Log of what of Andy Lin has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Stock Symbol

The stock has been increasingly popular and is a really good way to earn money if you buy stocks correctly and accurately predict which will go up and which will go down in terms of values. So, it is important to know what a stock symbol or a ticker is. A stock symbol is a unique series of letters assigned to stocks for security purposes. Stock symbols are usually an arrangement of characters (letters) that represents publicly traded securities. When a company issue security it is usually a symbol that relates to the company. Any additional letters added will display restrictions such as share class or trading limitations. Stock symbols also help differentiate between two companies that have similar names. There are many types of stock symbols such as adding a class to its suffix to denote that the company has more than one share, adding "PR" to show that it is a preferred stock, to indicate that the shares have voting rights, etc. As said, stock symbols are also used to show the trading status. For example, A and B are used to denote A-class and B-class. In addition, there are J for voting shares and K for non-voting shares, and much more. In conclusion, if you are interested in buying stocks and looking further into it, learning the stock symbols will really help to make your decision as to which stock to buy.

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Earning money for your non-profit

Ever since you are young, you may have heard about fundraising. Whether it be a food sale or a book fair, you hear a lot about raising money for certain nonprofit organizations. I took part in a fundraiser before and it was for the school chess team. It is very surprising that money to nonprofit organizations does not mainly come from other nonprofit organizations or big companies but eighty percent comes from individuals. Moreover, you should build your relationships with those who fundraise for the organization and only resort to "cold" fundraising as the last choice because "cold" fundraising is with those who are not familiar with the organization and its purpose. So, for fundraising, there is the fundraising funnel which is four steps. First is prospecting where you identify who is or might be interested in your goal and will support it, then is cultivation where you want to build a strong relationship with the people you have identified, next is asking for the needed money, and lastly, you continue to grow the relationship you have with him/her. However, before you start fundraising, you should focus on making a fundraising plan and a donor message. A fundraising plan will consist of the strategies and tactics that you will use and a donor message will give the fundraiser a quick and concise idea of your mission.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Power of Editing

In the modern world, editing is found everywhere. Whether it be in youtube videos, movies, or tv shows, video editing is very popular and useful. A video editor edits videos by enhancing the visuals, adding features, and combining the audio and video clips together. Being a video editor means you can be really creative and be able to create videos based on how you think and imagine. There are many other benefits such as being able to work from home, earning decent money as a side job, and being pretty flexible. There are two types you can choose from which are freelancer and staff. For freelancers, you are able to earn higher incomes because you do the negotiating, you get to pick your projects, and you do not need as much experience to start, but it is not a stable source of income. On the other hand, for staff, it is a steady source of income, you are able to learn from coworkers, and it is a fixed pay/hour, but you will need a good profile and sufficient amount of experience. There are many types of videos you can edit such as films/documentaries, commercials such as music videos or advertisements, and youtube or personal project videos. Lastly, you can earn roughly 35k to 80k a year as a video editor but remember that there are also expenses to video editing such as certain software, computers/equipment, and others.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Importance of customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction plays a big part in many products in the modern world. If the customer is satisfied with the product, then it will sell and vice versa. Therefore, you may have seen a lot of surveys on many products such as apps, tutor places, textbooks, etc. Being able to receive a customer's review helps a lot to improve the product/service. Here I will explain how to create a good customer survey that will not annoy the customer and be able to obtain good information. First, make sure to keep it concise and short; basically, get to the point. You should only ask questions that fulfill your goal and make sure that these questions are more open-ended. Do not ask leading and loaded questions and only ask one question at a time. Also, keep the scale consistent, such as either 1-5 or agree/disagree, strongly agree/strongly disagree, etc. Make use of yes or no questions and be very specific because you can not assume that the customer has the knowledge of what you are talking about. Lastly, make the timing of the survey that does not annoy the customer and that makes sense so that you can keep your product/service up to date; in addition, add a little bonus that will interest the customer to take the survey and not just swipe pass it so that you can actually receive feedbacks useful to improve.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Play Store Publishing

