Log of what of Alan Wang has learned at Techie Youth

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Making custom designed clothing

One of the things I learned today that was very interesting to me was that you can hand print ink on clothing using simple materials. What really surprised me was how easy and cheap it was to create one of those filters to press ink into a t-shirt because just a simple shirt like that can cost quite some money if you were to buy it online or even in person. This I would say can be considered as a very good money making tool because everyone buys shirts. If you have a good design or even let customers make their own design, all you have to do is buy the basic supplies and print it onto the shirt and you can then sell it. Another good thing about this is that the supplies you buy for this is often reusable for everything else you may have to make, such as the colored ink, brushed, frame, and so on. They are a one time purchase that you can use for a very long time and you are not even using that much at once. One downfall however is the design template, that is the one thing that would have to be changed a lot.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Make up for 8/1 and 8/2

What I have learned in these past 2 days were very interesting. I learned about 3D making using differents kinds of CADS software like autodesk, blender, and tinkercad. What all of these have in common is that they all have built in applications that allow for us to make 3D sculptures and more. Without these softwares, it would be extremely challenging to draw or even building it because so many things can go wrong but with these softwares, you are able to edit and continue to improve your designs without having to worry about much. There are also so many different tools in each CAD software that lets you organize different pieces of the design and helps improve texture of design as well.

The videos of these content creators really were helpful in learning the basics on how to create a base for these sculptures and how to play around with some of the features.

Before this, I have never tried anything similar to cad but always had friends who were using them and they seems so complex but after learning about it, it really doesn't seem that bad. It might take time to master them but what you are able to do with it are incredible.

I personally wouldn't really find myself using it after this program ends but it is still a very useful skill to learn and it can teach me a lot of new things!

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Writing - different types of articles

Today, I learned more about the different types of articles that you can write and how to properly publish books. There are 2 main types of articles that you can write to earn money and that is a magazine article and a journal article. You can't just say that one is better than the other because they both serve a different purpose and has a different style to them. Magazine articles are more for people who knows a lot about a topic and wants to express it to other people and essentially teach them about the topics without using heavy scientific reasonings and graphs and such. Journal article on the other hand primarily serves for people to learn. They take the use of graphs and stats to show information about something and is often used by other professionals so it would have to be well written. I also learned about traditional and personal publishing. Although traditional seems easier and you would often split your work amongst a large group of people, you tend to not get so much money back as it shows that you get 10-12% of the money but personal publishing although you would have to do more, you can earn up to 40-60% of the money which is a lot more. Overall I still don't feel like this something that I would end up doing because writing professionally is just not something im good enough to do.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

Money making techinques

Today, I learned about how you can make money by doing surveys and searching for things on the web. Although you are able to earn some money, it really isn’t much considering the amount of time you have to put into it and I would personally not want to do that. However I still feel like if it was a couple years back when I found out about these surveys I definitely would have taken it because it really provides like a tiny bit of money for snacks or drinks every week. I really like how there is so many different applications that you can use to earn money like that, if you just work on one survey at a time you might only earn like $2/hr but if you do multiple together you can possible bring that up to $5/hr and that is snack money for the week.

I also learned today about how hard it is to actually write something. There is so much stuff to keep in mind, you can just write words because they won't make sense and without a good flowing storyline, no one would like it nor continue reading it. I also see that if you have a piece of writing work like a book, you can make quite some money from it by listing it on different websites like amazon, I would say that this is a very nice way of making money because you already have the book and it doesn’t take extra time to write it or edit it but you get a constant flow of money coming in.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

niche websites

I learned today about niche websites. I didn't actually know that there was a name for these specific website that are made just to really advertise or talk about a specific topic. I would've thought that it would be a bad idea just having one thing on your website because there would be a lot of people who might not be interested in your topic but after learning about it, it really shows me how important niche websites can be. Having a niche website can really be helpful because it goes in depth about a topic and when people are searching online for it, they would only want to learn about that one thing. I also learned about the SEO system which is very interesting. I never really thought about how pages are shown on google and didn't think that there was an algorithm that sorts out these pages based on the number of input you have for a specific keyword. It is also interesting to learn that a bunch of websites spam keywords on it to go to the top although the information on it might be too much or not enough at all. I also learned about the importance of the SSL certificate as it is what makes a website safe. You woudn't want to put your personal info online without that website having the SSL certificate because it is not safe yet according to chrome.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Different ways to profit off music and how to better edit music

