Log of what of Alexander Naing has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Stock Photos

Stock photos are an important tool for content creators of all kinds. They add color and points of interest or illustrate arguments and explanations. Many websites need them to function properly. However, stock images aren’t yours for the taking. There are rules and regulations about how you can use them. It can be a complicated topic. And you don’t want to get yourself into legal hot water with photographers or stock photo providers. Stock photos are images created by photographers that are available for use by others. They cover all types of photography, with no limits on genre or style. The stock photos are cataloged and made available by a stock image agency. You can use stock photos to illustrate and decorate websites and publications. There are millions of stock images available online. No matter what topic you need to illustrate, you can almost definitely find an image that works. Stock images aren’t limited to photographs. Many stock image websites also provide illustrations, animations, and web templates. You’ll find stock video footage too. But photos are the most commonly provided resource.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Creating digital assets - PT 1

How to make a podcast

Choose A Topic: You want your podcast to be focused on a particular topic or niche.

Try to narrow it down to something you can speak about for many episodes (100+) but that isn’t so broad that you won’t appeal to your potential audience.

Choose A Name: Choose a name broader than your

Show Format: Find whatever time works for you and run with it. What I would try to avoid is making it longer than it needs to be because you went off-topic for 15 minutes.

Episode Format: Separate your podcast into different segments.

Create Cover Art: Your cover art is the first impression most people will see as they browse through Apple Podcasts or their favorite podcast app. It’s might also be the image someone sees when you share your show on social media.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Selling Digital Goods - Online course creation

How to Create an Online Course

One thing you should do first is use lesson plan templates. Using a template adds structure to the course. Two questions that you should spend a lot of time thinking about are: “Who will take this course?” and “What are my learning objectives?” Knowing this information can help influence all subsequent design decisions you will need to make while creating your course. Another thing you should do is identify component skills. You can perhaps break down other tasks like playing the piano, or mastering calculus, into component skills. When designing an online course, it is recommend that you pinpoint the important skills your students need to learn to master to perfect their craft. You can then make an environment where the student can individually practice those skills and eventually learn to integrate them.

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Creating digital assets - Webinars

A webinar is a video workshop, lecture, or presentation hosted online using webinar software. These sessions can be used to share knowledge, ideas, and updates with people around the world. Webinars can also be leveraged to build and nurture relationships, build authority around a brand, or demonstrate a product. Webinars have all sorts of purposes such as internal training and capturing leads. 26% of all webinars are in the software and technology industry. Some ways to utilize webinars are to

Present your newest product - Not all customers can book a flight to a conference every time you launch a new product. Asking them for an hour of their time online to showcase your latest creation is much more reasonable. These webinars are a chance for you to get everyone from your leads to your brand evangelists in one place. You’re there to educate registrants on the latest updates and to answer questions. Having a discussion with your viewers and answering each question they ask can reassure current customers that they’re in good hands while also pushing leads down the pipeline towards purchase.

Generate new leads - No leads means no business. Leads can be made by marketers in many ways, but attracting high-quality leads is something that marketers can struggle with. Webinars with topics relevant to your business are a great way to generate the high-quality leads that marketers are looking for. The people who see that you’re promoting your webinar will likely visit your landing page and engage with your form by registering for the event. These are the people who are telling you that they’re interested in whatever it is you have to say. Some people may accidentally click on a link or download an asset and get pooled into your list of leads, but those who take the action to register and attend your webinar are as high quality as it gets.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Creating digital assets - Ebooks

In 2022, ebook sales are projected to account for about one tenth of all book sales, a big segment of a huge market. There are many reasons to sell Ebooks and thats because

they sell easier online, can be used to grow your business more so than physical books, you make a bigger profit from ebooks, you can grow your blog and its income, it is passive income, it's more environmentally friendly, and they're cheaper to produce.