The play store is a really popular place to upload apps and it relates to android type apps. In recent times, there are many people with androids that use the play store. Being able to publish your app in the play store will mean that other people will be able to download your app and use its functionalities. To start, you first have to consider the guidelines and restrictions. These will be what your app can and cannot have. For example, your app can not have inappropriate content: sexual/violence, etc, gambling apps should be created under a guideline and others. Also, make sure that the app you publish is solely based on original content and not from others. Make sure your app has functionality and does not have spamming and that if there are ads, they are under the Google AdMob. In addition, you shoulder consider how the in-game money is processed by the google play billing program. Now you can start with an account on the google play console. Here you put in all the information about the apps such as the name of the app, location, language, app category, pricing, etc. Lastly, you will click publish and it will be in a certain status waiting for it to be published, rejected, or suspended. If your app has not completed a certain step it is rejected but if it violates the google guideline, it is suspended. You can un-publish your app anytime.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Resume and why you need it

A resume is a one-page summary of you, your skills, work experience, school, etc. It describes you through everything you have done, and achieved, and what knowledge you have that you can provide. A resume can be used for many things such as applying for a program/internship, applying for a part-time or a full-time job, or used for school purposes. Therefore, it is important to create a resume that is well-rounded and makes sense so that you can have a good impression made through paper. So, first, you gotta decide what kind of resume you want. It can either be chronological, functional, or a combination of both. After deciding, you should write out the header which includes your name, phone number, and email. Then write a one to two-sentence summary that is really short, simple, and concise. For a chronological or combination resume, make sure that you put the experiences in order by time: starting with the most recent. While, for a functional resume, just list the skills that make sense for to job or position you are applying for. Lastly, you should list things that are also important in describing yourself such as your GPA/school degree, awards that you have won, and any personal interests. This will help strongly describe yourself because it expands who you are instead of just someone who is only good for a certain thing.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

The Remote Pandemic

Many things were introduced into this new area called remote. During the pandemic, it was spreading just as fast if not faster than the pandemic. Everyone was going remote so that they have the least contact with someone that might carry the coronavirus. I personally experienced having to go remote and it was a very interesting experience but definitely not for me. However, if you loved it when you went remote, here is the right place to be because there are jobs such as remote recruiter which have many benefits since it is remote. The first and foremost is not having to commute. This is really nice because commute can take up anywhere from 5hrs to 20 hrs a week which is almost equivalent to a whole day. There can also be an accident that happens during the time of commute which can cause you to take more time and might even cause you to be late. On the other hand, running remote means that there is much less chance. In addition, health and loyalty are benefited from working remotely. No longer do you have to go in and start feeling sick and then go all the way home or you are better able to control your break times (exercise) and diet. Also, working remotely can increase loyalty because it makes you feel a sense of trust since they will not be watching you constantly instead you get to do whatever you want as long as you finish the job. Lastly, it is very convenient because you can do work anywhere. You can travel to another state and still be able to do your work or if you have to go somewhere.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

SELF Publishing a book

It is always a hassle to go through the process of publishing a book so you might want to consider self publish a book. However, before you delve into self-publishing a book, think about why you want to publish a book. Are there any benefits such as boosting your skills and knowledge to become a paid speaker or upping your competition? Next will be writing the book. The book should be carefully planned out and written in an accordingly manner. Start by planning and creating an outline. After finishing up writing the book, get feedback and review it. You would not want to publish a book that is not pristine and perfect. In addition, you will be able to have different views and improve your books because essentially you would want the books to sell and people to enjoy and be interested in them. After the feedback and comments, wrap it up with a title. Make sure the title is something that appeals to people and that will make the book absorb more attention. Near the end, you should have one more edit which is to hire a professional editor that will look over the book again and add the final touch-ups. Make sure that the professor editor is someone who is interested in what you wrote so that the edits make sense and you will be satisfied with it. Lastly, create a kindle direct self-publishing account and format your book and publish. It is as simple as that.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

All you need to know about REITs (benefits edition)

REITs otherwise known as real estate investment trusts are an alternative way to buy real estate directly. REITs have been popular since the 1960s and offer some of the most attractive features of stock investing. REITs are good for financial plans and are for those who want exposure to real estate but do not have the capital for direct investment. REITs provide the ability to diversify property types, geographic locations, and more. In addition, REITs can pay dividends which you can then include in income portfolios. There are many benefits to REITs such as hassle-free real estate investing where they are conveniently packaged into shares that can be easily bought and sold, low minimums where you do not need a lot of money to invest, liquidity where you can quickly sell it if you noticed you made a mistake, even in the face of high-interest rate, REITs still outperform other stocks in a low economy and lastly, it is a passive investment where you do not need to provide time and effort such as maintaining or developing the property, providing landlord services, and collecting rent payments, REITs is more like a mutual fund.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Bitcoin Shitcoin

