Log of what of Anastasia Belton has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

DAY 25 @ techie youth

Hello guys , it was nice being in this program , thank you for having me it was amazing experience learning new things. Today basically I work on my assignment that need to be redone . I worked on my quizzes also that had to work on . I still manage to fail two quizzes which is upsetting because I wanted everything correct but other than that that what I was working on today figuring out why isn’t my link to my resume or Linkden unable to get through the website .

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

DAY 24 @ Techie youth

Hello so today was all about trying to get everything correct as in all my questions , all my assignments everything that needed to be done . It took me some time to figure out how to add the voice memo on to my website , I was unable to do that due to me not having access to an computer so I summit it with my link to my resume like I was told to do which I did already I had my LinkedIn site but unfortunately I guess it isn’t there but when I look at it I see it there.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022


Hello today at techie youth I was working on both of my assignments that needed to be done . Doing research searching up different examples that will make my summary stand out . After that I started working with the wix website and I feel like today I actually got it I created a website because when I go to the link myself it a website it take me too and it says by Anastasia in the bottom but help created by wix that was all about putting my skills and talents into a website so I can get hire for a virtual assistance job . That’s the perfect job for me . I work a little on quizzes that needed to be redone & that’s all .

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022


Hello Today at techie youth I had a come up my own executive summary about a business that I will try to create. It was tough ! Had to really sit down & write things down before actually writing it. I work on my quizzes today , also work on my other assignments that had to be redone . I was reading about product manger.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022


Hello today at techie youth I was reading so much my eyes hurt. But basically I was reading about product planning which is steps you need to take for that. Learning that in product planning there are three categories which is strategy ,roadmap & backlogs. They all connect wit product planning . I was learning the how you can create an your product strategy, what is a roadmap & a black log . A product strategy is a plan that helps you describe what your product intends to achieve your companies goals..A road map is the vision of your product overtime . A product black log is a list of work for development team. I was also working on the quiz for this unit .

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

DAY 20 @ techie youth

Hello today at techie youth I was working back on my assignment which i thought to myself I did good then I started working on my quizzes then needed to be redone and I don’t know I still getting it wrong so I left that after that I started working on product manger roles , took the quiz and I passed that. After that I started reading about Getting user/customer feedback. I was reading about how you can create a survey and how you can get people to actually do the survey..

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

DAY 19 @ techie youth

Today at techie youth I was learning about the differences between terminating someone on the job and firing someone on the job. Basically terminating someone from the job could be for your own reason & someone being fired is because of their action. Also I didn’t know that they didn’t need to give an explanation when they are terminating you from the job. Also being laid off could be many things it could the company ran out of money to pay you but then again it could mean they feel like your not worth the money the paying you. Another trick I learn today to is you don’t need to sign that paper they make you sign when you leaving an job that paper is basically saying that you can’t sue them. After that I started working on the assignment for

Entrepreneurship but I couldn’t figure out really what to write about a business I would like to start so I just got frustrated and left it alone started . But My business sounded good I was going out my business name the strong survived. But I don’t know still undecided on that. After that I started working on product manager. A product manager

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

DAY 18 at Techie youth

Hello today at Techie youth I was working on my assignment again which was the fundraiser assignment after that I work a little bit on my quizzes that needed to be redone. Lastly I went back to unit Entrepreneurship & Business Leadership & when I got there I watched videos on getting sales for your business & how you can get clients for your business. I was learning how to maximize your profit earned by the selling product of your business.i was also watching videos about hiring things to expect with employees

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022


Hello today at Techie youth I was watching videos on different things when starting a business. So when starting a business you going to need a space to do this business so when you looking to rent a space make sure you know everything about the space , ask questions. Also I was learning about obtaining fundings which is money needed to start up a business now when you starting a business you want to make sure you get to investor to invest in your business. Also when creating your product for your business you should create a MVP . A MVP is a for your to minimize your costs until you start getting profit from it. I feel like it a understanding of your business.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022


Hello, today at techie youth I was learning about branding which is creating a name for your brand , but when creating your name for your brand you need to do your own research and make sure no one has the same Name as yours. Only two people can have the same name if they are not competing against one other. Also if you do use the same name as someone business and you are using the same product or items to sell you can end up at risk of losing your business . You could end up getting sue. Then I was reading about creating a Slogan for your business which is basically a catch phase that represents your business. It to draw the customers into your business. You will also need a mission statement which lets people know what the company stands for & what is the purpose of your business. Why should people pick your business then others businesses.Another things was with a business every one needs a logo .