First you have to write a book worth writing. There’s no point in publishing a book that’s not your best work. The steps to making a good book are to

1. Choose an idea.

2. Come up with a good book title and subtitle.

3. Create your mind map.

4. Write a thorough outline from your mind map.

5. Schedule your writing time and get your book done!

6. Thoroughly self-edit.

7. Hire an editor to ensure perfection.

8. Hire a book cover design artist to bring your book to life.

You then have to

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

REIT Trading

Today I learned about REITs trading. REITs, also known as Real Estate Investment Trusts, are trusts where investors can invest in by buying shares of the companies’ portfolio. Equity REITs are publicly traded, which means they can be bought similarly to a stock on stock exchanges. REITs are unique for investors as they give a less hands on investment experience for those interested in purchasing real estate. This is because by investing in a REIT, you are investing in a company which manages and purchases real estate. In turn, you as an investor will be paid through dividends. REITs trade on many different markets; similar to stocks, the two most common are the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. REITs are good for people that want exposure to real estate but don't have the capital for direct investment, REITs can be a good choice for a financial plan. There are different REITs that provide you with the ability to diversify across property types, geographic locations, and more. Nearly any investor, regardless of portfolio size, can buy REITs because of their availability in mutual funds and ETFs. Liquidity can be an issue for REITs. This is because traded REITs can be bought and sold like stocks, they are fairly liquid. You run the risk of losing a lot of money if the manager makes a poor decision, or if the investments in the REIT tanks.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Online Trading Part 1

Today I learned some things about online trading. Cryptocurrency is fueled by blockchain technology, which is frequently described as a "distributed, decentralized, public ledger. Blockchain is a chain of blocks that contains information. This technique is intended to timestamp digital documents so that it’s not possible to backdate them or temper them. It's purpose is to solve the double records problem without the need for a central server. Blockchain is not Bitcoin, but is the technology behind Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the digital token, and the blockchain is the ledger to keep track of who owns the digital tokens. You can’t have Bitcoin without blockchain, but you can have a blockchain without Bitcoin. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have brought upon a new important digital asset known as smart contracts. Smart contracts are automated agreements between the contract creator and the recipient. This agreement, which is written in code, is put into the blockchain, making it immutable and irreversible. They're usually used to automate the execution of an agreement so that all parties can be sure of the conclusion right away, without having to need any intermediaries. They can also automate a workflow, starting when certain circumstances are satisfied.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

3D Printed products

Today I learned a little about 3D printed products. I watched a couple videos explaining how to use certain platforms used to create 3D printed products. The first of which is blender. Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software toolset used for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D-printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications, virtual reality, and, formerly, video games. It's written in C, C++, and Python. Blender has a bunch of unique and useful things in it that make it great to use. It has Cycles Render Engine which is Blender’s built-in powerful unbiased path-tracer engine that offers stunning ultra-realistic rendering. Cycles has real-time viewport preview, CPU & GPU rendering, PBR shaders & HDR lighting support, and VR rendering support. It has a variety of tools that make it so creating, transforming and editing your models is much easier. There's Full N-Gon support edge slide, inset, grid and bridge fill, advanced sculpting tools and brushes, multi-resolution and Dynamic subdivision, 3D painting with textured brushes and masking and Python scripting for custom tools and add-ons. Besides that there's great VFX, animation & rigging, and possibilities for story art.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Selling Computer-Designed Objects and Technological Crafts PT 2

Today I learned about project planning and 3D objects. First we need a project description. A description visual images representing your vision for them; created by computer or by hand, or created by altering photos from similar products. For functional-items, the description should explain how to use the item and what it does. Next, you need a resource list. A list of the materials needed to create the initial product, as well as an estimated cost for each item. This list should have two categories. The first is tooling, which are items that need to be purchased once to create the product, such as drills or printers. The other category is consumables which are items that need to be purchased repeatedly to make the product, such as ink, fabric, glue or other materials. You should also pick up the necessary skills and education needed for production. A sales channel is also needed since you need a place to actually sell your products. These can include websites like Etsy, eBay, or your own. Budgeting is also needed for things such as the estimated costs of creating your first product, the estimated cost of creating each individual product, the estimated recurring-costs of doing business, profit from selling one item, and economies of scale.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Selling Computer-Designed Objects and Technological Crafts