Lately, cryptocurrency has been very popular and digital currency is easy to use and fits more in the modern world. Bitcoin which you may have heard is a digital currency that is used and can be transferred through a peer-to-peer bitcoin network. However, there is also Shitcoin which is a great way to lose money because it is basically a cryptocurrency that will eventually lose its value or will become worthless one day. Bitcoin is the least likely to be a Shitcoin, litecoin is considered a Shitcoin, and Ethereum is considered a double-digit shitcoin. Bitcoin is mined or created through a network on the computer. They verify and process transactions which thus resulted in new bitcoins. Bitcoin is basically powered by a blockchain which is the network. Also, while Bitcoin mining sounds easy and very attractive, the reality is that it’s difficult and expensive to actually do profitably and make money off. The extreme volatility of Bitcoin’s price adds more uncertainty to the equation because bitcoin's value is always changing and it is really hard to predict whether it will be rising or decreasing which then determines if you made profit or not.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Networking Importance

Whether it be at school or outside of school, networking is important to everyday life. Networking helps you get stuff that you might want or learn. One really important thing that networking helps with is getting a job. First, you want to keep two things in mind when networking which are being genuine and being helpful. To touch upon being genuine is that you should not reach out to people only when you need help. That comes off more like you are using the person only for personal benefits. Try to maintain a healthy relationship through networking and eventually getting to your goals. Desperation and urgency are easy to spot for someone who is experienced in networking. In addition, do not start off networking immediately by asking for a favor or asking for something because that will immediately ruin the networking. You would want to instead establish a strong and meaningful relationship before doing so. Next, touching upon being helpful is making sure you respond and provide meaningful advice and help. You do not need to help really deeply, even giving a simple solution that can help someone break apart the problem is really helpful. Moreover, you should keep in touch and not just talk to someone for one time and then save them for future use. It is noticeable and the person will lose interest eventually and it breaks the relationship. Networking should not depend on someone's status because even if that someone's status is not as appealing as someone else's, they may know people or have connections with people that may interest you. Having more connections with more people regardless of their status will help you in the long run compared to connecting with just one or two high-status people. Lastly, make sure that the connection with the person is not just online but also through face-to-face meetings. You can set up a time to meet or during events/gatherings.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Smartwatch and Components you will be needing

One of the most recent and most used technologies of modern times: is the smartwatch. It is small, portable, and really easy to use. You can use a smartwatch for essentially anything such as calling someone, texting someone, checking the weather, checking your heart rate, and much more. The first step in making a smartwatch is making sure it is very easy to read and not have things stacked together because of the size of the watch. For example, instead of having a bunch of words with a check, have only a check. Try to simplify as much as possible. Make sure the contents of the watch are what a smartwatch can be used for. You have to keep in mind that it is not a phone, so a simple how long it will take to get to this certain distance is good, and has really easy-to-use responses and clicks that take around or less than 10 seconds is a good standard. In addition, the interface should be organized and easy to identify along with having offline usage. Lastly, make sure that the watch is able to connect and work with smartphones or any other device is important because it can allow the user to be able to save data or perform certain actions. Overall, making a good smartwatch is to make it clear, useable, and has high functionality.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

All you need to know for Scams

I, personally as a broke college student, will tend to be more likely to fall for scams. I am very familiar with the scam emails sent to every student. These emails will include high income, having to mail money, etc. Although these emails portray a job opportunity that is very attractive, you should always abide by the rule "too good to be true." Using the same example, the emails describe a job that only takes a few minutes of your time to earn an income of five hundred dollars per day as compared to part-time jobs that pay you anywhere from 13-17 dollars per hour is a big difference. However, the part-time job clearly requires more time input and earns less which makes the five hundred dollars per day much more attractive. Now, you should think about it and be wary that who in the world will be paying you this much for basically doing nothing? There are other examples such as a car that goes for fifty grand but you find it for five grand or getting high role jobs with just a simple class. Here are a few tips on what you should consider before doing which means they are most likely scams. If a job asks you to pay upfront expenses, if you are offered a job without an interview/qualifications, if you are asked about social security or any financial information early in the interview, and keywords of quick fast money, unlimited money, etc. Lastly, as the pandemic has influenced everyone's lifestyle, a work-from-home scam has been increasingly attractive too. Many of them claim that you can earn hundreds of dollars just by paying for a program and you do not need any skills/experiences. These are pretty clear-cut scams because you should think about what you have to do, what is the cost, am I really going to get anything out of it, and who will be paying me/how am I receiving the payment?

