Log of what of Angel Kim has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

How to avoid risky investments - I learned this at Techie Youth

I learned that trading and investing in stocks can be very risky depending on how you invest. Personally, I just started investing in stocks because I felt confident enough in my finances. I started saving money and using it wisely only when needed. I finally had more than enough money where I could start putting it aside for investments. I was also aware that there are times where you could potentially be losing money while investing because no one is perfect. So having enough money to lose is also important. You never know if the market might increase or decrease so it is not ideal to be putting all your money into it because you're gonna lose all of it at the end. When I started investing, I only started with fractional shares because I wanted to slowly get myself into it. Now that I have more experience, investing in a whole share has been a step up for me.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

How does MVP work - I learned this at Techie Youth

I learned that MVP is a service that has only sufficient functionality to draw in early adopters and verify a brand strategy. In sectors like programming, the MVP may assist the software company in gathering customer input as soon as possible so that they can revise and enhance the product. The MVP is essential to dynamic programming since the iterative process is centered on evaluating and refining projects in response to user feedback. It's interesting to see that Airbnb and Foursquare are major examples of the Minimum Viable Product.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

How is branding useful - I learned this at Techie Youth

I learned that identification, creation, and management of the accumulative commodities and behaviors that influence consumers' perceptions of a company constitute the incremental trend of branding. A continuous system exists, given that it never ends and branding is a continuous effort. I found it interesting how it is able to produce, administer, and recognize. I’ve always known that branding was important. Given the cumulative effect it has on any organization, branding is vitally essential. When executed well, branding may influence the way individuals view your company, encourage new customers, and boost brand image. You hear it everywhere about how so many people get brand deals and promote an item. However, it can also have the reverse effect. Branding is not a cost marketing approach that only major firms utilize as it is commonly believed. Inversely, branding is largely impacted by rational thinking and depends much on the industry and the degree you would like to compete at. The expense of branding can vary greatly from situation to situation since it requires a continuous blend of many distinct skills.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

How to set up business entity formalities

I learned that an organization that has been incorporated has a distinct legal personality from its proprietors. Entrepreneurs are typically protected from culpability and may only forfeit their capital commitment in the firm if any problem occurs since the company is regarded by the legislation as distinct. The requirements for conducting a legally binding contract differ widely depending on the nation, region, and occasionally even locality. Even though it would be hard to give a comprehensive guidance for every region in the globe, the principles listed below are the essential aspects that apply to the majority of business sites. I think it is useful because you are able to maintain a separate financial account.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

How to make a brand value proposition - I learned this at Techie Youth

I learned that an effective value proposition is a declaration that highlights your ability to impress. It encapsulates what distinguishes you from the competition and offers your consumer base a meaningful advantage. The industry is a part of the environment for competitiveness. With a good value offering, you may potentially take market share away from your rivals. Every company is aware of its rivals if you are developing something innovative. Getting into this industry can be stressful and a lot of competition. I am not much of a leader so I would not have my own company. Every organization needs to have a goal, alternative plan, or a framework for how it could come to a successful, acceptable conclusion. The most popular exit plan involves being acquired by a bigger business. In most cases, acquisitions result in the larger firm buying the smaller one, swallowing it, and running it from within, rendering the workers of the purchased corporation. Even if it happens less frequently, occasionally acquirers will let the combined entity carry on with business as usual and focus only on earnings. It is typical for a larger firm to liquidate a lesser rival after purchasing it.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

How to make use of a profit model - I learned this at Techie Youth.

I learned that a performance appraisal process to achieve profitability and viability is referred to as a profit model. It outlines what the firm intends to produce or offer, how revenues will be made, and all the costs the organization will expend to enable the project to be successful. Without a specific profit model, the company will be functioning irrationally and has a significantly lower chances of success. This would be useful for me when selling sneakers and brand clothing because you make a lot of profit from resale. It is helpful to keep track of how much money I profit and how much I would have left after all my expenses have been paid off. That way you’re not spending all the money you have and keep track of all your expenses and leftover money for savings.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

How to be a successful entrepreneur - I learned this at Techie Youth.

