Log of what of Diego Lopez has learned at Techie Youth

Tue. Aug. 16, 2022

What I learned today about Monetizing Website Traffic!

Today I learned about Monetizing Website Traffic which was part of the Niche Informational Website. This lesson taught me a lot! It consisted of many articles and videos that taught me specific things about Monetizing Website Traffic such as, learning to generate leads, what your email strategy should look like, additional ways to grow your subscriber base, and etc. I was also able to start my lesson on cryptocurrency and trading! I didn't learn much from the lesson yet, but I am excited to learn everything the lesson has to offer! I don't understand what cryptocurrency is so that is why I am excited to learn about it!

Mon. Aug. 15, 2022

What I learned today about Niche Informational Websites

Today I learned about Niche Informational Websites, specifically Selecting a niche website theme that has potential, Technicalities of setting up a new niche content website, and lastly Content Creation. I learned the importance of learning how to use Google Trends, and I also learned how to use Google Trends! Content Creation taught me about content that will appeal to my audience, and high quality content! It also showed me methods four outlining and creating a writing structure. Content creation also taught me how to build and manage a team of content writers, and how to effectively collaborate with freelance writers. I enjoyed this lesson! And I can't wait to finish it up tomorrow.

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

What I learned today about fundraising!

Today I finished my lesson on fundraising specifically, Methods of Online fundraising, and Getting media press coverage! I learned about crowdfunding, crowdfunding is a type of online fundraising. Crowdfunding is when either investors or a bank raise small amounts of money in exchange for direct rewards. Another form of crowdfunding Social media campaigns. Social media campaigns is pretty self explanatory, social media is capable of gathering people who are willing to support fundraising, and with all the social media platforms out there, it wouldn't be too hard of a task. Using social media to spread the word of your campaign can also attract younger audiences! I enjoyed this lesson, it really interested me, and I can see connections to what I've seen on social media.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

What I learned today about donating!

Today I learned about fundraising specifically, "Approaching your donors". The first thing I learned was about fundraising appeals, fundraising appeal is the first impression donors will have on our cause, and decides whether or not they'll choose to support the cause. The fundraising appeal is the heart of our cause it is crucial. I also learned about giving different pitches to the donors, this mostly occurs when a donor cannot be reached in a specific way. Pitches in person aren't ideal because they can become disengaged, pitches will most likely be done through email. I enjoyed todays lesson, and I can't wait to learn more about fundraising!

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

What I learned today with techie youth

Today I learned more about entrepreneurship & business, specifically Getting sales/clients, Hiring, and Getting Paid. For Getting sales/clients, I learned about tactics to get people to want to do business with me. I also learned about key factors in sales and marketing. The first video I watched under Hiring taught me how to manage employees effectively, and to maximize productivity. And lastly I learned about getting paid, I knew a little about this since I had to make a bank account so I can get paid. I already did the lesson on how to get paid as well. I enjoyed learning about this, and I'd enjoy learning more about workplace, and the environment.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

What I learned today with techie youth!

Today I learned a lot about several topics. I learned about identifying "your" customer and market, exit strategies, and co-founders. Co-Founders are our partners, and we should be able to work greatly together, Co-Founders should complement each other. The first video in Co-Founders lesson describes and explains the implications and terms of partnership. I also learned about how exit strategies happen, the most common exit strategy is acquisition by a larger company. Acquisition is when a larger company purchases the company and continues the companys work. It was fun learning about these topics, I mostly enjoyed learning about exit strategies.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

What I learned today about reselling!

Today the main focus of what I learned today is reselling! I watched a couple of videos of some men buying some items for low prices sometimes even buying the items for a dollar! The men would then resell it for a higher price, not just a few more dollars, but sometimes 30 dollars or more! The men also bought cars and cleaned them up, this is something I've learned earlier with techie youth, you can buy a car, clean it up and resell it for a higher price! I enjoyed this lesson and I'd like to learn more about reselling, it's an easy way to make money, and I have a lot of things I can resell myself. I also enjoyed the videos they helped to clarify how reselling works.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

What I learned today about recruiting software!

Today I learned more about recruiting and how it's done, specifically, recruiting software! I learned about how recruiters use recruiting softwares, the software looks for key words within resumes. The software is important because it prevents hours of reading and searching for the recruiters. I also learned about tips for remote hiring, firstly and mainly, you have to embrace remote work. hire using online platforms, give skills test, and lastly build training processes. These tips came from the video "4 Tips for Hiring Remote Teams". I enjoyed learning about these topics but mostly recruiting software, it's fascinating learning abut that technology and I'd like to learn more about it!

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

What I learned today about recruiting!

Today I learned about recruiting and recruiting methods! I learned about how recruiters advertise. I also learned about what recruiters are looking for and trends that happen within recruiting. I also learned a lot about how to catch the attention of candidates with the help of Linda Raynier, in her video "How to Write a Job Description" she explains how we can make a job sound appealing for candidates! For example we have to know how to bait them with intriguing questions, summarize the job, write detailed job duties, and Qualify them at the end. I liked this lesson and I am now realizing how I've seen this done before! I liked learning about recruiting and I'd like to learn more on it.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

What I learned today about coding!

Today I learned about quality assurance, quality assurance and coding are very hard to separate from each other which is something new I learned! Coding can help test the security of a website. I also learned about link checking, W3C validation, Responsive testing, compatibility testing, usability testing, and accessibility testing. I even read and learned how to use pytest and I watched some videos to help me do many things with pytest. I learned how to setup and how to run my first test, how to structure a test, how to create a pytest fixture, how to mock a patch function, how to create a factory pytest fixture, and how to create a pytest yield fixture. I enjoyed learning more about coding, and I didn't know most of this lesson, it's fun to learn new things.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

What I learned today about remote working!

