media apps. Which is why to be good and selling digital goods you have to be a good writer. That is what I’ve been learning about these past two days. Selling digital goods and it has been very interesting learning about it.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Developing mobile apps

The past two day so Monday and Tuesday I have learned a lot about how apps became popular and how they deal with their popularity.For example one of the apps I learned about was tiktok and how they became so popular out of nowhere especially because of all the celebrities that are tiktok famous. One of the ways tiktok deals with their popularity and how they make themselves even more popular, is that they try to get famous people to get advertisements and make them become even more popular and successful.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Devolving mobile apps

Today I learned a lot about android apps and how they function. I learned from one of my friends who has an android that they give us free rewards from time to time. Android has a lot of games that iOS don't have and those games are really creative with how they made their apps. Android has apps that can help me learn how to code and mess with apps that I can make in the future. A few apps let me change there the front appearance of the page and I saw their codes of those but they were really long and complicated because you had to change from words to letters, images, and how the game will start. Today, many of the things i did were from the articles that gave you the option to read deeper, which actually helped a lot. THat's what I learned today.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Creating mobile apps

Today I learned a lot about mobile apps. I learned a lot about how apps are made and how they function. It was very interesting learning about apps and how they function. Today I learned about iOS development specifically which was very interesting. Something I didn’t know is that iOS development and android development are actually very different. All the videos and articles I read made me kinda of interested. Some of the articles actually were a bit confusing but as you kept reading they kept making more sense.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Web devlopment

Today i learned a lot about html about how it functions and how there can be errors without html. Html is that start of every website on how everything functions like clicking on a button that says login and it brings you to the login information . Without the html there will be no pictures, links and login info on the website that you are developing. Html has a lot of functions but one of the function that I like is how I need to use html to start putting images, long paragraphs that can be separated and how you can help people by using a bot or a person to write back to someone when they need help with something that they don't understand or help them find things on my website that may be really difficult for them to find.It was very interesting to learn more about HTML since I kinda forgot what I learned in the beginning but it was a good refresher , since it reminded me of a lot.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

What i did today for Assignment

Monday and Tuesday I saw the videos and read the articles for the social community organizing . Today I started doing my assignments for social community organizing but honestly I think this is very hard because you gave us one thing to focus on but then there are many other things that I also need to focus on when I do the assignments because problems occurs in the work when I was doing it. All the app in the social community organizing are popular social media apps, that are even more popular with teenagers and young adults. Throughout learning about all the social media apps i noticed that in some of the articles they would talk a lot about how the app became so successful and even though it;’s good to know about extremely successful apps. I think we should also learn about apps that weren’t so successful.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

What i learned today at techie- youth social media organizing

Today I continued a lot about social media organizing. I learned a lot about Facebook, twitter, WeChat, and Instagram. These 3 apps help me learn a lot about other apps and how they are being use everyday. Throughout learning about the apps you find reasons on why and how apps or made. How they are used on a daily bases. These past few years I have used social media a lot and have seen many of the things that I learned today. An example of one of many apps that I have used is instagram. I have experienced many thing on instagram, such as watching videos on how instagram and how it was made and how they construct the app and use codes to program how people can like videos so they can get different explore pages. I love instagram because i get so easily entertained and distracted with instagram.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

What I learned today

Today I learned many things. I think the most important thing I learned today is that life is hard. Honestly every time I do this thing about what I learned today. I feel like I’m doing a school homework, and every time I start writing I have to remind myself that this isn’t for school and that this is for work. Either way today at techie youth I learned about social medias, which is actually something I know very much about. Although I did learn that the privacy policies that all social media apps have are very important. Honestly me I would just skip it cause it was so long and boring to read or I would just put accept all when it asked about it. Now though I know that I should read because if anything were to happen and my privacy were to be leaked and I would want to sue they could easily pull out the privacy policies and terms and conditions sheet and end right there and then. Although some apps require you accept the privacy policies before you start start using. You should always make sure what you’re getting yourself into. That is what I learned today at techie youth

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

What I learn today at Techie Youth

Today that I learned a lot of things at Techie youth that are necessary for life because it taught me how company's hire people and how company's reacted to the coronavirus. Throughout the articles that are given out to read you learn that there are now a lot of websites that help you find jobs, because of those website there are now a lot of people being employed every hour of the day. I wanna learn more about tech companies' and get a good high paying job one day and then be really stable in life where I can support a family one day. There are many online websites that you can find jobs on and actually I have used a few and I find them really reliable . I love how these videos can help me learn a lot of new skills that I have never learned before and I am gonna use these in the future a lot to help me with my future job.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Setting up a recruiter commission structure-I learned this today

Today and yesterday I did a lot of browsing. Actually yesterday I was so busy I kinda forgot to do a what I learned today which is my bad, so I’m sorry for that. Well the past few days I was browsing through the analyst, artificial intelligence and music production. Actually yesterday I was doing a lot of music production and it got my attention for a long time but then today I was struggle to like find something interesting. Every time I would watch a video I would get interested and uninterested. Either way today I learned a lot especially because today I was learning about being a recruiter. Throughout reading articles and watching I learned that their are actually a lot of people who are looking for jobs. And actually a apply for a lot different types of things. I also learned that even though you might think that giving jobs to people is easy, it actually isn’t because you have to look for the best person in the job. Their could literally be 100s of people applying for the same job and you have to look for one specific person that would be the best for the job and it’s hard but it is possible. I learned many ways you can look for someone like you can see their talents, their likes and what they can add to the company to make it better if they were to get accepted. And we’ll that what I learned for the past two days at techie youth

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Database design course

Today was a very long day. Probably felt longer then usual because today is Friday, I even almost forgot to do my daily “What i learned today”. Either way today i learned more about making websites since I’m still not done with that interest. I learned that making a website looks a lot like coding. I didn’t think coding was used that much until i started watching all these videos. I also didn’t know it could take that long. Most of today i was watching a 3 hour long video and 4 hours of a 8 hour video and it was crazy. Like you could tell the guys in the videos really loved what they were doing and it was nice to watch but i don’t think i would have the same type of taste. Learning about web development is nice but i will always love learning about medicine more. Although what i have learned this past was very interesting it was actually also very hard but i think it was worth it. Especially since I learned a lot.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

My SQL tutorial for beginners-I learned this a techie youth

Today at techie youth i learned many thing, I actually learned a lot of organization skills. I learned specifically though how to store data and organize it. I learned that even multiple files are called “products” technically they are all different. I honestly personally learned that their is a lot you can do on app that’s more then just playing games. In one of the other videos i learned that making a website is so much work. You have to do so much like every line you put in the coding has to be perfect or else it could need with the website. AI learned how to sort and separate your files.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

How to make a Wordpress website - I learned at techie youth

Today at techie youth i learned a few of the basics to make a website. I actually did so much today and learned a lot. I learned that it’s better to make a website with a lot of pictures instead of making a website with a lot of words. Since if a website has more pictures it is more eye catching then one with plenty of words. I actually think I did more work then i was supposed to so that’s a my bad on that part. Other then that i also learned how to design and actually create the website. I learned that even adding one picture to a website is a lot of work cause you can change the color variants and everything in the website could be different if you change something small. That was actually something i learned online whil watching the videos .

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

What i have learned today

Well currently i am on vacation so it was a struggle to fully complete today. My hours are all wonky now sadly. I’ll try to fix it though. Today at techie youth i learned a lot. I learned how Zelle works and why it’s actually good to have. I chose to learn how to create a website and so far the videos are interesting. They are a bit hard but after watching it a few times it starts to make sense. And well that’s all i learned today with techie youth.