I learned that an entrepreneur is an individual who starts or runs their own personal business. I personally would never want to become an entrepreneur because of the risks and stress it causes. I don’t have much of a leadership skill, I rather do things on my own. I feel like having good communication with other people is really important in becoming an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur can earn greatly from owning an ownership part within the business if everything works in harmony. However, they also embark on a huge level of risk like economic burden, employment risk, psychological risk, and general business risk. The interaction required for success is inextricably linked with the essential skills of sales. This individual has to be capable of selling everything and anything since they are an entrepreneur. A business requires to persuade others to engage in their company concept, buy their product or service, and work for them. An entrepreneur is significantly positioned to sell their concepts and tangible goods if they can communicate well.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

How to earn an income by living a jet setter lifestyle - I learned this at Techie Youth

I learned that there are many ways to earn an income while traveling at the same time. It includes being a social influencer, a travel vlogger, travel photography and literature, and digital nomadism. If I were ever to change my career, I would probably consider doing something web related. As I am already interested in technology and computer science, I would try doing that more. I am not much of an extrovert and talk to other people through the camera, so vlogging or anything social media related I would stay away from. There are so many websites that allow you to find people to connect with from all around the world, and find an opportunity to dog/house sit which was new to me. And if you are really creative, you can actually find many other opportunities to earn an income by traveling around the world.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

How to find the right mentor - I learned this at Techie Youth.

Someone you look up to makes time to meet with you, revealing how they achieved their goals, encouraging you, and offering suggestions and guidance. That is what a mentor is. I recently found out that my college offered an opportunity to match you up with a mentor to be a mentee, or even become a mentor yourself. I obviously signed up for it because I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to have someone I can speak to about my dreams and receive some guidance on how to do better. Luckily for me, the system will help match me up with someone who has the same goals as I do so I don’t have to do the searching. Having someone you can share your ideas to can be very helpful as you get feedback from your mentor.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

How to manage stress - I learned this at Techie Youth.

When we feel pressured or threatened, we respond by becoming stressed. It typically occurs when we are in a precarious position that we do not feel we have any control over. When we feel stressed, it may be due to: a person, for instance, having several obligations that they are finding difficult to handle. Stress can be built up by one or multiple occasions. It doesn’t just happen from one thing, it can happen from many other things but built up. I occasionally experience stress from the build up of a lot of emotions. I struggle to open up and ask for help when needed, so I tend to break down all at once. However, there are certainly many ways for you to manage your stress. I found it comforting to do things that I enjoyed and take my anger or frustration out on. Playing sports, reading, and giving myself some time to step back and take care of myself.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

How to invest in your health - I learned this at Techie Youth.

Being healthy is important because you lose a lot in life when you’re unhealthy. Paying for medicine and treatment is not cheap. It’s crucial to be able to take care of yourself. Sleeping, exercising, and having a healthy diet are a few ways where you can take care of your health. Sleeping the right amount of hours your body needs for energy. Exercising and always moving keeps your blood flowing. Having a healthy diet so that you are not consuming food that are bad for your body. A life of meaning does not necessarily equate to the largest income, and sometimes it's your demanding job that's doing the most damage to your health. A profession that does not serve your personal purpose or prevents you from engaging in fulfilling activities will compromise your commitment to health.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

How to manage your time - I learned this at Techie Youth.

It is important to manage your time to have a productive day. There are so many things you can do if you only wake up earlier, or you get something done as soon as possible. I learned how to manage my time better after reading a book called “Atomic Habits.” There was a specific quote that stuck with me. “All big things come from small beginnings.” Meaning by starting somewhere, it’ll eventually become something bigger. Chores can sometimes be difficult to do because you dread it, but if you push yourself to do it and then reward yourself a little is a method that can help. It personally helped a lot and saved so much time. There is so many things you can do in a day and it can feel overwhelming sometimes. So it's good to have a planner and plan things out for what to do. That way you can keep track and cross out things you already finished doing.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

How to plan financially - I learned this at Techie Youth.

I learned about how to budget, minimize unnecessary spending, invest and plan for the future. At times, it can be hard to save money so making a budget and listing out things you need is useful. There are priorities in life that you need to pay for like rent and other bills. But sometimes there are things you don’t really need but you buy it anyways impulsively. That is where you start to budget how you spend the remaining money after all the bills are paid. You should set an amount and the rest of the money can go on savings. It also does not mean you should spend all the money that you can. You should live below your means, cut back on spending, save as much as you can, and invest in everything. I learned the first investing guideline is to never allocate more funds at stake than you are willing to lose. Invest the money you are willing to risk losing in securities with larger potential returns. These securities typically have higher risks or less liquidity.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

How to avoid getting scammed - I learned this at Techie Youth.

