Log of what of Fatima Aliyu has learned at Techie Youth

Sat. Sep. 24, 2022


Hello guys

Welcome back

Iam by name Fatima Aliyu Yusuf A student from techie youth adamawa State Nigeria

Today I will like to share with you guys what I have learnt today at techie youth

Your Public Image

Your employer's will often to check your social media account before they take you for work to see what type of person you are,or have you ever post something they don't want to be associated with

4 things employer's look for when they Google you

1-A professional headshot

2-Your online portfolio

3-The size of your digital footprint

4-Your character and behaviour

Fri. Sep. 23, 2022

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Thu. Sep. 22, 2022

How to get paid

Fri. Sep. 16, 2022

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Thu. Sep. 15, 2022

Techie youth: Reason and Motivation to