Log of what of Gabriela Barrera has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

steps to get a job

Today at techie youth I learned how to write a cover letter, resume and create a linked profile. I also learned the importance of correspondence in the working field. For example I learned what linked is and what is used for it makes it easier to apply to jobs in your interest and scope out other opportunities upon the website. In short it's a social network solely based for the professional working world. After creating the profile I learned the basics and certain tips towards creating a resume and cover letter for example being direct and trying to show your interest in not just the position but the understanding of the company itself which can help the employer see you as a candidate. When learning about correspondence it reminds to keep the little details in mine which is manners and lack of information it's better to read about your future workplace just incase you need to provide information or works.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022


Today at techie youth I learned the basic skills needed to become an entrepreneur and what it means. Entrepreneurship is anyone who earns money independently through a business venture that they started or manage.In order to startup a business there's many steps you need to takin to begin such a planning a business model, profit models and revenue streams, customer and market, contingency plan, cofounders, partnerships and an exit strategy. After all this you have to write an executive summary and once you finish planning it next you have to set it in motion which is launch it which also require another set of steps. which are to prove it's legitmacy, Obtain funding, creating a brand and product, Getting sales and clients and also hiring employees.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Social networking

Today at techie youth I continued learning about social networking through apps and steps to take to earn money through these apps.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Social network community Organization Part 2

Today I learned about the use of tiktok and it's monetary value and how to gain money through the app it's similar to instagram and many other social networking programs. This app was created in china with a total of 800 million active users and is worth up to 75 billion dollars. It's solely based on a video social networking app that last up to 60 seconds you can choose what theme you want as in fitness,makeup,design or skit/music abutting you want in those 60 seconds and hope it's entertaining enough to gain followers by putting the#FYP it can appear on a page for people to see which increases the percentage of getting view/likes and maybe followers if they like it. To grow your account you need to " 1 Optimize your profile which is to get creative with your profile picture so that it will grab the audience’s attention try to leave a lasting impression. 2 Pick a niche so it will allow you to focus on a specific topic, with content tailored to your theme ex. dance, humor, lip-syncing, cooking, arts and crafts, etc. 3 Post high quality videos by using the best video-recording equipment that you have available, good video editing skills can attract more viewers and followers. 4 Have engaging content great videos are usually funny, unique, engaging or show personality. 5 Participate in trends and challenges , Challenge videos have a stronger likelihood to gain viral momentum and get more traction. 6 Use trending music. 7 Use trending hashtags, Interact with other users, Be consistent, Go live and use tools like TikTok Analytics which provides overall insight about you page. By doing these you can increase exposure and followers as well as gain brand deals and this can lead you to earning money.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

When working remotely beware of scams

Today ay techie youth I learned the risk of scams especially involving working remotely. When it comes to searching for an online job people tend to fall into the scam of gaining hundreds of dollars per hour with no experience just to be lured in. Making it seem legitimate they persuade the desperate to pay for a certain program in order to work to later on charge them more to find out later that it was all a lie. This is also false advertisement and it's especially risky through the internet in order to not fall for these you would have to ask questions such as "what tasks will I have to perform? Are any other steps involved?What is the total cost of this work-at-home program? What will I get for my money?Will I be paid a salary or commission?Who will pay me? When will I get my first paycheck?What is the basis for your claims about my likely earnings? What documents can you show me to prove your claims are true before I give you any money?(MilitaryConsumer)". Also before anything you should most definitely research the company and found out any information both positive and negative to see it's legitmacy.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Working remotely

Today at techie youth I learned many things in this introduction module for example the benefits of working remotely. When it comes to working remotely you can choose your own environment and schedule to work with that will benefit you. One thing I personally liked was not having to pay for commute since you would be working from home so it won't be a necessary or worrisome expense. For certain people the take this time to also improve their health and manage their stress since they are working from a more comfortable environment. Also people tend to feel more loyal to their bosses because of the benefits they ended up with through this option. This can also lead to the increase of productivity and mobility. In order to work remote you need to know basic fundamentals for example, which would be establishing your workspace environment which should involve internet access, a quiet area with no distractions and self control in order to complete all tasks. A computer such as Mac or windows is required but a tablet and phone can be optional but good to have just incase. There are times where you have to have to show your face through webcam or computer that has a camera installed. Also working remotely you need to have cloud storage such as one drive for files. When it comes to online meeting google meet or zoom as the "office". These would be that basics of remote learning that I have learned so far.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Time management and Health and Productivity

Today at techie youth I learned about the importance of time management and keeping up good health and productivity. As it was said time can't be brought back and should be used effectively and productively in order to be beneficial for us in life and give us a certain satisfaction. In order to keep growing its good to realize what we do at times because majority of people use there time for entertainment purposes instead of something that can help increase your knowledge and expand your horizons. For example instead of watching hours of show episodes I can dedicate half that time towards learning a new language or going to the gym to increase my productivity for the day. It is said that it would be good to use chart organizers or planners to set yourself the tasks of the day and decreasing multitasking and procrastanation while increasing the need of prioritization and efficiency (Kanban). When its comes to health it is important because it plays part in your productivity, if physical activity increases we become motivated to do more scientifically it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to be permanent. we can do any increases in any time of the day and continuously do it and it will improve our physical health but also the need to eat healthy and sleep at least 7-9 hours a day. Also mental health is important if you're too busy stress about things to do and not taking a breather it can lead to a breakdown in brain and body. As said proper food and sleep feed not only the body but the mind too. If a purpose is needed just work on helping others in need and can in turn give you a sense of satisfaction. Lastly I learned the general reasoning towards people pursuing goals that don't guarantee full success which is the fear of failure. It's better to ignore and try than end up regretting that you didn't and plus you don't know the future so in order to advance you have to conquer that fear to succeed.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

financial wellness and management

Today at techie youth I learned a bit about financial wellness and management. For example I learned the difference between the gross pay:What you make and net pay: What you keep. I also used a salary calculator to estimate my net income, I also used an estimator to estimate my cost of living which in fact is highly dependent on the city you live in. At times when when places have a high wage value they tend to have high rent and living costs as well so both variables are high not just one. I learned ways of budgeting today as well for example the way to separate the necessity: what is needed (food, housing, health)from a luxury: what is wanted(movies, restaurants, and expensive clothing). I also learned the important of the reset values that come with making large purchases and their 3 categories smart purchases, wasteful purchases and consumables. I also leaned how to minimize unnecessary spending which is by finding alternatives or the same products but at lower value or buying less items. I also learned the risks that comes with purchasing with credit so its better to be avoided. and lastly I learned the importance of investing my funds and the rules that come along it and meaning of liquidity in terms of finance.