Log of what of Aichatou Traore has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 12, 2022

Learn stock terms with techie youth

Today with techie youth I learned about the stock market and specifically different trading styles their benefits and disadvantages. Options are an investment that loose value over time, so someone who buys options wouldn’t want to hold it for a long period of time. This type of investment is good for short term traders who write options meaning they sell it quickly. Futures are basically when you buy or have claim over something and later on you can redeem it but this claim has an expiration date so to make profit you claim early when cheap and later buy it for that cheap price even though it has gained value than you sell it before it expires. And lastly the most common term Stocks. Stocks are a share of a company that you buy if the company makes profit you get the percentage of the share you have and if they loose profit you loose as well , day trading stocks however is not recommended for beginners

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Money smart - Techie youth

I learned how to treat and think about the money I earn and how to make sure it grows and not depreciate, essentially I learned “ How to save what you dont need to spend and how to spend in ways to help you save”. First off to make money you have to be motivated to make that money for the right reasons, going in to start business to show off or buy objects shouldn’t be the goal, you should chase after experiences instead they are priceless and more meaningful. Secondly buy things that appreciate over time not depreciate like the new cars that way when you make more money you can sell you car for a way higher value than you got it for in the beginning and make alot of money. Third you need to budget. budgeting does not have to be restrictive to be effective, nor does it have to be scary, It simply allows you to track your spending habits and plan how much you will spend or save each month so that you are gaining more money then losing. To start budgeting for beginners its better to use a monthly budget spreadsheet or a budgeting app. These will contain designated fields for income and expenses in various categories, and also help beginners brainstorm categories for their money also try using the 50-30-20 rule where 50% of the income goes towards needs like bills, 30% goes towards wants like entertainment, and 20% goes towards savings.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Easy investing with Techie youth

Investing can be pretty a pretty difficult and confusing topic to figure out even for those who have had some time to explore it. With all of its many diverse topics such as forex trading, REITs, day trading its difficult to get into for beginners who are very intrigued in the process of passive income. Techie youth introduces the perfect investing tool for beginners that is very successful, robin-hood. Robin hood is an investing app currently being utilized by millennials with a net worth of 5.6 billion in 2018 and it has rise a-lot since then. It has many investing options including crypto, and it allows you to begin investing with as little as a dollar without any withdrawal fees. The sign up is very easy and simple, its basic questions. You can schedule deposits weekly, monthly, bi weekly, and quarterly too. The app allows you to search what stock your interested in or what crypto currency’s y your interested in and it lets you know how much per share are they willing to sell and you can buy a share with a click of a button. The app shows a measure of how liable the stock is to change, a chart that shows the earnings per share of the last four quarters, and an About section which shows the market capital and volume.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Forex trading

Today i learned and covered some things about stocks i was pretty confused on most of the terminology and content so ill go over them tomorrow in more detail. However learned that forex trading might actually be a sustainable form of income as you are able to make one percent of 1,000 dollars traded in a day and if you consistently trade that over a long period of time you could make some pretty good money.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

How to compete with Niche- techie youth inspired

Today with techie youth i was able to dabble back into the world of online business and Niches. Creating Niche sites specifically on google can be challenging at times as its difficult to compete with other sites that are more popular when yours is relatively new. It can be especially challenging when you don’t have the mental strength to wait. Techie youth helps to dive into the matter a little more with their video “ How much money do Niche sites earn on average”. The video discusses how so many people work so hard and write so many articles only to give up on their site after three months of not seeing any progress when all they had to do was leave the site alone for a year and the income would come in on its own. Tips that the video shared was to avoid writing short articles with formatting issues and also to write at least 30 articles to make a profit. Additionally Techie youth taught me the specific tools and resources i can use to support and boost my niche and my overall business. According to a very informational video by a successful content creator on techie youth, he highly recommends that all new and even experienced content creators utilize google trends. Google trends helps to do market reaserch, which is so imperative for success because one, most people dont do any research for their site so doing the research put you ahead of your competitors, and two it can help you find your Niche and or audience. The site allows you to see the global interest on any topic over time and it even allows you to compare different topics to see which is more trendier. The site can help you find your audience as it shoes you which regions, cities, and people are most interested in that topic so you can cater your content towards them. Also you can find your Niche by looking for related topics that your interested in or by making sure if your niche is seasonal or not and by knowing that you can get a complementary Niche so that you dont experience seasonal droughts and have a year round business.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Transcription- techie youth

Today I went through many topics with techie youth specifically topics that i wasn’t really interested in but I became surprised and learned a-lot through them. I was not very interested in trading options however i found it to be very informal and something that i could potentially get into when i’m old enough to invest. I learned a-lot about coding and how to hand code and html and i gave always been curious but not too curious on how people create sites and how they make these things on a deeper level and i never really looked into it because I thought it was very complicated and it would give me a headache but i think that its actually pretty simple and actually cool , the only thing is that you have to type in a specific way or your commands wont go through. Finally The most interesting thing i learned about was transcription which is basically the turning a video or an audio into a document. I was very interested because i love health and medicine so i’m familiar with many medical terms and being a medical transcriptionist sounds like a interesting side career

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Niches and blogging with techie youth