Today I learned a little about selling computer-designed objects and technological crafts. First comes brainstorming. Before doing or committing to anything, you should always have some sort of idea of what you want to sell. Think of a product that people would actually want to buy. Something useful, unique, popular, or luxurious are big sellers. After you come up with what you want to sell, you want to do some risk analysis. You have to ask yourself a few questions. Is anyone else selling a similar product? Are you able to compete with them? Who could you sell this product to? Your target audience? Are you confident in being able to sell your own product? Can it be mass produced? Once you've sorted all that out you can move on from there. Lastly, it's time to actually make your product. Draw inspiration from others if you need. Create your product with whatever tools you have at your disposal. It can be clothing, jewelry, furniture, art, or some functional items.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

How to recruit PT 1

Today I learned a little about how to recruit applicants for a job posting. People will screen through resumes for certain things. They can search for stuff like minimum requirements and preferred requirements. Deciding which candidates gets shortlisted for the interview phase depends on your recruiting needs. On average for every 100 candidates you screen, you will shortlist 12 of them to interview, two of them will receive an offer, and one candidate will accept to result in one successful hire. Something else to take into consideration are cover letters. Cover letters inform the employer about the applicants skills and writing fluency, and also showcases the candidates ability to follow directions and write a cohesive and persuasive letter. Some stuff they look for in cover letters are communication skills, ability to follow directions, your potential worth to the company, and specific keywords that make you stand out.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Job Requirements for Recruiters

Today I learned about the requirements needed to work as a recruiter. Similar to other jobs, a recruiter needs to have the qualifications and background necessary for doing their work properly. One of the first important things to look at is their education. Where they went to school and what they studied is important for seeing if they were studying in the field necessary for becoming a recruiter. It also gives you an idea of how skilled they might be as some might come from prestigious schools. As for the standard requirements, there aren't really any but most employers prefer those who have already obtained a bachelor's degree. Education is important but it's also important for a potential recruiter to have the correct skills to do their job well. Some of these skills include being comfortable spending a lot of time talking with people and making genuine connections. They should be able to put themselves in other people’s shoes. This helps them match job candidates with the right positions.

Recruiters have top-notch communication skills are needed to make connections so they should be well versed both verbally and through text. Along with this, good recruiters will be great at active listening. They know when to stop talking and listen carefully to clients and candidates.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Fundamentals of being a recruiter

For almost any job you're going to need recruiters. Recruiters work under the umbrella of the human resources field. They specialize in finding, screening and attracting applicants for open positions.

One of the first things a recruiter should be able to do is write a job description for applicants to apply for. A job description requires many different things. First you should put the job title of the position. Do not try to use any made up titles as that will make it harder for applicants to find it. You should then give a summary of your company and it's values. Next are all the responsibilities that come with a job so that people will apply knowing what they will have to take care of while working. Requirements are also crucial as people will need to have specific skills and talents for certain jobs. Benefits should also be included so that applicants can see what the company has to offer in terms of ups. They may compare what other companies have in terms of benefits to see which provide more. Something important to consider as well is the vocabulary you use in your job descriptions. If you use more persuasive language in the descriptions, you may be able to draw in more applicants.

Platforms such as Linkedin or Facebook are a good place to search for eligible candidates. Websites like these are all useful because they allow you to post your job descriptions for thousands of people online to see.

Before trying to recruit applicants, the recruiter should have a certain idea of the type of employee they want to hire. Bosses and higher ups might not want the same type of employee that you're trying to hire. So it's important to speak with others and asking them what kind of employee they want. This will make looking for applicants much easier and make sure there is no confusion.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Methods of Online Fundraising

Today I learned about all these different methods of fundraising.

Crowdfunding is when you seek small lumps of money from a large group of people in exchange for some type of goal. There are crowdfunding sites out there where you can host some kind of campaign that others can support. There are also multiple forms of crowdfunding which are Equity, Donation, and Rewards. Equity gives contributors partial ownership of a business in exchange for the capital they provide. Donations provides no financial rewards or incentives for backers, so it’s most often used for charitable purposes or by nonprofits. The fundraiser is not required to pay anything back to donors. Rewards are campaigns that incentivize contributors with rewards upon completion can be considered rewards-based. Crowdfunding has a lot of benefits like validating your ideas, helps build a following, and it's a source of flexible income. You can do some of your own marketing and advertising to help your people provide support for your campaign.

