Log of what of Amir Shabazz has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Blogging and writing for your own website

I learned about how you can blog and create your own website and how you can sell products or anything you want online these can get people to buy products from you online

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Improving life quality

What I learned today at techie youth is about how you can become who you want to be in life and the skills you need to survive in the world.. Also earning income online creating your own businesses and videos

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Intro to techie youth

I'm still learning some things about techie youth about everything from watching videos on how to sell products , making a niche website, etc. Working remotely anywhere making income

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Life Quality

Learning about life quality,

Learning how to be more productive

Learning how to be more organized

Learning how to start setting goals I want to accomplish that I have set for myself and applying them

Learning how to manage stress and controlling my emotions, staying positive

Using your time wisely not wasting time because you can't get the time back

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

What is entrepreneurship

Im still learning about how to become an entrepreneur, how to start your own business, having your own team , your own dress code etc. I really want to become an entrepreneur by having my own restaurant in the near future instead of me working for somebody I can get the experience of working for myself... Becoming an entrepreneur is something I really look forward to accomplish

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

What I've learned from techie youth

I've learned so much from techie youth... I've learned from working a remote Job from anywhere you connect, making money online and income, I also learned from the videos I've watched like how to edit videos, how to improve in your daily life like being productive and doing the things you want to accomplish in life.. I'm still learning some things and getting advice from the techie youth leader

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Recruiter and talent acquisition

Today I learned about job requirements..

There's a list of things to have

Strong communication skills


A natural curiosity

Good listing skills

Ability to read and display positive body language

So learned about how you need these skills in order to get a job

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

How to successfully work a remote Job

I learned about how working remotely anywhere you can make money , learning how to be professional especially when doing virtual meetings or making phone calls sending emails etc.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Intro to earning money online

Learning about how earning money online .... One way is working remotely anywhere, being independent earning income online making money and saving money

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Financial awareness and financial management

I learned about financial awareness and financial management... Learning about salaries how to pay bills etc.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Improving your quality of life

I learned about how to improve your quality of life

Which is improving the things you can be better at where its being more productive doing way more than you think you can, not making excuses etc. Improving your health skills , doing more exercises, reading more , helping out more with people. Based on the videos I watched... This is something I'm trying to improve in my life as well by working harder not being lazy and knowing that I'm capable of doing anything I put my heart to

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Stress management

Today I learned about stress management how to handle stress when you going through something

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Time management

Today at techie youth I learned about time management I learned how not to waste too much time doing one thing because you can't get the time back and spending your time wisely like Eric said in one of his videos... Not procrastinating , He also said do things that's gonna be good for you and do things that's going to be easier for you.. Examples.. buying a dish washer instead of washing dishes, that's going to take up too much time... Buying a washing machine instead spending money on doing laundry that's also will take up time... So I learned about how to spend my time wisely

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

What I've learned from techie youth

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

The writing assignment

So today at techie youth I learned especially for the writing assignment I learned you can do different things that you want such as copywriting, guess blogging, building websites

. You can become an entrepreneur based on the elective unit you choose ... I now learned how you can make money online, doing all the elective units in order to graduate...

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

I learned you can make tons of money selling good artwork

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

I learned how you can make income online