Log of what of Angel Liu has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Python - A Wrap

Today I learned about Python programming to end my journey with Techie Youth. Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages because it is extremely versatile. It can be used to develop websites or for data analysis/visualization, and is used by a variety of people like scientists and accountants.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

SQL Tutorial

Today I learned about SQL, or Structured Query Language. It is a language used in programming used to communicate with and manage different databases. SQL coding allows us maintain, create, and retrieve information from relational databases. I also edited my music production and option trading assignments.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Learning about WordPress

Today I continued to learn about different parts of web development. I learned about WordPress, a content management system that allows me to build my own website. It is simple, popular, and provides a lot of freedom, allowing me to build on my own creative ideas. Although it is very flexible, I need to be able to code.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Web Development Fundamentals

Today I learned about the fundamentals of web development, and how to start learning about web development. I learned about the starting salaries, and the basics to web development such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. I also started learning about different job roles for people with web development skills such as becoming a web architect or a data architect.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Snippets of Art

Today I researched about different platforms to sell art on such as RedBubble and VIDA. I learned about a career as an art consultant, and the different types of skills required such as communication and customer skills. I also learned about the importance of an art agent, and how they represent, promote, and sell an artist's works.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Selling Art Online

Today I continued to learn about selling pieces of artwork online. I learned about different websites that allow me to sell my art for either a small commission or for free, and how they allow me to connect with both potential customers and people interested in art. I also learned that some places allow me to ship and package for free while others require a fee.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

A Guide to Selling Art

Today I learned about different ways to sell art. Art can be sold through social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, or even through large corporations. It is important to remember to be professional no matter where I'm selling art, and always try my best to update my inventory whenever I create or sell an artwork. If I'm selling through multiple websites, I should place the artwork at the same price.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Types of Analysts

Today I learned about different types of analysts such as business analysts and data analysts. Both are very important to a company, but business analysts lean towards making decisions while data analysts lean towards interpreting data to make informed decisions. I also learned about the difference between data analysts and data scientists. Data analysts interpret data while data scientists make new ways to interpret data.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Quick Income 2

Today I continued to learn about ways to make quick income at home. I can work as a pet-sitter, sell items online, or even get hired for specific skills that I have. However, it is important to remember that when things seem too good to be true, it is likely to be a scam. Never reveal any personal information on sketchy sites or phone calls, and don't try to continue a conversation with a scammer because they have responses for everything.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Quick Income

Today I wrote my first executive summary and learned about different ways to make quick money at home. There are various ways to make money at home, but it is important to remember that I can't rely on these methods to make a living because it doesn't give much. I can test out new products or apps, proofread, do surveys, or even make postcards as a side job.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

First Fundings

Today I learned about how to get funds to begin a business or startup. I learned that it is important to work hands-on for any project, and to accept feedback from anyone to further improve an idea. I also learned how to write a well-written executive summary step-by-step, and why it is important to have an executive summary.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Logos and Brandings

Today I learned about the importance of creating a unique logo and branding for a specific business or company. A logo is a quick and catchy phrase that brings attention while a brand is a unique name that will be used for a specific product/business alone. It is important to create a name that isn't already used otherwise customers will be confused and you might get involved in lawsuits with another company already using that brand.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

A Path to Success

Today I learned that one of the most important steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur is to understand my competitors and customers. I need to understand what other companies or businesses are doing and how to create something different from them that will stand out. I also need to understand what people want from me to create a good product that will make a profit.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

An Entrepreneur?

Today I started learning about the process to becoming an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur requires a lot of time, skill, and luck. One of the most important things is having both soft and hard skills. Hard skills such as time management and project development are important, but soft skills such as communication skills are just as important.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Gaining Money from Music

Today I focused on learning about music production, specifically how to gain money. Producing music is a lot harder than it seems, and it's even harder to make a profit without signing with a good company. Musicians have to advertise, create catchy music, make sure they don't get scammed by hidden fees, and most importantly, stay on top of trends to gain listeners.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

A Slightly Different Day

Today I jumped around to various topics such as writing, music, and investments to tie up some loose ends. I completed my options trading, and learned that with options, I can minimize my risks and maximize returns when trading. I also refined a few skills with writing and producing music such as organization and clarity.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

More on Option Trading

Today I continued to learn about option trading, and how to start trading using Robinhood. I have to be careful when making these decisions, so it's bests to create a plan before I start investing. I have to be updated on current events, understand the volatility, and create a strategy before starting to trade.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Option vs Stocks

Today I learned about the different between options and stocks. The main difference is the fact that options is buying the right to own stocks while stocks are owning a part of a company. Options are more short term, while stocks are long term. Both come with with their own risks, but options are usually for more experienced traders.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Trading: Forex Trades

Today I learned about Forex Trading. Forex Trading in simple terms is the exchange of foreign currency. One currency is bought, and another is sold. However, forex trading is risky because the exchange rate fluctuates due to supply and demand.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

The Beginnings of Stock Trade

Today I learned beginner level information about stock trades. I learned about the different types of actions I can make in a stock market, different types of purchases, different types of stocks, different types of markets, and even how to interpret a graph to make better decisions when purchasing stocks.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Copywriting vs Content Writing

Today I learned about the importance of copywriting. Copywriting induces action, compared to content writers which focus on delivering information. Copywriting also focuses more on the customer through words like "you" and "your" and is generally shorter than content writing.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Publishing Books

Today I learned about the difference between self-publishing and publishing traditionally through a company. There are various benefits and downsides to both, and it depends on what I value the most when writing my book. Although self publishing a book will give me more dividends, it is more high risk and will take more effort to publish than when compared to publishing a book traditionally.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Stress Management

Today I learned about different tips to better manage my stress. Instead of staying inside all day, I should take frequent but short breaks every once in a while. I should go outside for a walk. I should plan out my schedule. I should talk to a friend if I need help or if I want to share any worries.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Remote Interviews

Today I learned about different Dos and Don'ts for when I have an interview at home. It is important to have good lighting. If I can't be by a window, I could buy some lamps. My computer should also be at eye level so I'm not looking down. I should make eye contact with whoever I speak to, and nod once in a while to show I'm listening.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

A Better LinkedIn Profile

Today I learned about various Dos and Don'ts for creating a new and improved LinkedIn profile. I learned about what to put as my title, my description, and what I should use as my profile picture. This is really important because my profile is the first thing job requiters will see when I send in my job application.