Social media campaigns are when you go on any social media platform and go advertise yourself to a wide audience. Social media advertising is very effective as there are low costs for these advertisements while being to share to billions of people on a daily basis. It's almost hard for any company to stay relevant without being active on some sort of social media platform. It allows for companies to improve brand awareness, connect with your audience, increase web traffic, and drive sales.

Celebrity/Influencer fundraising is when you ask for a well known person to help advocate for your cause. People with a larger audience and so they will have more supporters than you and be a benefit towards your cause. We see many examples of this such as donations to charity. Quite often, multiple famous people will contribute to a single specific type of charity while putting some hashtags somewhere to help bring awareness to the cause. It's quite effective if you're able to get in contact with well known people.

Hosting online events is when you host an online event to which donors can engage together in. This can be a virtual game night or talent show, or any ideas that can appeal to a certain audience. Virtual events usually take place on online platforms like Instagram or Twitter where you can connect with your audience via video chat or voice call. A huge benefit of hosting a virtual event is that it’s relatively inexpensive and you can speak to a global audience from the comfort of your own home. There are some disadvantages to hosting virtual events, too such as struggles with video and audio quality, poor soundproofing or background noise. Also not being able to physically interact with people might create this disconnect and disengage people.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Getting a Job In Video Editing

Today I learned about getting a job in video editing. There are many ways of trying to get an offer such as cold calling, the backdoor, and the referral. All of these require you to reach out to another person in hopes of getting it. Cold calling is when you email people or ads and hope that they get back to you. This method is the hardest way of trying to get results because the people you're reaching out to most likely don't know you. However, it is the most realistic approach and it's great for remote work. Some tips to get this way to work is to show something that is unique to you in terms of skills or styling that others wouldn't have. You can also show why you're interested in them and how they connect to your work. The second option is the backdoor, and this involves free work. You basically work for someone for free as a chance to show off your skills and build a relationship with them. The last way is through a referral from a friend or past client. This is for when you're a much more established editor who's already had quite a bit of experience. You can have people you're on good terms with recommend you to other clients and they will probably take you for the job, depending on the relationship of course. This is one of the easier ways to getting a job, but is for more vetted workers. After getting a client, it is important to show eagerness and passion about their project, be attentive to their needs, be flexible and responsive, and quickly reply. Staying in contact is important for both sides, as the client knows what you're up to and how much progress you've made and you get to know about any issues and concerns and possible deadlines.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Setting Up Video Editing Environment

Today I learned about the different types of editing software available for video editors. First off I want to start off with a little trouble I had before. While trying to view the presentation for this course and going through many videos, I was logged for inactivity for around 3-4 hours. Despite my activity sheet saying I was gone for 3-4 hours, I am certain I was there trying to watch videos for this course. I'll try to stop this from happening next time or provide further explanation if this does occur again.

There are 3 main editing software used to edit videos. They are Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve Studio, and Final Cut Pro. Each have their own pros and cons, but let's first start off with the pricing for each of them. Adobe has a monthly payment of $21 usually and $54 monthly for creative cloud, Davinci has a one time payment of $299, and Final Cut Pro has a one time payment of $299 as well. Each of these software has their own pros and cons.

Adobe Premiere is usable on both Mac and PCs. It has great access to other adobe applications, and is the most popular among non Hollywood editors.

Davinci is also usable on both Mac and PCs. It is a all in one program that has great color grading and it even has a free version. However, it is not the most user friendly.

Final Cut Pro is only usable on Macs. It has quick exporting, great plugins, but not as many updates.

In terms of learning speed, they are all relatively the same as their interfaces are all pretty similar.

If you're not too certain on which program is best for you, you can also opt for free editing software. Some of the most used free programs are Hitfilm Express, VSDC, Lightworks, Shotcut, and Davinci Resolve as well.

Hitfilm Express is available on both Mac and PC. It is one of the most powerful programs and has a wide variety of tools. VSDC is windows only, but is extremely easy to use and navigate. Lightworks is Mac and PC. It is an easy transition from most video basic editors. Shotcut is on Mac and PC. It runs the smoothest out of the all the programs and is amazing for less powerful computers. Davinci Resolve (free) is on Mac and PC. It has professional color grading, compositing, and other high quality elements.