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Making money with Music

In the modern world, music is a very popular platform. It is very conventional and found everywhere. You can find it online, offline, or anywhere you go. I personally listen to music throughout the day, whether it be when I am doing work, I am cooking, I am playing games or basketball, etc. So, if you have a love for making music and want to make a living off of it, here are tips to sell your music. First, you would need to search for a distribution network for your music and with that, you would start earning money through streaming royalties. Next, you can earn money by playing live or playing a gig. There is nothing like a live performance of your music. Another way to earn money is by selling merchandise for your band. After merchandise, you can consider collaborating with other brands and other musicians. This can really help with exposure and help increase the money earned. In addition, if you are a producer you can start by selling beats and samples. However, make sure to focus on marketing, licensing, mixing, and mastering. Lastly, in recent times, the pandemic is affecting people all over the world and online classes are more common. Holding music classes and lessons have always been a good way to earn money and it can be also held online which is really suitable for recent times.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Working Remote and making the Meetings Engaging

Working remotely and having meetings remotely have become a part of life as the pandemic gets worst. They have been an essential way to deal with the pandemic. There are pros and cons to remote meetings. Working remotely may cause someone to be less productive which is because of the lack of face-to-face meetings. So how would you avoid problems with remote meetings? First, you can follow these three needs which are: connection, collaboration, and feedback. Basically, you should find a way to sustain each one such as using Skype for connection and using InVision for collaboration. Then, you should know what you have and have a backup plan. Often times people may lose out on something because their computer broke or memory overload but having a backup plan can help alleviate these problems. So, during the meeting, make sure to introduce everyone and the goal of the meeting. Making sure that everyone has something to do and giving small talks before the meeting can really help give the meeting more life. Lastly, making sure everyone acknowledges and knows each other is really important too because of the lack of face-to-face interactions and that everyone participates so that everyone feels they are part of the meeting instead of being secluded just being in front of a screen.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

All you need for Digital Products

Digital Products which are often referred to as digital goods, digital services, electronic goods/services, or e-goods/services are basically things that you pay for that you receive online. The definition matters because it determines what taxes you will be paying. Examples of digital products are downloadable and streamable music, e-books/images/movies/videos, websites, and any cloud-related software. For taxes, it can vary, you can be charged based on where you live or where the business is located. Selling digital products can be done in these steps: first, create the digital product, then make an online store/app for the phone, and lastly market the product. But why would you do digital products instead of physical? Digital products have high-profit margins, low overhead costs, and flexible products. Since online learning has been increasing, a very profitable and easy to sell is online courses.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Web development

Web development is very good pay and an interesting job. However, you absolutely do not have to learn web development to create a website. You can however use Wix which is cheap and easy to use. If you want to start in web development, you should start with the code HTML. You can use visual studio code with the addon of the live server. Then you can incorporate CSS, a combination of selectors, properties, and values. You can edit things such as background and color with CSS. Next, you shoulder work on the layout of the web where you can start with div tags. However, coder feels like div tags are a bit confusing to use so you can use concise tags such as nav, footer, header, and section. Now in each, you can edit the background, color, font, margin, paddling and others.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Checking and Employees

We should not be cheap and ensure the employee is happy. You would instead give a bonus to an employee who can finish on time without needing to come early and leave late. If the employee is not someone who you think fits, you should just fire them when you find a replacement and not make the employee feel bad because the person might leave before you find a replacement. It is totally okay to work for people who are frugal rather than miser and you should look forward to working for someone who is ethical. A frugal person is someone who is careful with their money but will not be stingy to the point that the treatment is disgusting such as someone who is a miser. Moreover, checking accounts does not have many fees/interests either and you can use them to hold your money or withdraw money. You will need to provide: your Social Security number, your personal information like your address and date of birth, a valid form of identification to open an account, and you need to make a minimum opening deposit.