Log of what of Carol Smart- Abbey has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Time Management

The saying time is money is indeed true. When we manage our time spent on certain things, we are able to gain from it, whether it is money or a better quality of life. There are daily activities we do that are time consuming without us being aware of.

Washing dishes is time consuming and a way to tackle it is by using a dishwasher. Dishwashers are not affordable to everyone however the choice to invest in one can be very beneficial when it comes to time management. with the calculation of washing dishes per day, once we take that out of our daily activities we can add those times up which can form approximately 15 days, creating more time to invest in something for productive.

Sleeping less is also another way we can manage our time. We have longer productive days when we sleep less. We are able to accomplish more throughout the day. Sleep less but also enough to where it is enough to keep us energized through the day.

For more productivity, we need to manage our times and substitute time consuming daily activities for something more worth our time.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Starting A Business

When starting a business, it takes hardworking and dedication. Starting a business is notes and is very unpredictable how successful the business will be. Resilience is key and you must be ready to accept failures and move on.

Sharing your business idea is always a good step. It allows you to be able to find partners and also get feedback form multiple angles. Partners can balance out the strengths and weakness in a business, making it likely to become successful and flourish.

An executive-summary is always a good step to starting a business. Layout the business in a short summary that should include what the business is, who the consumer is, and what you will do to reach those consumers. How will you make sure your target audience supports and buys from your business.

Knowing what your business is and what it stands for is crucial to be able to understand who your target audience will be. It also helps with the flow of the business. What is this product and how will you make sure people buy it?

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Be Patient With Yourself

The road to success for everyone is different, that is why we must be patient with ourselves. We shouldn't compare others accomplishments to our because it only makes us feel defeated and takes away our focus from are doing for ourselves. we have ti appreciate what we have and focus on growing and expanding because any accomplishment is big as long as it is getting you close to your goals. When we look at what someone else has, it only takes away from us creating something for ourselves. We are only distracting and taking away from our sown success if we decided to look at what others are doing or what they have.

On top of that, SLOW AND STUDY WINS THE RACE! Part of being patient with ourselves involves us willing to take our time. rushing only leads to outcomes that won't last. it doesn't even give us a journey or process to look back at and reflect. By taking our time, we are able to reach the success we want and have it as perfect as it can be.