While getting ready to edit videos, you should also be prepared to be very organized with all your files. One method is to create a file with folders with different labels such as audio, graphics, and video. It is important to stay consistent with this to make sure you know what you have and what you're using. There's more, but that comes later.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Video Editting

Today I learned about one of the many ways people can earn income remotely. One of these involve being a video editor. As a video editor you can work from home, choose your own schedule, get paid for creative work, and it pays well as a side job. Their job is to communicate a story or message by combining clips and audio together. There are two types of video editors. The first is a freelancer. As a freelancer you negotiate your wage and hours, pick your own projects that you want to work on, and need less experience for this. However, your income can be quite inconsistent. The other type of video editor is a staff video editor. As staff you receive steady assignments and income, have an opportunity to work with and learn from coworkers, and get fixed pay and hours. However, with this it's much harder to obtain as you need some sort of portfolio. Video editors edit all sorts of projects and some of them include film/documentaries, commercials, and YouTube/personal projects. To be a video editor you also need to invest in your own equipment such as editing software, your hardware, and your portfolio website.

There are also important aspects to video editing such as having good workflow, the importance of reaction shots, the ground rules, and the basic types of cuts used in video edits. These will be explored more in depth tomorrow.

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

The Jet setter lifestyle

There are many ways to earn money today. Some people earn money while living a traveling lifestyle. One of the many ways to live this lifestyle is by becoming a social influencer. People share their experiences while traveling around the world like Youtubers. They record their travels in Vlog formats and post them online for others to see. There are other components to this such as setting up some kind of page on a social media site, so you can find more ways to spread your content. You can also have the opportunity of earning income while traveling from photography and literature. These can be setup to be digital assets and goods that can be sold in forms such as ebooks, online courses, video, stock footage, and etc.

A digital nomad is someone who makes money while moving from place to place. They usually work remote and have jobs such as web development, blogger, social media marketer, and tutors. They can usually afford such a lifestyle because there are digital nomad hubs, typically characterized by their low cost of living, for example Bali and Chiang Mai. These provide nomads minimal costs while being able to earn high incomes.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Health and Productivity

Today I learned about the importance of maintaining good health. Your work productivity can be based on how healthy you are. If you aren't in fit condition to work, then your work will suffer from underperformance. There are a couple of ways to make sure you are as healthy as you can be. One of the easiest ways to maintain good health is to exercise on a daily basis. Exercise can improve your brain health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve your ability to do everyday activities. It can also just put you in a better mood and make you feel good about yourself. You should set a schedule for daily exercise and maybe get some gadgets that help you keep track of what you do everyday. Not only will your work improve, you'll also obtain a fit body. To improve physical health, you can also eat a healthy diet. Eating healthy can provide your body with many benefits and make sure you aren't feeling ill. Not only does eating good improve physical health, it also helps improve mental health, another important aspect of your overall being. You can do many other things to improve mental health. Some examples being a generous person and giving people stuff and sleeping. Being a generous person will help you feel like a more compassionate person and bring up your ego. Sleeping is an essential part of living and a lot of your motor skills rely on getting enough sleep every night. So in conclusion, it's important to make sure you are a healthy person. It takes priority over your work, not just because poor health damages your work but also for your own sake as well.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Time Management and Saving Money

Today I learned about time management and saving money. Time is a priceless resource in our everyday lives and we often feel like we don't have much time to do anything in our day. Sleep alone takes up around at least a third of our day. While I do think optimizing our time in life is important, I can't help but say that people should be sleeping for reasonable amounts of time. This means not sleeping for only 4 hours but also making sure to not sleep for 10 hours or more. Your body needs sleep to function properly, it's just important that you get enough of it everyday as to not impair any of your important functions. Also sleep is important to just having a good mood. Who wants to walk around all day grumpy because they didnt get enough sleep last night? Time should also be used wisely when thinking about what to do. There is this notion that if you are not doing anything productive with your time, then you're just wasting time. I agree and disagree with this. People should know how to schedule their days so that they are doing some type of work, but they should also know how to balance their work with some enjoyment in their lives. Working and constantly only doing "productive" stuff in life seems like such a bore and such a waste of a life at times. You only live once so why not try to enjoy yourself sometimes? At the end of it all it's up to the individual to decide what is worth and what is not worth their time. There are obviously some things you shouldn't do as an adult such as waste away on TV shows and video games if you have responsibilities that you have not taken care of yet. There's also trying to efficiently use your time. Some daily activities are somewhat of a waste of time such as commute, or other things. It's important to try and decrease these little things so maybe you feel like you have an extra hour or two at the end of the day.

