Did you know that Techie Youth is the ONE-AND-ONLY organization providing career-opportunities to severely-at-risk foster-youth in New York? (as opposed to vocational/blue-collar jobs)

Our students are proving to be remarkably capable as IT-professionals, and yet, without Techie Youth they are statistically-likely to become homeless or incarcerated by 2018.

Meet Nadine

Nadine is a Techie Youth student. Nadine's mother was a heroine-addict who lived a transient lifestyle and had various men in the home each night. When Nadine was just 13, her mother left her alone for several weeks to care for her then-6-year-old brother, during which time neither child attended school; Nadine and her brother were taken into foster-care.

For 2-years, Nadine's mother did not show up to any of the meetings to plan reunification with her children; Nadine and her brother were freed for adoption. Her young-brother was adopted soon after, but teenagers rarely find adoptive homes.

Nadine is now 18 and has moved through half-a-dozen foster-families and currently resides in a group-home (essentially a modern-day orphanage.) She has no parent in her life, was separated from her only sibling and lives in a communal environment. By her 21st birthday she will emancipate from foster-care and lose the "benefit" of residing in a group home. The majority of emancipated foster-kids will end up homeless or incarcerated.

Techie Youth is Nadine's ONLY opportunity to build a career and her only hope to establish a solid future for herself.

Techie Youth is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit registered charity of New York City, with plans for nationwide impact in 2017.

Techie Youth currently serves the five boroughs of New York City and Nassau County with student-demand to expand to Suffolk County, Long Island. In the 4 months since Techie Youth began classes, we have enrolled over 150+ students and expanded into several class locations. The demand keeps growing in both our current and planned geographies. A substantial-percentage of all the foster youth in Nassau County Long Island who are old enough to work attend our classes regularly.

There are thousands of underprivileged-youth in the custody of New York foster care; the majority of these under-represented foster kids have no parents in their lives, many are all-alone in the world and Techie Youth is likely their only hope for a viable future.

Nadine is just one of these kids; interestingly, her name means "hope".

We want to continue to grow and provide more students like Nadine with opportunities to learn and become successful in lifelong careers.

But we need your help.

Our success is two-pronged. The initial funding and support that we have received has helped to prove the Techie Youth model, but it is insufficient for us to continue to grow and achieve our goal of providing a career and stable future for the hundreds-of-thousands of foster youth that can benefit from the Techie Youth program nationwide.

We need your help:

We are gearing up for a summer where there will be lots of kids with ample free time. We want to be ready to put that free time to good use. Our ability to plan for both short and long-term activities is predicated on us knowing where we can invest. Would you be so kind as to help us raise contributions? Email us for details

Thank you!