Today I learned about all different kinda of subjects with techie youth specifically how to navigate different niche pages and even a very underrated type of job, guest blogging. Now on to we chat techie youth talks about many profitable niche pages and we chat us one of them. Although it is not constantly used in the unites states wechat is very popular in china, people specifically use it for emailing and messaging since apps like facebook are banned in china. On wechat you are able to purchase many things it’s connected to your bank account and people often use it for transactions. Wechat can also be used to pay utilities and charities. To publish paid content on wechat you should have a registered account for at least 3 months and have at-least published 3 original articles. Popular Niches on wechat are education, beauty, health and fitness. Now i have never heard of guest blogging till today but its basically when someone from another company but the same organization comes in to write a blog for another company, this allows the company blog to have a fresh and unique perspective and ideas that are not usually mentioned or highlighted. Guest bloggers can make enough to support their lifestyle and can even gain lots of fame as well.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Be a writer with techie youth

For all aspiring writers, techie youth has a specific section just for you! They detail specific occupations surrounding writing including blogging, ghost writing, publishers, editing, book writing, proof reading, writing greeting cards. I learned about different sites that pay i for their creative quote’s so that they can use these as stickers and greeting cards. One site is hallmark birthday cards in which you can create customized quotes for any parent, sibling, or friend of the recipient. Hallmark typically looks for quotes with a sort of emotional impact or effect instead of something that just sounds cool or creative; they look for funny, sad, happy, and surprising quotes to be specific. Additionally techie youth had this amazing course for writers who are interested in journalism and magazine writing and had this in depth chart breaking up the difference between the two so you can figure out which one better catches your interest, journals are more academic for instance. They even had a motivational video from a famous freelance writer named linda who talked about how important it was to keep publishing your work not with the idea of success but for the criticism that would lead you ti success as it was criticism that took her freelance magazine writing to redbook.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Techie youth- niches

Today I learned about different Niche pages on different platforms besides instagram to make profit. One of them for instance was Pinterest which I primarily thought was a an app for beauty and fashion inspiration and admiration but its also frequently used go make money. Many businesses display their products on Pinterest with-a link to their websites, and what niche pages i thought would make the most profit proved to be incorrect. According to a video techie youth showed me some of the most famous niche pages on Pinterest are actually centered around technology, home decor, and art. Proving to show that you don’t only have to be Interested in beauty to make some money on Pinterest its a pretty diverse platform.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Techie youth artist guide

Today with techie youth I was able to learn about art scams, investing, and how to start selling my own art. To go more in depth on investing topics Techie youth has a plethora of articles and videos discussing the topics. Recently art scammers have been becoming more familiar with hiding their identity to commit lots of frauds. This type of fraudulence is even more inconspicuous in the art department as scammers now read off actual information from the artist site to mimic the idea that they are authentic consumers interested in buying their products. However techie youth teaches young artists how to combat this issue. According to One way to identify if you are dealing with a scammer is to recognize if they are constantly trying to over pay you, constantly pressuring you so you don't have enough time to see if your check has cleared, and also if they aren't able to remember the names of the pieces they want to buy from you in a separate email or conversation.Even though scammers can be a big fear in the minds of young artists it is still imperative to try and sell your outwork. Techie youth refers saatchiart, which is a site where you are able to create an artist account upload photographs, paintings, drawings, murals and the information about these specific pieces of art and sell them off to private art collectors, hotels, and curators,it's a great way to get your name out there!

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Entrepreneurship- Insta edition With techie youth

One of the things I learnt today was how to start a profitable business on Instagram. Techie Youth has a ton of incredible tools to show you how to navigate through various remote sectors. There are many investing courses available as well if starting a business is not your thing and you'd rather earn more money passively than actively. For instance, they offer a course with incredibly successful investor Warren Buffet, who has said that if you had invested in his business when it was just getting started, you would now have over $13 million.Mr. Buffet repeatedly emphasizes that a common error investors make is getting overly ecstatic about their gains and wanting to sell their shares right away. However, Warren Buffet cautions, "Don't sell until the company has a huge financial change, invest based on facts and statistics not based on your emotions and how u feel about something." This was merely a preview of the vast array of materials Techie Youth now provides. On their Instagram theme page, for example, they have detailed instructions, articles, and videos on how to conduct business on the Instagram platform. According to Techie Youth, in order to succeed on Instagram, you must post frequently, include interactive elements to connect with followers, such as polls and stories, collaborate with other accounts to increase following and connect with other brands, and use the appropriate hashtag to reach your target market. These actions are critical for success and recognition, but in order for the account to be profitable, you must include your website, email address, and other contact information in your Instagram bio. Finally, contact brands directly to negotiate a marketing agreement. In this manner, you can expand your network, make connections, and gain a variety of business experiences that will enable you to start your own successful companies. These businesses will have a large customer base, strong networks that will help them spread the word about their products and services, and financial resources because of your experience working with numerous brands.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

New to techie youth-here's the scoop!

The site's functionality was the first thing I discovered. I discovered the importance of extracurricular activities, the point system, and even how to use my hours and points to graduate from Techie Youth. I also learned about the engaging and difficult aspects of distance learning. For instance, working remotely increases your level of independence significantly and allows you to select the workplace of your choice. In some cases, you can also decide on your own schedule and the conditions under which you will be paid. Since you don't have a set timetable and no one to manage your hours, an issue can be overworking yourself. It's crucial to keep in mind since people frequently feel free to work nonstop. Second, Techie Youth has numerous in-depth articles outlining the best payment method for intermediate remote workers. It also explains the various ways to get paid while working remotely for beginners. For example, students discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each bank and form of banking in the course, including monthly fees, depositing checks, and the possibility of taking credit card payments for the ease of all future remote workers.