There are many scammers out there trying to exploit people because they know they are desperate for something. I personally have gone through this experience in the past, but learned from it. Thankfully nothing serious happened and I now know what to avoid. I received an email stating that this company was hiring and paying $20 an hour, which for a student seemed like a good opportunity. I immediately wrote back and told them I was interested and they never interviewed me for anything. They told me I could start as soon as I could, and that made me think that it was very suspicious. I later copy and pasted the email I received from my college email, and it was online. People also got scammed from the same thing. I was lucky that it never got too far. So definitely, if you don’t get interviewed for a job then it is probably a scam. Apparently, if I had continued with the interaction of the scam they would have sent you a check of over $1k. They make you withdraw all that money and then expect you to send half of it back to them to make you think you are also making money. Obviously, it is a scam and later you will have to pay the bank back for whatever amount you took. Always do your research on the company, search the hiring manager’s name because sometimes they use well known brand company to scam you.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

How to avoid conflict at work - I learned this at Techie Youth

I learned that the common way people get taken advantage of in a workplace is usually when they stop growing at work. They do all the work and the work schedule gets longer but their salary does not grow with it. To prevent that from happening is to simply speak up about your worth and talk about a raise because you have been doing this much for the company. Or you ask to be paid overtime because you in fact stay longer than you work schedule. If that does not work out, it is probably time to find another job that sees your worth. Either they make arrangements or you should start thinking about other jobs. I would definitely try to speak up first because it is already difficult to find another job. Make sure it is clear what your responsibilities and work schedule are so that there are no misunderstandings.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

How to successfully work a remote job - I learned this at Techie Youth.

I learned about the phrase "onboarding'' which is common in the field of human resources. Applicants and new recruits might not fully comprehend what the onboarding process entails when you go outside of HR though. Onboarding, to put it simply, is the method of combining new personnel into a company. The multidimensional role of HR in this procedure calls for HR to serve as a cross-functional interface, guaranteeing smooth integration while assisting new recruits in understanding timeframes and requirements, both before and after the commencement date. As a new employee, onboarding will assist you with settling into your new company to guarantee a successful and fruitful beginning. An HR administrator will give you an overview beforehand. This usually entails receiving a welcome email with your offer letter, new job papers, and corporate policy documents attached. A phone conversation to discuss the paperwork, establish expectations, and acquaint the employee with the procedure is usually made after that. The documents must be signed and returned as early as necessary because of their deadline. Your commencement date might be delayed by an interruption. The majority of businesses want five years of job experience and the highest degree of education achieved for validations, which is another important piece of advice to note. It is crucial to include as many details and precise dates as you can. The next step is to start doing any relevant background checks when all forms have been submitted. This often involves a criminal history check as well as confirmations of education and job. Some businesses also demand further investigations, such as credit checks and a car investigation. The background check will require around a week to accomplish on average. While the HR administrator will typically keep you informed of the procedure, feel free to check in on the status of your background check. Throughout this procedure, transparency and punctuality are essential. The start date is determined when the background checks are finished and approved by the employer. Your profile will be arranged for payroll by the HR Administrator. By the time of your start date, all paperwork including tax returns, proof of identity, and details for direct deposit must be gathered. Your supervisor will cease serving as your touchpoint throughout orientation once you are set up in the business system. In relation to different meetings with IT and HR, they will assist with workplace introductions, training, resources, and objectives.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

How to do a powerful interview - I learned this at Techie Youth today.