Saving money is something I learned during this session. There are many ways to save money and some of them include cutting out unnecessary purchases such as soda, designer clothing, or other stuff. These chip away at the little finances you might have so think before you spend it all away. There's also the idea that sometimes you have to spend money to save money. In some situations people tend to opt for cheaper items because it saves them money in the short term. However, these cheap purchases often lead to a lesser quality of life and become a hassle later on. This hassle will end up costing you more money to solve/fix it or you may even just end up buying a more expensive but more reliable item. It's important to know what you're buying and not to skimp out on certain things such as a reliable car or air conditioning/heating.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Networking/Working a remote job

There are many ways to network in this day and age. Networking is pretty important for wanting to advance further in your career since if you meet the right people then they can help you get a promotion or job somewhere. One way to do this is by going online. The internet has a variety of resources and platforms for you to use to find people such as Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn. On these sites you can find the profiles of people who you can strike up a conversation with in hopes of obtaining something. It's recommended to find people with common interests as they will have more of a connection with you and be inclined to help you out. There's also in person networking you can attend like meetups and conferences. Some cost a fee and others don't. These are organized events where you can be a guest/honorary speaker and contribute to the conference in some important way. If you manage to get your points across and impress people, you could be a potential candidate for something. You could also get invited again to attend more conferences for free.

Working a remote job can be difficult sometimes and you need to take care of many things. First, you must be familiar with the onboarding process which is pretty much a requirement for new employees since they should understand the fundamentals of working at the company. You will receive emails and phone calls to review forms and expectations for working at the company. You should provide them with this info as quickly as possible, then they will do a background check, and finally you will receive a start date. You should ask questions if you have any to clear up confusion. Now if you are working from home, you might be working with a team. It's vital for you to cooperate with this team to get work done efficiently within the company. You should have clear communication with them if you're working on some project together and be clear of any conflict as that will bring down productivity. Speaking of productivity, you should also be careful of how productive you are in a home environment. Some people tend to get distracted easily so be sure to get rid of these distractions and work diligently. There will be times when you have virtual meetings with your co workers or superiors so be sure to keep track of these meetings and conferences by putting them on some schedule.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Perfecting the Job Interview

Today I learned how to better my chances at securing a job for myself. Usually when you apply for some position, you will have to attend an interview where you sit down and talk with a representative from the company, maybe someone from HR, a hiring manager, or a recruiter. It is important that you are able to communicate well with these people and display yourself in a positive and professional manner.

There are many things to look out for when in an interview, a lot of do's and dont's. First, when attending an interview you should try to dress professionally when attending and try to make yourself seem like a confident and responsible person. This way they are less likely to ignore your application because of bad hygiene. Another thing you should do is to always negotiate your salary. There is almost always a way to raise your salary if you know how to negotiate properly, as some interviewees try to sway from that or underpay you by some margin. You should try to sell yourself and persuade them in a way to make them hire you. Also while trying to sell yourself, do not try to talk bad about others as they will question your professionalism and you may not seem fit for their position. It is also important to do your research about the company that wants to interview you as to prepare your own questions and answers for them. Just try your best and learn from your mistakes as you will most likely have to do many interviews before landing your first job.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Employment and Public Image

Today I first learned the basics of employment and how to present myself. There was information about resumes and the formatting of them. Resumes are what employers look at to see if you are fit for their jobs. It is your first step into the door and so you must really sell yourself to them. It is important to include many things such as education background and previous work experience. Many employers will prefer hiring people with much experience as they are seen as people who already know how to do their job properly. This makes it hard for some people to obtain jobs, even if they come from a good school or are qualified enough for the job, they might not be hired because of a lack of experience. However, this problem can be alleviated since companies also offer opportunities such as internships in which if you perform well, you are a more likely candidate for a job.