Today I learned about the many different DAW softwares that was available online for me to use. I really like how these music softwares have free trail periods because everyone has a different music taste and how they create music so if you just follow or listen to someone else's suggestion on which is the best DAW software to use, you might not be able to use it properly and you might not even like it yourselves. I also learned today about different ways you can make money with music. There are a bunch of streaming platforms out there where you can upload your music to and allow for others to stream your song. Also working with a brand is also very helpful because they are essentially another way to advertise your songs. I also learned the importance of ISRC and why music creators need them in order to make money and grow as it provides you with many useful things and it is also required in order to sell your songs.

I also stumbled upon many challenges that could potentially appear when making music. Things like good beats is very hard to make because a bunch of people would have a different taste than you so what you may thing is good might now always be good and also combining cords are a lot harder than it may seem. Just mixing different cords together can sound very horrible but I am looking forwards in making my own music for the first time.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Learning to make music on computer

Today was a short day, I learned how to make music on computers. I found it really interesting how musics are added into movies, its like creating an extra layer of sound effect on top of the audio that is already there. Also about Logic pro x, I didn't know that removing audio from a video was that easy until I heard about that app. Another thing that inspired me was making a song catchy because thats the main part of a song that most people will remember so that is I would say one of the more important parts of a song.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

7/18/2022 End of web development

Today, I made a website using vscode. I found the project to be very fun and interesting because just with html and css, I was able to create a whole functioning website. One small problem I did encounter when making the webpage was finding a free domain. This was solved from one of the videos that was provided and I found it to be very useful and easy to follow. When making the website, I also referred to the videos that were provided to essentially give me a template to use. I also then added/changed some things that were on the website. I also learned about the MVP idea today which really just helps a lot of beginners to understand that they should not put too much time and effort into making a website or anything before they can get a high or at least a decent demand for them so just making the minimal requirement is a very good start. After completing the web design course, I have learned a lot of new stuff. One of them being on how to start a web business and this is very important because now that more people are coming into this field, you must be really good at what you do and spend a lot of time communicating with people.

I also started the music course which talked about creating music. I always had an interest in making beats and music but never really knew how to. I also never knew that you can make a good amount of money by selling your music. I also learned that just with a laptop, if you really learn, you are able to use the softwares online to create music as good as the ones that are made in the studios.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

7/14/2022 web development

Today, I learned about how to start making money from creating websites and learned about php.

I always thought that it would be hard to work with other companies because it would require a lot of effort to make a good and professional web page to sell but that isn't the case. From the videos i've seen, it is a really good idea to start learning how to just make a simple web page that is clean and fulfills a lot of requirements like key info, text orientation and such. The best thing to do is also to contact small companies to start off. It would be so beneficial to also work for free at the start of selling web pages so that way, you can see how much your work can help a company and it also helps you with your credit. This credit would be very useful in the future because then other people would come looking for you to make a web page for them. Also another tip that I learned is that getting paid per project is much better than per hour because working per hour limits your work.

PHP is another thing I learned about today, I personally never heard of php before today and after looking at it, it seems very simple. It is almost like html and is used for web development and definitely is a language worth learning. php is also good in the fact that it supports all platforms like mac, windows and linux.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

How to make money while enjoying what you love - I learned this at Techie Youth today!

I learned that making money while doing what you love is the best way to enjoy your life. Take traveling for an example, after watching videos about how traveling can make you money and how to travel for free, it really got me thinking about the benefits that can come from doing and showing others what you love. The main idea that I got out of today is to work hard, spend time doing what needs to be done to show others that you are different and is willing to sacrafice some of your own time to become successful. Just like how Elon Musk become so successful. If you work hard you will be reward for it.