Individuals only purchase items for two purposes: either to feel happy or to address an issue. Alternative explanations don't exist. Sales are more likely to occur if the goods answers the customer's problem and helps them feel happy. This holds applicable for the recruitment procedure as well. In order to address a need for a firm, industry, or institution, hiring personnel looks first to settle conflicts. The hiring party must generally be pleased with their acquisition hire. In contrast, according to seasoned management recruiters, excel rapport between the recruiting decision-makers and the prospect accounts for at least 80% of the hiring process. You must thus give the employers a reason to like you. Dollarizing is the process of determining your value to your client, the recruiting company in monetary terms. You should be compensated with a portion of the earnings from the additional $600,000 in revenue if you can. You are entitled to the portion of if you can cut waste and scrap by that much. You are worth part of the accrued interest if you can lower the bank loan rate by 0.5 percent. The likelihood that you will be employed increases as the hiring business assigns a financial value to you. Gaining and retaining clients is the aim of any job, whether explicitly or implicitly. Both for profit and non-profit enterprises may attest to this. Value is produced by raising sales, cutting expenses, and developing new goods and services. If a position does not provide worth, it will eventually be eliminated. If a company's cost is higher than the value it adds to the economy, it will either be terminated or replaced with a less expensive option. If a position is proven to add value but the individual performing the job is insufficient, then just the job will continue. A job's expenses encompass hiring, pay, perks, learning, office space, equipment, blunders, and monitoring. The value you produce must outweigh the costs. An interviewer for a job is a sales call. Speak or tell no one. Respond, query, pay attention and pitch. You are the product, you are the salesperson, and the interviewer is your client. Since a job interview is a sales call, it has to be prepared for, rehearsed, and handled accordingly. Every sales call needs a set goal. Your goal for the first interview should be to either land a second interview, go beyond the original timetable, or do both. In a sales call, the client should speak for 80% of the time, and the salesperson should listen for 80% of the time. The effective salesman devotes 20% of their time to responding to interviewer inquiries, and to ask questions.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

How to excel in an interview - I learned this at Techie Youth today.

You need to cast aside hours to execute the following in the days leading up to your job interview. Analyze the interviewers and the firm. You may enter your interview with assurance if you are aware of the important facts regarding the organization you are speaking with. You may gain thorough grasp of the company's objectives and how your expertise makes you a fantastic fit by consulting the company's website, their social media and latest press releases. You need to prepare for all your responses. Your opening sentence should succinctly describe who you are and the significance you will offer to the organization and the position. Be ready to talk about your wage expectations when you arrive. You can calculate your tailored salary scale depending on your region, profession, and expertise if you're uncertain of what salary to request. You might wish to print out and start highlighting the qualification the company is seeking. Consider instances from your previous and ongoing work that fit these specifications. You'll probably be questioned about particular work you've done related to the role during the interview. After reading the job description, consider the projects you've completed for groups, organizations, or as a volunteer to demonstrate that you have the necessary expertise and skills. Interviews are two-way conversations. Recruiters would like to understand that you are really considering working there, so they anticipate you to have questions. Start using friendly, approachable nonverbal cues as soon as you enter the room. Control your nervousness and boost your confidence. Being sincere might make it easier for interviewers to connect with you. Maintaining a positive attitude throughout the interview by smiling and being optimistic may maintain the conversation light and fruitful. You can ask your interviewer what to anticipate next after the interiew. This is probably a follow-up email providing your interview findings and any further needs, such as a task, reference list, or another interview.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

How to prepare for a remote interview - I learned this at Techie Youth today.

Consider the abilities you have that, for instance, show that you are driven by yourself. A job that you finished with little guidance or supervision. The actions you took to maintain control. A personal endeavor you did just out of desire. Something that motivated you to begin and complete it. Having a basic understanding of technology and basic troubleshooting skills is essential for remote employment. You should list all the programs you are familiar with, including both general software and software specifically designed for remote work. Planning for a remote job interview is similar to prepping for any interview in certain ways. In contrast, there are additional ways in which getting ready for a job interview remotely differs. A phone call or video call is typically used for remote interviews. That is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your IT knowledge. However, be careful not to forget about some of the procedures associated with a remote interview. Making sure you have a strong connection so that you do not lose service in the middle of the interview. An interview for remote employment will involve conventional inquiries, just like any other interview. During the screening process, questions like "Talk about yourself", "Why did you seek employment?" and "What are your advantages and disadvantages?" are likely to be asked. You can prepare and rehearse for those, but don't forget to pay attention to some interview questions that are unique to remote positions. These are only a few examples, but they give you a sense of the kind of questions an employer could ask about remote employment. Do not consider them to be unexpected interview questions. These kinds of inquiries enable the interviewer to determine whether you possess the necessary abilities to carry out the job successfully from a distance.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

How to find remote jobs - I learned this at Techie Youth today.