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

DAY 15 At techie youth

Hello , today at techie youth I was learning about starting a business you don’t want to just partner with anyone, make sure you pick someone who you know will make your business strong. I was also learning about when you start planning your business make sure you always have a exit strategy which is a plan on how your company or business will turn out for you.. then I started reading and watching videos on Executive summary , which everyone who usually needs when starting a business it basically a summary of your business basically convincing people on why they should invest in your business or company , & when creating this make sure to follow through on what was said on that summary.when starting your business you should be flexible. A business plan is a guide for you it shows you your milestones on your business. Then I started reading about deploying and that basically mean once you finished planning everything out with your business you now have to register it secure it and it all depends on what type of business you having or starting because that’s when taxing comes involved.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022


Hello , today I worked on my assignment, I learn today how to basically share my assignments the way that can anyone can view it. I was also working on my other assignments which was creating a campaign , added a little more for social media assignments also. I kinda already knew about negative thinking , it’s true you have to prepared for anything , cause anything is possible and it true we can’t tell the future . So with starting a business always be a step ahead , & always have a plan for everything in case something doesn’t work out so basically with a business I will say maybe be open minded have multiple options for you.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

DAY 13 @ techie youth

Today I was working a little on my quizzes, I was learning what was a profit model and basically that a profit model is what makes your company a plan that works towards the business profit. In order words how your company is going to work and function. After that I started working on identifying your customer & market & what that I was learning that you do what you love when picking your target figure out who is your audience, you thinking out the box on why your company so better than others , why should people choose your product what’s are the benefits . But also learning too that when working with others don’t try to criticize others then you might end up losing them , learn yourself first

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

DAY 12 at a techie youth

Hello , so today I was working on my quizzes that need to be passed. I was also working on my assignments that need to be review and fix , doing more research on techie youth to understand a little better the assignment. I was also learning a a little about Entrepreneurship , how you start a business.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

DAY 11 At Techie Youth

Hello, today at techie youth I was reading and watching videos on more about music. I was getting a little confused today on what I reading felt like I was just reading but what I guess what I was reading about how you can make me profit from music but also I learn that music is broken down into two parts like to us music is music but to artists it into two different parts I forgot what it said but when I go back to look for what I’m trying to say I can’t find it. Also the difference between a streaming service & A distribution network.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

DAY 10 AT Techie Youth

Hello , so today at techie youth I was reading and watching videos about music. I was learning the basic about music things you should know before you start also learning about the cords of music & how they relate.Also learning what skills you can use to make your music sound good. Also i was learning about softwares you can use that are free to start your music . Also learning how you can mix beats and actually start making a beat for music. you can create different styles of beats for different music

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022


Hello , Today at techie youth I was learning how to make music even tho I don’t want to do that but it always good to learn new things. I actually was surprised that you can make sounds with your mouth and create it into a a beat for your music. I notice for a lot of these Topics all you really need a computer and you can make a lot of $ while being home also I never even knew what was a mash up until today. I also was learning about doing music which one you can make the most money from so yea everything today was new to me.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

DAY 8 at Techie Youth

Hello , today at techie youth I was learning more about myself , I was also learning how to do the assignments learning how to deal more of technology, was working with Google docs today

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Day 7 at Techie Youth

Today I was learning how to build a website on Wix today I had to build a linked profile then add it to the website. It was very confusing for me I also had to create an social media page to let others know how they also can connect with youth techie.I feel like I still need to understand better how to work with wix website

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Day 6 At Techie Youth

Hello , today I was learning about Performance testing which is Stress testing and load testing.stress testing is when you uses an extreme amount of users to run a system to see how the system or applications react to the overload while the other hand load testing uses uses a typical amount of traffic or users. I was also learning about entrepreneurship and leadership and basically what I took from it was that being an entrepreneur is basically someone who seeing something going on in the world and take it into their hands to fix it or it can be someone who creates their own business being their own boss . Also being a leader is someone who stand up. Someone who take on something and not afraid to stand up.Also learning something that makes a good business is a paying customer without a paying customer there no businesses

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Day 5 at techie youth

Hello ,

Today I was learning about life also learning how to be stress free which was good because I’m always stressing. Knowing it ok to not to be ok was one thing that I learn today and learning to accept things that are out of my control. I actually really like that topic , felt like it hit home for me. Also still was working on my quiz that I need to passed.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Day 4 at Techie Youth

Hello, today I was stuck on my quizzes once again but I passed it still stuck on one quiz but I know I will do it just have to take my time reviewing the quizzes & going back to review the content.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Day3 at Techie Youth

Hello ,

Today at techie youth I was learning about Snapchat and Facebook was stuck on doing the quiz . Always had a hard time taking quiz’s and the answer is there I know the answer but it keep saying I got it wrong. Still learning not to be so frustrated I was also learning about tik-tok and how you can control your child profile and just about a lot of things that tik-tok being know for .

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

2nd Day At Techie Youth

Hello Guys,today was a little much better at techie youth, was a little frustrating because I know I the answers it was right there in my face but the just the process of having to open two different pages looking for the answer again then having to go my email to then have to click the link for the website was a lot. Today was learning about virtual Assistant & Instagram. Virtual assistance was very interesting to me because I like how it was different things you can do to being a virtual assistant also more than it a virtual job and it very flexible. Instagram was interesting too because I have that social media and didn’t know a lot about it works I just have it and have a my friends and stuff on it. Also the editing of the photos was amazing , would love to try that out.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022


Hello guys ,

I’m still figuring out how it works but other than that I learning about a lot of different things at once. Something that surprised me what I learn today was I didn’t know PPC was until today I was learning about fundraising different ways to do fundraising and also I realize in my life I also created once a fundraising for my sister funeral.Also as I was reading I learn some of the things that was talking about blogging I do all the time , such as always referring my family / friends about product I use and thought it was very good for other to use so I influenced others to buy the same products. Today was very interesting.