Public image is also very important to jobs in general. You must appeal to an audience for them to want to consider you. There are many platforms on the internet where you can display yourself. One of which, and a very common one for recruiters, is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the internet. You can use the platform to search for and post job positions. For profiles such as these, it is very important to present professional standards for things such as a clear profile picture and your qualifications. This network can be the gateway for many future jobs and opportunities down the line. There are also many other types of platforms where you should be aware of when going online. A lot of them are social media ones such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. These platforms can also be another useful resource for you. You can use them to help promote your own business or career, or look for other resources and link in with potential employers. Social media is almost everywhere and it is hard not to consider it for future opportunities when it has such widespread influence.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

What is Cryptocurrency

Today I explored further into a much newer form of currency. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency where transactions and records are not maintained by a central authoritative body like the federal government. Instead it is handled by a decentralized system using cryptography. There are many forms of cryptocurrency that can be exchanged, with some of the more prominent examples being Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. These are all cryptos that generally have some value and are stored within a digital wallet of some kind. There are many services that offer some kind of wallet to you like Coinbase and Electrum. It's important to make sure your wallet is from a reputable source as your assets can be scammed out of you. Cryptocurrency can be exchanged and deposited and so you can be paid in this way. Another way of earning cryptocurrency is through mining. Mining is the process in which cryptocurrency is generated and transactions involving new coins are verified. Your computer will try to solve very complex math problems and will receive the next block of crypto as a reward. Your computer will be throwing many guesses at the problem before it will be able to solve it. It costs a lot of time and energy and is one of the downsides of crypto. When it comes to mining, there are a lot of things you have to consider before actually trying to mine. You have to take into account stuff like your hash rate ( how many calculations your computer can send out), the electricity cost, and your rig's power consumption. It can be very costly as you will often need multiple GPUs (which on their own cost a lost) and high electricity bills. Generally it is something you must decide and invest into, and I would not recommend it as a stable source of income.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Different methods to receive payment

After working at a job for a bit, you will accumulate some sort of pay. Your employer will need to deposit this pay you've earned into some bank account you have , typically a checking account. A checking account will allow you to deposit check based payments and write checks to others as well. Not everyone is eligible or able to get a checking account though so they must use alternative methods instead. Some examples of this would be prepaid credit cards, secured credit cards, and second chance checking accounts. As for the usual checking accounts, there are multiple choices to choose from. These would include Charles Schwab, Capital One No Fee 360, and Varo Online. All of these have their own benefits as to try and lure consumers in. Charles Schwab has no monthly/yearly costs, no set-up costs, no ATM fees. Capital One has no fees, no minimums, has compounding interest, and is free use of many Capital One ATMs. Varo is completely online and has no monthly fees as well.

Another way of accepting payment would be through credit card payments. Credit cards can be processed in two ways, using service providers like PayPal, Stripe, Square, or by obtaining your own merchant account and operating your own card processing. Each has their own merits and benefits for having them. I myself have a PayPal account for myself and find it quite useful in my purchases or receiving/sending payments.

The latest type of currency that people are opting to accept as payment is cryptocurrency. You've probably heard of some examples such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. These are sent through to you and deposited into some kind of virtual wallet, preferably from a reputable source. This type of payment can usually be risky as there are scams, and crypto itself is quite volatile.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Entrepreneurship/Remote Jobs

I was first greeted with some talk about entrepreneurship. The main point of the videos seemed to be to try and follow your dreams and be adventurous. It promoted a much more loose lifestyle when compared to the normal 9-5s that most people work for. There are many benefits to entrepreneurship like being able to become your own boss, being able to work for something you're passionate about, and just have a bit more freedom in general. While this is all good in theory, it's quite hard to actually pull this off.

Next I was introduced to the idea of remote/distributed jobs. Remote jobs involve working from a home environment for some companies. There are a lot of good things about working from home such as lack of commute, ease of access, comfortability, and less distractions. However, while remote work does have its advantages, sometimes it can be lacking in the social department of work. Humans are social creatures and it would be beneficiary for them to communicate with one another to build bonds. These bonds can prove to be really useful for small talk or later recommendations for raises. I like the idea of working for home and think it's something I would really look forward to later in my life.