Log of what of Cindy Marin has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Niche Websites

Today I learned about niche websites and how those websites can either target or not an audience. Niche websites should not be too broad, or specific. If a website is too specific, the search will most likely not be successful in gathering an audience, and it is recommended to broaden your niche website a little bit.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Wordpress and Apps

Today I learned about Wordpress and how it’s beneficial for product managers. Wordpress has many features and it can reach many people. Other examples of apps like Wordpress are Fiverr and Upwork.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Storytelling and Listening

Today I learned about how product managers have to be good storytellers in order to appeal to donors. Storytelling involves including an emotional aspect in your story and a part where you also state facts. As for listening, you have to listen to consumers in order to improve your product.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Product Strategy

Today I learned about product strategy and the best ways to introduce your product to the public. I also learned about customer surveys and how to achieve good consumer results. Customer Satisfaction surveys are of great value to companies and can be held in various ways.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Color and Photoshop

Today I learned about basic color theory and the different types of the ways color can be differentiated. One is primary colors, and another is the entire, intricate color wheel. I also learned about photoshop, an editing app that is especially helpful for photographers. With Photoshop you can edit images and adjust them however you want.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Ad Campaigns

Today I learned about ad campaigns. One example of these ad campaigns is Google, and there was an article on how to navigate Google ads. Another example of these ad campaigns is Facebook. There was an article on how to set up a campaign for this, and the steps necessary to promote your idea on these platforms.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Video Conferencing

Today I learned how Zoom was a beneficial source in connecting staff with each other at the workplace. I also learned about advertising, specifically digital marketing. Digital marketing is a beneficial way to allow your product or idea to reach more people through the internet and appeal to the audience.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Local Press Influence

Today I learned about ways to make the media interested in the non-profit in mind. The story that you want to be published can be on the local news, and it can be greatly beneficial for the nonprofit. I also learned about the importance of sending emails and making sure that those emails did not end up in the spam folder.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Influencer Marketing

Today I learned about fundraising, although more specifically about marketing and appealing to donors. Influencers can play a great role in receiving donations, as they had an established following and can encourage more potential donors to step out. This work is done virtually, as influencers work on social media.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Fundraising Ideas

Today I learned about the many different ways to fundraise, virtual or in person. Some ideas included events where the donors themselves could participate, and events where they simply watched. I also learned how to engage your intended donor and that maintaining contact is essential.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Elevator Pitches

Today I learned about elevator pitches and how to keep them concise while also getting your point across, as well as what language and actions to avoid. Also, I learned about cold and warm leads and the difference between the two. If pitching an idea, it should be warmer in order to more likely have a donor.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Hiring Process

Today I learned about remote teams and the hiring process for remote teams. I also learned about writing cover letters and what you should not add. Moreover, for the hiring process, I learned there was a system that minimized the number of resumes employers have to see to find the best-qualified candidate.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Recruitment Process

Today I learned about the recruiting process and what employers lookers for in applicants. I also learned about the hiring process and what steps you should take in order to land the job you desire.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Smoke Testing and Salaries

Today I learned about smoke testing and what it was. There was a difference between smoke testing and sanity testing. I also learned about the different salaries that software testers make and looked at job offerings for quality assurance.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Data Analyst

Today I learned what a data analyst does and what skills are needed to land a job in that field. I also learned that there were differences between being a data analyst and working in data science, as the requirements and job sets differ.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

WordPress and Online Businesses

Today I learned about WordPress and how it's beneficial to develop skills. I also learned about online apps that are specifically for video calls. Such examples include BlueJeans, Zoom, and Skype. Also, regarding online businesses, I learned about Shopify and how to create a business there.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Google Introduction

Today I learned about how to manage Google Docs and Google Sheets, and how to make full use of the tools there are. Such tools include making headings and titles and sharing documents with other people. Also, I learned about Google Calendar and how to manage your events, both by yourself and by sharing it with people.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Film Editing

Today I learned film editing, what it is, and how to get jobs related to that line of work. Film editing can range from working on trailers for Hollywood movies to simple videos on Youtube. There is also the manner of creating connections and maintaining those connections, especially when you have been hired.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Selling Artwork

Today I learned about selling artwork and the different ways you can do so. The most common way is through the Internet, as you can reach many people in contrast to having a shop. Moreover, I also learned about promoting your artwork, which can be done by forming connections with both curators and interested clients.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Video Editing

Today I learned about video editing and different services that provide tools for editing. This also goes in hand with directing and applying those skills to movie trailers, and general videos. I also learned about audio techniques, which also relate to video editing.

Sat. Jul. 16, 2022

Text Writing

Today I learned about writing formally, particularly in emails, and how to respond in a proper manner.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Money Making Online

Today I learned about how to make money online, particularly through typing and writing blogs for which you can be paid.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Publishing Differences

Today I learned about the differences in publishing, particularly self-publishing and publishing with a company.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Being Best at Business

Today I learned about doing good in business and how to thrive. Some ways to do this include being ambitious and having a clear goal in mind, as well as being aware of tactics that are beneficial for you.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Intro to earning money online

Today I did some of the course titled "Intro to earning money online". I watched videos on avoiding scams when working remotely, as well as how to search for jobs online. Moreover, also how to prepare for the interview when you have managed to find a job, and establish a good presentation of yourself for the intended position.