Log of what of Bilkisu Yerima has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Sep. 23, 2022

Prerequisite yo getting employed

Hi guys,my name is bilkisu yerima mamman, student from techie youth Nigeria,welcome back to my YouTube channel will like to share my experience with you guys about what I have learned today in techie youth.I have learned prerequisite to getting employed.before I go straight to the point I will like to define the terms prerequisite.

Prerequisite:can be anything that must be accomplished or acquired before something else can be done.

Cover letter:is a document that often accompanies a resume in a job application.it introduces you, your skills and experience and details.

A resume:is a formal docy that a job applicant creates to itemized their qualifications for a position.

LinkedIn:is the world's largest professional networking.website.you can use it to build connections in your industry to stay in touch with colleagues.

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