The fact that you are not constrained by location or your local employment industry is one of the best aspects about working remotely. You give yourself accessibility to options you would otherwise not have if you incorporate remote employment in your job hunt. Finding a remote job, however, has its own set of special problems, just like any other job search. You must show not just why you are the greatest candidate for the position, but also why you are the ideal candidate for a distant position.While some professions are entirely remote, many of them involve both in-office and online, otherwise known as "hybrid" positions. Make sure you thoroughly read the job description before applying so you don't learn that you need to be in the office some days. Additionally, remote professions that are entirely remote have a geographical requirement. It might be a nation, state, or even a metropolis. If you're searching for a remote job, you may want to concentrate your hunt on job search sites that concentrate on remote and flexible work. You must emphasize your knowledge of and expertise with remote work. Make sure to highlight any prior experience you may have had working remotely in your resume and cover letter. However, if you haven't performed remotely you might need to look a little more to discover the necessary experience that highlights your adeptness at working remotely.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

How to write a resume - I learned this at Techie Youth today.

A one-page description of your academic and professional background is called a resume. Your resume is compared to the positions that are available at the company to see whether you'd be a suitable fit. As a result, it's critical to ensure that your resume accurately represents you. Resumes can be classified as either chronological, functional or combination documents. If you're applying for numerous jobs, you might want to think about using more than one format for your resume. The most common style is chronological, which includes experiences in the order that they occurred. These resumes tend to appeal to older readers and could work well in a conservative industry. You must put your name, contact information, and email address in the header. You can also put your postal address, but if you want to submit your resume online, omit it. Use a phone number you'll be able to answer, and if required update your voicemail to seem more professional. Write a sentence synopsis of your professional background and pertinent abilities. Keep it basic and forceful. The summary might be helpful in justifying your application for a position that deviates from your professional path. A first employment resume should highlight your worth as a worker and explain to potential employers why they should hire you. The first step you should do is thoroughly read the job description and make a note of any special abilities or qualifications you can provide. Remember that companies are searching for a mix of hard and soft abilities. You may use soft skills, such as leadership effectiveness, verbal communication or self-management in practically every role. Core competencies, such as expertise in industry-specific technology or comprehension in a foreign language, are often something you acquire through professional schooling or on the job training.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

How to write checks - I learned this at Techie Youth today.

A checking account is a deposit account, which means that you may deposit and take money from it in a bank. There are various methods that enable you to retrieve your money. The money you deposit into your account is available for withdrawal at an ATM or branch, via check, electronically, automated transfer, debit card use, or by writing a check. Daily expenses normally go into an account. There are several checking account kinds available. You might create a joint checking account alongside your partner, a school account for your college-age child, or a personal checking account. There are not that many restrictions on how you may obtain your money with checking accounts. As long as you have sufficient funds in your account to support them, you may make purchases and pay bills using your check account. However, you could have a daily ATM withdrawal cap, and your debit card might have a cap on the daily withdrawals you can make from your account. Checking accounts often don't yield much interest for this accessibility. Numerous banks also provide checking accounts with monthly service charges, but they exempt you from paying them provided you adhere to certain conditions, such as keeping a minimum balance or utilizing direct deposits to do so. To endorse a check, write your name on the reverse and any other information needed to quickly process the check. Typically, all that is required is a signature, but taking extra measures might give you more control over how banks manage your money and safeguard you against fraud.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

The difference between journal and magazine - I learned this at Techie Youth today.

Magazine writers usually contribute to several publications that are in the same field without any assurance of continuity or produce pieces on a regular basis for one or a limited number of magazines. Although it is not necessary to have any specialized knowledge beyond the topic of the article that you are writing, it does require the ability to produce articles that are succinct, interesting, and factually accurate enough to capture the attention of a reader who is simply perusing the magazine. The chances are endless because there are so many various kinds of periodicals and subject matter you may write about. Typically, in order to write for a journal, you must have done substantial research on the subject and developed into an authority. Typically, in order to write for a journal, you must have done substantial research on the subject and developed into an authority. Journal articles often take more time to write than magazine pieces since they are lengthier, have more statistics and figures and are longer overall. Journal articles are often academic, and scholarly objectives but magazine pieces can cover a wide range of subjects, that are merely for pleasure.

An exclusive contributor to a certain magazine, newspaper, or other publication is a writer who works as a staff writer. The majority of staff writers exclusively for one publisher, while prominent authors may be able to negotiate to moonlight in other magazines. They frequently work full-time for one publisher. There are several publications that use freelance writers. In order to land a job, freelancers pitch their ideas to magazine editors or associate editors, frequently along with a bibliography and background information. On rare occasions, some independent writers could even pre-write a full narrative. However, the majority wait to start the difficult job until they receive a commission.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

How to edit photos- I learned this at Techie Youth today.