Today I learned a lot about remote working, the first thread of videos that I watched today were really helpful! The video shows me how the man went about working online and he even shared equipment and locations. He shared locations that can help increase productivity and he shared what equipment he uses so that we can stay productive during online meetings, and overall working hours. The narrator of the video also shares how there are meeting rooms that we can utilize, cafes can provide us with these rooms for meetings. I also learned more about zoom, zoom provides us with lots of perks during meetings, we can change our backgrounds and like most video calls, allows us to turn on and off our microphones and cameras! I enjoyed learning about online working and productivity and I am looking forward to learning more about everything virtual!

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

What I learned today about interview etiquette!

Today I learned a lot about what I call "interview etiquette"! I learned about things I should and shouldn't do during online job interviews. I learned to check my setup before the video call/interview. I also learned to keep distractions away, whether it's audio distractions or physical distractions, we should also have a clean background during the interview it will help put the focus on us and on our answers to the questions. I also learned about some questions that might be asked during the interview. I overall enjoyed and was really interested in this lesson, it was very helpful and I just know it will help me in the future!

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

What I learned today about working online and about direct deposit!

I learned about direct deposit today, and overall money. To be specific I learned about endorsing checks, how to write checks, and credit cards! I was also able to learn more about online working and its effects. I learned how to be more productive while still working online! For example, one way to increase productivity is to be somewhere that is workplace-fitting. Another way to increase productivity is to isolate ourselves from distractions. The last thing I learned today was about working applications and resumes! I learned about what is important to include in a resume and what catches the attention of the employers.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

What I learned today with techie youth!

Today I completed my lesson in Social Networks, the last social network I had to learn about was snapchat. I learned about how we can advertise and make money through snapchat with the help of Imogen Rose's video, Imogen shared how she made 20,000 dollars with snapchat! I was also able to complete the lesson "Improving Your Quality of Life", for the assignment I made a list about what improvements I'd like to make to my life to better my quality! I chose time management, financial responsibility, and health. I enjoyed todays lessons and I'm looking forward to learning more!

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

What I learned today about social networks!

Today I learned about many things, but mainly social networks! I learned about social networks such as WeChat, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Facebook. I mostly liked learning about WeChat because of the rules the people who use the platform have to follow, rules such as no political content. The first video I watched today was about WeChat and the example they used for political content was of the first lady of china. I learned more about pinterest, I learned about features like the corkboard! I overall enjoyed this lesson and I'd like to learn more about these topics!

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

What I learned today about Social Themes!

Today I completed the video editing lesson and continued learning about social platforms! I finished my learnings on tiktok and I started with WeChat. I watched videos of tiktokers daily lives, they explained how they went about their days and the entire recording process. I also learned about how to grow my tiktok account! they gave me tips and ideas on how to boost my account such as, using hashtags and participating in trends! Overall I liked this lesson and I can't wait to continue tomorrow!

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

What I learned today about softwares and editing!

Today I finished up my learnings on some editing softwares, and I learned about how I can edit faster. The video shows me tips, tricks, and overall explains how to use Adobe Video Editor. This video is extremley helpful because of how specific she gets. Another video I watched was "HOW TO EDIT VIDEOS: EP 3" in this video Justin Odesho explains how to make sequences, and overall how to get started. This video is my favorite because he shares his preferences and how he personally uses Adobe Video Editor

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

The new material I learned about video editing, and softwares!

Today, I learned more about video editing but the main focus was on editing softwares! The videos I watched showed me how to use the editing softwares, but it also showed how people use the editing softwares themselves, which was really helpful. The longest video I watched today, "Final Cut Pro X" - Full Class with Free PDF Guide", was the most helpful video the video consists of small things that some people might not even think to add into their tutorials, classes, or walk throughs. The video consists of helpful chunks like Audio Editing Tricks,Adding Transitions, Adding Titles, and Trick to copy and paste. Overall I enjoyed this lesson and I liked learning more about how editors use these and they're getting me excited to use these editing softwares!

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

What I learned about video editing!

For today I continued with quality of life, this time I learned about one of the most popular platforms, tik tok! The most important topic I learned today was video editing, and it's many roles, tools, and uses. I also learned about editing softwares such as Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve Studio, and Final Cut Pro. From the videos I watched, I noticed how hard editing must be, I can tell that it takes time and patience. There is frame by frame editing which must take a very long time, especially for movies, I can infer that this takes a long time because of many instances where editing is necessary, when switching angles, when cutting away, and making scenes look smoother in movies. I overall learned a lot and I liked this lesson, it was fun and interesting!

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

What I learned Today, about improving my life quality!

Today in Techie Youth I learned more about improving my life's quality, one of my favorites, and more important videos is "This Is What REALLY Happens As You Start Exercising". I liked this video because it explains the pros of exercise, and how it helps us mentally, physically, and emotionally. On the topic of well being, I also watched videos on stress, and well being, the videos shared solutions for managing stress and how to reduce stress within our daily lives/ routines. Another huge part of what I learned today was instagram and how we can associate niches within instagram.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

What I learned today with Techie Youth (July 19th 2022)

Today in Techie Youth I chose to learn about, "Improving Your Quality of Life". I learned about managing salary(s), I watched a video in which Graham Stephen shares how he saves 100% of his salary. Graham Stephen is able to achieve this by buying clothes on sale, cutting backs on spending, and he even mentions going to restaurants once or twice a week. I also learned how I can be able to buy an expensive car for less, which was extremely shocking! You'd be able to buy a Lamborghini for a similar daily cost of ownership as smoking 2-packs of cigarettes per day!