Log of what of Gabriel Perez has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Techie Youth Blog #9

Today I learned more digital goods like online trading cards. To get into online trading cards, you need to obtain them and an easy way to do that is by playing games that reward those trading cards. I also learned how to make money off your own ideas with the use of copyright and licensing. If you have a good idea whether it be "small" or "big" you can still make money with it by getting a copyright on it allowing you to sell or license the idea to companies who know how to market , manufacture , and/or distribute your idea to the public. Depending on how small or big the idea is is how much the company will offer you for the license.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Techie Youth Blog #8

Today I learned even more about investments , this time about commodities such as gold , silver , platinum, or anything that's value fluctuates like a stock market. Commodities are as safe (roughly) as stocks. You can do a good amount of research into a commodity you're interested in and decide if you believe in the future of it. I also learned about digital goods and selling them in a market.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Techie Youth Blog #7

Today I learned more about options trading in the stock market. Options trading is extremely risky because it's not as simple as a company doing well or not even though that does play into whether your profit or lose money. There options called calls and options called puts. For call options, you hope for the stock to do good before expiry and the opposite for puts. But that's just a broad understanding. There are multiple variables that go into whether you profit from your options such as theta , vega , delta, etc. You want to do heavy and critical research before you put your money into an option.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Techie Youth Blog #6

Today I continued my learning on cryptocurrencies along with forex. Forex is just as complex as crypto and stocks, but requires more awareness on the state of global relations and politics. Forex involves the trading of world currencies so paying attention to the news of the country's currency you are trading is extremely important. And it's not just as simple as trading their currency, you are using another country's currency in the trade as well. Most people though ignore that and rely on technical analysis to trade which can work, but it is far better to do both as forex is extremely risky.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Techie Youth Blog #5

Today I learned the beginnings of trading stocks and crypto and other types. Stocks are typically the safest investment to growing your money as it is (in most cases) the least volatile and quick to deposit and withdraw your money. Cryptocurrencies are a great way to grow your money faster in large amounts because of the frequent leaps in volatility, but can also make you lose your money just as fast. Typically, the coins (or crypto) that lead to huge gains/losses are altcoins because of the low price.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Techie Youth Blog #4

Today I learned how to open bank accounts (checking or savings) with various banks. Those banks include Charles Swab, Discover, and Capital One. Techie Youth also included links to make accounts with Zelle and Paypal and how to link your bank accounts. By opening those checking accounts, you have succeeded in a crucial step for your business.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Techie Youth Blog #3

Today I learned the steps you need to take in the start-up of your business and how to interact with people you will be meeting. There's a lot that goes into the start-up of the business including the idea , funding , planning , and how to attract customers. Those make the brunt of the start-up. Most of what I learned involved clients and customers. Tips and strategies to help with negotiations , pitch sales , improve success, maximize profit, etc. A very important trick can be knowing when to stay silent in a negotiation so as to have better focus on what the client wants/needs.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Techie Youth Blog #2

Today I learned a major step in creating a business and that is branding and the setup. There's a lot of ways to make a good branding for your business including the name , logo , slogan , etc. If you're struggling with branding, there's a lot of tools out there that can help such as Wix, which Techie Youth provided a full video link to a tutorial that will help you with the branding. They also provided links to help with slogans and others. In case you don't want to use Wix, you can find a logo designer to make one.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Techie Youth Blog #1

Today I learned the importance of monitoring competition and who you do business with. There's a lot that goes into business management especially with the location , the type of business , and the people you are going to surround yourself with.